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I've been doing my own booking with my own wrestling organization for a couple of years now. It wasn't until recently that I found this site. I'll be posting my match results and story lines here every Tuesday.

Here's my roster and other that are involved:

owner: yeah that's me Big A

CEO: Shane McMahon

Bookers: Big A, Shane, Jim Ross, Undertaker

Commissioner: Bret Hart

Announcers: Ross and Lawler, Joey Styles does back stage interviews

Wrestlers: Undertaker, Angle, Austin, Goldberg, Rock, HHH, Edge, Vader, Jericho, Batista, Matt Morgan, Ron Killings, Booker T, Jeff Jarrett, Benoit, Orton, Cena, Big Show, Kane, Matt Hardy, RVD, Great Muta, Bradshaw, Storm, Steve Corino, Christian, Jeff Hardy, Tajiri, Hurricane, Mike Sanders, Mysterio, Jushin Liger, Ultimo Dragon, Candido, Shane Douglas, Kobashi, Nagata, D-Von, Bubba Ray, Chavo, Eddie and Juventud Guerrero

Managers: Flair, Fuji, Lita, Trish, Heyman, Dawn Marie, Victoria

I have a heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental champion, crusier weight champion and tag team champions. I do a matches every monday night and PPV only when the WWE holds their big ones.

Here are the results from this past monday:

Interview with Flair, Candido, Douglas and Storm. Flaris is the leader and talks trash about Jericho (who just elft the group) and then challenges him to a match. Jericho accepts
match #1 Chris Candido vs. Chris Jericho, Jericho by DQ when Storm and Douglas interfere
match #2 Juventud vs. Tajiri vs. Mysterio, clean win Mysterio
interview with HHH and he just talks about the main event for the show (HHH/Edge vs Rock/Angle)
match #3 Hurricane vs. Muta, clean win Muta
Interview with Shane and he announces 2 big main events for July 12th show
match #4 CWC title amtch- Mike Sanders(c) vs. Chavo, clean win Sanders
interview with Hart and Sanders and announces CWC title match next week against Mysterio
match #5 Acolytes vs Cena/Orton, Acolytes win with Kanes interference
kane then gets beat up by Orton and Cena but RVD makes the save
match #6 Batista vs. RVD, Batista wins with help from Orton and Cena
interview with Rock as he talks about chasing the HWC and the main event
match #7 Big Show vs. Undertaker, Undertaker by DQ as Goldberg interfers
interview with Hart as he announces Austin/'Taker vs. Goldberg/ Show
Main Event: Edge/HHH vs. Rock/Angle(c), Rock/Angle win, Rock pins Edge and then show ends with all 4 men fighting in ring.
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I dont know why but I really like that roster....mayb because vader is in it...vader is cool. I will be reading this, shoudl be interesting

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Is this done by EWR or TEW or something like that I ll only be reading cause you have Jeff Hardy.XPAND YOUR IMAGINATION
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