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Announcers Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
SHow opens up. Pyro goes off, and clips of last week's main event are shown.
In the ring, HHH is raving about how good he is along with Falir and Orton. Kane's new entrance goes off, huge pyro everything catches on fire. We eventually learn that the show will have to be moved to the wednesday night due to damages.
Wednesday, announcing team the same of course.
Show opens up, and a tribute is made to Randy Orton, HHH, and Ric Flair, who all died on Monday due to the fire ( storyline only, they really got fired due to sucking). (time=4 mins)
Opening-Stone Cold music hits and Eric bischoff follows.
They have some announcements. Kane has been severly burned (real life) and will be forced to wear his mask, doctors order. Also, since the champion has passed away, a 10 man tournament will begin tonight to decide the new champion, and the title match will take place next week. Also, there will be a number 1 contenders match for the WWE womens championship, as well as an over the top rope battle royal for the IC Title. (time 8 mins)

MATCH 1 I.C. Title battle royal...Christian vs. Maven vs. Val Venis vs. Lance Storm...match starts with the boring grappling and technical moves. Val is eliminated early by Lance Storm. Maven is down when Lance Storm attemps to deliver a superkick to Christian, but misses and knocks out the ref. Maven hits a top rope dropkick to knock Christian out. The ref is staggering when maven whips Storm over the top rope to become the new champ. However, Christian sneaks back into the ring without the referee noticing and tosses Maven over the top. Ref announces Christian as the winner. (time=12 mins)

MATCH 2 Tournament for WWE Title...Jericho vs. Goldberg...In the early going Jericho gets some cheap shots in, but misses a clothsline in the corner. He walks into a big spear followed by a jackhammer. Goldberg pins for his first ligitimate victory and advances to the next round for the following monday.(time=6 mins)

Backstage, Kane is shown with a new mask that shows the back of his bald head and some side burns, but does not revel his battered face. (time=30 secs)

MATCH 3...Tournament...Booker T vs. Scott Steiner...The two men exchange their big moves...but several kickouts. Booker T. becomes distracted at one point by Stacy, and Steiner hits him from behind. The Steiner Recliner is put on, but Test runs out and breaks the hold. Booker T. throws test out and delivers the scissors kick for the win. Afterwards, Booker shows his sportsmenship by offering Steiner a title shot if he wins. (time=10 mins)

In the back, Nash ponders on who his partner will be. He then goes to Bischoffs office to ask. After the break, he is shown walking out with a worried look on his face. (total time=5 mins)

MATCH 4...Tournament...RVD vs.Kane...A furious Kane stomps to the ring with revenge on his mind.He gets some great pops and the croud is really in to him. He goes for a top rope clothesline but misses, and is down for a moment. RVD does his pose, but the crowd does not respond to him. He hits the rolling thunder and hears loud boos. He gets pissed, and getsa chair. He assaults Kane with the chair in the ring. The ref is forced to ring the bell, and Kane is the winner by d.q. While RVD is climbing to the top rope for the 5 star, Kane sits up. He grabs RVD and nails a big chokeslam. (This will be similar to the Kane-X-Pac fued.) (time=20 mins)

Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels are talking in the back. We learn that Nash's opponent will be HBK himself. The two wish eachother luck, and leave on good terms, saying let the best man win. (4 mins)

MATCH 5...Womens #1 contender...Jazz vs. Ivory...footage of Gail Kim's victory and the history of the Ivory and Jazz rivalry is shown. Gail Kim is at ringside. The women put on a very entertaining match with Jazz finally beating Ivory to become the #1 contender. Jazz also destroys Kim after the match. (time=9 mins)

MATCH 6...WWE Tag Championship...Dudleys vs. La Resistance...im getting tired of typing so to some it up...The French kick ass but end upgetting the 3d through a table and a bubba bomb. The Dudleys win the title and celebrate with more table action. (time=15 mins)

MATCH 7....Tournament...Rodney Mack vs. Any worthy white boy...Crazy Steven Richards runs out to the ring...after about a minute of destroying Richards...Austin comes out and delivers a stunner to Mack. Theodore Long gets on the mic and asks Austin why he is trying to hold Mack back, and Austin answers with a middle finger and another stunner. He declares them both eliminated and says they both suck. (time=10mins)

MATCH 8...Tournament...Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Nash...Michaels gets the upper hand ealr y using his speed and agility against a biger Nash. Nash counters with some high power moves. The two go at it for a long time with some close pinfalls. Crowd is really into the match...At the 11 O'CLock mark, Michaels goes down with some back injury. He continues to wrestle, but is obviously wounded. Nash delivers the jacknife, only for Michaels to kick out. He delivers another, and picks up the victory. The two celebrate in the ring for their efforts, and HBK leaves. Nash poses, and Lilian says goodbye. (time=27 mins)


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Very unrealistic. They wouldn't kill of Triple H, Flair and Orton. Plus the fire, doubt they would have that, and Raw has always been on Monday. But apart from that it was okay.


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