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OK,man that was a quit a good show,but with many mistakes...

-Make your matches a lot longer.
-NDM is WORST!!!Look at your 2nd Match and other.
-Have your matches well developed.
-Have your matches well written,I can`t understand where is the matches and where is promos.
-Make the title of your mathes like this:
1st Match
-Make your storylines well developed,you need to work on your storyline a lot!!
-Make your angles well developed,cause they are missing!!
-Add more promos.
- I don`t realy care about how many matches you have,12 or 13,but all of your matches are so BADDDD!!!
-Your show needs some fresh new Organistaion Skills (O.S) Use different fonts, set out the show in a more mature way, add style. These all gain you marks.
- You know what many ideas for your show you took form other shows.And please don`t say no!:)
-Use spaces and stuff like that to divide your promos from matches.
-Realism was a bit screwed (Match Crash vs. The Hurricane)
-Matches need to be a LOT longer to add all of the neccassery requirements for you to really hit the top grades.

So man work on this things.

Grade: C-
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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