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My Raw/Smackdown please read

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I've really enjoyed reading everyone's shows so I have decided to create my own, i have the first Raw and the first Smackdown written, i really probably post Raw tonight before Wrestlemania, Smackdown later in the week, here are the details for the shows....

Kurt Angle
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Steve Austin
Chris Jericho
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Rob Van Dam
The Rock
Rey Mysterio
Nathan Jones
Shannon Moore
Brian Kendrick
Booker T
The Hurricane
Lance Storm
Eddie Guerrero
Chave Guerrero
Johnny Stamboli
Chuck Palumbo
Bill Kidman
John Cena
D'Von Dudley
Spike Dudley
Billy Gunn
Bill DeMott
Rodney Mack
Theodore Long
Stacy Keibler

World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho
World Tag Team Champions: FBI (Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo)
Cruiserweight Champion: The Hurricane
Intercontinental Champion: Goldust

Raw GM: Eric Bischoff

Triple H
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Brock Lesnar
Chris Benoit
The Undertaker
Scott Steiner
Big Show
Sean O'Haire
Hulk Hogan
Shawn Michaels
Steven Richards
Jamie Noble
William Regal
Sean Morley
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Nowinski
Al Snow
Tommy Dreamer
Hardcore Holly
Paul Heyman
Molly Holly
Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Dawn Marie

WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE Tag Team Champions: Big Show and A-Train
WWE Hardcore Champion: Al Snow
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

Smackdown! GM's: Shane and Stephanie McMahon

How does it sound?
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Raw 6/2/03

June 2, 2003
Upcoming PPV: Bad Blood - June 29. 2003

Union Underground plays throughout the arena and the pyro goes off

JR: Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw, this should be an exciting night!
King: That's right JR, tonight we will witness--

The Countdown begins and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion, Y2J Chris Jericho.
Jericho: Listen up, Bischoff has ordered that I put my title on the line tonight against a mystery opponent, I say whoever it is comes out here so I know who I'm facing to make it fair and all....

If ya smell...what the Rock...is cookin and The Rock appears on the ramp
Rock: No Jericho, I'm not your opponent but I overheard Bischoff talking and I do know who it is....and I will make sure I'm at ringside for this one (Rock Leaves)

King: Well as I was saying, The Hurricane will be defending his Cruiserweight title tonight in singles action...
JR: Also Goldust will defend his Intercontinental title again Test! Let's go to ringside for our first match

First Match: Spike and D'Von vs. Los Guerreros
Spike and Eddie start off with Eddie in complete control, Eddie tags in Chavo and Chavo keeps the momentum going that Eddie had. Chavo whips Spike into the rops but Spike counters into a diving clothesline, Spike crawls over to D'Von and makes the tag but the ref was distracted by Eddie. Chavo and Spike both get up and beging fighting punch for punch. Spike whips Chavo into the corner and tags in D'von and the Dudleys stomp at Chavo in the corner until the ref threatens to disqualify the dudleys if Spike doesn't leave the ring. D'von picks up Chavo and gives him the Saving Grace and goes for the pin, Eddie runs in and kicks D'von before the ref counts to three. D'Von gets angry and runs after Eddie on the outside. Inside the ring the ref is checking on Chavo, while outside Eddie strikes D'Von with a chair and throws him back in the ring and then goes after Spike allowing Chavo to cover D'Von for the 3 count.
Winners: Eddie and Chavo

We return from the break to see Stacy yelling at Test
Stacy: I saw you with that girl last night...what's going on?!
Test: I'm sorry Stace, I hope you will still come to ringishde for my match tonight

Second Match: Crusierweight Championship-Crash vs. The Hurricane(c)
The Hurricane makes quick work of Crash and wins it with the Eye of the Hurricane.
Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion: The Hurricane
After the match Rico comes out and challenges The Hurricane to a title match next week, Hurricane agrees.

In the back Austin walks into Bischoff's
Austin: Eric, when are you going to give me a title shot?
Bischoff: Ya know what Steve, I'm busy at the moment so you will have a #1 contender's match tonight vs. Nathan Jones
Austin: WHAT!
Bischoff: Its next
Austin smiles
Third Match: Steve Austin vs. Nathan Jones - Winner gets title shot next week
Starts off with Austin getting manhandled while Nathan Jones uses many power moves. As Jones goes for a Jacknife Powerbomb Austin punches Jones in the head until he drops Austin. Austin whips Jones into the ropes and hits him with a Lou Thesz press. He throws Jones into the ropes and begins a mudhole stomping. Austin picks him up and gives him the finger then the stunner. 1...2...3
Winner: Steve Austin

JR: Austin gets his shot next week! Give creadit to Nathan Jones, he is still new and he will be a force to reckoned with.

In the locker room Jeff Hardy is talking to Rey Mysterio
Jeff: Rey if you defeat Chuck Palumbo then me and you will get a shot at the FBI for the tag titles, I know you can do it.
Rey walks out

Fourth Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Chuck Palumbo (If Rey wins him and Jeff Hardy get a tag title shot)
Near the end of the match Shelton Benjamin walks to ringside and distracts the ref, then comes Charlie Haas with a baseball bat, he strikes Mysterio over the head. Shelton gets off the apron and the ref turns around to see chuck covering Mysterio 1-2-3
Winner: Chuck Palumbo

King: I think Team Angle thinks they should get the title shot.

In the back Kurt congratulates Haas and Benjamin on what they just did, Bischoff walks over
Eric: Team Angle, you now have a tag title shot at Bad Blood, congratulations! But so does Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy, hell so do you Kurt have fun finding a partner, because at Bad Blood the FBI will defend their tag titles against Rey and Jeff, Team Angle, and Kurt Angle and a partner of his choice in a LADDER MATCH!
Kurt: So I have to fight Charlie and Shelton?
Eric: Oh yes Kurt you do (smiles and walks away)

Fifth Match: Intercontinental Title - Test w/ Stacy vs. Goldust (C)
A very slow paced match. At one point Test went for the Big Boot but Goldust movied out of the way making test hit the ref. Test turned around to be greeted by a clothesline, Goldust whipped Test into te corner and gave him the Shattered Dreams. Stacy gets up on the ring apron, meanwhile the referee is getting up, Goldust was about to push Stacy off but Test ran after and attempted to hit Goldust in the back of the head but Goldie sensed it and moved making test hit stacy. Goldust rolled him up 1-2-3
Winner and still IC champ: Goldust
Test left ringside without helped out Stacy.
While Goldust is celebrating in the ring "Can you dig it....sucka!" goes off and out walks Booker T in street clothes.
Booker T: Goldust, you're my best friend but I'd like a shot at your title at Bad Blood
Goldust: You want a match at Bad Blood, great, can't wait.

King: What a match that will be!

Sixth Match: Matt Hardy w/Shannon Moore vs. Funaki
Matt won the match with a leg drop off of the middle rope.
Winner: Matt Hardy
Matt grabs a mic
Matt: Ya know Shannon, earlier today someone came up to me and said they were very interested in becoming the next Mattitude Follower or MF'er, what do you think about that?
Shannon: Uhh..(Walks out of the ring upset)

Seventh Match MAIN EVENT: World Heavyweight Championship - Chris Jericho(C) vs. ???? with The Rock commentating
Jericho is in the ring awaiting his mystery opponent. Out walks Rob Van Dam, but before he could even get in the ring The Rock attacks him from behind giving his a Rock Bottom on the outside. Rocky throws RVD back in the ring and Y2J orders the ref to ring the opening bell, Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho and RVD taps.
Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

The Rock and Jericho walk backstage with smiles on their faces.
-Show goes off the air-

Hope you like it--rate it please.

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OK,man that was a quit a good show,but with many mistakes...

-Make your matches a lot longer.
-NDM is WORST!!!Look at your 2nd Match and other.
-Have your matches well developed.
-Have your matches well written,I can`t understand where is the matches and where is promos.
-Make the title of your mathes like this:
1st Match
-Make your storylines well developed,you need to work on your storyline a lot!!
-Make your angles well developed,cause they are missing!!
-Add more promos.
- I don`t realy care about how many matches you have,12 or 13,but all of your matches are so BADDDD!!!
-Your show needs some fresh new Organistaion Skills (O.S) Use different fonts, set out the show in a more mature way, add style. These all gain you marks.
- You know what many ideas for your show you took form other shows.And please don`t say no!:)
-Use spaces and stuff like that to divide your promos from matches.
-Realism was a bit screwed (Match Crash vs. The Hurricane)
-Matches need to be a LOT longer to add all of the neccassery requirements for you to really hit the top grades.

So man work on this things.

Grade: C-

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Everything F-5 said is right. Make the matches somewhat developed, add new creative style and stuff like that. Just cause you got a bad grade from F-5 doesn't mean you should stop trying. I got a bad grade first time, then I got an A next time.
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