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Match 1) The World's Most Socially Accepted Gay Couple (c) vs The Bob Marley Wannabes
WWE Tag Team Championships

Usos Win (New Champs) via Samoan Drop
Match 2) The Daughter of a Certain Hall of Famer that WWE won't mention until his court case is cleared (c) vs The Most Whoretastic Couple in Modern Day Wrestling
Divas Championship

Natalya Retains via Sharpshooter
Match 3) The Only Professional Wrestler in History To Be Pwn3d by Pee Wee Herman w/ A-Rod vs The Guy with the Oil Fetish
WWE Championship

Miz retains via DQ after A-Rod nails Orton with the Briefcase full of Miz and Cole's Sex Toys
Match 4) King Edge the Awesome (c) vs The Guy with the Most Greasy Hair You'll Probably Ever See on Prime Time Television w/ The Ex
World Heavyweight Championship, If Edge Hits the Spear He Loses The Title

Edge retains via Spear after a referee bump
Match 5) 2011 40 Man Royal Rumble match

EITHER Triple H, CM Punk, Caesar or John Morrison


Usos defeat Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov to win WWE Tag Titles
Natalya defeats Laycool to retain Divas Championship
Randy Orton defeats The Miz w/ Alex Riley by disqualification
Edge defeats Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero to retain World Heavyweight Title
Either Triple H, CM Punk, Wade Barrett or John Morrison will win the 40 Man Royal Rumble

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kozlov and satino will retain pretty much all the matches are fillers for the rumble no titles will change hand
same for edge and ziggler its obvious he will retain miz will retain .

john cena cm punk will win rumble maybe adr or kofi see them two as a dark horse but the seeds have been planted for john cena to win no matter how much i dislike the idea of giving it some one who dosent need it at all

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I'm inclined to think at least one of the titles will change hands but I don't know which, so I'll just say that both Edge and The Miz will retain and go into EC Champions. Miz will win because of A-RI, and Edge will win probably the way you described.

I'm gonna say that Natalya will lose the title to Miss Undertaker, and the other annoying cow. So that we can have another boringg Laycool reign.

And as for the Rumble, I'll say either Punk, Cena, Barrett, or Alberto Del Rio. Can't see anyone else winning it really.

So Edge retains. The Miz retains. Laycool defeat Natalya.
And Punk, Cena, Barrett or Del Rio to win the rumble :]
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