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Before I id like to clue you in that the sreperate brand stuff is history,the nWo and the Old ministry of Darkness is back with Hogan,Scott Hall,Kevin Nash,X-Pac,Shawn Michaels,UnderTaker,Christian,Edge,Gangrel,Faarooq,and Bradshaw, and there is a new Stable of Super Faces which i would be happy to get a name for from someone and that consists of Stone Cold Steve Austin,The Rock,Triple H,Chris Jericho,Brock Lesnar, and Team Angle.Im thinking of calling them The Union but i dont want to repeat the stable name of Ken Shamrock,Test,Big Show, and Mankind
Also the Hardcore,Intercontinental, and European Championships will be Reinstated in this epsiode.
All that aside here is the show.
Oh and if this sucks blame it on being 12:30 a.m. where i am right now.

Raw February 17,2003

Shows highlights of last week when the New World Ministry one by one beat down each member of the nameless stable.Shows Team angle getting beat up in the Locker room when Nash and Undertaker were hiding in the lockers,Jericho getting a cinder block to the head from Michaels,HHH getting double teamed by X-pac and Hall in the rest rooms,The Rock and Brock getting Con-Chair-To'ed by Edge and Christian, and finally,while a paranoid Stone Cold was in the ring, everything went dark and when the lights came back on,everybody from the New World Ministry was beating the living hell out of Austin

Entrance Music followed by all the fireworks and stuff.

JR:We are here live from Anaheim, California,and tonight we will see what kind of retribution will be served to the nWm by the remaining three Members of the (insert stable name here).

King:I dont know JR from the looks of things the nWm has the company under their control.

Steve Austins music hits and him,Brock Lesnar, and The Rock come out to the ring.

JR:Well here are the three surviving members of the brutal attack by the nWm last week on RAW.

SCSA has the mic: nWm get your sorry asses out here so you can get the s*** beat outta ya.Last week the only reason you got an attack in on us is because you nutless f*** **** attacked us from behind and mostly in groups.

The Rock takes the mic: What my thoroughly pissed off acquintance is trying to say here is that us three have instituted a match against the Fruity Threesome of Edge,Christian and Gangrel tonight.

nWm music hit and Gangrel comes out and says that they'd love to kick there asses tonight, but,just to make it more interesting,it will be a Hardcore match.nWm music hits again and fade out to commercial

JR:Welcome back folks and if you're just tuning in,a main event for tonight has been set as it will be Brock Lesnar,The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one corner and The Brood in the other.

King: I can't wait to see that match tonight.

JR:Me either King but first tonight we have a title match for the recently reinstated Hardcore Title.It will be Maven vs. his instructor Al Snow.

Maven's Music hits and he walks to the ring with a chair in hand.

Al Snow's music hits and he comes out a Singapore Cane.

Ding Ding Ding the match starts as Snow takes the early advantage by hitting Maven with the cane.Snow goes for another shot but misses and hit the ring post which ricochets off and hit Al in the head.Maven rolls Snow up in a School Boy.1..2..kick out.Near fall.Maven goes under the ring and pulls out a ladder.Sets up the ladder in the ring while Snow is outside the ring.Snow gets up on the ring apron and Maven hits a Missile Dropkick off the ladder onto Snow.Maven got the wind knocked out off him on that jump and cant make the winning pin.Snow is out cold.Maven crawls out of the ring and manages to slap one arm n for a pin.1..2..3.Ding Ding Ding.New Hardcore Champion:Maven

The Fink announces that the next match will determine the European Champion
Matt and John from TE3 come out to compete for the title(What can i say, i like the people from Tough Enough)
Starts with a collar and chest grapple into a headlock by Matt. John shoves him into the ropes and lowers his head to flip Matt but Matt turns it into a swinging neckbreaker. Matt picks John up and goes for a Power Bomb but Matt turns it into a Hurricanrana.
DDT by John. John goes for the pin. 1..2..No. Nowinski runs out and double clotheslines them but the ref cant call a winner by dq because it was done at the same time. The Fink announces that Nowinski has been inducted into this match and it is now a triple threat match. Matt whispers something into Johns ear and they both have an evil smile on their face.They both beat the living [email protected]#% outta Nowinski with DDT's and Suplexes. They end up covering Nowinski at the same time and are declared the co-European Champions.

Will continue if i get positive feed back.

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Pretty good.
-Have your show well written
-Put Main event.
-I cant understand where is all the matches and who is who,so its a part of #1^.
-Put a lot more detail into your matches.

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