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Now it’s time for my first show in the greatest booking match of all time, cabs_26 versus Juvy!!! Like Juvy it is the first show after Wrestlemania and with the same results.

Now, I’ve been reading about what people have been saying: that cabs_26 is gona get killed, and he’s got a crap roster and Juvy will win. Well, I concede that Juvy has probably got the better roster but I don not concede that he will beat me just like that so…….GAME ON!!!!!!

RAW (March 15th)

A long and exciting highlight package roles showing the best of the best performing in one of the greatest nights in WWE history, Wrestlemania Twenty!!

The fireworks explode and pulsate through the arena and it’s time for RAW!!

JR: We are live in Detroit after one of the greatest, most amazing nights that I have ever experienced in the history of wrestling!! Hello folks, I’m ‘JR’ Jim Ross with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and King, what about last night!!

King: Well oh my god JR I don’t think words can describe it!! What a night, it was unbelievable!! But I can’t believe it JR, the Deadman is back, the Deadman is back!! Poor Kane did you see it JR, the Deadman!!

The highlights role of The Undertaker’s return and win against Kane in some eerie scenes that chilled the Garden.

JR: Yes King that was just one of the many shocks from last night. We also saw Eddie Guerrero retain his WWE Title against Kurt Angle and the Rock ‘N Sock Connection was defeated by Evolution after the ‘legend killer’ Randy Orton RKO’d Foley and pinned him for the win. And don’t forget, after eighteen years of sacrifice and eighteen years of never giving up, Chris Benoit finally achieved his dream, made Triple H tap out to the Crippler Crossface and won the World Heavyweight Championship at the Garden on the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania Twenty.

‘No Chance, that’s what ‘ya got!!’ The CEO of the WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon makes his way down to the ring to some loud boos from the packed out stadium.

King: It’s Mr. McMahon!!! Yaaay Mr. McMahon!!!

JR: Now what the hell does he want?

King: Oh come on JR be nice, he is your boss.

Vince: I know, I know you’re all probably wondering what the hell I’m doing out here……

The crowd ROARS!!!

Vince: Alright!! Well I’m not gonna take up to much of your time I’ve just got a rather large announcement that I’d like to make. But I can’t make that announcement unless I get some people down to the ring with me, so guys come on out now.

Several WWE superstars come down to the ring including The Big Show, Maven, Matt Morgan, Hardcore Holly, Doug & Danny Basham, Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero and Torrie Wilson.

JR: Hey wait a minute, what’s ‘goin on here? These are all Smackdown superstars!!!

King: Hey JR, you’re right!!

JR: Now what’s this about? What is Vince McMahon up to?

Vince: Yes you’re all noticing now that these are Smackdown superstars or that is, they were. You see earlier this afternoon after the WWE’s greatest night, the board of directors and I all had a meeting concerning the future of the company. And we all agreed that tonight, on RAW we would that commencing immediately there are all new rosters!!

JR: What the hell? New rosters??

Vince: We took it upon ourselves to make some wholesale changes in an attempt to reenergize the WWE and follow last night’s theme of; ‘It all begins again’. These are the superstars who are the newest additions to a new RAW. As well as a new RAW obviously there has to be a new SMACKDOWN so some RAW superstars have also been forced to change places. So I’m sure that you will all sorely miss Batista, you’ll all miss the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and I’m definitely sure that you will miss the Game, Triple H!!!

The crowd gives off some loud boos and some cheers after hearing about these losses to the RAW roster!! Now the new World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring to a massive standing ovation. The whole arena is behind Benoit and it looks like he’s got something to say to Mr. McMahon!!

Benoit: Vince…..You really are one annoying son of a bitch!!!

Vince is shocked and has an extremely annoyed expression on his face.

Benoit: You come out here and start annoying the crowd with your so called attempt to improve the WWE. Last night, at Wrestlemania Twenty after 18 years of working my ass of giving everything I had, I became the World Heavyweight Champion. I defeated Shawn Michaels and Triple H, two of the best wrestlers of all time and achieved my childhood dream. But sure enough when I finally achieve my dream and want to enjoy my reign as champion all I get is Vince McMahon shoving down a whole bunch of crap down the throats of anyone who happens to be listening!!!

The crowd loves this and gives big pops to Benoit.

Benoit: You……
Vince: Shutup!! Who the hell do you think you are?! You think you’re so damn fantastic don’t you, you think you’re pretty good making Triple H tap out.

Big pops indicating Benoit IS good in the crowd’s eyes.

Vince: Well let me tell you something boy, you’re nothing!! You’re nothing, you’ve been champion for barely one night, one night and you come down into MY ring and you try to tell me that I’m annoying and try and kick me out of MY ring!!! This is MY company Benoit, MY WWE and I own you!! YOU work for ME now get the hell ‘outta here!!

WHACK!! Vince slaps Benoit across the face!!!

Vince: Yeah!! Did you like that Benoit?! Now get the hell out!!

Benoit turns around and Vince swings to slap Benoit again………..Crippler Crossface!!!! Benoit tricked McMahon into the Crippler Crossface, the CEO of the WWE is screaming in pain!!! The new RAW superstars are watching it, they’re letting it happen.

But now the Big Show comes in and kicks Benoit across the back of the head to break the hold, then……….SHOWSTOPPER!!! The Big Show just flattened Benoit to the mat and the World Heavyweight Champion is motionless!!


Vince McMahon is talking to Big Show and holding his sore neck at the same time.

Vince: Hey, to reward you for showing the loyalty and respect to me that every superstar in the WWE locker rooms should give me, I’m ‘gona reward you with a match tonight. You can face Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship and its gona be no disqualification!!!

Show: Yeah!!

JR: Oh what!! Big Show versus Benoit for the title!! Tonight!! That’s gona be huge!!!

King: Oh the Big Show!!! He’s gona crush Benoit into a bloody pulp, he’s gona be the next World Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show!!!

Chris Benoit is showing having his neck massaged after that huge showstopper!!

The first new RAW superstar to be in action makes his way down to the ring and it’s the first ever Tough Enough winner, Maven!! The Creepy Little Bastard Christian now enters the arena and looks very confident after his win over Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania last night and he’s got Trish by his side!! Last night Trish betrayed Jericho and embarrassed him in front of a worldwide audience.!!

Christian vs. Maven

Maven is on top early and Christian receives some punches to the jaw and is then clotheslined to the mat. Maven is on the top early on and goes for a missile dropkick that Christian avoids and Maven crashes to the mat. Christian lays a couple of kicks into Maven and then locks in a front face lock. Maven reverses the move into a pinning bridge and Christian just gets his shoulders off the mat after two. Christian comes off the ropes but Maven ducks a clothesline and sweeps Christian whose nose plants into the mat. Maven hits an elbow drop for another two count. Christian gets up slowly and is given a DDT by Maven and just avoids three again. Maven goes to come off the ropes but is tripped by Trish and hits the mat. Christian is up and punches Maven across the jaw and whips him into the ropes. Christian hits Maven with an elbow and then gets the Northern Lights Suplex, 1-2…….close count but Maven just kicked out. Christian goes for the Unprettier but is shoved into the ropes, rollup, 1-2-No!!! So close but both superstars are up and Maven is clotheslined to the mat. Christian is getting frustrated and now Trish is up on the apron acting very friendly with the referee!!! Meanwhile, Christian takes the padding off the turnbuckle and then flips Maven’s head into the steel!!! Maven staggers and Christian hits the Northern Lights Suplex, 1-2-3, it’s over!!!

Winner via pinfall: Christian

As Christian and Trish celebrate and walk to the back Jericho emerges from the behind the curtain with a chair and nails Christian across the back of the head!!! Y2J chases Trish away and the diva runs backstage. Jericho lets her go and turns his attention to Christian. He hits Christian on the ground with hard punches to Christian’s forehead then picks him up punches him some more and Christian is teetering on the edge of the stage, Jericho smashes him another chair shot and Christian goes flying off the stage!!! Christian isn’t moving!!!, Jericho walks to the edge of the stage, turns around and………SLAM!!! Hits a HUGE moonsault onto Christian!!!! The crowd is going nuts and both superstars are lying motionless!!!!

Eric Bischoff has called all of the female RAW superstars to his office and tells them that since Victoria has gone to Smackdown and taken the WWE Women’s Championship with her, then there will be a Fatal Four Way for the new World Women’s Championship between Lita, Trish, Molly Holly and one more opponent who is yet to arrive at the arena.

Bischoff then approaches Billy Kidman and tells him that he’s got a number one contenders match for the cruiserweight title against new cruiserweight competitor The Hurricane and its up next!!!!

Number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship
Billy Kidman vs. the Hurricane

Both superstars lock it up and Kidman out strengths Hurricane and pushes him into the corner. A couple of shots to the jaw and an arm drag gets The Hurricane to the mat. Kidman reverses an Irish whip and Hurricane walks into a high dropkick from Billy Kidman. Kidman locks in a headlock that The Hurricane pushes out of and comes of the ropes with a rollup and a near fall. Kidman hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building and then lands a massive spinning kick to the jaw. Cover for a two count. Kidman uses a basement dropkick to the knee. Hooks the leg for a two count. Hurricane pushes out of a Billy Kidman chin lock. The Hurricane hits some punches and then a backdrop, cover for a two count. Hurricane crushes Kidman with a running senton for the pin, 1...2…….No!! Kidman just kicked out!! Kidman reverses The Hurricane hammerlock. Vicious kick to the teeth from Billy Kidman. The Hurricane gets knocked to the ground by Kidman with a DDT, who starts climbing the turnbuckle. Shooting Star Press!!! 1....2....3!! It's all over!!

Winner via pinfall: Billy Kidman

After the match Kidman celebrates the win then approaches The Hurricane and they shake hands.

A promo for Backlash roles.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and prepares to address the packed out stadium. Last night Evolution scored a huge upset by defeating the Rock ‘N Sock Connection at Madison Square Garden, Wrestlemania Twenty.

Orton: Well, well, well, isn’t this a funny night. All of you people thought that last night would be the end of Evolution and that last night would be the time when Mick Foley taught Randy Orton a lesson. Well how wrong you were, in front of the world, on the biggest stage of them all, the biggest night in the WWE’s history, Randy Orton pinned Mick Foley and single-handedly defeated the Rock ‘N Sock Connection.


Orton: I’m so proud of what I did last night, I think I’d like to watch it again, role the video.

The video from Wrestlemania plays with Orton giving Foley the RKO and then successfully pinning him to get the victory for Evolution.


Orton: Well how good was that? But there is one problem. Instead of me out here celebrating this historic win with my buddies from Evolution, they’ve all been sent to Smackdown!! The WWE has split Randy Orton from Evolution and tried to isolate him in what is an obvious conspiracy!!! But that doesn’t matter, because I don’t need Evolution, I don’t need anybody’s help, I’m Randy Orton, the Legend Killer, I’m the most talented superstar in this whole company!! There is not a man on the Raw roster that can touch me!!!

‘You think you know me!!!’ Rob Zombie blasts into the arena and could it be?!! It is!! It’s Edge!!!! Edge is here!!!! After one year on the sidelines due to a career threatening neck injury Edge makes his way onto the entranceway and this crowd is going absolutely nuts!!! The Edgeheads are going mental for their returning superstar, the noise is deafening!!

Edge: Orton you think you’re the best thing the WWE has got, you think you’re unbeatable, you say that nobody on Raw can touch you. Well Randy, now Edge is back, Edge is on Raw and I’m not just gona touch you, I’m gona beat your ass for the Intercontinental Championship………… tonight!!!

The crowd is pumped!!

Edge: And the match is scheduled for right now!!!!

Edge runs down to the ring, starts pummeling Orton with right hands and these two are having a match for the Intercontinental Title!!

Randy Orton vs. Edge- Intercontinental Championship

Edge continues going after Orton with right hands and knocks him to the mat. Now Edge is stomping a mudhole on Orton in the corner, Edge moves to the other side of the ring and signals for the spear!! WHACK!! Bone meets metal as Orton avoids the contact. Orton hits a backdrop then places Edge in a reverse chin lock. Edge doesn’t give up and flips under Orton and turns it into a rollup, 1-2…….just two as Orton kicks out. Orton rocks Edge’s head back with an uppercut and whips him from one corner to another. Orton charges at Edge in the corner but runs into a boot. Edge tries to come off the second rope but is floored by a Randy Orton dropkick, pin, 1-2-Kickout!!! Orton isn’t happy but now goes up to the top rope. Cross body off the top rope!!! No!! Edge reversed it into a body slam, 1-2……No!!! Man that was close, but Randy Orton will not give up his title easily. Edge suplexes Orton to the mat and now looks for the Edgecution. Orton staggers to his feet; Edge goes for it but no!! Orton turned it into a swinging backbreaker, it could be over….1…………2………..WOW!! Edge just kicked out!!! Orton taunts the crowd and calls for Edge to get up, RK-NO Edge shoves Orton into the ropes and then hits a monkey toss!! Edge is up top but OUCH!! Orton shoved the referee into the ropes and Edge overbalanced falling and straddling the top turnbuckle. Wait a minute, FOLEY!!! Mick Foley’s walking down the ramp and Orton’s seen him. Orton yells at Foley whose standing just outside the ring daring Orton to come after him. Foley’s pleading for Orton to come after him, Orton goes for a vaulting body press to the outside and nails Foley in an awesome manuever. Orton gets up and laughs at Foley on the ground and climbs back in the ring…………SPEAR!!!!!! 1…………..2………………3!!!! It’s over!! Edge pinned Orton!! Edge is the Intercontinental Champion!!!!

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Edge

Edge celebrates the win and Foley is still on the ground but lifts his head and starts laughing about what just happened.


Lita vs. Molly vs. Trish vs.?????- World Women’s Championship

All four women make their way to the ring and the final competitor is…….Shaniqua!!! Straight away Lita goes after Molly Holly and Shaniqua is after Lita. All four men are throwing arms at each other and Shaniqua throws Trish out of the ring with amazing strength. Lita whips Molly towards where Shaniqua’s standing who lays out Molly with a clothesline. Lita and Shaniqua have a stare down before Shaniqua hits a cheap shot on Lita. A whip off he ropes and a spinning heel kick floors Lita. WHACK!! Trish is back in the ring and she just charged through Shaniqua with the ladder. Trish tries to get a quick win and scamper up the ladder but Shaniqua pushes it down and Trish goes flying to the canvas. Shaniqua’s now climbing the ladder so Molly tries ton knock her down but gets kicked away, Lita comes off the top turnbuckle and missile dropkicks the ladder out from underneath Shaniqua!! Molly and Trish are now going at it and Trish hits the Stratusfaction on Molly onto the steel ladder!!!! Molly’s out cold after that one, now Lita’s up and slams Trish down with a Twist of Fate. Lita climbs to the top rope looking for the Litacanrana but no!!! Shaniqua gets onto the top turnbuckle as when and lifts Lita over her head and then drops her to the outside!!! Oh my god!!! Lita is motionless!! Trish is still staggering to her feet and WHAM!! She walks into a Shaniqua powerbomb!!! Shaniqua easily climbs the ladder and pulls down belt to become the inaugural World Women’s Champion!!!!

Winner: Shaniqua

Chris Benoit is warming up for his first Heavyweight Championship defense and is approached by Shawn Michaels.

HBK: Hey Benoit!!! Last night, you won the main event at Wrestlemania Twenty, you made Triple H tap out………..that was supposed to be me!!!! I was the one who was supposed to win. Triple H and I have been in one of the greatest rivalries in the history of the WWE and it was all supposed to end last night!!! But it didn’t, Chris Benoit had to be there and he had to wreck my night. So Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels win continue to live on and must be ended another day. But now that Triple H has gone to Smackdown, I’ve got you Benoit all to myself, and whether or not you win tonight, I’ll be coming after you!!!

HBK leaves with Benoit standing there with a stern expression on his face.

Chris Benoit vs. Big Show- World Heavyweight Championship

Benoit is still looking sore after being chokeslammed by Big Show earlier in the night but kicks Sow’s knees in an effort to bring him down. Benoit hits a clothesline which only makes Show stagger so he charges into Big Show’s stomach. That winded Show but he’s still not down so Benoit tries to go off the top rope. Big Show catches him easily and throws him over the tope rope in this no disqualification match!!! Big Show whips Benoit into the steel steps and he hits hard. Big Show signals that he’s taking the belt and moves to Benoit again. LOW BLOW!! Uuugh, Big Show grunts and now Benoit comes off the ring apron and hits him across the back of the head. Benoit goes straight for a chair and nails Big Show across the back. Show rolls back into the ring and is again nailed in the back and is now lying in the ring. Benoit goes straight up top and WHAM!! Diving Headbutt!!! 1-2-WOW!! Show just threw Benoit off of him as easy as lifting a feather. Benoit kicks Show in the head and goes for the sharpshooter, sharpshooter………..Benoit can’t lock it in, and Big Show is too big he can’t lock it in!! Benoit just kicks Show between his legs and the 500 pound giant yells in pain again. Wait a minute……….It’s Michaels, SUPERKICK!!!! Benoit’s head almost got knocked of its shoulders by a superkick!!! Michaels runs off through the crowd and Benoit is down. Big Show slowly crawls over to Benoit, it can’t happen this way 1……..2…………..Oh my god Benoit kicked out!!! That was a 2.9 count, how did he do it!!! Big Show gets to his feet and picks up Benoit for the chokeslam, WHACK!!! WHACK!!! Edge!!! Edge just nailed Show twice across the back with a steel chair. Big Show drops Benoit and staggers off the ropes WHACK!!! He’s hit across the skull but still will not fall, the big man is swaying, and Edge drops the chair………EDGECUTION ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!! Edge hit the Edgecution!!! Benoit rolls over, 1…..2………….3!! Benoit retains the title thanks to Edge!!!

Winner and still Champion: Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit and Edge celebrate with both men’s arm raised as Raw goes off the air!!!

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Great show dude, well spaced, great matches and great promos, looking farward to seeing the Beniot/MacMahon fued and the Y2J and Christian fued seem interesting..

looking farward to your next show, when is it btw?

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man was i wrong about your roster

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Wow, this thread has no conclusion yet? Where is Juvy? This should be a good ratings war, but not with out the other competitor! I look forward to seeing how things turn out, when and if they do. Good luck to both.

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Hey, I didn't mean any offense with that last post. I'm just curious to see what he comes up with. Sorry if I sounded hostile, but I sensed a bit of a "bite" in the comment about "cutting him some slack." Didn't mean to offend anybody.

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It’s time for RAW number two in the cabs_26 vs. Juvy Ratings War!!!

RAW (March 22nd)

BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! The fireworks explode around the arena and it’s time for WWE RAW!!!

JR: Ladies and Gentleman I’m ‘JR’ Ross with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and what a night have we got in store!!! Tonight as announced during the week, Eric Bischoff has granted number one contender Billy Kidman with a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship against Chavo Guerrero!!

King: Oh what a match!!! Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero!! Those two guys are gona have a helluva match!!!

JR: Also tonight RVD and Booker T will defend the World Tag Team titles against former Smackdown superstars, The Bashams!!

‘Well it’s the Big Show!!!!’ The 7 foot 500 pound monster makes his way to the ring with some bandaging above his right eye after being given an Edgecution onto a steel chair on last weeks Raw!! Big Show looks in a very bad mood after narrowly missing out on becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. Big Show demanded any match from Eric Bischoff and it was granted with none other than Hardcore Holly taking up the challenge!!

Big Show v Hardcore Holly

Holly gets in the ring and is immediately clobbered by Show with some overhand punches and a hammering blow to Holly’s back. Holly’s whipped into the ropes and comes at Show…..WHAM!!!! Big Show just creamed Hardcore Holly with a vicious, monstrous clothesline that nearly knocked Holly’s head off his shoulders!!! Big Show is in a really bad mood and walks around the ring yelling at the crowd and getting some big heat. He could just pin Holly now but he is shouting at the crowd and hurling abuse at Holly who’s lying hurt on the ground. Show pulls Holly to his feet by his tights and whips him hard into the corner. SMACK!! An overhand chop rocks Holly’s chest, SMACK!!! Another overhand chop and Holly grabs at his chest which is red and covered in a huge welt. Another whip by Big Show puts Holly in the opposite corner. Big Show is taunting to the crowd and now charges at Holly looking for a big splash…….OUCH!!! Holly practically stumbled out of the way and just avoided the contact as Show cannoned into the turnbuckle………Rollup!!!! 1…….2…………No!!! Hardcore Holly nearly stole it but the Big Show just kicked out, Show is getting up but Holly kicks him hard in the head and Show stumbles into the corner. CHOP CHOP!!! Some hard shots to the chest of Show as Holly goes for a whip. Show reverses it and Holly comes off the ropes with a clothesline but Show didn’t fall. Hardcore Holly comes off the ropes looking for another clothesline but he’s caught!! CHOKESLAM!!!!! 1-2-3!!!!

Winner via pinfall: Big Show

Big Show wins this one in a squash and gets on the mic and challenges Edge to come out after what he did to him on last week’s Raw.

‘You think you know me!!’ Here he comes!!! The crowd is going wild as Edge responds to Big Show walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring with the WWE’s largest superstar.

Edge: What do you want little dude?

Show: You know what I want, last week you screwed me out of winning the World Heavyweight Championship. You need to be taught a lesson because nobody does that to me!! I’m the Big Show!!! I’m over 7 feet tall and I’m over 500 pounds!!!

Edge: “Look Show I’ve gota be honest with you, you’re 7 feet tall, 500 pounds, 500 pounds for god’s sake!!! That’s a pretty scary thing to think about, but you know….your weight doesn’t worry me too much. Now you’re probably thinking I’m crazy but it doesn’t worry me too much because I know that if you actually had a shower once every few months, you would only be like 400 pounds!!!

The crowd cheers and Big Show didn’t like that!!!

Edge: I mean Big Show, you are seriously dirty!!! Man, you stink!!! And you stink so bad just when you’re standing there; just imagine what sort of a sick disgusting odour you would produce if you farted!!

Big pops!! Edge better be careful because Big Show has got a real angry look on his face.

Edge: Come to think of it, no wonder President Bush made a mistake thinking that Saddam Hussein was hiding Biological weapons…..he knew he could smell something!!!

Big Show is pissed off now and comes at Edge trying to knock his head off his shoulders; Edge ducks easily and trips Big Show who falls onto the bottom rope. Edge rolls away and backs up the ramp with him and the rest of the packed out arena laughing at the Big Show. Edge sucked in Big Show that time but this can’t be good for Edge the next time they meet.


Big Show goes into Eric Bischoff’s office and he is absolutely irate about what just happened and he demands a match with Edge.

Show: Bischoff did you just see that!! Did you just see that!!! Edge just embarrassed me in front of everybody for the second week in a row!! He’s gotta pay, Edge has got to pay!!

Eric: I know what he did I saw it OK, what do you want!?!

Show: I want Edge and I want him in a match at Backlash!!! I’m gona take his Intercontinental Title!!!

Eric: Well, I’m sorry but I’d already scheduled Christian versus Lance Storm tonight, and the winner of that match will face Edge for the Intercontinental Title at Backlash!!!

Show: Well unschedule it!! Because I am gona beat Edge at Backlash!!

Eric: I’m sorry Show, but I can’t.

Show: What do you mean you can’t!! Aaargh!!

Big Show picks up Eric Bischoff’s desk and throws it over in frustration!!!

‘Hey!!’ Show and Bischoff turn around to see Vince McMahon.

Vince: It’s alright Show I can understand why you’re upset. You really want to make Edge pay don’t you?

Show: Yeah

Vince: Eric, cancel the match.

Eric: What!? But Mr. McMahon!!

Vince: Shutup!! Cancel the match because at Backlash, its gona be Edge defending his Intercontinental Championship against….The Big Show!!! Alright?

Eric: Yes Mr. McMahon.

Show and Vince leave together very happy but Bischoff remains with a sour look on his face.

Billy Kidman comes down to the ring to some loud pops and it’s time for his shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship!! Chavo makes his way down to the ring with the crowd giving him some big heat.

Chavo Guerrero(c) vs. Billy Kidman- WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Chavo and Kidman come at each other in the centre at Kidman quickly trips Chavo to the mat. Chavo is arm and charges at Kidman but is surprised by an arm drag. He runs at Kidman again but another arm drag that is then continued into an arm bar on Chavo. Guerrero manages to get to his feet and goes for a whip into the ropes but it’s reversed by Kidman. Chavo comes off the ropes looking to attack but BAM!! He’s floored by an awesome dropkick by Billy Kidman and Chavo goes rolling out of the ring. As Guerrero rolls out of the ring he seems to land awkwardly and he starts grabbing at his ankle. Chavo looks to be in a lot of pain and he’s telling the referee he can’t continue!!! Kidman can’t believe it!!!

‘Ladies and Gentleman, due to suffering an ankle injury during this match Chavo Guerrero will be unable to continue and is withdrawing from this match. Therefore, this bout is a no contest!!’


JR: Well this is amazing!! Kidman got the win technically but Chavo retains the cruiserweight title!!’

King: Well so what!! Chavo did the right thing; they can’t expect him to defend his cruiserweight title if he’s not 100%.

JR: Oh give me a break!! I can’t even tell when he did his so-called ‘injury’.

Chavo is helped by officials and hobbles backstage with Kidman left stunned in the ring because he had started off strongly in his quest for the Cruiserweight Championship.


Bischoff, Vince McMahon, Randy Orton and Big Show are all backstage saying that Big Show was robbed on last weeks Raw.

Orton: We’ve gotta teach Benoit a lesson!!! He can’t walk all over us like that, speaking of lessons, Vince, last week Foley made me lose my Intercontinental Title, I would’ve beaten Edge if it wasn’t for him, so I’m going down to the ring and I’m going to challenge Mick Foley to a match a Backlash right now!! And if Foley has got the guts to face me, at Backlash I’m going to kill this legend, for good!!

Orton goes to leave but is held up by Vince.

Vince: Hang on Randy. You’re right we do need to teach Benoit a lesson and you can challenge Foley to a match at Backlash, but I think you’re gona like what I’ve got to tell you. Tonight, tonight will be Chris Benoit’s last night as World Heavyweight Champion because he is going to defend his title against……..you Randy!!!! Its gonna be Orton vs. Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship………..and Eric Bischoff is the Special Referee!!!

King: What!!!

JR: Oh he can’t do that!!!! This isn’t right!!!

Orton is excited that he’s got a big chance of becoming the Heavyweight Champion and Bischoff seems puzzled by Vince McMahon’s decision.

RVD-Booker T vs. the Bashams- World Tag Team Championships

RVD starts off in the ring with Danny Basham and is quickly on top after an early spinning kick that floors the former Smackdown superstar. RVD hits a few more kicks to the mid section and tags in Booker T. Booker T hits Danny with a couple of chops and then hits a suplex for two. Booker T goes for another suplex but its reversed and he gets slammed by a DDT. Both superstars slowly get up and Danny hits a scissor sweep and then a nice bodyslam. The cover only gets two and Doug Basham is tagged in. The Basham Brothers work together well, hook up Booker and then hit a double suplex. Doug hooks the leg 1…….2……..RVD breaks up the count and that could’ve been all. Doug Basham hits a snapmare and now puts Booker T in a sleeper. Booker T is struggling, he’s fading………fading, the arm goes down once, then twice…..WHAM!!! Van Dam just flew off the top rope and gave Doug a missile dropkick to break up the hold!!! Doug Basham is down and Booker T is slowly to his feet. RVD is screaming to be tagged in; Booker looks at him but decides against it and goes after Doug but misses a clothesline and is dropped by a back elbow. Danny is tagged back in and sweeps Booker T back to the mat. Cover attempt 1……..2…………again Van Dam breaks up the pin and Booker T is in a lot of trouble. Van Dam drags Booker back over to his corner and then pleads for the tag; Booker T is up and……..makes the tag!!! Van Dam is in, he gives Danny some right hands and then monkey flips him out of the corner. Rob Van Dam is on fire……rolling thunder!!! Van Dam tags Booker T back in, Booker goes for the cover, 1…….2……….No!! So close but Danny kicked out, Booker T is very frustrated, he looks like he’s gona do the Spinnerooni but changes his mind. Van Dam is on the top rope but the referee saw him and makes him get down, meanwhile Doug pulled Danny Basham out of the ring and made a switch!!! Booker T charges at Doug but runs into an arm drag, now the arm bar is locked in, Booker T taps!!!! Booker T tapped out very quickly and in surprising circumstances we have new tag team champions!!!

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions: the Bashams

Van Dam looks puzzled and goes over to Booker T, Booker just shoves him away and RVD is left in the ring wondering what just happened as his partner walks out on him.

An ad promotion roles for Raw and the Raw sponsors.

Randy Orton’s music emanates through the arena and the self proclaimed legend killer is booed to the ring as he prepares to challenge Mick Foley.

Orton: Will you people shut up can’t you seem someone more important than you is trying to speak!?


Orton: Mick Foley I know you’re in the arena and you know why I’ve come out here so what don’t you hurry up and come out from the back.

Scrrreeeech!!! Here he comes!!! The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley receives a deafening roar and makes his way out to the entrance way.

Foley: How about you get this over with Randy.

Orton: (CROWD: FOLEY FOLEY FOLEY!!!) Well if these idiots would shut their damn mouths I would!!!


Foley: I don’t think they’re gona listen to you so what don’t you just come out with it.

Orton: Well it’s like this Mick, for months now it has been back and forth, back and forth, Orton beats Foley down, Foley gets up, Orton beats Foley to a bloody mess, Foley gets back up, Foley thinks that with Mr. Hollywood The Rock’s help he’s going to get even with the Legend Killer at Wrestlemania but he loses. But that’s not enough because Mick Foley keeps getting involved in Randy Orton’s life. He costs Randy Orton his Intercontinental Championship last week on Raw. Mick Foley keeps getting beaten up and embarrassed in front of millions of people but he keeps coming back for more. So at Backlash, Mick Foley versus Randy Orton, one of the greatest rivalries in the past few years of wrestling, Mick Foley versus Randy Orton one on one, this is the final encounter where Randy Orton kills the legend of Mick Foley once and for all!!


Foley: You think that what has happened between you and me is the biggest rivalry in years? Sure you’ve gotten your Evolution buddies to beat me down in two on ones and three on ones, you’ve put me through tables and thrown me down stairs but the fact is that you’re just a boy Randy. You’re just a little boy hiding behind his words and his ambushes backstage. The fact is Randy, you’re scared of me and you’re scared of losing to a cooky old retired wrestler like me!! At Backlash, you’re right it will be the final encounter, it will be one of the biggest battles in years, but at Backlash Randy Orton will by the end of the night wishing that he’d gone to Smackdown like the rest of his Evolution buddies because Mick Foley is gona send you to a place you’ve never been before and you will experience a sort of pain that you will have nightmares about and in years to come you will wake up in a cold sweat remembering what that night at Backlash was like!!!

This crowd is going nuts and Mick Foley is pumped up!!!

Orton: Well that’s really scary stuff Mick, really intimidating and I’m really worried about losing now ha!! Another thing Mick, at Backlash you’re not only going to be getting a shot at revenge with me, you’re gona be getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship after I beat Chris Benoit tonight!!! Anyways Mick good luck at Backlash, that is…..if you make it there at all!!!

WHACK!!! Whoa!! The Big Show just came out of nowhere and nailed Foley from behind in the back of the head with a steel chair!!!


Show kicks Foley on the ground and now here comes Orton, Orton gives Foley some kicks and……….RKO onto the metal ramp!!!! Randy Orton just gave Foley an RKO onto the metal entrance way!!!! Foley is motionless!!! Oh what now!!! Oh my god no!!! CHOKESLAM!!!! Foley just got chokeslammed to hell onto the entrance way by the Big Show!!!! Foley’s hasn’t moved this is shocking!!!! That damn Orton!!!!

Orton: Hey Mick, see you at Backlash!![/COLOR

Orton and Show leave together and Mick Foley still hasn’t moved. The EMT’s come to the entrance way and take away a still motionless Foley in an ambulance!!


None other than the CLB Christian comes down to the ring in casual attire looking very pleased with himself. Christian announces that it’s been too long and tonight is a night for The Peep Show!!


Christian announces that the special guest for tonight is someone who is beautiful and should be the Women’s Champion, Trish!!!


Trish comes out to big heat and talks about being cheated out of the World Women’s Championship last week. She also comments on how good Christian is in bed and how much of a loser Chris Jericho is.

5……4……3……..2……1……..BOOM!!! Jericho has had enough and Y2J makes his way down to the ring with massive cheers from the sold out crowd!!

Jericho gets in the ring and starts shaping up to fight Christian immediately. Christian says this is exactly what he thought Jericho would do, come out and try to get revenge. Christian tells Jericho that he has talked to Vince McMahon and if he touches Christian then he will be suspended indefinitely. Jericho looks around the crowd and isn’t sure what he should do. Jericho’s trying to resist and Christian laughs at Jericho saying he can’t touch him. WHACK!! Jericho punches Christian hard and starts beating the hell out of the CLB. Jericho is pounding Christian in the corner but Trish comes in and gives him a low blow. Jericho is in pain on the ground and Matt Morgan comes down to the ring and starts beating Jericho. Christian has recovered and plants Jericho with the Unprettier and Christian, Morgan and Trish walk out laughing as McMahon comes to the entrance way and announces that Jericho is suspended indefinitely!!!

Chavo Guerrero is in his locker room and he’s approached by Paul London.

London says that he knows Chavo didn’t really hurt his ankle and he’s just faking it because he knew Kidman was gona beat him tonight. Chavo tells him to shut up but he just gets slapped by London!! Chavo tells London that he’s gona pay but London runs out of the locker room. Chavo chases London and runs after him showing no problems with his ankle but runs into…………Eric Bischoff and Billy Kidman!!! Paul London’s standing there with a big smile on his face and it looks like Chavo has been set up.

Eric: I thought you had a sore ankle!!?

Chavo: Umm…..well…….ahh……

Eric: You think I’m an idiot!! I don’t know what things were like with Paul Heyman on Smackdown, but here on Raw you don’t pull this kind of crap!!

Chavo: But……ahh….

Eric: Stop your stuttering!! Seeing you’re obviously fit to wrestle you can defend your Cruiserweight title against Billy Kidman at Backlash……….in a ladder match!!!!!

Chavo is left standing there obviously upset about what just happened.

Chris Benoit is warming up for his second title defense in two weeks and is approached by Shawn Michaels.

HBK: Last week I Superkicked your ass to the ground but you still didn’t get pinned to lose your title. I’m glad you didn’t Benoit because, by you retaining the title, just like you’re going to do tonight, I’ll get the match that I’ve wanted with you at Backlash.

Benoit: What makes you so sure that I’m gona win tonight?

HBK: Because I know how much that belt means to you, and I know that deep down you want to face me at Backlash for the highest prize in a match that will surely go down in history. Are you gona tell me I’m wrong?

Benoit: No, in fact I’ll go as far as saying that so long as I retain my title tonight, I am granting you a title shot at Backlash!! But at Backlash, it won’t be match that you’ll want to remember. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a match to win.

HBK: I’ll see you at Backlash.


World Heavyweight Champion comes down to the ring to an outstanding reception from the pumped up crowd ready for tonight’s main event. Out comes the challenger Randy Orton to an even worse reaction than normal after what he did to Mick Foley earlier tonight. The Special Referee Eric Bischoff also comes down to the ring and will Bischoff call tonight’s match straight down the middle?

Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton- World Heavyweight Championship

Both superstars stalk each other in the ring before Orton comes into Benoit but is kicked in the mid section. Blows from Benoit to Orton’s back and then some hard chops send Orton looking for the corner. The referee makes the superstars move apart and Orton rakes the eyes with a move from the playbook of the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair. Orton whips Benoit into the ropes and puts him down with a shoulder block. Benoit gets up and tries to come off the ropes again and is hit by a clothesline by Orton. Benoit’s now caught in a chin lock and Orton’s started off well in this title match. Benoit powers out of the chin lock and backdrops Orton to the mat. Both men are up and Orton is whipped into the ropes this time but he sees a dropkick coming and hangs on so Benoit falls to the mat. Orton hits an uppercut and puts Benoit back in the chin lock. Benoit is caught in the move for a while but counters it into a rollup; 1………..2…….so close for Benoit but Orton’s still in it. Eric Bischoff seemed to call that one fairly. Benoit ducks a punch then hits Orton with a stinging chop, then another hard chop, and another!! Orton takes a swing at Benoit but its ducked, German Suplex by Benoit!!! That one hurt Orton and he goes rolling out of the ring. Benoit’s calling Orton to come back in and Eric Bischoff starts the ten count. Orton gets in the ring at 8 because he doesn’t want to be counted out and Benoit immediately goes on the attack. Benoit hits two more chops then whips him into the ropes and elbows Orton to the mat. Benoit goes for a suplex but it’s turned into a small package…..1………2……..Benoit just kicked out!!! Orton suplexes Benoit to the mat and WHAM!!! What a backbreaker by Orton, 1……….2…………No Benoit kicked out again!!! So far in every pin attempt Eric Bischoff has seemed to be calling things equally. Orton takes Benoit to the corner and hangs him onto the top rope. Orton looks for the Superplex!! But Orton is shoved to the mat…………Diving Headbutt!!!! 1…………2……………WHAT!?! Vince McMahon just pulled Benoit out of the ring!!! What’s he doing out here, Vince McMahon just interrupted the count. Benoit gets up and starts punching Vince McMahon but SLAM!!! Randy Orton just planted Benoit with a cross body off the top rope!!! Oh my god Orton just nailed Benoit!!! Vince McMahon helps Orton back into the ring and Bischoff starts to make the count. 1…………2………………3…………………..4…………………….5…………………6……………7…………….8 Benoit’s struggling but he’s not gona make it!! Orton’s gona win the title………………9…………………………………………………………………ooh!!! So close, Benoit just got back in the ring!! That seemed to be a very slow ten count by Bischoff but Benoit made it back in the ring. Randy Orton can’t believe it he was so close, Vince gets out of the ring and Orton just throws Benoit straight back over the top rope. Bischoff starts giving Orton a lecture for doing it but while this is happening McMahon grabbed a chair, WHACK!! He slammed Benoit in the back that nearly broke Benoit’s in half!!! Vince rolls Benoit into the ring as Bischoff turns around and sees McMahon with the chair but Vince denies doing everything. Bischoff isn’t sure what happened so he ejects Mr. McMahon from ringside. Mr. McMahon can’t believe it but he has to leave, Orton rolls onto Benoit and the damage may have already been done, 1…………..2…………oh so close!!! Benoit barely got his shoulder up and Orton can’t believe it!! Benoit staggers to his feet and walks into the R-K-NO!!! Benoit shoves Orton into the ropes and turns it into a rollup, 1………2…………Orton kicked out!!! Orton’s still alive he wants the title bad!!! Benoit whips Orton into the ropes and Orton looks for a clothesline………..it’s ducked…..Crippler Crossface!!!! Benoit’s got it!!!!!!!!! Benoit’s locked the Crossface in!!! Orton is screaming!!!! It could be over!!! Randy moves over to the ropes, he stretches for the ropes but can’t reach, he’s so close!!! Oh my god!!! Benoit drags Orton back to the centre of the ring, Orton’s trapped!! He can’t escape the hold….he’s tapping!!! He’s tapping!!! It’s over! Benoit has retained the title!!!!

Winner & still champion: Chris Benoit

The crowd is going nuts as Benoit celebrates retaining the title, Benoit salutes to the crowd from the top rope and gets down-SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! WOW!! Michaels came out of nowhere and just floored Benoit with Sweet Chin Music for the second week in a row!!! The crowd boos Michaels from the arena as he leaves laughing at a fallen Benoit. Benoit rolls out of the ring and is lying on the outside, meanwhile Randy Orton is still on his knees in the ring in disbelief about what just happened. He had the match won; he was so close at winning the Heavyweight Championship……WHAT THE HELL!!!!! FOLEY!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS FOLEY DOIN HERE!!!!! FOLEY SHOULD BE IN HOSPITAL, WHAT THE HELL!! Foley, wearing a neck brace slides into the ring and brings out…………..MR. SOCKO!!!! Orton turns around and it’s Mr. Socko!!!! Foley’s choking Orton, Orton can’t breath he’s choking!!! Foley lets Orton go on the ground and salutes the crowd and rips off his neck brace. Orton staggers to his feet grabbing his throat……….Double Arm DDT!!!! Orton is motionless because he just got flattened by Foley!!! Foley gets a chair and comes back into the ring…..

Foley: Randy you said earlier that it wasn’t going to be any ordinary match because you said it would be for the Heavyweight Championship , well obviously that’s not true now seeing you lost. But I’ve got a reason that it’s not gona be a normal match. It’s not gona be a normal match because its gona be a Hardcore Rules Match!!!!! See you at Backlash Randy, Have a nice day!!!

Foley puts the chair on the ground picks up Orton and delivers a second, even more sickening Double Arm DDT onto the steel chair. Orton is covered in blood as Mick Foley salutes to the crowd and Raw goes off the air!!!!


World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit* vs. Shawn Michaels

Intercontinental Championship
Edge* vs. Big Show

Cruiserweight Championship
Ladder Match
Chavo Guerrero* vs. Billy Kidman

Hardcore Rules Match
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

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PLEASE give me some comments, maybe like i've seen in other threads with:

Match of the Week/Month
Shock of the Week/Month
Highlight of the Week/Month:

Best Developed Storyline:

You can do it weekly or monthly it's up to you, please post comments and opinions!!

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coming soon...........

The 3rd weeks RAW in this main event ratings war between THE SHOWSTOPPER CABS_26!!! and juvy.

On last weeks Raw four matches for Backlash were confirmed........How will Benoit react to being Superkicked by his World Heavyweight Title challenger Shawn Michaels. Also, what is the status of Randy Orton who was decimated by Mick Foley who announced that the two superstars match would be a Hardcore Match. Also at Backlash Chavo Guerrero will defend his Cruiserweight title against Billy Kidman and Edge embarassed the Big Show last week and those two will do battle for Edge's Intercontinental Title!!

Also last week on Raw Chris Jericho was suspended indefinitely after snapping and going after Christian who seems to have formed an alliance with Matt Morgan. What lies for Christian's future now that he is rid of Y2J?

Another suprising event last week was Booker T seemingly walking out on Rob Van Dam after losing a match to the Bashams. Is this talented tag team on the verge of self destruction?

Find out this and more on the next Raw as the road to Backlash continues coming soon to all booking fans!!!

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Hey everyone,

Apparently Juvy is extremely busy with his indy circuit so i'm wondering if its the end of our ratings war.....

Its been a while mate so i guess we'll have to end it early as i cant wait 4eva even tho Juvy can't help it. It's a shame we couldnt finish it bcos IMO we were really even but i'm looking to move onto another thread so if i dont hear from you very soon it looks like the end of the cabs_26 v Juvy ratings war.........

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wow where have i been Juvy's got his SMACKDOWN up!!!!! OK here's my RAW a bit late............

RAW (March 29th)

A long video clip roles showing last weeks horrific events where Mick Foley annihilated Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels once again gave Chris Benoit Sweet Chin Music to leave him lying in the ring. There is also a recap of Chris Jericho snapping after interrupting Christian’s Peep Show and consequently being suspended by Eric Bischoff!!

The fireworks blast through the arena and the crowd goes nuts for the start of Raw just two weeks out from Backlash!!

JR: Ladies and gentleman we are live in front of a packed out crowd welcome to Monday Night Raw I’m JR Jim Ross with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and King we are just two weeks away from Backlash!!!

King: That’s right JR I can’t wait its gona be great!! We already know four matches that are gona happen and they are huge!!!

JR: Yes ladies and gentleman, at Backlash as announced last week by Vince McMahon it will Edge defending his Intercontinental Title against the Big Show in a match that has been designed to punish Edge!!!

King: Yeah but what about Randy Orton, what’s he gona do!! He’s gotta face Mick Foley in a Hardcore rules match!!! Did you see what happened to Orton last week when Mick Foley got his hands on a chair!! What’s gona happen when he gets tables and barbed wire bats!!!

JR: Folks, it is sure to be a bloodbath. But also at Backlash Billy Kidman will challenge Chavo Guerrero for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a ladder match!!! This is going to be an exciting, highflying match if I ever saw one King!!

King: Well, that’s what happens when Chavo got caught lying by Eric Bischoff last week!! Now he’s gotta defend his Cruiserweight Championship!!

JR: and who can forget, Backlash’s main event, which will see Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels take each other on to decide the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

King: Oh my god!!! Benoit and HBK!! The Wolverine and the Showstopper in the same ring!!! For the World Heavyweight Championship!!! Oh my god!!

JR: That is going to be a match for the age’s ladies and gentleman what a card for Backlash and we’ve still got two weeks to go!!! But what about tonight folks!!

Lita first and then Trish accompanied by Christian both make their way down to the ring for this singles match to determine the number one contender for the WWE Womens Championship. The winner of this match will face WWE Women’s Champion Shaniqua, at Backlash.

Lita v Trish Stratus- Number 1 Contenders match (WWE Women’s Title)

Lita is on top from the start after a hard slap and then a back kick. Trish takes a hard chop from Lita and squeals in pain. Lita hits a spinning back kick. Lita arm drags Trish to the mat and locks in an armbar. Trish rolls out of the submission and elbows Lita in the face to break the hold. Lita is whipped into the ropes and then takes a right hand to the temple from Trish. A Hard slam by Trish that sends Lita crashing to the mat and there’s a cover, 1....2…..no!! This match will continue Lita kicked out! Lita struggles to her feet….Chick Kick!! No!!! Lita ducked it and clotheslines Trish hard down to the mat. Lita ducks another right hand from Trish and hits a snap suplex. Trish is on her feet, she’s wobbly, Lita’s up top…...Flying elbow off the top rope by Lita!!! She hooks the leg…. 1....2....what the hell!!! Christian just pulled Lita off Trish and out of the ring. The crowd boos the CLB in disgust but he just stands there with a cocky grin on his face. The referee yells at Christian and tells him not to touch Lita and Christian just acts innocent. Christian doesn’t do anything to Lita but the damage may have been done because it looked like Lita was about to get the win. Trish is back up, she gets on top of Lita shoving her into the corner and she starts choking scratching at Lita’s face!!! Lita falls to the match after the ref made Trish break the hold. Tirsh starts laughing at smiles at Christian who is on the outside. Lita is on the ground holding her throat, 5…….4……….3……2…….1………BOOM!!!!! JERICHO!!! Chris Jericho’s music hits and he was supposed to be suspended last week, what’s he doing here!?!? Christian and Trish both look to the entrance way but no Jericho, where’s Y2J?? Oh wait a minute, rollup!! 1....2....3!! It's over!!! Lita rolled up Trish and got the win!! Trish can’t believe it!!! Jericho tricked her and Lita’s the number one contender!!

Winner and number 1 contender for the Women’s Championship: Lita

Lita has won the match, but wait!!! Chris Jericho comes out of nowhere through the crowd and starts to beat the living hell out of Christian. Jericho whips Christian into the steel steps and he’s down!!! The crowd is going nuts for Y2J!! Jericho starts kicking Christian on the ground and now lifts him up and throws some right hands. Christian is down on the ground and Jericho goes to get a steel chair, Christian staggers to his feet……..wham!! The steel chair slams into Christian’s head and he’s motionless on the mat!!! Oh my god!!! Christian has been busted open from that chair shot!! Chris Jericho’s not even supposed to be here, he’s suspended!!! Oh no what now…..Jericho goes searching under the ring apron and brings out……………a TABLE!!!! Jericho’s got a table set up on the outside; he drags Christian to his feet and puts him on top of the table. Jericho climbs up to the ring apron, what’s he doing? Oh my god he’s gona go for a Lionsault……slap!!! Trish!!! Trish just slapped Jericho across the face and now she’s pulling his hair!!! Trish pulls at Jericho’s hair but here comes Lita!!! Lita spins Trish around, TWIST OF FATE!!!! Trish is down and not moving…………….LIONSAULT THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! OH MY GOD JERICHO HIT IT!!!! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!! Jericho just smashed through Christian and put him through the table!!! The crowd has absolutely lost it!!!! The arena is deafening as Christian is absolutely out cold, Jericho can barely move, there’s blood streaming from his head after going head first into Christian and the table!! Both men are covered in blood; Jericho’s crawling away from the carnage screaming at the ring officials for a mike!! Someone walks over and gives a microphone to Y2J who can barely speak.

Y2J: I waaant………………Chrrristian……at………………………………Baaacklash!!!!

JR: Oh my god!!! Good God almighty!!! Chris Jericho!!! He wants to face Christian at Backlash!! This is insane!!!! Jericho wants Christian in two weeks at Backlash!!! But he’s suspended!!!! Oh my god, look at the carnage!!!

King: Oh my god JR!!! Jericho’s snapped he’s a nut!!! Look at him!!! He’s suspended he shouldn’t even be here!! Poor Christian!


After the break we see ‘During the break’ footage showing Christian being taken away in an ambulance. Bischoff is there and he tells Big Show to find Jericho and bring him to him. Big Show goes off looking for Jericho and Bischoff starts walking through the backstage. Now we go back to Live and Bischoff walks into his office…..WHAM!!! Jericho!!! Jericho was waiting and he pulls Jericho into the office and slams the door. Bischoff is thrown to the ground and held down by Jericho who is covered in blood, obviously hurt and has snapped!!!

Y2J: Bischoff….lift my suspension and give me a match with Christian at Backlash!!!

Eric: But, but….I can’t do it Chris…

Y2J: What do you mean you can’t!! Just do it otherwise you’ll end up worse than what I just did to Christian!!

Bischoff is absolutely scared out of his mind, Jericho has a crazed look!!!

Eric: I can’t just lift a suspension just like that, I can’t do it!!! But wait...I know what I can do. How about this how about a match, how about a match that decides whether or not you are suspended anymore!!! Yeah!!! And it’ll be tonight, now obviously Christian can’t be in it because you’ve just sent him to hospital and you can’t because you’re suspended. How about, you pick any wrestler you want and I get Trish to represent Christian and pick any wrestler she wants and those two can have a match. If Christian and Trish’s guy wins then you’re still suspended, but if your guy wins your suspension will be lifted and I will meet all of your demands!!!

Y2J: I like it……..but you better hope I get my match otherwise I’ll be back!!!

Eric is left and he’s is scared out of his mind. But who will be in the match tonight!!!

Next up is sure to be a highflying, fast paced match with Billy Kidman taking on Funaki. In two weeks at Backlash, Kidman will face Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight title in a ladder match!!

Billy Kidman v Funaki

Billy Kidman strikes Funaki down to the mat and is on top from the start. Kidman hits a chop then whips Kidman into the ropes and plants Funaki with a shoulder back toss. Kidman gets Funaki to his feet and he goes for a whip but it is reversed so Kidman fly’s off the ropes with an elbow smash. Funaki is back up and charges at Kidman but is put to the mat with an arm drag. Kidman hits another arm drag and Funaki looks frustrated. Billy whips Funaki into the corner and hits a splash in the corner, Funaki is down and there’s a cover, 1.2….Kick out by Funaki!! Kidman goes for a kick but it’s caught by Funaki so Billy goes for an enziguri but Funaki saw it coming, ducked and then put Kidman to the mat with a clothesline. Kidman reverses a whip and Funaki is setn into the corner. Billy Kidman goes for another splash but Funaki moves out of the way and Kidman hits the turnbuckles hard. Funaki scores with a back heel kick on Kidman and he’s starting to get some momentum. Funaki’s up top, Hurricanrana off the top!!! Kidman is down!!! Pin, 1…..2……No!!! That was close for Funaki but Kidman just kicked out!!! Funaki whips Kidman into the corner and hangs him onto the top rope. Funaki looks for a Frankensteiner but Kidman won’t let it happen……..BK BOMB!!!!! That’ll be all Kidman’s got him, wait!!! Chavo Guerrero is on the entrance way and Kidman’s seen him. Kidman gets to his feet without pinning Funaki and he and Chavo start talking some trash to each other. Kidman calls Chavo down to the ring but Chavo just laughs, rollup!!!! Chavo screwed Kidman, he tricked him…..OH!! Billy Kidman barely kicked out of a rollup from Funaki in a 2.9 count!! That was amazing I thought Kidman was gone and Chavo looks annoyed that his Backlash opponent kicked out!! Funaki goes comes off the ropes at Kidman but is flattened by a huge dropkick!!! Kidman gets Funaki to his feet and then slams him down again with a wicked DDT. Billy Kidman has Funaki down on the canvas and is ascending the corner. Kidman gets to the top and yells some trash to Chavo on the entrance way before launching himself off the top……….Shooting Star Press!!! 1....2....3!!

Winner via pinfall: Billy Kidman

Billy Kidman gets the win and continues his good form despite the presence of Chavo Guerrero and the two superstars stare each other down as the lead up to Backlash continues!!!


JR and King announce that Randy Orton will not be at tonight’s show due to the injuries he suffered at the hands of Mick Foley last week. Foley will also not be on the show due to an order from Vince McMahon as punishment for doing what he did to Randy Orton.

Sexy boy blasts through the arena and Shawn Michaels struts out to a mixed reception from the packed out arena and gets on he mic.

HBK: Last week, something happened………..something amazing happened!!! Something wonderful happened; let’s have a look to refresh your memory.

A tape roles on the Titantron showing Chris Benoit being given Sweet Chin Music last week by Shawn Michaels. The crowd boos the tape and a big smile creeps across Michael’s face.

HBK: For the second week in a row I kicked the head off Chris Benoit’s shoulders and showed everyone just how much of a showstopper I am. What you just saw is what’s going to happen at Backlash and as much respect as I have for Chris Benoit as World Heavyweight Champion, I am the showstopper and I am going to win that title!!!

The crowd starts getting into HBK and the boos are ever increasing.

HBK: And another thing, if Ran……….

CRASH!!! SHATTERING GLASS, THE MUSIC BLASTS THROUGH THE ARENA, THE CROWD GOES UP!!!......STONE COLD!!!! STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN IS HERE!!!! The crowd goes absolutely mental as the Texas Rattlesnake storms down to the ring after being away from the WWE for the last month and Shawn Michaels cannot believe what it going on!!!!!

SCSA: I’ve been away for a month since Wrestlemania 20, one month and in that month all I’ve noticed is you becoming more and more of a whining, cheating sumbitch!!! You think that because you can catch Chris Benoit off guard you’re gona win the World Heavyweight Championship, you think you’re a shoe in and its gona be easy to beat Chris Benoit. If everyone here think that at Backlash Chris Benoit is gona kick Shawn Michael’s ass and retain the World Heavyweight Championship, gimme a hell yeah!!!


SCSA: Well there you have it. There’s a wake up call for ya, but I think you need another wake up call. You need a bit of a warm up to Backlash and you look a bit out of shape!!!! So tonight….the main event…….a pay-per-view worthy match……..one night only………COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT!!!!.........A REMATCH FROM WRESTLEMANIA 14!!!!……..THE SHOWSTOPPER versus…………THE SUMBITCH……..HELL RAISIN………BEER SWILLIN’ TEXAS RATTLESNAKE!!!!!!!! STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!! IS GONA WHIP SHAWN MICHAELS ASS RIGHT HERE IN THIS VERY RING!!!!!

Oh MY GOD!!!! Austin’s gona fight Michaels!!! Austin vs. HBK!! TONIGHT!!! THIS CROWD IS GOING NUTS!!!!!


Michaels can’t believe it!!!!!! Austin vs. Michaels tonight!!!!

Edge is shown walking into the arena and you can hear the crowd give him a loud cheer when they see him on the Titantron. Edge is approached by the owner of the WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

Vince: You think you’re pretty hot stuff don’t ya!? You think you’re so damn special, so damn fantastic!!! You think your gona be the next main event superstar!!! You think you were so damn funny last week making fun of the Big Show like you did!! Well let me tell you something, tonight you’re gona be sorry for what you did last week!! Tonight you are in a no disqualification match!!! And it will be an opponent of my choosing!!!

Vince leaves and Edge is left wondering who he’s going to be facing in a no DQ match tonight!!!

Next up Rob Van Dam and Booker T have a rematch against The Bashams for the World Tag Team Championships!!! The Bashams make their way down to the ring to a chorus and here comes RVD!! The crowd goes nuts as Van Dam comes to the ring and is to be joined by his partner Booker T!! ‘Can you dig it, Sucka!!!?’ The Booker man’s music plays through the arena, but where’s Booker T? The music continues to play but still no Booker T!! Van Dam doesn’t know what’s going on, it seems as if Booker T is a no show!! RVD shakes his head in disbelief and starts walking to the back and RVD & Booker T are forced into forfeit.

‘Whoa whoa whoa whoa, where do you think you’re going?!!’ Van Dam looks up to see Eric Bischoff on the Titantron.

Eric: Hey, Booker T may not have shown up for his match but I booked a match for right now so there has to be a match. So Rob Van Dam, seeing Booker T’s not here you will face the Bashams alone, in a handicap match!!

Boooo!!! Van Dam can’t believe it!! He’s got to take on The Bashams by himself!! This isn’t right!! Where’s Booker T?! Both Bashams knock Van Dam to the ground from behind and lead him back to the ring and this match will go forward!!!


The Bashams lead RVD into the ring and Danny will start off and he whips RVD into the ropes and back elbows him to the mat. Danny goes for an early pin but gets a two count. Doug Basham uses a forearm to the face and then whips RVD into the ropes followed by a monkey toss on Van Dam. RVD is caught in a sleeper hold by Doug and is stuggling for air. He falls to his knees but quickly regains his feet and reverses the sleeper into a jaw breaker. RVD takes a while to get up but he comes off the ropes with speed but Doug ducks a clothesline. RVD now goes for a spinning heel kick but Doug saw it coming again and RVD falls to the mat in a heap. Danny is tagged in and it’s time for a double team. The Bashams whip RVD into the ropes and SLAM!!! The Bashams were looking for a double backdrop but RVD turned it into a HUGE tornado DDT from the top rope that looked brutal!!!! Danny just got drilled and both superstars are down and Doug tagged out so the referee forces him to leave the ring. Danny wobbles to his feet as does Van Dam. Hard right hand to RVD’s jaw but he comes back with two right hands of his own and then whips Danny into the opposite corner. RVD nails Danny in the gut and then does it twice more, running monkey flip!!!! Rolling thunder!!! Cover by Van Dam he’s gonna steal it!! 1……..2…….….OH!! Doug broke up the count and hit a stiff kick to RVD’s jaw. Doug pulls Danny over to his corner before he’s kicked out of the ring so it’s easy for Danny to make the tag. Danny succeeds and tags in Doug Basham. Danny Basham whips Doug Basham in for a hard clothesline to follow-up. Doug floors RVD near the ropes and goes for a rollup. Doug’s using the ropes for leverage! The referee hasn't seen it and Danny holds Doug’s legs to the rope making it even harder for RVD!!!! 1....2....3!!

Winners: The Bashams

Josh Matthews reports that Trish has nominated Matt Morgan as Christian’s representative for tonight’s match. However, it is still unknown who Jericho will choose to wrestle tonight against Matt Morgan.

Rob Van Dam goes into the RAW locker room where he finds Booker T who was a no show in the pairs match against the Bashams.

RVD: Dude what the hell is going on? I just got my ass handed to me by The Bashams, where were you man?!

Booker: Look Van Dam, I wrestled with against the Bashams last week and we lost!! My arm is still hurting from last week!!! There’s no way I was gona risk further injury for such a stupid match!!!

RVD: A stupid match!? That was gona be for the World Tag Team titles, what’s wrong with you man!?

Booker: What’s wrong with me?! What’s wrong with you Van Dam!? I’m sick of all these stupid matches and having to do what Rob Van Dam wants to do!!! You try and force me into a match when I’m not even fit to wrestle!! I’ve had enough!!

Booker T walks out on his supposed partner Rob Van Dam for he second week in a row and RVD can do nothing but shake his head at what’s happening between the former tag team champions.


Edge comes to the ring to a huge ovation and then is followed by his mystery opponent…….BOOKER T!!!!! Booker T earlier tonight didn’t show up to his match with RVD claiming that he was injured and now he’s wrestling against Edge!!? What’s going on!?!!?!

Edge vs. Booker T

Booker T fires off some right and left hands. Booker chair shots Edge. Cover for a two count. Booker walks into a trip. Running knee lift from Edge. Cover for a two count. Full nelson slam on Booker. Edge scoop slams Booker onto and through a table. There's a two count on the pin. Booker T reverses a hip toss. Booker T hits a bulldog off the ropes. Pin : 1 - 2 - 2.9999999. They brawl to the outside and into the crowd. Right hand from Booker. Cover for a two count. Booker T uses a headbutt on the outside. They wind up back in the squared circle. Booker only gets knees on a splash. Booker whips Edge into the turnbuckles...and predictably, the referee gets sandwiched. Edge scores with a standing spinebuster. Hooks the leg, but the referee is still out. Massive backbreaker, Booker got planted. Cover, but there's a last second kick-out. Booker blocks a punch. Big Show comes running down the aisle and onto the apron! Edge turns...and is dropped throat-first onto the top rope by Show! Big Show has left Edge in big trouble. Edge can barely stand. Book End! 1....2....3. Booker and Show tie Edge up in the ropes, then start punching away at him until referees run down and break it up.

Winner: Booker T

Booker T celebrates and RVD comes to the ring looking pissed off and starts challenging Booker T asking that he thought Booker said he was injured. Booker T just laughs at Van Dam hits him with and hits Van Dam with a hard punch. RVD is knocked around and walks straight into a HUGE CHOKESLAM by the Big Show. Booker T and Big Show walk away from a motionless RVD laughing about what just happened.

JR and King announce that tonight’s RAW is sponsored by Gatorade and Snickers!!!

Matt Morgan makes his way down to the ring with Trish and here comes Y2J about to announce his representative!!

Y2J: Tonight, I wasn’t sure who I’d choose to wrestle in my place especially seeing when you’re in the WWE nobody has many friends so it was going to be hard to find some suitable. It was always going to find someone who would be able to match the standards of Y2J!!! Someone with the charisma and the talent that all of the Jerichoholics look for, someone with the star quality, the movie star look, someone who is adored by millions…………..and millions of fans!!!!

The crowd is going nuts!!! Could it be……..

Y2J: He’s gotta be electrifying!!!! He’s gotta be……….The Rock!!!

‘If you smmeeeeeellllll what The Rock, is cookin!!!’’ Oh my god it is!! It’s The Rock!! The great one, the peoples champion is here!!!! In front of a massive ovation, the most electrifying man in all of entertainment makes his way down to the ring, The Rock!!!

Matt Morgan vs. the Rock
• If Morgan wins Jericho will remain indefinitely suspended.
• If The Rock wins, Y2J’s suspension is over and Eric Bischoff will grant Chris Jericho’s demands for a match with Christian at Backlash.

Rock slams Morgan early with a Dragon Screw. Morgan goes for a right hand but The Rock blocks it and fires back. The Rock hits some hard classic right hands and Morgan is knocked to the mat. Rock reverses an irish whip...and Morgan comes back with a shoulder block. Morgan plants The Rock with a neck breaker. Cover, but just for two as The Rock kicks out. A Flying shoulder tackle by Rock sends Batista to the mat. The Rock whips Morgan who charges off the ropes, spinebuster!!!! The Rock goes for the Sharpshooter!!!! Morgan is caught, he’s screaming!!!! Trish is telling him to get to the ropes!!!! Morgan crawls, and crawls…he got it!!! Morgan got to the ropes and the hold is broken. The Rock starts stomping down on Morgan. The Rock brings Morgan back to the centre and goes for a DDT but it’s reversed into a backdrop by Morgan who struts around the ring. The Rock flips off his back quickly and the crowd loves it!! Morgan turns around and sees the Rock on his feet and looks shocked. Morgan charges at Rocky who ducks and then nails a DDT!!! 1……..2………..Oh so close!!! Matt Morgan just kicked out. The Rock fires some more punches and another whip off the ropes, and another spinebuster!!! Here we go!!! The most electrifying move in ALL of entertainment!!!! The Rock comes off the ropes oh!!! But Trish grabbed The Rock’s ankle and his face planted into the mat. Trish slaps The Rock when he does and now Morgan throws him into the corner and starts throwing some wild right hands. A huge overhand punch by Morgan drills The Rock and he’s squashed by a splash in the corner, cover….1………2………kick out by The Rock!!!!! Jericho’s on the apron and so is Trish. The ref goes over to Trish to get her off the apron and Morgan goes after Jericho. Jericho hung Morgan up and he came bouncing off the rope and walked into a Rock Bottom!!!!! 1....2....3! The referee never noticed Jericho’s interference and he’s done it!!!!

Winner: The Rock

Jericho’s suspended has been lifted. Jericho hugs The Rock and Trish is yelling at Morgan for losing the match!!! Bischoff appears on the titantron and announces that ALL of Jericho’s demands have been met. His suspension is over, and at Backlash it’ll be Chris Jericho versus Christian………in a steel cage!!!!! Jericho asked for a cage match!! Oh my god this is gona be hellacious!!! Jericho talks trash to Jericho and he and The Rock celebrate into the commercial break.


JR and King Promo all the Backlash matches announced. The card so far:

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Benoit© vs. Shawn Michaels

Intercontinental Championship
Edge© vs. Big Show

Hardcore Match
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Ladder Match
Chavo Guerrero© vs. Billy Kidman

The Showstopper comes to the ring and then the Texas Rattlesnake comes out to a massive ovation and he looks ready for a fight!!!!

Shawn Michaels vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

HBK starts receiving punishment straight away when he gets in the ring because Austin is firing away blazing right hands. Austin whips Michaels and hits a Lou Thesz Press on Michaels!!! Austin is on top of HBK hammering down and now he gets up and whips him into the corner. Stone Cold charges at HBK who moves out of the way and Austin charges straight into the turnbuckle. Michaels laughs at Austin who’s struggling to his feet……..Sweet Chin-NO!!! Austin ducked…..STUNNER!!! NO!!!! HBK shoves Austin into the ropes and HBK hits an elbow to the side of the head. Michaels lifts Austin to his feet and starts chopping Austin into the corner as the crowd let of the “Woooo’s” in tribute to the great Ric Flair. CHOP, CHOP!!!! Austin holds his stinging chest in pain, CHOP!!! WOW!! Austin comes out of nowhere and turns HBK into the corner and starts belting him with right hands. Now Austin starts hitting some chops of his own!!!! Austin punches HBK who is cowering in the corner and now Austin is stomping a mud hole!!!! WHAT!!! WHAT!!! WHAT!!! Austin salutes to the crowd and hits Michaels with a hard suplex. Austin is wrestling like he never left the ring and he’s taking it to Michaels!!!! Austin goes for the stunner!!! HBK shoves Austin into the ropes this but this time he holds on and goes for the rollup, 1….2………NO!!! Austin just barely kicked out there!!!! HBK goes to whip the rattlesnake but it’s reversed and Michaels comes off the ropes and is dropped onto his back. Austin’s goin for the sharpshooter!!!!! Austin got it locked in!!! HBK has felt this move from Chris Benoit before but now Austin’s using it and Michaels is screaming in pain!!!! Michaels is trying to make it to the ropes and he’s nearly got it…..but Austin pulls him back to the centre!!!!!! Michaels is nearly tapping!!! Michaels is crawling and screaming…….he got it!!! HBK got to the ropes and Austin’s gotta break the hold. Austin lines up behind Michaels, Million Dollar Dream!!!! Austin has it locked in!!!!!! Austin is bringing out moves from when he was the Ringmaster!!! HBK is fading quickly, he’s on his knees and now he falls on his side but luckily he was close to the edge of the ropes. Michaels fell onto the bottom rope and he’s been choked out but he’s fallen onto the rope to break the hold!!! Austin drags Michaels to the middle of the ring, 1………2……………..OH!!! That ws 2.9 and Michaels somehow kicked out and he’s pissed off the Texas Rattlesnake!!!! Austin goes to lock in the Million dollar Dream again and he’s got it!!!!.........OHH!!!!! Michaels just gave Austin a mule kick and the referee didn’t see it!!! I can’t believe it!!! Austin is grabbing at his groin in pain and Michaels has fallen back to the mat. Austin gers up and charges at Michaels but is sent to the mat with an arm drag that turns into an arm bar from Michaels!!!! Austin fights to his feet and goes to whip Michaels but it’s reversed and Austin is sent flying into the referee!!!! The referee is knocked to the ground……..SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! Austin just got drilled, cover…..1………..2……….3………..4…………5……….there’s no referee!!! He’s been knocked right out of the ring and Michaels can’t pin Austin!!!!! Michaels can’t believe it but now he gets out of the ring and grabs a chair from the outside!!! Michaels is back in the ring and Austin is crawling to his feet. Stone Cold is up and Michaels swings with the chair!!!! AND MISSES!!! Austin ducked and the chair bounces off the ropes and nails HBK in the head, the chair falls out of the ring and Michaels is spun around by the hit, STUNNER!!!! Pin!!!! Pin him Austin!!! Austin crawls on top of Michaels!!!!! 1....2….3…….4…….5…….no referee again!!! The referee is still down and the match continues. Michaels has been busted open by the steel chair and both superstars are down. Both men slowly, slowly use the ropes to climb to their feet. HBK throws a hard right hand, Austin comes back with one of his own and another, and another right by stone Cold!!!! Michaels drops to his knees and nails Austin with a low blow!!!!!! That’s despicable!!! HBK hit a low blow!!!! A sick smile creeps across Michaels bloody face and he starts gloating to the crowd but all of a sudden Chris Benoit comes running down the aisle and the crowd goes nuts!!!! Benoit gets up on the apron and Michaels takes a swing but Benoit ducks and drops Michaels head onto the ropes!!! Shawn Michaels is spun around, STUNNER!!!!! Austin stunned HBK; the referee is crawling back into the ring!!!!! COVER!!!! 1……..2…….....3! Steve Austin pinned HBK!!!! Steve Austin pinned HBK!!!!

Winner: Stone Cold

Steve Austin shakes hands with Chris Benoit and the two superstars salute to the cheering crowd as RAW fades out.
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