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I know exactly how you feel, I do believe that SummerSlam was one of the worst things ever to happen at a pay-per-view this year, and the year isn't even over yet. The way they hyped the Goldberg/Evolution angle just gave fans the impression Goldberg would win the match against all odds and take the belt which belongs to anyone but the current champion. It makes sense why you would want to write another RAW, but mind you I wouldn't start dishing out derogatory words to your fellow bookers. "...I don't write every damn detail, it's not a God damn movie!" that line was a bit harsh, because some bookers like to get as descriptive as they can.

Your first match gave me a few eyebrow-raisers. You are totally right about the La Resistance and Dudley Boys angle being way over done. The Hurricane and Super Hero In Training Rosie wrestling La Resistance is a nice match-up, though you never specify which wrestlers are fighting. With the arrival of Rob Conway there are now three Resistance members, and we only read Rob Conway in the match. The attack on Hurricane/S.H.I.T and any wrestlers in general by the French with the flag is getting tiringly old. And, you mentioned how you didn't want the Dudleys and La Resistance fueding for months, but then you go and progress the storyline more and more with them showing up at the end of the match. I know it was for a noble cause like helping out the tagteam who were getting pummeled but still.

The moving along of the Goldberg/Evolution angle is great. Goldberg smashing a possession of Evolution with the sledgehammer is a great thing, and I can almost visualize while I close my eyes. I kind of hate Goldberg's character from past experiences viewing World Championship Wrestling and now in the WWE, and him beating Christian and Tommy Dreamer is possibly in character for him but it just drives me insane. He is pissed at Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair for thinking they are above everyone but then he runs in there and disrupts a match. Hypocrit? I think so. Goldberg speech about Triple H is pretty good. But when you said he was the 'biggest punk a$$hole champion" since 1996 was kind of bad. Was Goldberg even wrestling then? I know he was probably watching all of the old stuff, but he should have said that comment that he was the worst champion ever instead of giving an exact date. Eric Bischoff showing up to ruin everyone's expectations is normal, but booking the match for the next RAW pay-per-view, Unforgiven, will drive me nuts (even though they fight tonight) This just means that they will have to prolong the entire angle for yet another month. The Y2J addition to the match was a pretty good idea.

The behind the scenes segment was kind of interesting. I haven't been tuning into RAW long enough to view their segments on Goldust and Lance Storm, but you taking Goldust's interesting, entertaining character and made him go off and pull stupid pranks like that saddens me. The enigma that is Goldust is dieing off. You got to save it. Stone Cold Steve Austin booking Lance Storm with Kane for a stupid ding-and-ditch prank is pathetic.

I really enjoyed the Rob Van Dam versus Randy Orton match. As you said this is a match that could be on the pay-per-view event. I don't think you should have posted in parenthesis what we will see at the next two pay-per-views. Ric Flair volunteering his help is perfect, and totally in character for the Nature Boy. But, then again, Goldberg coming out to rescue Flair isn't the best way to go in my book. This is the second beatdown and second interference by Goldberg in the event, and they have only had three matches.

Jonathan Coachman's remarks about Terri Runnels sleeping with Vince McMahon to get her job, and how he kicked her in the stomach is a new all-time low for the character. I mean a month ago he was normal, and now he is letting all of his frustrations out and I am not too keen on it. I think Stone Cold should force him to take anger management classes.

Test wrestling Maven is enjoyable match-up. I am still not for sure on this whole managerial service thing. Don't managers choose who they want to work with, Theodore Long wouldn't just go and choose The Hurricane to be in his stable now would he? I feel that Stacy Kiebler should be able to leave whenever she wanted too, and someone should bring that too her attention. Test having Stacy wrestle in a thong would get some viewers yes, but is degrading. Test forcing her to bend over and do a stinkface to Maven is also just a degrading act. You bringing Stone Cold Steve Austin into the mix is a bit odd. SCSA putting a so-called restraining order on Test from being within 80 feets of Stacy Kiebler isn't a good idea. I mean I don't think you can go and put a restraining order on some guy from some girl, just random people. Stacy should have done it herself. Having SCSA say that Test's character is making him sick is so out of character. That is breaking character, a big no no in the business. Sending him to SmackDown! it has its good sides and its bad sides. What I am waiting for is who is RAW going to get for the exchange?

Lance Storm losing to Kane in three seconds is terrible. I mean it takes three seconds to pin a person. I mean it would probably take at least ten seconds to piledrive someone, and that is if Lance Storm just goes in there and walks into it. Again, you are using parenthesis which explains your reasoning behind stuff, that we should notice after a few weeks without help. For the Jericho versus Kane match is too farfetch'd. You have Shane McMahon coming out, then Coachman, then HHH it just gives makes it seem more and more boring when I think you wanted it to be a big hit. The Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Evolution mudhole stomping on Goldberg is typical. I mean why is Triple H fretting over all this stuff like fighting Goldberg when Evolution is 'always' there to back him up. The last comment about Jim Ross saying Jericho making a big impact on the match is quite laughable. He was taking away in a stretcher after being slammed by HHH, if that is making an impact I got a friend who broke his ankles five times within a five year span, he must be making a hell of an impact.
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