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Well, here we are again at the second show of RAW for you, Roger.

There is great foreshadowing in the first opening segment. It gives alot of us to think about, is it just a random phonecall to some behind the scenes guy we won't see or care about or is it something much more deeper and constructed by the manipulative mind of Bischoff. Your Steve Austin character is portrayed miraculously, Stone Cold does have that charisma and just air about him that lets him be able to throw that phone and still get away with it. The end of the segment gets a bit fuzzy, I find it hard to believe that Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Evolution had been hearing all of this at the exact moment it was playing, and they were in the proximity of the general manager's office. Either way, it is still plausible, on television if we would have witnessed it we wouldn't have thought much about it but now that you read it several times over you pick up on those things. The Game sending that challenge to Austin almost, knowing Stone Cold can't accept it is just one of those things Triple H would do. The main event is an extraordinary one. I am not too sure about the stipulations. Having the Heavyweight Belt on the line and everything. If there is teams how can only one person be the sole proprietor of the belt? Unless if Kevin Nash and Goldberg were the last two and they would fight each other. It sounds more like a six-man texas tornado match than a six-man tag team match.

The first match is a great one. One of the only problems I have with it is you are using two awesome superstars who are being dragged down to the bottom layer of their talent. I honestly believe Rob Van Dam could be a main eventer, though as we see it in this show he seems more of the midcarder along with Christian who isn't so bad working in the midcard section. I know that the first match in a card is suppose to pump up the crowd, and feature wrestlers with similar moves and abilities, and this is exactly what they do but I would have stuck another wrestler in the slot Rob Van Dam filled. Now Rob Van Dam won the Intercontinental Belt, which we all know is a stepping stone to the heavyweight belt, and this just backs up my point that Rob Van Dam is now made out to be the top midcarder instead of the ranking Upper Midcarder.

The backstage female segment seems rather fun from my side. I am still thinking Eric Bischoff should have made it a regular match instead of a no disqualification. Not to be unsupportive to women wrestlers out there, I just can't visualize them hitting each other with stop signs or kendo sticks, or be on the recieveing end of brutal chairshorts.

The Chris Jericho versus Scott Steiner match looked pretty good. We see Test showing up to take Stacy back (didn't realize she left?) and almost causing Jericho to lose the match. The match seemed to run very smoothly, I would have recommended to knock this match up from second in the card to fourth or possibly fifth. I would expect a Chris Jericho/Test angle in upcoming weeks. Possibly having Jericho feature Test with Stacy Kiebler on the Highlight Reel wanting a reason for why Test hit him, even though it is obvious to everyone. I kind of feel for what Chris Jericho is saying, despite Test's interference in his match he still won over Scott Steiner a powerful Midcarder(?) and he should deserve a shot in the near future.

The Lance Storm and Goldust versus La Resistance match was pretty enjoyable to read. I would have been the last one to tell you that Storm and Goldust were good tagteam partners. I always knew Lance Storm as the hardcore, technical wrestler a man similar to Chris Beniot but possibly lacking charisma and mic skills, and Goldust as the charismatic ego with not many moves but went over well with the crowd. Rob Conway is getting on my nerves, and no that is not a bad thing for you you probably want the character to do that to us, causing everyone to lose to La Resistance. Reading these last RAW shows from you I am eager to view other matches that are brought to my attention in the tagteam division; Storm & Goldust, La Resistance, Dudleys, and Hurricane & S.H.I.T. Rosie.

I am not at all comprehending the talk between Steve Austin and the listening by Bischoff about Chris Jericho being added as a special referee and as a wrestler in the match. Does that mean he will count the three count as someone has his shoulders down? You need to be a little bit more clear on that and it would be alright. With Chris Jericho gone, this makes the spot open to who will have his spot as guest referee. We can only guess.

The Trish Stratus and Victoria match looked sub par. Again, I can not see the two women fighting with foreign objects, and did I read right they were using cds, compact discs?! I would have normally condoned Molly Holly and Gail Kim rushing into the ring, but now reading the match prior to that happening I am glad they did rush in. This match would have been awfully dull.

The Shane McMahon segments has its downsides and its upsides. This progresses the storyline really far, and makes it have that whole eerie feeling when you get when Kane first was introduced and dominated his opponents. Though, the downside I am hoping it won't turn out to be a corny story angle that WWF produced a few years ago.

Well, my previous question was answered at the beginning of this match. I figured this would be a brawl from the start with Evolution squaring off against the other folks in the match. As I could see from your previous matches, all of them are rather short only giving the last few seconds of the matches. The Main Event was hyped only a bit, and it didn't live up to the expectations I would have assumed it would have. Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinning Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels with the pedigree it just makes me want to close my eyes and fall asleep. Triple H must be dethroned, and whether Chris Jericho is the man to do it or some other man in the roster is not my decision. Just have him lose it to someone, anyone. Fair well, and good luck for your next show.
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