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match #1: Acolytes vs Dudleys(c), tag title match clean win Acolytes, Simmons injured badly
interview: with Shane McMahon and Bret Hart as they announce main event for Summer Slam, Angle(c) v Edge v HHH v Rock
interview: with Candido, Douglas, Storm and Flair as they make a challenge to Jericho for 6 man tag later that night. Jericho accepts and will have to find 2 other partners.
match #2: Ultimo Dragon vs. Matt Hardy, Dragon wins
cameras back stage catch Jeff Hardy laughing at Matt and his loss.
interview: with Shane as he annouces the debut of Nagata and Kobashi for next week
match #3 hardcore: Steve Corino vs Tajiri, clean win Corino
interview: with Angle, just talking about Summer Slam
match #4: Mysterio vs. Mike Sanders(c), Crusierweight title match, Sanders win with the hold of the tights
match #5: RVD/Kane vs. Cena/Orton, Cena/Orton by DQ as Kane knocks out everyone with chair.
interview: with Edge again talkinga bout SUmmer Slam and chasing the title
match #6: Chris Benoit vs Muta, Muta wins
interview: with Flair, face to face with Jericho before his match
match #7: Douglas, Candido, Storm vs. Jericho, Christian and Jeff Hardy, Douglas/Storm and Candido get the win(Douglas pins Hardy)
interview: With Hart as he announces the main event for next week- Angle/Goldberg/Big Show/HHH vs. Austin/Rock/Undertaker/Edge in a steel cage. must win by pin fall only.
match #8: Goldberg/Big Show vs. Austin/Taker, Austin and Taker win(Taker pins Big Show.

Stay tuned for next weeks results!!!!!!!!
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