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Ok,guys so I thought to make my own shows,cause I always post comment to other people now you can make your comments about my show,and tell me what you realy think!

~SmackDown and Raw~
JR:Whats up everyone and welcome to the new SmackDown and Raw,as now we going to the World where our special corespondent Jerry.
King:You forgot to say that today both managers are gonna choose superstars for their brand!
JR:Yea,so I`m sorry but I cant wait to hear it,lets go live to the World,Jerry?
~The World
Jerry:Hello guys so now we gonna hear what superstars 2 general managers are going to choose.

~SmackDown~ ~Raw~
Brock Lesnar The Rock
Kurt Angle Triple H
Edge Chris Jericho
Christian Booker T
Billy Kidman Kane
Rey Mysterio Goldust
Chris Benoit Kevin Nash
Eddie and Chavo Guerrero Billy and Chuck
Big Show Batista
Undertaker Jeff Hardy
Rikishi Hulk Hogan
Jamie Noble The Hurricane
Matt Hardy Bubba Ray Dudley
Tajiri Spike Dudley
A-Train Test
DDP William Regal
Jerry:Some nice choese were made by two oweners!
SmackDown GM:Stephanie McMahon
Raw GM:Eric Bishoff
*Title Holders*
WWE Undisputed Champion-The Undertaker
Heavyweight Champion- Triple H
Cruiserweight Champion-The Hurricane
Tag Team Champions-Los Guerreros
World Tag Team Champions-Billy and Chuck
Europen Champion- William Regal
Intercontinental Champion- RVD
JR:We are back and next week we are heading to Albany,NY.
King:But dont forget 2 days away SmackDown is coming up,and tell you what its gotta be kool!
JR:OK,guys bye!
~Show went off air~

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iM` SORRY about that!
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio
Chris Benoit Eddie and Chavo Guerrero
Big Show
Jamie Noble
Matt Hardy
Hulk Hogan

The Rock
Triple H
Chris Jericho
Booker T
Kevin Nash
Billy and Chuck
Jeff Hardy
The Hurricane
Bubba Ray Dudley
Spike Dudley
DDP William Regal

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Thanx a lot A-Dust!


Tazz:Welcome to the SmackDown!!
Cole:Hello everyone with you Tazz and me.
Tazz:Today we gonna have a lot of good stuff,as its a first SmackDown this year!
Cole:Today we are going to have a big surprise by Stephanie McMahon!
Tazz:What is it?
Cole:We`ll find out!
Tazz:Tonight main event is Big Show vs Undertaker!

~1st Match~Billy Kidman vs.Christian
Billy knocked Christain on the mat so quick then he picked him up and made Backdrop,Christian had an opportunite to win,but Billy always picked his shoulder up.Billy knocked Christian with Front Dropkick and went to the toprope and Billy just crushed on Christian with Shoothing Star Press and Billy pined him 1-2-3!
Winner:Billy Kidman

Tazz:That was a good match,and did you see that Shooting Star!
Cole:Yea I saw that!
~2nd Match~Kurt Angle vs.Edge
Match began,Edge pushed Kurt to the tunbuckle and went to the toprope with him to do Super Arm Drag,but Kurt hit Edge in the head and Edge felt down on the mat,Kurt got on the turnbuckle and he is flying with his elbow,Edge is on the mat,Kurt worked on his left hand and he made Armbar then Leg and Neck Lock,Kurt turned him around and ANGLE LOCK!Edge couldn take it anymore and tepped out 1-2-3!
Winner:Kurt Angle

Tazz:Coming up next tag team match Los Guerreros vs.Edge and Rey Mysterio
Cole:I cant wait to see it!

~3rd Match~Los Guerreos vs.Edge and Rey Mysterio.
Chavo and Rey were on the ring,Chavo attacked Rey spaling him then Chavo made a tag and Eddie was on the ring.Eddie went to the tunbuckle and he jumped,but Rey turned at that time,then Rey got on the toprope jumped on Eddie,he pined him 1-2,Chavo attacked Rey,Edge ran and hit Chavo.While Edge attacked Chavo on the outside,Iddie locked Rey in the Lasso from El Paso and earned a victory.
Winners:Los Guerreros

Cole:Man,they cheated to win!
Tazz:Thats how life is!

~4th Match~Jamie Noble(w/Nidia)vs.DDP
Noble was in good shape today and he knocked DDP quick in the middle of the match Noble made a Front Drop Kick and then Face Breaker,Noble pined DDP 1-2-3!
Winner:Jamie Noble

(Christian went to the locker room,on his way to the ring Matt Hardy saw him,they looked at each others eyes and Christian said:
Christian: What are you looking at?
Matt: Not you!
Christian: Look,I can help you if you can help me!
Matt:Wait a minute you asking me about help?
Christian: If you want!
Matt:How am I gonna help you?
Christian: You know that I lost to Billy Kidman today,and I want to make a tag team match you and me vs. Billy Kidman and Noble!
Matt: Ha,ha I agree good,I love it!

Tazz:I look forward to that match!
Cole:Yea me too!

~5th Match~Matt Hardy vs. Tajiri
Nice match,Matt was a king in the ring,then Tajiri made a Sleep Hold and we saw Christian came out and he attacked Tajiri when refere was out,he putted Matt on Tajiri and took refere`s hand and taped 3 times!
Winner:Matt Hardy
(After the match)
Matt:Thanx dude!
Christian: No problem,but dont forget about what I told you!
~6th Match~Big Show vs. The Undertaker(Main event)
Big Show made his way to the ring while Taker was waiting for him.Taker dint wait and he hit Show in the head,match began,Undertaker made a Toe Kick and the Undertaker`s punche in the middle section,he picked him up...
Tazz : Oh my god,he made a supplex on Show!
Cole:I cant belive what i`v seen!
Undertaker made a pin 1-2-3!
Winner:The Undertaker

JR:Guys we still have Stephanie`s surprise what is it gonna be?
Cole:Here she is.
(Stephanie`s music hit and she is coming to the ring with a big smile on her face)
Stephanie:Ladies and gentelments,my surprise is: we preparing for the free agent Stone Cold Steve Astin!!

Cole: Oh,my god!!!

Stephanie:And he is going to the SmackDown!!
(Eric Bishoff`s music hit)

Tazz:What the hell is going on,why is Eric here?
Cole:I dont know!

Eric:Wow,wait a minute!Why do u think Austin is coming to the SmackDown?
(Austin`s music hit the arena,fans screamed,Austin had a two bottles of beer!)
Austin came to the ring and took Raw` s contract.
Austin: You want me to sign your contract?
Eric:Yea,your home is here at Raw,am I right?
Ausin:And you want me to sign your contract?He pointed at Steph.
Stephanie:Yea Austin,OK,stop with that thing and sign my contract!!
Austin:You know Steph your problem is you cant hold famous superstars!
He took SmackDown contract and hit Stephanie with it!

Tazz: Thats gotta hurt!
Cole:Whats gonna happen now?

Austin took Raw`s contract and signed it,but then he hit Eric too!

Tazz:Whats the hell he thinks he is doing?
Cole:I dont know,but dont forget to see Monday nights Raw!
~Show went off air~
What ya think?

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I didnt write for a long time so sorry about that.

JR:Welcome to the RAW!!!
King:Hello everyone!
JR:We are in Colorado...
King:And today we going to see Steve Austin!!!
JR:Yea,I cant believe what happen at SmackDown last week,Stone Cold Steve Austin hit Stephanie with a contract!
King:Stephanie wont forgive him for what he did.

~1st Match William Regal vs. Booker T~
Match began,Regal closed with Booker T and made belly to belly,Booker T had a chance to take an advantage,but Regal fought back.Booker T took an advantage at the end gettiing on the toprope and making Triple Slam,Regal was out,and Booker T too,refere started to count 1...2....3....4...5...,Booker got on his feet first,Regal was trying to defend him self with couple of English punches,Booker was moving slow to the turnbuckle,
than Booker was sended to the other turnbuckle by Regal,Regal making Turnbuckle dropkick and leg drop,covered Booker,1...2
Booker picked his shoulder up,but Regal continued an asult and went to the toprope with Booker,Booker punched him in the face and than Regal punched him back,Booker took his leg and they both were flying,Regal felt on the mat first that Booker,Booker T went for cover,1...2...3!!
Winner Booker T

~Backstage (locker room)
Booker T was so happy about his victory over Regal,and he saw Goldust.
Booker T: Gold,whats up!
Goldust: I`m getting ready for my next match,and I heard you won,congratulations.
Booker T: Thanks a lot,good luck!

~2nd Match Goldust vs. Jeff Hardy~
Match begam,Jeff locked up with Goldust and made german supplex.Goldust was on the mat.Jeff droped his leg in middle section,than he picked him up and made falling powerslam,after that Goldust took an advantage and attacked him with his feet to the stomache,than Backdrop and Goldust went for cover 1..2,but Jeff picked his shoulder up and punched him in the face,then picked him up up and sended him to the turnbukle and made a dropkick,Jeff went to the toprope and made THE 450 PIN.1...2...3
Winner Jeff Hardy

Booker T ran out to the ring with a chair and hit Jeff three times in the head.Jeff was out,then we saw Matt Hardy running to help his brother.Matt was on the ring and he was working on Booker,Jeff got up and took a chair,he was about to hit him,when Goldust made a basseball slide and Jeff felt on the mat,but Matt hit him with his feet and reversed to the Head Breaker!Booker T took Goldust and they ran back to backstage!Jeff took Matt`s hand and picked it up!
We saw Austin making his way to the ring.
Austin was on the ring and crowd went crazy,they were happy to see Austin back.

Austin: I think you have only one question for me,why I chose RAW not SmackDown.The answer will be,Stephanie you SUCK!!!

~1st Match Steve Austin vs. Chris Jericho~
Austin looked at Jericho and punched him in the face,then Austin made forearm smach,Chris felt on the mat with a huge pain on his back.Austin picked him up and making Back Slide Slam covered him 1...2...3!!!
Winner Steve Austin

Austin was walking and smiling,but smile came out from his face after he saw Batista.

Batista: Welcome back,I thought I will never see you again!!
Austin: What the hell is your problem kid?
Batista: You think you cool,right?
Austin: What the hell is your problem??
Batista: You think you back and you can beat everyone,but think again cause you can`t beat me!
Austin: What?What?What?What?
Batista: You heard me!
Austin: MAN you need to work out a little!
Batista: We will see!
Batista left and went to his locker room.
~3rd Match The Hurricane vs. RVD~
Match began,RVD was ready to fight!Hurricane went to the top rope and hit RVD with two feets.RVD felt on the mat,Hurricane picked him up nad made a cruiserweight moves.RVD took an advantage at the end,when Hurricane was out RVD went to the top rope and Shooting Star Press,RVD went for cover 1..2..3!!
Winner RVD

*Please welcome WWE Raw owner Eric Bishoff!!*
Eric: Well...
Crowd: Boo,Booo!!!!!!
Eric: I have a good news for you guys,two good news!
If you remember when Stephanie said that sahe has a good news and her news were Steve Austin,but those news became mine!So we are prepering for one more free agent RHYNO!!!
Crowd: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric: But he could`t come here tonight please forgive him!
Crowd: BOooooooooooooooooo!!
Eric: Last thing is that next Sunday is going to be the best ppv ever and ofcourse the first ppv for this year,NEW BLOOD RISING!!
Crowd: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
Eric left the ring and went to his office.

Batista: Eric,wait I heard your announcment and I want to ask you one favor,I want to face STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN at New Blood Rising!!
Eric: You mean Steve Austin?
Batista: Yea!
Eric: I`ll try to make it!!
Eric went to his office with a smile.

~4th Match Triple H vs. Kevin Nash~
Match began,Triple H and Kevin locked up with each other and Kevin made Belly to Belly on HHH.Kevin done couple of leg drop in the middle section and then Elbow Drop,he picked him up,but HHH reversed and punched Kevin in the head,after that he got him in the head lock,but Kevin keeped his hand up,like for 20 seconds.HHH reversed and got him into the leg lock.HHH picked him up and boom!Knee Smach in the head!HHH picked him up again and finishing move Pedigree!!!HHH went for cover1..2,but
kEVIN PICKED HIS SHOULDER UP!HHH attacked him and sended him to the turnbuckle and Elbow smash in the head,HHH went for cover 1...2...3!!!
Winner HHH

JR: That was an awesome match!
King: Coming up next Main Event for tonight,Kane vs. Batista!
JR: Earlier tonight Batista said that he wants to face Austin at NBR!
King: I dont think that Batista has a chance,or Eric will think of something else.

~5th Match MAIN EVENT Batista vs. Kane~
Kane hit Batista in the head with his feet and then made a backdrop,Batista reversed in the air and punched Kane in the middle section,Batista went to the top rope and made Back Slam!
Kane was on the mat,Batista picked him up and Triple Backdrop on Kane!!!!Kane was out Batista went for the cover 1...2...3!!!!
Winner Batista!!!

Batista was celebrating his victory.When RVD ran out and hit Batista from behind,and RVD didn`t stop to punche Batista,then HHH ran out with Ric Flair and helped out Batista,HHH took a chair and assault RVD at the back!Batista took Kane and picked him up again,then he throw him out of the ring in the stairs.HHH went to the ring with Ric Flair and they were celebrating together,Batista was surprised to see HHH and Flair helping him!

***Show went off air***
So what you think?
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