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My Raw and Smackdown Thread

I have been decided to write a raw and smackdown thread instead of the GWF. I would rather work with the proper Rosters than make up Rosters so im sorry about GWF.

My Raw and Smackdown Rosters are the same but the PPV’s are slightly different. There will be some all Raw PPV’s and some all Smackdown.


Royal Rumble : Both Shows
No Way Out : Smackdown
Wrestlemania : Both Shows
Backlash : Raw
Judgement Day : Smackdown
Bad Blood : Raw
Vengeance : Smackdown
Summerslam : Both Shows
Unforgiven : Raw
No Mercy : Smackdown
Survivor Series : Both Shows
Armageddon : Raw

My Show starts 4 weeks before Judgement Day so there will be 4 weeks till the Smackdown PPV and eight till the first Raw one

Raw Titles
Raw World Champion: Triple H
Intercontinental Champion : Vacant (belt to be decided in the tournament)
Raw Tag Team Champions : Kane & Rob Van Dam
Womens Champion : Jazz

Smackdown Titles
Smackdown WWE Champion : Brock Lesnar
Cruiserweight Champion : Matt Hardy V.1
Smackdown Tag Team Champions : Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Raw Stables
Test and Scott Steiner
Kane and RVD
Dudley Boyz
Theodore Long & Rodney Mack & Jazz
Morley & Storm
Rosey & Jamal
Batista & Orton
Richards and Victoria

Smackdown Stables
Team Angle : Kurt Angle , Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
Los Guerreros : Eddie & Chavo
Big Show & A-Train
Version 1 : Matt Hardy , Shannon Moore,Crash
Roddy Piper & Shaun O’Haire
Full Blooded Italians : Nunzio,Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo
Benoit & Rhyno


Pyro goes off and the music for Raw plays

JR : Welcome to WWE Raw what a night we have planned for you
King : Yeah your right and I can’t wait
JR : Last week on Raw our Co-GM Stone Cold Steve Austin brang back not only me but the Intercontinental Title
King : Yeah that was big JR

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits and out comes the Co-General Manager of RAW

Stone Cold : Last week on Raw Stone Cold Steve Austin brang back JR

Crowd cheer

Stone Cold : I brang back Lita

Crowd Cheer

Stone Cold : And the Dudleyz

Crowd cheer

Stone Cold : And of course the Intercontinental title

Crowd erupts

Stone Cold : And as of tonight the tournament starts the tournament starts this week on Raw. I will announce the participants in the tournament. They are

Im Back hits and out comes the other co-gm Eric Bischoff

Bischoff : You know Austin you are not the GM you are the Co-Gm so that means we have to agree so instead of you picking the participants in the tournament we will name 4 each.

Austin : Fine you first

Bischoff : Ok I pick Jericho,Christian,Jeff Hardy and Lance Storm

Austin : I pick RVD , Kane , Hurricane and Goldust

Bischoff : Oh please there is now way any of them can win the belt

Austin : We’ll see. Also tonights main-event will be for the Raw World Championship Triple H will take on Shawn Michaels. And Three Minute Warning will take on Test and Scott Steiner. And that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so.
Austin Stunners Bischoff for Good measure and leaves.

JR : Well the tournament starts tonight then
King : Yeah JR it’ll be good
JR : First match tonight will be Lance Storm against Hurricane

Intercontinental Title Tournament Quarter Final
Lance Storm V Hurricane
Lance Storm comes out to heat from the crowd while Hurricane gets a good response. Hurricane and Storm lock up Storm backing Hurricane into the corner. Storm kicks away at the hurricane then chokes him with his foot but the ref tells him to break. Storm picks up Hurricane and tries a back suplex but Hurricane gets over the back and starts with Right hands on Storm and whips storm into the rope but storm reverses and hurricane goes into the ropes but comes back with a huge clothesline. Hurricane poses for the crowd and gets the cape and goes up top. Hurricane tries a top rope clothesline but gets a shot in the gut from storm. Storm picks up Hurricane and suplexes him and covers 1-2-kickout by Hurricane. Storm picks up Hurricane and back suplexes him. Storm mocks the Hurricane and gets the cape then goes up top. Hurricane gets up and shakes the rope causing storm to fall. Hurricane goes up top with Storm and nails a hurricanrana. Hurricane covers Storm 1-2-kickout by Storm. Hurricane calls for the Hurri-slam but Storm kicks him. Storm tries a superkick bu misses. Hurricane goes off the ropes and storm rolls hurricane into the mapleleaf hurricane screams in pain. The crowd start chearing hurricane on willing him to get to the rope. Hurricane fights and gets to the rope. Storm breaks the hold but can’t believe it. Hurricane sneaks up behind storm and rolls him up 1-2-kickout by Storm. Hurricane tries to clothesline storm but misses and storm hits a german suplex. Storm goes up top and hits a missile dropkick on Hurricane and covers 1-2-kickout. Storm tries a superkick on Hurricane but misses. Hurricane tries the Hurri-Slam but Storm picks up Hurricane but he gets over the back and nails the Eye of The Hurricane and covers 1-2-3.
Winner : and advancing to the next round the Hurricane

JR : Well Hurricane advances in the tournament
King : Yep the superhero pulled it out
JR : At the expense of lance storm
King : Bet Bischoff will be mad

Triple H is shown pacing about the lockeroom with Batista and Orton all sitting down.

Triple H : That damn Austin why do I have to put my title on the line tonight without any notice

Flair walks in

Triple H : Well did it work
Flair : Yes
Triple H : Good (calms down) we’ll teach HBK a lesson.
Flair : Yeah that’s right
Triple H : I will show HBK that im the best in the business and I won’t lose this belt cause I am that damn good.

Chris Jericho walks into the lockeroom and asks to speak with Batista

JR : well confident Triple H now I wonder what did they mean by its worked whats worked
King : JR he is the game he always has a plan
JR : And in tonights main-event it will be the Serebral Assassin Triple H against the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels.
King : Yeah
JR : Up next will be Chris Jericho’s Hi-Lite Reel

Chris Jericho’s Hi-Lite Reel
The countdown finishes and out comes Chris Jericho to the ringn.

Jericho : Welcome to my Hi-Lite Reel. As you know tonight in the IC Title tournament I face Kane. Speaking of Kane he is my special guest tonight please welcome the big red burned fried freak Kane.

Kane’s music plays and outcomes a man not Kane who is wearing a Kane mask and a wig.

Jericho : So Kane you burned freak tonight you have the biggest match of your career against the Highlight of the night the King of the World Chris Jericho. What are your thoughts

Fake Kane : I will lose (with one of those voice things.

Fans boo lowdly

Kane’s music comes on and fans start cheering again and Kane comes to the ring and goes over to Jericho but the fake kane shoves Kane and Kane starts giving the fake kane right hands. Jericho sneaks up from behind with a chair and hits Kane with it. The fake Kane takes of the wig and the mask and the suit. The fake Kane was Batista. They stand smiling over Kane

Austins music hits and out comes the Co-GM well Jericho and Batista you both think that you got away with this. Jericho you still gotta face Kane tonight you can't get out of your match and Batista you will take on a mystery opponent next week. And that’s the bottom line cos Stone Cold said so.

JR : Its Batista against a mystery opponent next week on Raw
King : That will be a good one.
JR : Up next will be Jeff Hardy V Goldust

Intercontinental Title Tournament Quarter Final 2
Jeff Hardy V Goldust
Jeff Hardy comes out to a bad crowd reaction while Goldust gets a good reaction. Jeff Hardy attacks Goldust immediately as he gets in the ring. Jeff hammers away with Right hands in the corner. Jeff whips Goldust into the ropes but Goldust reverses and backdrops Jeff. Goldust clotheslines Jeff then clotheslines him again. Goldust goes for a knee drop and hits it then covers 1-2-kickout. Goldust’s arm starts playing up on him from his electrocution. Jeff gets up and kicks Goldust and DDT’s him then goes up top for a swanton bomb but Goldust moves and Jeff gets the canvas. Goldust picks up Jeff and slams him. Goldusts stomps Jeff and elbow drops him. Goldust covers 1-2-kickout by Jeff. Goldust picks up Jeff and tries to put him in the corner but Jeff low blows Goldust. Jeff tries a twist of fate but Goldust counters and shoves Jeff into the turnbuckle and rolls him up 1-2-kickout. Goldust picks up Jeff and nails a back suplex then covers 1-2-kickout. Goldust tries the Curtain Call and Jeff counters and hits a twist of fate and covers 1-2-kickout. Jeff can’t believe it and is furious at the ref. Jeff goes up top and hits a 450 splash and covers 1-2-kickout. Jeff backs the ref into a corner not able to believe that Goldust kicked out. Jeff turns around and walks into the curtain call 1-2-kickout by Jeff. Goldust picks up Jeff and places him in the turnbuckle for the Shattered Dreams. Goldusts arm starts playing up on him and Jeff gets out of the corner and hits a twist of fate. Jeff Hardy goes up top and nails the Swanton Bomb and covers 1-2-3.
Winner : and advancing in the tournament Jeff Hardy

JR : Jeff Hardy advances but only just Goldusts electrocution costing him
King ; Well that’s a problem he’ll have to live with JR
JR : Damn shame though
King : Your right about that
JR : Up next Rosey and Jamal take on Test and Scott Steiner but first coach has RVD

Coach : RVD tonight you take on Christian in a tournament match what are your thoughts
RVD : Well coach its pretty simple you know tonight I beat Christian in a tournament match in a couple of weeks I’ll be intercontinental Champion its really that’s it coach infact do you know coach I’ll be a double champion all respects to Christian but he is no ROB VAN DAM!!!!!

Interview Ended

JR : Rvd pretty confident that he’ll advance then
King : He can’t look by Christian
JR : No Doubt

Eric Bischoff is on the phone he hangs up then there is a knock on the door

Eric : Come in

Sean Morley walks in

Eric : What the hell are you doing here your fired
Morley : Please Mr Bischoff I’ll do anything for you let me have one more chance
Eric : Anything
Morley : Yes
Eric : I’ll get back to you now leave
JR : Damn I hope he dosen’t get his job back
King: Me Too

Third Match : Rosey & Jamal V Test & Scott Steiner (with Stacy)
Rosey and Jamal come out to bad reactions while Test and Scott Steiner get ok reactions. Test and Rosey start. Test hammers away with right hands on Rosey in the corner but rosey gets a couple of shots in on the gut. Rosey kicks away at Tset in the corner and Chokes him with his boot 1-2-3-4-Rosey breaks the Hold. Rosey whips test into the ropes Test reverses and hits a clothesline dosen’t knock him off his feet. Test runs off the ropes and nails another clothesline knocking down Rosey then covers 1-2-kickout. Test tags Steiner. Steiner comes in and Belly to Belly suplexes Rosey and covers 1-2-kickout by Rosey. Steiner tags Test and Rosey tags Jamal. Test runs at Jamal goes for a clothesline Jamal ducks and kicks Test. Jamal headbutts test and taunts the crowd. Jamal goes over and smacks Scott Steiner. Steiner tries to get in the ring but the ref is stopping him and Jamal and Rosey make a quick exchange. Rosey elbow drops Test and covers him 1-2-kickout. Rosey picks up Test and whips him into the ropes then powerslams him and covers 1-2-kickout. Rosey picks up test aand tries a sidewalk slam but Test counters and hits a pumphandle slam and covers 1-2-kickout by Rosey. Test sets Rosey up for the big boot but Rosey ducks and hits a sidewalk slam. Rosey tags Jamal and Jamal comes in and goes up to the middle rope and hits the moonsault. Jamal covers 1-2-kickout by Test. The crowd start cheering Test on. Jamal tags Rosey. Rosey tries the samoan drop but test counters and nails a big boot. Test crawls over and gets the cover 1-2-kickout. Test can’t believe it. Test tags Steiner who comes in and starts cleaning house. Steiner clotheslines Jamal then Clotheslines Rosey. Steiner T-bone suplexes Jamal and Test tags the back of Steiner. Steiner looks mad with Test and goes out of the ring to to fight Jamal he rams Jamal into the steps. Stacy gets up on the apron to distract rosey. Test tries a Big Boot and Rosey ducks and he gets stacy. Steiner catches Stacy who falls off the apron. Test starts yelling at Steiner to put her down but turns around and gets a samoan drop 1-2-3. Steiner walks off to the back carrying Stacy.
Winners : Rosey & Jamal

JR : Well there is heat between Test and Steiner.
King : Well no wonder what would you do if somebody gets touchy with your girlfriend JR
JR : Steiner wasn’t getting touchy he caught stacy after test accidentally big booted her.
King : Yeah right
JR : Up next will be Rob Van Dam against Christian

Intercontinental Title Tournament Quarter Final 3
Christian V Rob Van Dam

Christian comes out to heat from the fans while RVD gets a huge crowd Response. Fans chant RVD before the bell rings. Bell rings and RVD and Christian walk up to each other and get in each others face. Christian slaps RVD and RVD responds by kicking Christian straight in the face. RVD takes Christian into the corner and starts giving him a few right hands then a spin wheel kick to the gut. RVD whips Christian into the other corner then runs at Christian. Christian gets his feet up and kicks RVD in the face. Christian picks up RVD and sits him on the turnbuckle. Christian taunts RVD then goes up top with RVD and tries to superplex him of it but RVD fights back and shoves Christian of the turnbuckle onto the ropes then falls outside the ring. RVD waits on the top turnbuckle and comes off with a crossbody from the ring to the outside on the floor. The ref starts the count as both men struggle up 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-RVD breaks the count. RVD picks up Christian who hits a low blow. Christian whips RVD into the steel stairs. Christian taunts the crowd. Christian then picks up RVD and tries to whip him into the barricade but RVD reverses and Christian hits the barricade. RVD runs at Christian and Christian backdrops RVD into the crowd. Christian pulls RVD up and suplexes him back over the barricade. Christian taunts the crowd again the puts RVD back in the ring. Christian pulls RVD back up and tries an unprettier and RVD counters and hits a spin wheel kick to the face of Christian. RVD goes up top and hits a split-legged moonsault and covers 1-2-kickout. RVD goes up top again and waits on Christian to get up RVD nails a kick to the face. RVD covers Christian 1-2-kickout. RVD picks up Christian who hits another low blow then the reverse DDT and the cover 1-2-kickout by RVD. Christian mocks RVD and goes up top Christian does the Rob Van Dam taunt then tries a frog splash but RVD moves and Christian hits the canvas. RVD calls for the 5-star frog splash and goes up top and nails it for the 1-2-3.
Winner : and advancing in the tournament Rob Van Dam

JR : RVD advances in a brilliant match
King : To say the least
JR : Yep just one more Quarter Final left now Y2J Chris Jericho against Kane
King : This will be good

Intercontinental Title Tournament Quarter Final 4
Chris Jericho V Kane

The Ayatollah, The Highlight of the night, The King of the World Chris Jericho comes out to a bad crowd response while Kane gets a huge pop. Before match starts Batista approaches ringside. Kane is distracted by Batista while Jericho attacks Kane from behind. Jericho kicks away at Kane then starts the knife-edge chops. Jericho gets Kane down in the corner and chokes him with his foot. Jericho taunts the crowd. The crowd start booing very lowdly. Jericho picks Kane back up and knife-edge chops him again no effect. Jericho looks stunned Kane uppercuts Jericho who falls half-way across the room. Kane puts Jericho into the corner and starts hammering away with lefts and rights to the gut then an uppercut knocking Jericho down. Kane then kicks away at Jericho followed by a foot choke 1-2-3-4-Kane breaks the hold. Batista took of the turnbuckle pad when the ref was dealing with Kane. Kane punches Batista who was on the apron. Jericho sneaks up and rams Kane into the steel bolt at the turnbuckle then rolls him up 1-2-kickout by Kane Jericho can’t believe it. Jericho cockily kicks Kane in the gut and posing for the crowd much to their displeasure. Jericho goes up top and jumps off but Kane nails him in the gut and Kane goes up top. Kane comes off the top rope and nails a clothesline and covers 1-2-kickout by Jericho. Kane picks up Jericho and tries a powerbomb but Jericho grabs the mask counters. Jericho once again hits Kane off the bolt and rolls him up with his feet on the ropes 1-2-kickout. Jericho can’t believe it and goes for the lionsault but Kane moves Jericho lands on his feet. Kane gets up Jericho runs at Kane but Kane grabs him and gives him the chokeslam and covers 1-2-Batista puts Jericho’s foot on the rope. Kane sticks his head through the middle rope to try and grab Batista. Jericho low blows Kane and rolls him up with the tights pulled 1-2-3.
Winner : and advancing in the tournament Chris Jericho

Kane grabs Jericho but Batista comes from behind with a steel chair and hits Kane repeatedly Goldberg runs down to the ring and makes the save Jericho and Batista get away. Stone Cold’s music plays and the CO-GM comes out.

Austin : You think you two got away with it well you didn’t Batista next week on Raw you will face Goldberg in a No DQ match

Austin’s music plays and he leaves

JR : Wow Goldberg V Batista No DQ next week on Raw
King : That will be good
JR : That’ll be a slobberknocker up next will be for the Raw World Championship The serebral assassin Triple H against Shawn Michaels

Highlights From Backlash are shown

Raw World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H (c) (with Ric Flair) V Shawn Michaels

Triple H and Ric Flair come out to major heat from the crowd while Shawn Michaels gets a major response from the crowd. Triple H walks around the ring before entering. The Game smiles at Shawn Michaels before they lock up. They lock up and neither man budges trying Triple H kicks Michaels then forces him into the corner. Triple H starts with knees to the gut of Michaels. The ref then tells Triple H to get out of the corner but is ignored. Triple H starts delivering right hands to the head of Michaels. Triple H taunts the crowd and laughs at Michaels who is struggling in the corner. Michaels puts Triple H in the corner and starts giving him quick right hands. Michaels whips Triple H into the ropes and clotheslines the game then again and goes to hits a third one but Triple H pulls himself out of the ring. Triple H walks around the ring and slowly gets back in at the count of eight. Michaels immediately runs for Triple H and Triple H ducks and gets Michaels into a sleeper hold. Michaels stays up but slowly goes down then starts fading away. The crowd start chanting HBK trying to revive him the ref raises Michaels hand and it drops 1. It drops again 2. The ref raises it for a third time and it stays up. Michaels fights back up to his feet and gets out of the sleeper with a back suplex. Both men are down so the ref starts the count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-both men get back up Triple H goes over to punch Michaels blocked Michaels starts giving Triple H right hands and whips the game into the rope and Michaels backdropped Triple H. Michaels sets Triple H for some Sweet Chin Music but Flair runs at Michaels with the World Title Michaels ducks and nails Sweet Chin Music on Ric Flair. Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring and gets a steel chair. Michaels nails Sweet Chin Music on Triple H. Jeff gets in the ring and Michaels dosen’t see him Jeff nails Michaels causing DQ.
Winner : Shawn Michaels by DQ

Jeff shakes hands with the game and they beat down on Michaels

JR : Jeff Hardy is the newest member of the Evoulotion

Show Ends

Please send some feedback

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Promos quite good, i quite like how the storylines are going along.

Matches were great i dont care about long or short matches because i quite like short ones much more entertaining to me :)

Nice show Grade B+ very good dude

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Pyro goes off and the Smackdown theme plays

Cole : Welcome to WWE Smackdown
Tazz : What a night we have coming up
Cole : Fatal 4 way Elimanation match for the Number One Contendership the winner gets a shot at WWE Champion Brock Lesnar
Tazz : Eddie Guerrero against John Cena against Chris Benoit against Big Show
Cole : What a match that’ll be
Tazz : Yeah that’s right
Cole : Also tonight Billy kidman takes on Jamie Noble the winner getting a shot at the cruiserweight title next week on Smackdown
Tazz : That’ll be interesting
Cole : up first Charlie Haas takes on Chavo Guerrero.

Match One Stipulation : If Haas wins then The Guerreros will be forced to hand back the medals
Charlie Haas (with Shelton Benjamin) V Chavo Guerrero (with Eddie Guerrero)
Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin come out to bad reactions from the fans while Chavo and Eddie Guerrero come out to Good reactions with then both wearing medals. Haas and Chavo lock up Chavo shoving Haas into the corner. The ref tells them to break when chavo does he is raked in the eyes. Haas snap suplexes Chavo then gets up and taunts the crowd. Charlie Haas starts stomping away at Chavo. Haas picks up Chavo and hits the 3 handled credenza and covers 1-2-kickout by Chavo. Haas picks up Chavo and sits him on the turnbuckle. Haas goes up but Chavo delivers right hands and then Chavo missile dropkicks Haas and covers 1-2-kickout. Chavo mounts Haas and punches him in the forehead repeatedly. Chavo snap elbow drops him three times. Chavo picks up Haas and tries his Brainbuster DDT but haas gets over the back and rolls up Chavo 1-2-kickout by Chavo. Haas clotheslines Chavo then taunts him shouting get up. Haas goes over to the turnbuckle and takes off the padding. Charlie Haas tries to ram Chavo into it but he blocks it and back elbows Haas. Chavo goes up top and waits for Haas to turn around. Chavo then hits a tornado DDT and covers 1-2-Shelton Benjamin puts Haas foot on the rope. Chavo is furious at Shelton and sticks his head through the middle rope trying but from behind Haas with a low blow then a vicious German Suplex causing Chavo to land on his head. Haas covers 1-2-near fall Chavo raises the shoulder. Haas can’t believe it and tries to apply the Haas of Pain but Chavo reverses the move into a small package 1-2-kickout by Haas. Chavo kicks Haas and hits the Brain-Buster DDT and covers 1-2-kickout. Chavo looks stunned and argues with the ref. From behind Haas hits Chavo off the steel bolt and rolls him up and grabs the tights 1-2-3. Eddie chases Haas out of the ring but Team Angle leave with the medals.
Winner : Charlie Haas

Cole : Well Team Angle take back the medals
Tazz : Yeah cole they were angles anyway they should have been forced to give them back regardless of the result
Cole : Up next will be Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore taking on Tajiri and Smackdown’s number one announcer Funaki.

Match Two : Tag Match
Matt Hardy V.1 & Shannon Moore (with crash) V Tajiri & Funaki
Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore come out to their usual heat from the crowd. Tajiri and Funaki come out to decent receptions. Shannon and Tajiri start the match. Shannon and Tajiri lock up tajiri hitting an armdrag then a dropkick. Tajiri tries a kick but Shannon ducks it and staggers back into the corner. Matt gives Shannon some advice. Shannon nods his head and smiles. Shannon and Tajiri lock up but Shannon kicks Tajiri and starts delivering quick right hands forcing Tajiri into the corner. Shannon sits Tajiri onto the top turnbuckle and goes up and hurricanranas Tajiri and covers 1-2-kickout by Tajiri. Shannon goes over to the corner and tags Matt. Matt comes in and smiles at Tajiri. Matt tries to clothesline tajiri who rolls out of the way. Tajiri gets a tag to Funaki who comes in and dropkicks Matt then dropkicks him again. Funaki hits a neckbreaker on Matt then knocks Shannon of the apron then baseball slide dropkicks Crash. Funaki goes up top and comes off with a hurricanrana on Matt and covers 1-2-kickout by Matt. Shannon stomps funaki then runs out of the ring as Funaki chases him. Funaki turns around and runs straight into the Side Effect from Matt then the cover 1-2-kickout. Matt gets up and starts to stomp away at Funaki. Matt tags Shannon and gives him some more instructions before he attacks Funaki. Shannon goes over to Funaki and hits an leg drop on Funaki then covers 1-2-kickout by Funaki. The crowd start willing Funaki to get the tag to Tajiri. Shannon picks up Funaki tries a suplex but Funaki gets over the back and hits a spin wheel kick. Funaki gets to the corner and Tags Tajiri. Shannon tags Matt. They both come in tajiri cresent kicking Matt then Shannon followed up by a double clothesline. Tajiri superkicks matt out of the ring. Tajiri blows the green mist into the face of Shannon then hits the buzzsaw kick but Shannon is not the legal man. Funaki goes after matt but Matt throws him into the steel stairs. Matt gets in the ring and gets green mist blowed in his face and then Tajiri sets him for the buzzsaw kick but Matt ducks then pops up to hit the Twist of Fate into the cover 1-2-3.
Winners : Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore

Cole : Matt and Shannon get the win there but both walk away with the mist on there face
Tazz : Yeah I hate that mist cause its hard to get off and very, very painful
Cole : Up next the other member of Team Angle Shelton Benjamin takes on Rikishi but first Josh has the Big Show

Josh : Big Show tonight you are in the fatal 4 way elimination match for the right to be number one contender

Big Show : What are my thoughts. My thoughts are I am 7 foot 2 500 pounds. And I am underused around here but tonight I fix that. Benoit,Guerrero,Cena none of them stand a chance against a big angry Giant. Now shut the hell up and get out of the way.

Big show pushes Josh who falls and then walks away.

Interview Ended

Eddie,Chavo and Rikishi are shown in the lockeroom
Chavo : Eddie are you coming
Eddie : Can’t gonna wait back here and prepare for tonights match
Rikishi : No problem we can take care of them
Chavo : Yeah get ready we understand it’s a big match
Eddie : Thanks guys see you later

Match Three
Shelton Benjamin ( with Charlie Haas) V Rikishi (with Chavo)
Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas come out to the You Suck Chants while Rikishi and Chavo get good ovations. Team Angle have the Kurt Angle portrait with them once again with the medals on it. Shelton attacks Rikishi immediately as he gets in the ring. Shelton kicking away at Rikishi in the corner then applying a foot choke 1-2-3-4-Shelton breaks it. Shelton taunts Rikishi then picks him up and tries to punch rikishi who catches his arm. Benjamin tries with the other arm but Rikishi catches that too. Rikishi then Headbutts Shelton who falls half way across the ring. Rikishi clotheslines Shelton then again. Haas jumps up on the apron but is superkicked of by Rikishi. Shelton sneaks up behind Rikishi and hits a low blow. Shelton then German suplexes Rikishi then covers 1-2-kickout. Shelton stomps away at Rikishi then delivers some snap elbow drops to the ribs off Rikishi. Shelton taunts the crowd then picks up Rikishi and suplexes him and covers 1-2-kickout. Shelton then sets Rikishi up for the Shelton kick but Rikishi ducks then hits a superkick of his own then covers 1-2-kickout. Rikishi picks up Shelton and whips him into the ropes but Shelton tries a sunset flip but Rikishi stays on his feet then hits the Banzai Drop cover 1-2-Haas gets up on the apron distracting the ref. Rikishi comes off and goes to Haas but Chavo knocks haas of the apron then throws him into the barricade. Rikishi turns around and gets hit with the Shelton kick and the cover by Shelton 1-2-kickout by Rikishi. Shelton Can’t believe it. Outside the ring Chavo continues to beat on Haas but on the inside Rikishi whips Shelton into the corner then runs at him and does the ass thump. Shelton falls down to the bottom the Rikishi signals for the stinkface and gets it on. Rikishi then waits for Shelton to get up then gives him the Rikishi Driver but no cover. Rikishi drags Shelton to the corner and does the Banzai Drop 1-2-3.
Winner : Rikishi

After the match Chavo runs round and steals the portrait and runs off with it and the medals.

Cole : Well Chavo has the medals again and now the portrait
Tazz : Yeah Cole that’s Kurt Angle’s property not Chavo’s
Cole : Well now Josh has John Cena

Josh : Well John Cena later on tonight you have a chance to become number one contender

Cena : Yeah that’s right Josh

Josh : What are you thinking
Cena : what am I thinking Im thinking about my match with Brock Lesnar at Judgement Day that’s what im thinking about. Now lets cut short the interview I’ve had enough already
Interview ended

Cole : Cena not saying much that’s a change
Tazz : Yeah
Cole : Up next number one contender to the cruiserweight Championship for next week on Smackdown

Match Four : Number One Contender to Cruiserweight title Next Week
Jamie Noble : (with Nidia) V Billy Kidman
Jamie Noble and Nidia come out to pretty crap responses while Billy Kidman gets a brilliant reaction. Noble and Kidman lock up and Kidman backs Noble into the corner but Noble kicks kidman then whips him into the ropes but Kidman hits a crossbody 1-2-kickout by Noble. Noble hits an armbar on kidman then kidman hits an armbar on Noble they both try a dropkick but get each other. Noble and Kidman lock up and Noble kicks kidman then delivers some right hands to the head. Noble lifts Kidman up top and goes up for the superplex but Kidman fights him off and knocks him off the turnbuckle. Kidman comes off the turnbuckle with a missile dropkick and then covers 1-2-kickout. Kidman picks up Noble and tries a powerbomb but noble counters and DDT’s kidman and covers 1-2-kickout. Noble stomps Kidman and shouts “ get up boy.” Noble picks up Kidman and tries a tigerbomb but kidman counters with a back drop which noble reverses into a roll up 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Noble kicks Kidman then hits a butterfly suplex and covers 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Noble goes up top and Kidman jumps up with him and starts delivering right hands on Noble then comes off with a spectacular bulldog and covers 1-2-kickout. Kidman gets up before Noble and goes up top for the Shooting Star Press but Noble trips up Kidman then delivers a huge hanging DDT and covers 1-2-kidman gets his foot on the ropes. Noble can’t believe it and he stomps Kidman and Kidman goes to the outside and Noble follows. Noble runs at Kidman but gets backdropped into the crowd. Kidman jumps up on the barricade and comes off with a clothesline to Noble. Kidman picks up Noble and suplexes him onto the barricade. Noble falls of holding his back. Kidman puts Noble into the ring. Kidman goes up top and waits for Noble to get up Kidman hits a crossbody then Noble rolls it over 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Noble kicks Kidman then hits a Tiger Bomb and covers 1-2-kickout by Kidman. Noble picks up Kidman and tries a powerbomb but Kidman hits the Face Buster then goes up to and comes off with the Shooting Star Press. Kidman then goes into the cover 1-2-Nidia pulls Kidman. Nidia gets in the ring with a steel chair but Kidman dropkicks her back in the face then Kidman goes up top then comes off with the second shooting star press and covers 1-2-3.
Winner : Billy Kidman

Cole : What a match up there then
Tazz : Yeah Kidman faces Matt Hardy next Week that’ll be good
Cole : Yeah backstage Josh has Chris Benoit

Josh : Well Chris tonight in the fatal 4 way elimination match you have a chance to become number one contender what are your thoughts.

Benoit : Well my thoughts are that I have worked my whole life to win this Championship . It means more to me than anything. I have went through a broken neck, a divorce and not being able to see my Kids everyday to win this Championship. Tonight you will see the Crippler do everything I can to win this match. I respect Brock he is the Champion he has already managed to win that belt. I deserve it more than Big Show or Cena. What have they done I respect Eddie Guerrero and he respects me. But in the ring I like nobody, I trust nobody. Tonight I become number one contender. Prove Me Wrong!!!!

Cole : Well Chris Benoit seems confident there
Tazz : Yeah
Cole : Up next folks will be a Handi-cap Match as Brock Lesnar teams with Rhyno to take on the Full Blooded Italians.

Match Five : Handi-cap match
Full Blooded Italians V Brock Lesnar and Rhyno
Nunzio,Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli come out to heat from the crowd while Rhyno gets a huge pop and so does Brock Lesnar. Brock and Chuck start. Brock and Chuck lock up with Brock just throwing Chuck half-way across the ring. Brock clotheslines Chuck then clotheslines him again followed by a huge powerslam then a tag to Rhyno. Rhyno comes in and slams Palumbo down hard on the mat then sets him for the Gore but Chuck moves and he gets the ring pole. Chuck tags Stamboli who comes in and stomps at rhyno who is holding his head badly. Brock comes in and clears the ring knocking all the fbi down to the outside Rhyno is unconscious after hittng his head badly of the pole. Paramedics come down and take Rhyno to the back so now its Brock Lesnar against all FBI members. Brock locks up with Stamboli and backs him easily into the corner. Chuck comes in and attacks him from Behind Chuck and Stamboli kick away at Brock in the corner. Brock fires back with a Double Clothesline then grabs Nunzio and flings him in the ring. Brock clotheslines Stamboli then Chuck then Nunzio. Brock powerslams Stamboli then powerslams Palumbo then Nunzio. Stamboli and Palumbo run at Lesnar who back drops them over the rope. Brock. Lesnar catches Nunzio then delivers the F-5 and covers 1-2-3. Stamboli and Chuck pull Brock outside the ring and start beating on him but Brock fires back with right hands then grabs a steel chair. Brock hits Palumbo with the Chair then hits Stamboli . Brock goes in the ring and hits Nunzio who falls to the outside. Brock picks up Nunzio and gives him the F-5 into the ring pole but turns around and gets a chair shot from A-Train. A-Train turns around and he gets the Gore from Rhyno who returned
Winner : Brock Lesnar

Cole : Well Brock Lesnar winning then dismantling the FBI.
Tazz : Yeah whats up with A-Train
Cole : Wait a minute Tazz word from the back is GM Stephanie McMahon has said that next week on Smackdown Brock Lesnar will defend the title against A-Train
Tazz : That will be good.
Cole : Now up next the Fatal 4 way elimination match between John Cena against Big Show against Chris Benoit against Eddie Guerrero.

Main Event : Fatal 4 Way Elimanation Match Number One Contendership
John Cena V Big Show V Chris Benoit V Eddie Guerrero

John Cena comes out to a bad reception from the crowd. Big Show comes out to huge heat from the fans. Chris Benoit gets a brilliant crowd reaction. Eddie Guerrero comes out to a good reception. Cena attacks Benoit while Show gets Guerrero. Big Show clotheslines. Guerrero and takes him outside the ring. Cena kicks away at Benoit in the corner. Cena then chokes Benoit in the corner with his foot. Big Show delivers a huge clothesline to Eddie on the outside then picks him up and drops him over the barricade. Cena picks Benoit up in the ring and tries a suplex but Benoit blocks and does a suplex of his own. Big Show puts Eddie Guerrero in the ring and he re-enters Big Show clotheslines Benoit then Cena. Big Show picks up eddie and puts him in the corner and starts choking him but Benoit comes fro behind and starts giving Big Show right hands. Eddie joins Benoit and they both start giving Show right hands. Cena comes over and joins Benoit and Guerrero giving some right hands to Big Show. Cena tries a clothesline to Big Show failing to knock him down. Eddie clotheslines him which dosen’t knock him down. Benoit runs and clotheslines Show knocking him down. Benoit, Guerrero and Cena all stare at each other then start stomping away at the Big Show. Cena attacks Guerrero knocking him down then stomping at Guerrero then. Cena picks up Guerrero and kicks him then runs at Cena and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Benoit picks up Big Show then starts giving him knife-edge chops. Benoit then kicks away then tries a German Suplex then somehow manages to hit it. Cena tries a Death Valley Driver on Guerrero but guerrero counters and rolls up Cena 1-2-kickout by Cena. Big Show fights back on Benoit and whips him into the ropes and delivers a Big Boot. Big Show calls for the chokeslam but benoit fights out of it then tries a clothesline on Big Show who backbody drops Benoit out of the ring. Big Show leaves the ring and whips benoit into the steel stairs. Guerrero dropkicks Cena then again. Guerrero kicks him then snap suplexes him. Guerrero picks up Cena then delivers a butterfly suplex and goes up top . Guerrero signals for the Frog Splash and goes to hit it but Cena gets his knees up. Guerrero gets up holding his ribs and turns around and walks straight into the Death Valley Driver and Cena covers 1-2-3.
Eliminated : Eddie Guerrero by John Cena.

Big Show shoves Benoit back in the ring and Cena attacks him. Show and Cena double team benoit. Cena picks up Benoit and tries to suplex him but Benoit gets over the back and German suplexes him. Benoit gets Big Booted by Show. Big Show turns on Cena and Big Boots him. Benoit gets up and ducks a Big Show clothesline then knife-edge chops the Big Show. Cena gets up and helps Benoit. Cena and Benoit kick away at the Big Show. Big Show hits a double clothesline. Big Show looks about waiting for Cena to get up and hits a powerslam. Big Show then powerslams Benoit and covers 1-2-kickout by Benoit. Big Show sets Cena and hits a Big Boot and goes for the chokeslam. Cena low blows Show and tries to pick up Big Show for the death valley driver but can’t do it. Cena tries a clothesline but can’t knock him down again so he hits a second one but still can’t do it. Cena then goes up top and comes off with a flying clothesline to knock him down. Benoit then comes off with a Back suplex to cena over the ropes. Rey Mysterio then comes out of the crowd and hits a 619 on Big Show who staggers back and falls Rey leaves as Benoit calls for the Head Butt then goes up top Benoit comes off with a headbutt and covers 1-2-3.
Eliminated : Big Show by Chris Benoit

Down to Benoit and Cena. Benoit goes outside the ring and attacks Cena who fires back whipping Benoit into the barricade. Cena runs at Benoit but Benoit backdrops him over the barricade and Benoit goes after him. Benoit gives Cena right hands but Cena starts fighting back suplexing Benoit back over the barricade. Cena hits Benoit’s head off the ring pole then puts him back in the ring. Cena mocks Benoit pretending to go up top for a headbutt but Benoit trips up Cena. Benoit goes up top with Cena and comes off with the superplex.. Benoit crawls over and covers Cena 1-2-kickout by Cena. Benoit picks up Cena and tries a right hand but Cena blocks and scoops Benoit up and gives him the Death Valley Driver and covers 1-2-kickout by Benoit. Cena can’t believe it. Cena tries another Death Valley but Benoit counters with a German suplex and keeps the grip. Benoit delivers the second one with the grip kept then the third but dosen’t let go. Benoit hits the fourth and picks Cena back up. Cena tries to break the grip but gets German suplexed a fifth time. Benoit still does not let go hitting the sixth one followed by the seventh. Cena fights back but Benoit gets the Eighth in and lets go of the grip. Fans start applauding both mens efforts. Benoit signals for the Headbutt and goes up top Benoit comes off with the headbutt then covers 1-2-kickout by Cena to Benoits disbelief. Benoit tries to apply the Crippler Crossface but Cena counters and low blows Benoit. Cena takes a chain out from in his tights. Cena wraps the chain round his hand and clocks Benoit with it undetected by the ref. Cena crawls over and gets the cover 1-2-kickout by Benoit. Cena can’t believe it. Cena picks up Benoit and delivers the second Death Valley Driver and covers 1-2-kickout by Benoit. Cena can’t believe it and tries to apply Benoit’s own Crippler Crossface to him but can’t lock it in. Benoit reverses it and locks in the Crossface on Cena. Cena can’t move and has no choice but to tap.
Winner : and Number One Contender Chris Benoit.

That’s Smackdown done one day early. Please send some feedback.
Raw will be up on Monday.

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To WE Champions question about Pipers Pit i had decided to Leave Pipers Pit to next week as Smackdown really is only a two hour show. I forgot to go back and change the commentating that said she was going to appear on the show thats definatly happening next week cos I felt i had already packed Smackdown with the Fatal 4 way build up but that was a mistake i'll now edit.

To Rampage You thought that i was following WWE storylines but WWE haven't let Benoit get a shot at the title at Judgement Day. I am not following WWE storylines I plan to have my own storylines. But there are some storylines like Guerreros and Team Angle that are there but i have planned them in my own way. And with the Steph thing on Pipers Pit i have a different thing planned from WWE.
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