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Raw titles

World heavyweight champion –
Intercontinental title –
European title –
Tag team titles -
Women’s titles -

Raw roster

Randy orton
The rock
Triple H
John cena
D von Dudley
Rob van dam
Booker t
Jeff hardy
Ric flair
Sean o haire
Tommy dreamer
Chris Jericho
Trish stratus
Nathan Jones
Shawn Michaels
Chief Morley
Kevin Nash
Johnny stamboli
The hurricane
Lance storm
Buh Buh Ray Dudley

will post raw soon

3,774 Posts
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*bischoff talking to the camera*

today we will crown new champions in the respected divisions. i wont tell you the matches so you will have to stay tuned and find out. the world title where we will see an 8 man tournament with the winner to be decided at backlash.

pyro explodes

JR: welcome to raw everybody and today we will have a fantastic show.
KING: yes JR titles will be decided decided tonight and also tonight 4 people will go through to the next round.

match 1: jeff hardy vs the hurricane for the european title
jeff hardy gets a few punches is in on hurricane early. hurricane is whipped into the corner. oh and hurricane comes straight out of the corner with a vicious clothsline. hurricane is climbing on top of the turnbuckle. cross body on jeff hardy.1...2... jeff just gets his arm up. hurricane goes for the cover again 1...2.. and again he kicks out. hurricane is increasingly getting frustrated. hurrcane is going to try for the chokeslam,but jeff hardy gets out with a couple of elbows to the head. hurricane turns around and is met with a dropkick to the face. 1...2. kick out. jeff goes for the whip, hurricane reverses it jeff jumps on tothe the turnbuckle and oh my god the whisper of the wind connects to jeff hardy. he is scrambling towards hurricane and just about gets his hand over 1...2.. kick out. jeff goes up top, it look likes he going for the swanton bomb and he does, hurricane just about moving away. hurricane gets up and hits the eye of the hurricane. 1...2.. and another kick out. hurricane goes for the clothsline but unintedidly hits the referee. chokeslam! hurricane just hit the chokeslam. theres no one to count hurricane should be the new european champion. hurricane tries to get the ref up. from the crowd out comes sean o haire. he has no buisness out here. hurricane turns around and is met with a clothsline. hurricane is out. sean climbs to the top and hits the shaunton bomb. he puts jeff on top of hurricane and throws the ref right next to them and slips out the ring. 1...2...3
winner and new european champion jeff hardy

sean o haire comes back into the ring and beats the living hell out of hurricane. jeff goes up top and hits the swanton bomb. they both celebrate over hurricanes motionless body

JR: what was that about? sean o haire shouldnt have been out here and has just cost hurricane the european title.
KING: well i didnt expect that! what else will happen tonight
JR: well i don't know there is more come so stay tuned


*cameras go backstage and we see o haire and hardy talking*

sean o haire: we aint done yet today jeff we aint leaving. we gonna show the whold world that me and you are a force to be reckoned with.

*jeff nods his his and they both alk off into the locker room*

JR: what was that about? what else are these two gonna do tonight?
KING: whatever it is it doesnt look good.

match 2: john cena vs. chris jericho
cena and jericho lock up in the centre of the ring. jena is pushed into the corner by jericho. the ref gets in the middle. jericho punches cena in the gut. cena whipped off the ropes, clothsline by jericho. "GET UP" jericho taunted cena and cena is met with a flying clothsline. jericho whips cena off the ropes and cena ducks under his arm and.. is met with a superkick. 1..2. 2 count here. cena close to causing an upset. cena picks up jericho and what a military slam. jericho is stuggling to his feet. cena goes for the clothsline but jericho ducks and hits the referee. cena turns around and oohh low blow by jericho. jericho goes for the pins. the refs out he cant count. jericho trys to get him up. cena is on his feet and look his fists are wrapped with steel chain. cena hits jericho in the head and he is busted open. look! it christian. he has got a steel chair in his hand. christian get in the ring and knocks cena out. jericho scrambles to cena 1...2.. kickout. jericho and christian cant believe it. lionsault! surely it must be over. 1...2... no again he kicks out. jericho is irate and goes outside and gets the ring bell. christian is distracting the ref and jericho misses and cena dropkicks the bell right into his face. did you see that king. jericho's plan just backfired. cena knocks christan off the side and goes for the pin. 1...2...3
winner: john cena

JR: what a match and what an upset. jericho must be irate.

*cameras go backatage to show chris jericho*

jericho: i cant believe it i lost! cena cheated! he used the ring bell!
christian: calm down man
jericho: calm down. you want me to calm down i just lost my chance of winning the world heavyweight so do not tell me to calm down!
*jericho sees a backstatge worker*

jericho: its all your fault you lousy son of a bitch

jericho throws the worker into some standing steel pipes
people go and rush to help the worker as people hold jericho back.

KING: jericho has completely lost it now he just took out all his frustration on a helpless worker


the rock comes out to a round of boo's

rock: well tonight all you people come to see the great one, the most electrifiying person in entertainment and i would like to tell you th.. th... th..that i came here just to win my title match otherwise i wouldn't be seen in such a dump. yeh a dump. tonight i got a match. i don't care who ever it is as i haven't check but i will kick their cand ass

HBK's music hits

hbk: rock shall i tell you who your opponent is.

rock starts taking off his sunglasses

hbk: ME!

rock's eyes are wide open

hbk: so rock you better start worrying about tonight because when im done, there will be no person in the most electrying person.

hbk's music hits and he walks off

rock is in shock.

JR: wow tonight's main event is going to be the rock vs shawn michaels this is going to be a classic.
KING: i cant believe this i have been waiting for years for this and it will happen, tonight!

match 3:tommy dreamer vs. johnny stamboli
stamboli has set up a trash can in the middle of the ring and whips dreamer onto the ropes, dreamer reverses it and drop toe hold stamboli onto the trash can. dreamer goes for the quick cover 1...2 kickout. dreamer with a clothsline. dreamer goes outside and looks for weapons under the ring. singapore cane stickis thrown in to the ring and a stop sign. stamboli throws the trashcan to dreamer. dreamer catches it near his face and stamboli drop kicks the bin right into his face. stamboli puts a stop sign on top of dreamer and goes up top. elbow drop right on the stop sign. dreamer is riving in pain. 1...2. kickout. stamboli is stalking dreamer with the singapore cane stick. dreamer get up. he ducks underneath the stick and superkicks stamboli. dreamer grabs a chair and hits stamboli. 1...2.. shoulder up. dreamer get his cane stick and goes up top. stamboli stands up and oohh is hit in the face with the cane. surely he out. dreamer goes for the cover. 1...2...3
winner: tommy deamer


*camera backstage for an interview with hhh*

coach: i got triple h with me here and i got to ask you will you win the tournament and win the title
hhh: will i, the question you meant to ask is who will get to the final to lose to me. see coach i used to be a champ.
coach: well your opponent, who is it?
hhh: well it rvdand he is first in line for a lesson
flair: come on hunter were gonna kick that ass of his

match 4: triple h vs. RVD
hhh and rvd lock up in the centre of the ring. hh is pushing rvd back in to a corner, the ref gets in to stop, triple h goes for a cheap shot but misses. rvd stiff kick to the head knocks triple h outside. rvd is going up top, whats he thinking. rvd goes ffor the cross body, triple h ducks and rvd falls on the mat face first. triple h rolls rvd into the ring and goes for the cover. 1...2 rvd gets his shoulder up. triple h with a body slam on rvd. triple hhh whips rvd on the ropes. rvd ducks and hits triple hhh with a spinning heel kick. van dam with the rolling thunder. cover 1...2 kickout. rd up top again and heel kick off the top. flair is distracting the ref on the ropes and triple hits rvd with a low blow. triple h throws rvd outside and allows flair to get some cheap shots in. hhh goes outside and throws vandam onto the steel post. triple h throws van dam in the ring. cover 1...2. and again van dam kickout. triple h is getting frustrated. he goes for the clothsline misses and a rollup by rd. 1...2 and triple h gets out. triple h is dazed. van dam uptop. could this be the 5 star. yes it is. an dam goes for the cover 1...2.. flair pulls the ref out of the ring and punches him . van dam is celebrating and does not knows what has happened. an dam has just seen it and uh- oh is is stariing at flair. flair is backing off and van dam goes after flair. flair in the ring. flair goes for a clothsline and misses and van dam with the van daminator. triple kicks van dam in the mid section and is setting him up for the pedigree. van dam counters in to the back body drop and is stalking triple h. h gets up and is met with a van daminator. cover but there is no referee. van dam goes outside and tries to wake him up. he gets back in the ring and a chait shot by flair on van dam. he puts triple h ont op of van dam and goes outside and throws the referee in. 1...2... kickout. flair is living outside. the ref is ordering flair to go to the back as he has caused enough trouble. flair is angry while walking back. van dam in the ring with another rolling thunder. hhh is on the floor in the corner. rvd on top of the turnbuckle one side. he's not about to surely. yes the van terminator! triple is out in the middle of the ring and van dam uptop. 5 star frog splash. 1...2...3
winner: RVD
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