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Ross: Hello and welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw Live from Montreal Canada! And we have a special main event for you tonight. HHH has laid out an open challenge to the locker room.

King: Wow! HHH is a real champion for doing that.

Ross: Yeah right.

[Austin's music hits]
[then gets in the ring]

Austin: Ok cut the music. Now I know HHH has something up his sleeve about this open challenge. Honesty is not part of HHH's gameplan. Plus he can't even win a title match himself without any part of his evolution buddies comming to the rescue. Well tonight it ain't gonna happen, eh eh.

[HHH's music hits]
[HHH stands on the stage with all the Evolution members]

HHH: Ok let me get this straight, are you saying I can keep my title without any assistance?

Austin: Did I studder [what?] I said did I studder? What happened last week HHH? Who saved your ass? [what] I said who saved your ass [what] Randy Orton [what] I said Randy Orton. I don't know about you but I'm getting sick and tired of people saving the World Heavyweight Champion's ass.

HHH: Who do you think you are?
Austin: I think I'm Co-GM , who are you?
HHH: Im the....
[crowd chants asshole]
Austin: I don't know if your hearing is as good as mine, but you got 16,000 people calling you an asshole!
HHH: I don't give a damn on what these people think
[crowd gives heat]
HHH; They way I see things, there are 4 of us and 1 one you.
Austin: Yeah, I can count. Now about this open challenge?
HHH; I challenged anyone in the lockeroom for a title shot
Austin; Just like that
[ric Flair grabs the mic]
Ric: HHH is the heavyweight champion of the world. He can defeat anyone...
Austin:Ok grandpa, shutup [what] I said shut the hell up. This is what we are going to do. We will have a lottery. Each superstar will put in a bid in a wheel. Than you HHH will draw the ticket.
Ric: No, HHH is the champion, he can accept or reject that challenge.
Austin: Yeah he can, he has that right to, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't do something about that. If you don't defend your title against the winner, which will happen at SummerSlam I will strip you of that title

Ross: Oh no, that title is HHH's lifely hood
King: Oh no!
HHH: You don't got the balls to do it.
[checks his watch]
Austin; What? What? What you say? Watch me. And Just to show you how serious I am, you will defend that title tonight!
[HHH is spastic]
Flair:He can't defend it tonight, he defended it last week
Austin: He will defend his title in a special match. Let's see a cage match, no...a hell in a cell...no...lumberjack...I know how about a ladder match, but not just any ladder match a TLC match


Austin: There will be no DQ. No holds-barred. And if anyone attempts to help HHH in anyway will result in an immediate forfeit of the title.

King:He can't do that!
Ross:Yes he can, he's the Co-Gm.And with Bischoff gone with injuries sustained from Kane last week. HHH will have no choice but to defend his title.
King: But against Who?
Ross: Your guess is as goos as mine
Austin: Your opponent will be announced later. Oh and have a nice day!
Ross:Could it be...
King: No way!

2nd match

Goldust vs Lance Storm
Goldust via disqualification.

Storm goes nuts and beats Goldust down with a chair. And screams he's not boring

3rd match

La Resistance vs The Hurricane/Val Venis
La Reistance picks up the win when Venis goes for the money shot but the ref gets distratced and then Venis gets wacked by the tag belt and gets pinned 1,2 3.

4rth match
Gail Kym vs Jazz Women's championship
jazz picks up the win, only the ref to descover she was holding the tights, he then reverses the decision and Kym is the winner. But Jazz beats her down and screams she's the champ

[it is revealed that Jericho will face HHH tonight]

5th match

Rico vs Spike
Rico picks up the win with the roundhouse kick. Although he took some kind of metal object out of it later

6th match HHH vs Y2J
HHH picks up the win but only delivering a pedigree thru the table
As HHH walks thru the locker room, we hear a muffle
Than slamming. Than nothing. The camera gets into the room to find out that all members of Evolution are knocked out and with the letters nWo spray painted in red!!!

whatcha think
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