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My Raw Card For 12/9

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Tag Team Championship
Goldust & Booker T vs Chris Jericho & Christian(c)

Handicap Match
Kane & Hurricane vs Batista

Six-Man Tag Team
Dudley Boyz(Bubba, D-Von, Spike) vs 3 Minute Warning & Rico

Womens Championship
Jacqueline vs Vitoria(c)

Steven Richards vs Test w/ Stacy Keibler

Tommy Dreamer vs Lance Storm w/ William Regal

World Heavyweight Championship
HHH vs Shawn Michaels(c)

1.Chris Jericho & Christian
2.Batista(interference from Ric Flair
3.Dudley Boyz(Bubba, D-Von, Spike)
6.Lance Storm(interference from Regal)
7.Shawn Michaels
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i would rather see...

World Tag Titles
Jericho & Christian vs. 3 Minute Warning
(so the dudleys can interfere for the beat down they got last week only to get beat down again making Booker T & Goldust come out to make the save and this would set up a...
Fatal Four-Way for the Tag Titles at Armageddon)

That Hadicap match wouldn't be good either instead they should have a tag match like guitarplayer said with
Kane & Hurricane vs. Batista & Flair
(this would definetly set up the match between Kane vs. Batista at Armageddon)
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