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My perfect Raw (Spoilers)

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I'm new so be gentle...

This would be my perfect Raw for tonight... (Elimination Chamber Spoilers)

Raw kicks off and Cena comes out talking about how he's back and will win the belt at Mania, (blah blah blah) then he says everyone has been asking him what he thought about what the Rock said about him last week, he does some insult about the Rock turning his back on the fans to go to Hollywood, and gets cut off half way to "If you smellllll...." Rock comes out, gives Cena some s**t and Rock Bottoms him, telling him that he's not even in the Rocks' league and he has bigger fish to fry.

*filler match*

*filler match*

(please note i do not want filler matches but i've got bored of typing already)

Locker room - back stage scene with Trish Stratus and Kelly, Kelly. Kelly thanks Trish for helping her last night and asks if there is anyway she can repay her, Trish smiles and winks at Kelly Kelly, ...oh they're both in towels by then way ... so Trish drops her towel and they start making out.

*filler match*

Taker comes out on his bike as the American Badass, he says he's not the only one returning tonight, and together him and the toughest S.O.B in the history of this business are gonna shake things up round here, suddenly the Honky Tonk Mans' music hits, him and taker sing a little Johnny Cash as Raw goes off the air.

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