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My Personal Top Ladder Matches

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Ok I'm gonna start this off by saying I'm not perfect and I have not seen every ladder match of all time. In fact I've seen a total of 22 Ladder Matches, so I will rank those here. When I do see one that you guys suggest or one I just watch for myself, I will update this list and rank it accordingly. I'll rate the ladder matches by a simple star rating(No 0 Star Ratings).Also I will not be counting TLC matches or Money In The Banks(Those are for another list).

22.Big Daddy Ritter(c) def. Jake Roberts-Stampede Wrestling 1979

Easily the worst ladder match of all time. Just simple punching and yanking down off the ladder stuff. You shouldn't be surprised considering the time this one took place. *

21.Big Boss Man def. Mankind(c)-Raw 1998

Also another horrible ladder match. It was only like 8 minutes lol, but what do you expect from Boss Man. Seriously Boss man was in a Hell In A Cell and a Ladder match?!?!?! Weirrrrrrd. *

20.Shawn Michaels(c) def. Goldust-WWF Xperience 1996

Decent enough. There were some good bumps by both men. The only way you can watch this though is in shitty quality which you can't help but let it take away from the match. **

19.Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon def. Stone Cold-King of The Ring 1999

Of course there wasn't a ton of high flying or huge bumps, but it was still alright. It was pretty much your basic attitude brawl with a couple of ladders as accessories. I really liked how they used the stage made out of ladders though. **

18.Adrian Neville def. Bo Dallas(c)-NXT Arrival

I actually expected a lot from this one considering how big of a high flyer Neville is. This one in my opinion though greatly disappointed. I understand it was both men's first ladder match, but I feel it could have been much better than it was. ***

17.Jeff Hardy(c) def. Johnny Nitro-Raw 2006

I was also disappointed in this one. Jeff usually is fast paced and delivers past my expectations in ladder matches. However this one was kinda slow and a little botchy. ***

16.Chris Jericho def. Christian-Unforgiven 2004

Another disappointment lol. I once again expected something great from these two, but it just didn't quite deliver as much as I expected. I will say the Lionsault and Walls of Jericho on the ladder was bad ass. ***

15.Dolph Ziggler(c) def. Kofi Kingston & Jack Swagger-TLC 2010

This one actually impressed me considering it was opening. There were some great bumps like the famouser on the ladder. The only downside is its length. ***

14.Edge def. Matt Hardy-Raw 2005

This actually seemed more like a TLC match considering the tables and chairs involved. It's got a lot of emotion in it considering Edge legit stole Lita from Matt. Once again the downside here is the length. ***

13.Undertaker(c) def. Jeff Hardy-Raw 2002

Man, how emotional. Jeff Hardy went into this one as the underdog and comeback kid. Taker did really well for his first ladder match, and applied psychology to this one very well. The spots were also sweet. ****

12.Finn Balor(c) def. Kevin Owens-NXT Takeover: Brooklyn

I actually watched this one live and man what a match. The bumps taken were pretty damn brutal, and Balor did a hell of a Somersault Plancha. Also when Owens fell on the ladder(OUCH), and who could forget the Coupt de Grat(or however you spell it lol). ****

11.John Cena def. Randy Orton, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Kane, Sheamus, Roman
Reigns, & Alberto Del Rio-Money In The Bank 2014

Saw this one live as well. It was a bit of a scrambled mess, and felt more like a Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Other than that though there were some nasty bumps like Orton bleeding, The RKO off the ladder on Cesaro, and Wyatt's Running Senton on the ladder. ****

10.New Day(c) def. The Usos & Lucha Dragons-TLC 2015

Another one I saw live(And no I'm not being biased to live ones, I'm just saying). This one was also quite a bit of a mess, but still pretty fucking awesome. The Salida Del Sol was obviously one of the best ladder spots and years, and even the head scissors on Kofi in which Kofi hit his head on the ladder. I didn't really care much for The Usos in this though. ****

9.John Morrison def. Sheamus-TLC 2010

These two put on one hell of a show at this PPV. Morrison actually delivered on the spot in this one using his high flying abilities. Sheamus going through the ladder was the best part for me 100%. *****

8.Razor Ramon(c) def. Shawn Michaels(c)-WrestleMania X

Obviously an instant classic. These guys were stiff as all get out here with the ladder. It even included HBK's high flying ability with the epic jump off the ladder. How could one not love this match. *****

7.Seth Rollins(c) def. Dean Ambrose-Money In The Bank 2015

Saw it LIVE. It may have started off a little slow, but man I'm happy I kept on watching. The powerbomb on the huge stack of chairs and ladders was freaking awesome. The back body drop on the ladder! Man these guys know how to work together. *****

6.Daniel Bryan def. Bad News Barrett(c), Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Stardust,
Dean Ambrose, & Luke Harper-WrestleMania 31

Saw this one live of course. What an opener! These guys stole the show in a way that the IC title hasn't done in a long time. Dean's elbow off the ladder! Powerbomb from Harper through the ladder! Superplex off the ladder! Damn, what a match. *****

5.Dolph Ziggler def. Luke Harper(c)-TLCS 2014

LIVE. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this was one of the most brutal ladder matches of all time. When Harper cut his arm I literally cringed. This one also included plenty of other huge Ladder bumps. *****

4.Rob Van Dam def. Eddie Guerrero(c)-Raw 2002

These guys always seem to deliver. Van Dam went crazy here with moves like the apron moonsault onto a ladder. They even had a Frog Splash off the ladder and it even had a wrestler dangling from the championship!!!! Also who can forget that fan who ran it lol. *****

3.Chris Jericho def. Chris Benoit(c)-Royal Rumble 2001

Sadly this one is forgotten about because of Benoit's actions. I wish it wasn't though because these guys put on a stiff match. They both used the ladder in a unique way like the Drop Kick to the ladder in which the ladder then hit Benoit in the face. Also the Suicide Dive into a chair shot. Best chair shot I've ever seen. *****

2.Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy(c)-SummerSlam 2001

Easily the best singles ladder match I've ever seen. Both of these guys are known for their high flying moves and taking extreme bumps. They did both of those in this epic clash. Van Dam even executed the best Rolling Thunder I've ever seen. Jeff connected a Whisper in the wind to the outside on the ladder. *****

1.Edge & Christian def. Dudley Boyz(c) & Hardy Boyz-WrestleMania 2000

You probably all saw this coming. It may act more like a TLC match, but it is counted as a ladder match. Jeff's 450 was perfectly executed. The numerous table bumps! The chair shots! Everything was picture perfect here and no other ladder match is more exciting to watch in my opinion. *****

Thanks for reading and comment down in the comments below what you think and/or any suggestions of awesome ladder matches.
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I agree the Ritter and Roberts match was pretty boring but this was in the 70's so it is passable.
I thought it was pretty cool that someone had to hold up a ladder for them climb up on though just something different to look at.
I think you could do the same match type today and turn it into a hardcore type match you could have a special enforcer hold up the ladder and do a swerve.

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Nice list op (Y)

That TLC match from last year would be higher on my list tho, maybe because I am Kalisto's mark. :draper2

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Don't necessarily agree with the ratings but no Jericho v. Michaels at No Mercy 08 ? That's one of the ladder matches I actually do rate at 5 stars.

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The 3 TLC matches the Dudley's, E&C and the Hardy's did could really all be in there but solid list.
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