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My Raw for this week,I haven't done one in a while,so please read and reply,thanks...

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We start off the show with Vince McMahon coming out to the ring. What does he have in his mind tonight????? He gets in the ring and says tonight is a night of surprises,that's right. Shocking and revealing surprises! And we start off with one that is good for everyone! Coach(he turns to the coach),u are a good interviewer,but as a color commentator,man,u suck! Not just a little suck,u suck the big one!
Jerry:haha,see.He's making fun of u coach,do something?
Vince:So coach,get off my damn table,get the hell off!
Coach leaves.
Vince:And so to make everyone happy,I bring to u Good ol JR,Jim Ross!
( Jr's music hits,but out comes a guy dresssed like JR with a big belly and huge glasses,his face twisted,and burned! He takes off the wig and glasses,it's Eric Bischoff!!!!
(Vince is laughing his a$$ off)
Folks,ur real color commentator for the night sitting next to the king,Eric Bischoff!
and so eric and king take us to a commercial break,but up next,news on the IC title!!! NEXT!


We come back to the announcer's table and they show us a clip from last night's house show where Christian became the new IC champion and Booker T injured his back,he's expected to be back in a month or two. and so now we go on to our next match for the IC title!

Christian vs The Hurricane! Good match with a few high flying spots,something not expected in a bout like this for this title. Hurricane delivers his shining wizard,but only gets a TWO!!! Christian then pushes him into the ref and the ref is out. Christian goes for the belt and goes up the rampway,but behind him comes S.H.I.T!!!!! and sends him back in the ring,hurricane does the vertebreaker,one,two,no!!!!!only a 2! Christian gets pi ssed and low blows the hurricane and the ref! So the ref calls for the bell and christian goes running through the crowd!( I think a hurricane vs christian fed until summerslam would be pretty good then followed by a christian vs rvd fed after it since booker is gone,so I think this is a good way to start it off.)

We go to the back and the police van has arrived,kane is here! But who brought him????


we come back and eric is smiling at the king saying he has brought kane to the building in case of an emergency,and they keep on talking and talking,but then shane comes out from behind and begins beating up bischoff! he beats him up on stage,gets a chair,and just pounds him as well! But then vince comes out on stage yelling stop damn it! U want it so bad,u got it,summerslam,u and eric bischoff in a street fight!!!! but as far as tonight goes,get ready as well,tonight it will be eric and kane vs rvd and shane-o-mac!!!!! We leave with the expression on shane's face which is a cocky one.


we come back to evolution's room where they say that tonight they got goldberg cleared,but they gotta take care of the others as well! Randy Orton is ready for his next match! The coach is back in the commentary table./

Randy Orton vs Scott Steiner w.stacy keibler! Very good match,with randy orton delivering crossbodys and very innovative offensive moves. But Steiner dominates most of the match with hard clotheslines and rough belly to bellys. Then as randy has the advantage ,stacy gets on the apron and lifts her skirt all the way up,so randy spanks her,she turns around and slaps him! So he pushes her off,steiner gets a schoolboy rollup,but only a two! Randy has taken out some brass knuckles,the ref is unaware,but then hbk comes out on the apron,but randy hits him in the head,he turns around,belly to belly by steiner,one,two,three!!! Steiner gets a pin over Orton!! He is pissed! he starts pounding on hbk on the outside,but then hhh and flair come out walking normally and they control orton,who is furious! They take him to the back and they leave! we see a bloodied hbk lying in the floor!


We go to evolution's room where they tell randy to control himself and they teach him how to handle things and the basics os "evolution."

Lance Storm and Goldust vs La resistace. Pretty standard match,only lasts about 5 minutes,why? Because as soon as the action starts,we hear the glass shatter! Out comes stone cold steve austin! He gets in the ring and stunners to all 4 and then drinks a few beers,he gets on the mic and says he was stuck in the airport because someone messed with his info,and he knows exactly who it is,ERIC! Eric ,u son of a bi tch,I know u don't want me here tonight so u can handle ur own business,but my white a$$ is here so get ur punk a$$ out here now! Vince comes out on stage and tells him all his stuff,etc,and they agree that austin will be the special ref in the tag match he made earlier!!!


We go to the back where Christian is leaving the bulding with his bags,but whoosh! From the side enters S.H.I.T. and tells him not to mess with the hurra powers ever again,and the hurricane challenges him to a rematch. Christian laughs and says it;s all good,but he won't be defending this title until summerslam,so u can go tell ur little green friend that it's on at summerslam! oh,and give him this message,he sprays mase in his face and leaves in the car!!!!!!
King: Oh what? See,that's why he's a hero in training,his powers can't even protect his eyes,what a crybaby!

We go to the parking lot,and all the officers are knocked out,and the van is open,but where is kane???? Where's kane!!???
Up next,
the women's title,we see molly and gail kim and trish walking in the hallway,a triple threat up next!!


triple threat match-trish vs molly vs Kim. Basic match(I'm not really hugely impressed with Kim,there are far better women wrestlers that high fly that could have been signed,and hell,even lita has better stuff,but just my opinion.) A lot of near falls,trish hits her move in the turnbuckled to kim,then is pushed to the outside by molly. Molly and kim fight,but molly gets thrown out,kim then dives into both of them on the outside! The end comes with molly hitting the molly go round on kim for the pin! Victoria comes out in the end with a broom!!!! She knocks all of them out as she stands alone in the ring!

We go backstage and eric is getting ready in his room,but then kane comes in and they look face to face,and kane tells him that we need to talk! He pushes the camera guy to the outside and we see the door close!

But up next-no dq. Goldberg vs Flair,[email protected]!


flair vs goldberg-no dq. Good 10-15 match with a lot of illegal chokeholds,low blows,the eye gouching,the works!lol. Goldberg dominates the most fo the match with huge gorilla press slams,clotheslines,right hands,etc. Then he hits the spear!!!!! But then orton comes out,and SPEAR to orton!!!!!! HHH is looking worried from the back! But then y2j comes out with a steel chair and right in the head,he doesn't go down,so another chair to the head!! He puts flair on top,1,2.......no! Goldberg raised his shoulder,but then nash came out and beat up y2j up the rampway and in the stage,hbk then came back out and superkicked orton and flair. Goldberg gets up,jackhammer to flair,and the 3 count for the win!!!! Nash beats up y2j on stage,and powerbombs him on the stage!!!! Then picks him up again and powerbombs him into the announcer's table!!!! But then HHH came out with a sledgehammer and hit nash in the head and hhh looks at goldberg,who's in the ring,what is gonna happen at summerslam! Everyone is knocked out excpet for hhh and goldberg who are staring face to face!!!


We go to evolution in the back and terri catches up with them and they say that even though they are hitting some road bumps,the night is not over by a long shot! Then randy tells terri to come with them for a little VIP party,so she touches his abs and leaves with him!!!!and them!!!

We then hear the coach say that something is going on in the back,we go to the back and kane is beating the hell out of shane!!! kane throws him against a fence,then ties him to it,and begins pouring gasoline to him,but then rvd comes and beats up kane,but eric comes from behind and he has a glass vase,he breaks it in the back of the head of rvd! Kane grabs rvd by the hair and takes him away as eric makes fun of shane,who is tied up and officials are trying to take him off! eric slaps him,and shane spits him! Eric gets mad,but officials stop them !!


Maven vs Test. No real feud here,but hey,they need to do something with Maven and take test off his feud with steiner. Maven gets the win with a craddle on this match!

We go to the back and austin is making fun of eric in their office. He asks him if he spits him,will he beat him up? eric thinks about it,but decided that yes,he would. Austin spits in his face! Then he spits again!!!! But then we see kane standing behind austin,austin turns around,and kane grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him through the mirror in the wall!!!!!!! the match is next,but will austin be able to get up>? next!


RVD and Shane vs Eric and Kane. Good decent match,with eric avoding everything,lol. Then it just turns into this huge brawl,and all the refs get taken down. But then austin comes out with a chair and all of them get hit with a steel chair and austin begins drinking some beers,but then evolution comes out from behind and attack austin???? HHH says they are making a point,forget the nwo days,u thought those were bad guys,that wasn't sh it! So from now,no one,and he means no one will mess with evolution! Guaranteed! HHH kicks austin who's down and they all stomp down on all four,including kane! We see Goldberg walking in the hallway furious,and then out comes goldberg! he gets in the ring,but they beat him up,out comes hbk and nash again,but they get beat up,but then comes out y2j and they just shake hands!!!!!!!! Is y2j with evolution>? Or is he just an ally? a friend? Evolution is taking over Raw step by step!!! We come to an end with evolution raising their hands in the ring!!!

what did u all think? Thanks.

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