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I see that you're trying to save Unforgiven, but that doesn't mean that you have to have Y2J interfere through it the entire time. What you should do is have it stay as Goldberg against Triple H, but have it in a steel cage so Triple can be even more scared of Goldberg. That way you sort of have an entertaining match. Plus....The Victoria thing was great with her going psychotic and all I liked that. The Kane/Shane thing is also going great but you shouldn't have had Shane challenge him because Shane shouldn't know if Kane got out of the flames or not. The beginning was great but RVD winning the IC title right aways was pointless. You could have had a great PPV match between Christian and RVD. Chris Jericho Vs. Scott Steiner right aways is a bad idea too. Have Test do some wacky stuff with Stacy if you're going to build that up. If you want Y2J to save the ppv then why don't you put him in a big match against Kevin Nash just to end that feud. One more thing about the women's division...please turn it into a fatal four way elimination. You should spice up the tag team division with alot of teams trying to compete for the gold. Then have a team battle royale to determine the number one contenders and face La Resistance on the same night.
Now if you listen to me here's what Unforgiven should look like...

Kane Vs. Shane McMahon (Inferno Match?)

Triple H Vs. Goldberg in a Steel Cage for the belt

Trish Vs. Victoria Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Molly Holly for the Women's title

RVD Vs. Christian for the Intercontinental title

Y2J Vs. Kevin Nash (Last Man Standing?)

Battle Royale to determine Tag Team #1 contenders

Winners of Battle Royal Vs. La Resistance for tag titles

Test Vs. Scott Steiner (Special Referee: Stacy Keibler)

Eric Bischoff Vs. Stone Cold (Winner is full G.M. of Raw)?
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