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My RAW 'n' Smackdown Results

Eric comes out and says: Hello Everyone and welcome to WWE
Monday Nitr..Oh sorry RAW!

Fans Look Confused

Eric: As you see l have a suprise for you..

Vince's Music hits

Vince: Eric..l have a suprise for you!...YOUR FIRED! and l will announce the NEW RAW GM! now onto our first match

Fans Cheer

1st Match:Table Match Victoria w/ Steven Richards v Molly Holly

Winner: Victoria after Richards running in the ring and StevieTs Her then Victoria slaps her and Powerbombs her through a table

After Match: Jazz runs down and punches Molly then runs after Victoria and hits her with the DDT and then does it to Steven

2nd Match:Indergender Tag Team Match Hurricane and Trish Stratus v Jazz and Steven Richards w/ Victoria

Winners: Jazz and Steven Richards via DQ and Victoria was involved cause she smacked Jazz and Steven Richards with a Chair

3rd Match: Christian and Chris Jericho v Jeff Hardy and Test w/ Stacy Keibler
Number One Contender match for Tag Team Titles at No Way Out!

Winners: Jeff Hardy and Test via Pinfall after The Ref was being distracted and Jeff runs in with the Reverse Twist of faite and Test runs in for the pin 1..2..3

Vinces Music Hits

Vince: People..l am glad to introduce 4 new Titles! they are..The IC Title, HC Title, Euro Title and No Other then the TV Title and infact HHH you are striped from your title! and you will be versing Stone Cold Steve Austin for it at No Way Out! and Jeff Hardy will not get a Tag Team title shot at No Way Out..Jeff Hardy will be going One on One with D'Lo Brown for the Telivision Title...and Tonights main event will be..a Hardcore Title RAW GM spot! it will be..Shane Mcmahan going One on One with...Paul Heyman!

Fans Cheer

4th Match: Rico v Maven

Winner: Maven via Pinfall after The Lights turned Black and noone saw a thing and someone attacked Rico and caused Maven to win

5th Match: Nash Returns and v Randy Orten

Winner: Nash via Pinfall after a Jacknife Powerbomb

6th Match: Shane mcmahan v Paul Heyman

Winner and New Raw GM Hardcore Champion: Shane Mcmahan via pinfall after Rey Mysterio comes in and 619s Paul on a Ladder and Shane puts Heyman in a corner with a Trash Can on him and he jumps and kicks him and goes for the win

After Match: Shane Beats down Rey and Paul with A Kendal Stick and then Sting Runs in and Scorpion death locks them both

Shane: YES!! l won my Hardcore title and RAW gm and l have signed Sting on RAW!

Fans Cheer

Shane: and he gets a IC Title shot

Scene ends

So watcha think..heres my Current No Way Out Card

TV Title Jeff Hardy w/Lita v D'lo Brown w/ Teddy Long

Womans Title Jazz v Victoria HC Match

IC title: Sting v Nash

Tag Team Titles Test and ??? v Dudley Boyz

Hardcore Title Anywhere Falls Match: Shane Mcmahan v Terry Funk

Heavyweight Title match: Austin v Triple H w/ Ric Flair

ok bye..

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Ok heres my 2nd raw..hope you like it

1st match Indergender Match: Steven Richards v Jazz

Winner: Jazz via Pinfall after she ddts Steven on a chair while the Ref wasn't looking and then Stevie Ts him and goes for the cover

2nd Match Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer v Jeff Hardy w/Trish Stratus

Winner: Jeff Hardy via Pinfall after Trish Grabbing a ladder and some tables and setting them up and Bulldogs Dreamer and puts him on 5 Stacked Tables and Jeff Hardy Swantom Bombs him through them.

3rd Match: RVD v Kevin Nash

Winner: RVD via pinfall after a Split legged moonsaukt

After match: Sting comes running down with his bat and swings it at RVD and Nash and knocks them unconcious

4th Match 4350436-346 man Tag: all superstars in history in a group winners: WCW Group

5th Match (main event): Austin v Victoria

Winner: Austin via Pinfall after 20 Stunners causing her to break her neck

Shanes music hits

Shane: Victoria...will be out for 20 weeks..which means Trish Will take her place

Scene Ends.

My Shows are very interesting lmfao


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I`ll point some errors.
-Promos could have been a bit longer.
-Have more of a realistic side.
-Have your matches flow with your show.
-Have your matches a bit longer.
-Create fresh new ideas so that we can understand this is all coming from you and you are not trying to do something that will just please us.
-Make sure we understand what writing style you have.

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^Basically took the words from my mouth.

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Ok Heres No Way Out!

Crusierweight Title match: The Hurricane v Matt Hardy
Winnner and New Cruserweight Champion:Matt Hardy after a Twist of faite on the Ouside then Matt threw him inside for the

Eurpean Title Match: Christian v Lance Storm
Winner and new European Champion: Christian after a Unpretteir on the European title while the ref wasn't looking

TV Title Match:Jeff Hardy v D'lo Brown w/ Teddy Long
Winner and New TV Champion: Jeff Hardy after D'Lo Brown got hit with a Reverse Twist Of Faite then Jeff Goes for the Swanton and then the 1..2..3

Womans Title Match: Jazz v Victoria HC Match
Winner and New Womans Champion: Jazz after Steven Richards comes down and hits Victoria with the Kendo Stick and SCSA comes running down the Rampa nd Stunner Victoria 4 times then Jazz picks up a Trash can and throws it in the ring then Jazz DDTS Victoria on it and Victoria made it after those stunners last week on RAW

IC title Match: Sting v Nash
Winner and New IC Champion: Sting After Scorpion Deathlock

Tag Team Titles Match: Test and ??? w/Stacy v Dudley Boyz
Winner and New Tag Team Champions: Tests Partner Turned out to be Kane and Kane Chokeslams D-Von Through a Table and the Ref Didn't DQ them for some reason

After Match: Dudleys are Arguing about their lost in the Ring and then they 3D'd The Ref through a table

Hardcore Title Anywhere Falls Match: Shane Mcmahan v Terry Funk
Winner and new Hardcore Champion: Lita after Terry Funk and Shane were out cold in the ring and Lita comes running down with the Double Moonsault then the pin 123

After Match: The Undertakers music hits and he runs down the rung with a chair and nails Liat with the Chair and then Last Rides her on it then pins her for the 123

Winner and New Hardcore Champion: The Undertaker

After Match: Suddenly Test and Jeff run down and Nail Undertaker with their Title (Jeffs TV and Tests Tag) then Jeff hits the Swanton then they both cover him at the same time for the 123

Winner and New Hardcore Champions: Jeff Hardy and Test and They run in the back and Celebrate

Heavyweight Title match: Austin v Triple H w/ Ric Flair

Winner: SCSA after 3 Stunners to HHH and Flair then the 123

lol theres my No Way Out!

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OH, and I would try to make more promos instead of just promos all the time. I know its a PPV but there are normally 1 or 2 promos, sometimes more


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Heres my Smackdown! (theres no Roster split)

'HBK's Music Hits''

HBK Runs down to the ring and asks for a mic

HBK: You Know..l was talking to Vince on the phone..and he said l have to anounce the New Smackdown GM..and that person..is..

Fans Chant we want Steph as our GM!

HBK:..OH SHUT UP!, Our new Smackdown! GM is..HBK SHAWN MICHAELS!

JR: Oh My God!

King: Woohoo!

HBK: and l have our first match it will be! Rey Jr v Matt Hardy for the Crusierweight Title

Crusierweight Title Match

Matt Hardy v Rey Mysterio
Winner: Matt Hardy after a Spine Buster

Hardcore title Match

Test and Jeff Hardy v The Undertaker

The match took place outside and Undertaker appears and Locks Test in the trunk then Undertaker takes Jeff in a Shopping Center and Undertaker throws Jeff into a Toy Store then hits Jeff with a Toy Car and then Undertaker gets the Kane Action Figure and hits Jeff with it then Undertaker Tosses Jeff Through glass then cover him 123

Winner: Undertaker

Womans Title match

Victoria v Jazz v Molly Holly v Trish Stratus

Winner: Molly Holly after a Molly go Round to Victoria for the 1 2 3

Backstage it has The Dudley Boyz pissed off about their tag title shots

Bubba: I hate that Ref l hate him! he didn't DQ Test and Kane! grrr! l just wanna kick their ass

D-Von wait a sec..since Test didn't do anything in his Hardcore title match..lets ask for a Rematch at Wrestlemania!

Bubba: Sure Brotha!

Dudley Boyz are walking through the hallway then Jeff And Matt attack them and Matt twist of Faites Bubba and Jeff Reverse Twist of Faites D-Von

Jeff: Quick Lets go ask Shawn for a Tag team Title shot!

Hardys Run down the hallway to HBK

Matt: Shawn! can we have a Title shot against Test and kane at Wrestlemania..

Shawn: l'm sorry but we already have a match fr the Tag Title at Wrestlemania..with you in it! it will be Hardy Boyz v Test and Kane v Dudley Boyz v Christian and Chris Jericho v Los Guerreros in a TLC Match!

Fans Cheer as scene ends

Chavo Guerrero v John Cena

Winner: John Cena after a Chair shot while the Ref wasn't lookig

SCSA v Goldberg Loser gets a SCM!

Winner: Stone Cold after a stunner and then HBK gives him a SCM

Main Event: Brock Lesnar v HHH

Winner: HHH after a sledge hammer shot

eh so theirs my Smackdown!

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i think you need more detail, maybe tell us how they won there match or something like write the ending of there match instead of just saying Winner: HHH after a sledge hammer shot
heres an example of what i mean:
Paul Heyman runs down and climbs up onto the rope. The ref notices Heyman and trys to get him to go back up the ramp, meanwhile HHH slides out of the ring and looks under it, he pulls out a sledgehammer.Back in the ring, Brock Lesnar looks at Paul Heyman then walks over towards him. Paul Heyman jumps down off the ring . Brock Lesnar then pays his attention to HHH. Heyman notices that HHH has the sledgehammer and he distracts the ref again, HHH nails Brock Lesnar in the head with the sledgehammer then slides it outside of the ring. Paul Heyman then walks back up the rmap smiling. HHH makes the cover and the ref starts the count.

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Raw promo goes then Fireworks explode and Fans Cheer

JR: Welcome to RAW with your host Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler! live from New York City!

Shanes Music Hits and he walks down the ramp into the ring

Shane: People people..l have signed a NEW Raw Superstar and he is from the EWF..now Tonight! we will have a NEW Title on RAW called..The United States Title! and that title will be between the EWF Superstar and one of the WWE's Superstars so onto our first match!

First Match: Lance Storm v The European Champion Christian
Winner: Lance Storm after a Superkick then the Makebelef and Christian Taps out

Catch The Midget Match: Jeff Hardy v RVD
Winner: Jeff Hardy after he Reverse Twist Of Faited Rey Jr (The Midget) on The TV Title and covered him for the 123

United States Title Match: Green Frazer (find his moves in the EWF roster) v Rhyno
Winner: Green Frazer after The Unpreiter Poition and Green Frazer runs up the Turn Buckle (like the Dudley Dog) and hits the Frazer Press Drop (Then his the Unpretier)

Fourth Match: Victoria v Molly Holly

Winner: Molly Holly after a Fishermen Suplex

Fifth Match: Dudleys v William Regal and Lance Storm

Winners: William Regal and Lance Storm after a Brass Knuckle Shot

Shanes Music Hits

Shane: Regal..l have to say congratulations on winning your match with the brass knucks shot..and l have 2 words for you!

Fans Cheer as William and Shane leave

Main Event: Stone Cold v Brock Lesnar

Winner: SCSA after a Stunner

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HBKs music hits

HBK: well well well..all you fans wanna see a Hardcore title Match..at Wrestlemania..well you got one!

Fans Cheer

HBK: and its a new match it will be a match called..The Hardcore Party Match l will explain Next Thursday..but all l gotta say is..there will be Barbe Wire, Steal and Weapons and it will be The Undertaker v Rhyno!

1st Match: Undertaker v Test

Winner: Undertaker after a Chokeslam

2nd Match Number 1 Contenders match for Womans title:
Nidia v Trish Stratus

Winner: Trish After a Bulldog

3rd Match: Jeff Hardy v Chavo Guerrero

Winner: Jeff Hardy after a Reverse Twist of Faite and then he nails the TV to CHavos face withoit the ref looking

4th Match Number 1 Contender for IC Title: HBK v Steven Richards

Winner: HBK after a SCM!

5th match Number one Contender for Euro Title: Nash v Lance Storm

Winner: Nash after a Jack Knife Powerbomb

Main Event and Number one Conetnder for Heavyweight title: HHH v Cactus Jack

Winner: Cactus Jack after a Choke

Shanes Music Hits

Shane: l have anounced this match at Wrestlemania will be a Hell in a Cell Match!

Fans Cheer as Smackdown Ends

hehehe so whatcha think

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Thanks F-5..anyway heres my RAW

Shanes Music Hits

Shane: l know all of you..are wondering what the hell is a Hardcore Party Match..well l'm gonna tell you right now!

Fans Cheer

Shane: Well are Hardcore Party is a match with..the ropes as Barbe Wire..and the ring is made from steel! and their will be..a steel Platform and Rhyno and Undertaker..have to find a way to get on the playform to reach the Hardcore Title..but the clue is..ladders..and the weaponds will bein the ring..and by the way..in the corner of the Ring their will be..Tables, Ladders, Trash Cans, Trash Can Lids, Kendo Sticks..you name it!

Shanes Music hits and he leaves

Fans Cheer and Scream

JR: Oh my god..Wrestlemania is gona be a hell of a night with that Hardcore Party Match!

King: We also get to see PUPPIES!

1st match (Street Fight): Victoria v Jazz w/Tommy Dreamer

Winner: Jazz after Tommy Dreamer comes in and trys to hit Victoria but she ducks and hits Jazz then Trish Runs down and Bulldogs Victoria and then Jazz pins her

After match: Jazz punches Trish then puts her in the chicken wing finally Molly runs down with her Womans title and nails Jazz, Tommy Dreamer then Victoria in the Face

Suddenly a promo comes up and says It won't be Trish v Molly for Womans title it will be..then another promo comes up and it reads: Molly and Trish v Jazz and Victoria w/Tommy Dreamer for the first ever Womans Tag Team Titles

2nd Match: Jeff Hardy and Test v The Undertaker

Winner: Jeff Hardy and Test after Test, Test Drives Undertaker then Jeff hits Undertaker with the Swanton then gets the cover

After match: Rhyno runs down and Gores Undertaker and pins him for the hardcore title 123 DING DING DING

Winner and New Hardcore Champion: Rhyno

JR: l guess Rhyno wants the Hardcore title now!

King: yeah Me too!

3rd match: Kane v Eddie Gurerrero

Winner: Kane after a Tombstone

4th Match: HBK v Matt Hardy w/ Jeff Hardy

Winner: HBK via DQ after he SCM's Matt and Jeff runs in and hits him with the TV title

5th match: Lance Storm v Green Frazer

Winner: Green Frazer after Lance Storm locked him into his makebeleif then Green Frazer reverses it into a Frazerlock

Main Event: SCSA v Cactus Jack v HHH

Winner: SCSA after a Stunner to CJ

Theres my RAW :D hope you enjoyed it!

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What what that????
Do u think that was a good show,I don`t!!
-Promos are BAD BAD BAD!!
-No details on mathes!
-Main event is not good.
-You didn`t put any effor in this show,you didn`t try to make show interesting.
-The lengh of show is to small.
-Next time use space between the mathes and promos and staff like that.

Grade E

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Sorry l didn't have time to do Smackdown to heres RAW

1st Match: Christian v Matt Hardy
Winner: Matt Hardy after a Twist of faite and a cover

Shanes Music hits and Shanes on the ramp with a mic

Shane: ok this is a message..to Kane and Test..l want to wish you good luck in your TLC match by the way..our main event..will be a cage match!

Fans Cheer

Shane: and it will be..HHH v The Rock v Cactus Jack v SCSA v Chris Jericho!

Fans Cheer

2nd Match: Victoria v Trish Stratus w/ Hardy Boyz
Winner: Trish by DQ after Jazz running down to the ring and smacking Trish in the head with a trash can lid then she runs away before Hardyz can get their hands on her

3rd Match: HBK v Rhyno
Winner: Hbk after a SCM to the face of Rhyno then Undertaker runs in and pins him and he becomes new hardcore CHampion then HBK Flying elbow drops Rhyno and gets the cover

Victoria is in the back with Jazz

Victoria: Jazz..l don't care about Trish and Molly..all l care about is the Womans Tag Team CHampionship which will be rightfully owned..by me!

Jazz: Thats Right Baby!

Victoria: Molly, Trish can ready for Wrestlemania because..the Bitches..are pissed!

4th match: Chris Beniot v Kurt Angle in a Submission Match
Winner: Kurt Angle after a Ankle Lock

5th match: Nash v Billy
Winner: Nash after a Jackpoint powerbomb

Main Event: Cage Match HHH v Cactus Jack v The Rock v Chris Jericho v SCSA
Winner: The Rock after Everyone was knocked out and he Rock Bottomed Chris Jericho off the Cage into the ring while everyone was down and then he climbed over the Cage to win

:D So Theirs my RAW

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HBK Shawn Michaels is walking around in his office until Torrie Wilson Walks in

Torrie: Shawn..l know you Smackdown GM l was wondering if..well l can have a womans title shot tonight against Molly Holly!

HBK: Well Uhhh..l don't thi..

Torrie: PLEASEEE!!
Then Stacy Walks in

Stacy: UH! why does she get a title shot tonight how about we make this match a over the top rope battle royal with ALL the woman in the WWE in this match tonight!

HBK: Fine please get out of my office tho!

JR: There has been a match Anounced tonight it will be all the Woman superstars from RAW and Smackdown will go one on one!

King: Wait Wait WAIT! l also heard all the superstars will be in a Bra and G-String! wait we see Mollys ASS! how embarresing for her is that!

1st Match: John Cena v The Undertaker
Good match John Cena went for a Suplex but Undertaker Reversed it into a Dragon Sleeper and he Submits
Winner: Undertaker

2nd Match: Goldust v Rico
ANother good match Rico started the match with a roll up and gets the 2 count suddenly Goldust get some shots to the head by Rico then gets a Spinning Heel Kick to the face and rico then gets another 2 count finally Goldust hits Rico with the lowblow and gets him in the craddle pulling the tights for the 1..2..3
Winner: Goldust
HBK Runs out and SCMs Rico in the face..then Shane Mcmahan comes out and gives some shots to Goldust and then gives some shots the HBK!!!then HBK trys to Sweet Chin Music Shane but he misses and then his BodyGuard..Sting comes out then hits HBK with a Scorpion Deathdrop on his head then he Nails Goldust in the Face with the IC title Then they leave

3rd Match: Brock Lesnar v Scott Steiner
Match starts off with Steiner giving Brock a Belly to back suplex but Brock Reverses it into his own Belly to Back suplex and then Steiner gets up and hits him with a clothesline then Throws Brock to the ropes and was gonna Powerslam Brock but Brock Grabs him and tosses him over the ropes to the floor then Sable runs down to the ring and distracts the ref while Scott Steiner gets a Chair and smacks Brock with it then nails him in the stomach then he throws him in the ring...Victoria then runs down and smacks Sable off Ringside and throws her into the Steal Steps and then Victoria runs in and hits a Widows Peak on Steiner while the ref is checking on Sable suddenly Victoria rolls out and hits Sable with a Widows Peak on the ramp and she is unconcious and then Brock runs in the ring and then he gets Steiner in the F-5 Position then Steiner gets off his shoulders and grabs Brocks legs and then Steiner gets on top of him for the Steiner Recliner!!!but Brock Dosen't tap instead Brock gets up and hits Steiner with a Jaw Breaker and he throws Steiner to the turnbuckle and Brock picks him up and Brocks on the TOP! Turnbuckle and he F-5's Steiner and Pins him but Kane runs down and Chokelsams them Both and then the ref calls the bell.
No Contest

JR: Up Next is the Womans Title Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
King: With Puppies!
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