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Hi everyone, I had just finished the information section and the first show of my new WWE. It is drastically different than the one, we would currently see on TV, however, some things are the same, like show names and pay per views, however, the ownership, rosters, championships and GM's have been shaken up. Here is all the information and first show for my new WWE.

World Wrestling Entertainment


It was almost quarter year 2005 and Vince McMahon was growing tried of the sluggish performances that the wrestlers in his company were giving that had contributed to some of the lowest ratings and buyrates in recent history. He knew that something need to change and that change fell right into his lap on April 2, 2005. Vince McMahon’s competition, TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling had just announced that they had lost their national cable deal with Fox Sports Net and would not be airing their television show, IMPACT! throughout the summer. Then, just two days after that, they announced that with the already insurmountable debt collected over less than 3 years, the fact they had no more television deal and no one was willing to step up to the plate, TNA announced that it was closing its doors at months end. Also with this announcement came the announcement that all of their contracted or soon to be contracted wrestlers were now free agents. This was music to Vince McMahon’s ears as he would now be able to create a super promotion with excellent wrestling matches and great promos to maybe lure the fans back to the sport that they loved so much, only 3 or 4 years ago. However, he did remember what happened the last time he purchased a major competition to put a monopoly on the wrestling business, it flopped horribly from a entertainment and business standpoint. So, he though that the best way to make the best of this potential “new” face that could become WWE, was to have someone else handle it. So, right then on April 3, 2005 at the end of Wrestlemania, Vince McMahon announced his retirement and that he was handing the company over to his only son, Shane McMahon, who was free to do what he please with it.

As soon as this announcement took place, Shane started the wheels rolling in completely gutting the current WWE and replacing it with one he though would be more fan receptive. He first said that even though the WWE had just come off its biggest pay per view in the last few years, he was going to forget all of that happened because it is not everyday that a opportunity to build a super-company falls into your lap. Shane said that even the champions from Wrestlemania would be stripped of their titles because he would be realigning them later as part of his whole plan for the new WWE.

Brand Extension

Shane McMahon’s first order of business was that he announced that the brand extension would remain under his new WWE. However, it will not be like the current one. His will be slightly different, he will have a brand new draft, like the original in 2002, after all of the changes have been made and the new WWE is up and running. This draft will be on April 18, 2005 to determine the new rosters for RAW and Smackdown!

Booking Team

Shane McMahon’s second order of business was to revamp to creative team. Shane McMahon decided that the booking in the WWE in the last few years had been quite poor and that was one of the major reasons that the fans were leaving in drowns. Shane knew there was one way and one way only to get them back, bring in a person or persons to run the creative team who actually knew wrestling inside out and he knew the two exact people that would be great for the job. So, he fired all existing members of the booking team and hired only the two he thought were necessary to build a successful promotion, Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette! Shane McMahon brought in Heyman for his overall passion and savvy for the business and how he could show wrestlers that the audience was the most integral part of the show and everything should be done for them. He brought in Cornette because of his superior knowledge of the business and his matchmaking skills.


Shane McMahon’s third order of business was to overhaul the rosters. Although before he started firing and hiring superstars from around the world from promotions such as TNA, ROH, NJPW, GLORY and the FREE AGENT market, he had to downside the current roster and fire all of the superstars that he felt didn’t fit into his plans for the new WWE. After firing all the wrestlers he felt he needed to, he was left with a roster of the following: Akio, Alexis Laree, Billy Kidman, Booker T, Bubba Ray Dudley, Charlie Haas, Chavo Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Christian, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, D’ Von Dudley, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, JBL, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Lita, Mark Jindrak, Matt Hardy, Nova, Nunzio, Paul London, Randy Orton, Rene Dupree, Rey Mysterio, Richard Flair, Rob Van Dam, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Shawn Michaels, Shawn O Haire, Shelton Benjamin, Sylvan Griener, Tajiri, The Undertaker, Triple H, Trish Stratus and Victoria. A roster of 40 people in total. Shane McMahon knew that this was not enough to run a successful roster, but he also knew that he wouldn’t be able to fill out his roster the way he would like in a week, so he cancelled RAW and Smackdown! until April 18, 2005, when all his new talent would debut and he would hold the draft. With this announcement done, he started signing his new talent. His new talent included following people from different promotions from around the world: AJ Styles, Andy Douglas, Ayako Hamada, Bobby Roode, Brock Lesnar, Bryan Danielson, Carlito Caribbean Cool, Chase Stevens, Christopher Daniels, Chris Harris, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper, Eric Young, Gail Kim, James Noble, James Storm, Jazz, Jeff Hardy, Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, Kazarian, Lexie Fyfe, Markio Yoshida, Michael Shane, Mika Akino, Molly Holly, Morgan, Nikita, Petey Williams, Phoenix, Psychosis, Steve Austin, Super Crazy, Raven, The Rock, Tracy Brooks, Trinity, Ultimo Dragon, Violet Flame and Yoshiko Tamura. A addition of 40 people in total to the roster.


Shane McMahon’s fourth order of business was to explain the television for the new WWE, RAW is remaining on Monday Nights, but is expanding to 3 hours, from 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. and will be broadcast on USA, Smackdown! is the show that is on the move, it is moving to Wednesday Nights and is also expanding to 3 hours, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., also broadcast on USA.


Shane McMahon’s fifth order of business was to realign the championships in WWE and set divisions up for the wrestlers to compete in. Shane also said that all the titles decided upon will be defended on both shows and the champions will have to appear on both, expect there will continue to be two sets of Tag Team Championships and secondary championships, one for RAW and one for Smackdown, the Intercontinental Championship for RAW and the United States Championship for Smackdown! So anyone can end up on either brand, no type (Heavyweight, Tag Team, Cruiserweight or Women) is exclusive to a particular brand; i.e. Cruiserweights could end up on RAW and Women could end up on Smackdown! unlike the previous extension, where the Women and Cruiserweights were exclusive to RAW and Smackdown! respectively. The championships for the New WWE are as follows: The WWE World Undisputed Championship, the World Intercontinental Championship, the WWE United States Championship, the World Tag Team Championship, the WWE Tag Team Championship, the Cruiserweight Championship and the Women’s Championship and they are all vacant. All titles, expect the Tag Team Championships, one exclusive to each brand, will be for both RAW and Smackdown! Shane stated that there will be tournaments to decided the belts champions will beginning on Raw and Smackdown!, after the draft and when a champion is for a specific title is determined on a show, they wait until a mini tournament (probably 4 wrestlers) is complete to determine their opponent for the next pay per view. Even though, there are separate titles for both shows, all pay per views will be joint productions of Raw and Smackdown!.

Pay Per Views

Then Shane McMahon’s last order of business was to reorganize the pay per view system because he felt that some of the pay per views weren’t delivering. The final pay per view schedule Shane decided on is as follows: The Royal Rumble in January, No Way Out in February, Wrestlemania in March, Backlash in April, Judgement Day in May, a re-debuted King of the Ring in June, a moved Great American Bash in July, Summerslam in August, Unforgiven in September, No Mercy in October, Survivor Series in November and a moved Vengeance in December. However, the pay per view year starts in April with Backlash. Now with all of the necessities put down for the new WWE, it is time to begin and put the old WWE to shame!


WWE World Undisputed Championship
World Intercontinental Championship
WWE United States Championship
World Tag Team Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
World Women’s Championship

Full Roster


1) AJ Styles
2) Booker T
3) Brock Lesnar
4) Chris Benoit
5) Chris Jericho
6) Eddie Guerrero
7) JBL
8) John Cena
9) Kane
10) Kurt Angle
11) Randy Orton
12) Rob Van Dam
13) Shawn Michaels
14) Steve Austin
15) Raven
16) The Rock
17) The Undertaker
18) Triple H

Tag Teams

1) America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)
2) Edge and Christian (Christian and Edge)
3) La Resistance (Rene Dupree and Sylvan Griener)
4) Reflections of Perfection (Mark Jindrak and Sean O Haire)
5) Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young)
6) The Basham Brothers (Danny and Doug Basham)
7) The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray and D’ Von Dudley)
8) The Hardy Boys (Jeff and Matt Hardy)
9) The Impact Players (Justin Credible and Lance Storm)
10) The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)
11) The Rockers (Billy Kidman and Paul London)
12) Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)


1) Akio
2) Bryan Danielson
3) Chavo Guerrero
4) Christopher Daniels
5) Chris Sabin
6) Elix Skipper
7) James Noble
8) Jerry Lynn
9) Kazarian
10) Michael Shane
11) Nova
12) Nunzio
13) Petey Williams
14) Psychosis
15) Rey Mysterio
16) Shane Helms
17) Shannon Moore
18) Super Crazy
19) Tajiri
20) Ultimo Dragon


1) Ayako Hamada
2) Alexis Laree
3) Gail Kim
4) Jazz
5) Lita
6) Lexie Fyfe
7) Mariko Yoshida
8) Mika Akino
9) Molly Holly
10) Morgan
11) Nikita
12) Phoenix
13) Tracy Brooks
14) Trinity
15) Trish Stratus
16) Victoria
17) Violet Flame
18) Yoshiko Tamura

WWE Television

1) RAW on Monday Nights at 9 p.m. to 12 p.m. on USA
2) Smackdown! on Wednesday Nights at 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. on USA

WWE Pay Per Views

1) Judgment Day on May 29, 2005 in Los Angeles
2) King of the Ring on June 26, 2005 in Boston
3) Great American Bash on July 17, 2005 in Washington
4) Summerslam on August 28, 2005 in New York
5) Unforgiven on September 25, 2005 in Philadelphia
6) No Mercy on October 23, 2005 in Pittsburgh
7) Survivor Series on November 27, 2005 in Cleveland
8) Vengeance on December 18, 2005 in Detroit
9) Royal Rumble on January 29, 2006 in San Francisco
10) No Way Out on February 26, 2006 in Dallas
11) Wrestlemania 22 on April 2, 2006 in Milwaukee
12) Judgement Day on May 28, 2006 in Chicago

April 18, 2005
New York

RAW begins with the RAW opening video of various superstars, new and old, including AJ Styles, America’s Most Wanted, Chris Benoit, Christopher Daniels, Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, The Rock, The Undertaker and Triple H performing in the ring and talking on microphone with the RAW theme song “Click, Click Boom” by Saliva blaring over the PA system in the background. As the video winds down from playing, the pyrotechnics start to shoot out of the set and the stage as the RAW announce team JR and Tazz, welcome us to RAW!

JR: Welcome everyone to WWE RAW, LIVE from Madison Square Garden in New York City! Tonight is going to be a historic night, Tazz, as new WWE owner, Shane McMahon is holding a draft to determine the new rosters for WWE RAW and Smackdown!.

Tazz: Yeah, JR, tonight is going to be OFF THE CHAIN!

JR: Who knows who will go to what show, it is going to be one exciting night!

Tazz: Well, lets get this rocket buster started then, if it is going to so great.

JR: OK, lets get to it.

(Suddenly, WWE owner, Shane McMahon’s Music hits and he makes his way out to the stage where a RAW and Smackdown! podium are standing, he makes his way to the ring with a microphone.)

JR: Oh my god, the boss is here!

JR: I wonder what he has up his sleeve for the draft tonight!

Tazz: Well, JR, we will find out in a few seconds.

Shane McMahon: WELCOME, to the first ever show in a NEW ERA in WWE! The Shane McMahon Era! Tonight, we are starting off with a bang as we are having a draft lottery to determine the rosters for RAW and Smackdown!, so lets get this thing started…Oh wait, how can be have a draft for two rosters, if neither show has a GM, well, that has all been taken care of…so without further ado, please welcome the NEW GM of RAW…Bret Hart!!!…

(Crowd cheers insanely at the announcement.)

(Bret Hart’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring to join Shane McMahon, Bret Hart gets into the ring and shakes Shane McMahon’s hand, then he soaks up the crowd reaction for a few minutes until handing back up the ramp and over to the RAW podium.)

Shane McMahon continued…: Well, there is the GM of one show (Shane McMahon points up to Bret Hart on the stage).

(Crowd cheers again at the mention of Bret Hart’s name.)

Shane McMahon continued…: But, we still have another show, Smackdown! without a GM, so again without further ado…please welcome the NEW GM of Smackdown!..Ric Flair!!!…
(Ric Flair’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring to join Shane McMahon, Ric Flair gets into the ring, struts around WHOOING and then goes to shakes Shane McMahon’s hand and WHOO’S again, then he soaks up the crowd reaction for a few minutes until handing back up the ramp and over to the Smackdown! podium, staring at his counterpart, Bret Hart all the way.)

Shane McMahon continued…: Well gentlemen, lets get this show started…I will flip a coin, then someone will call it in the air and whoever wins will get the first pick of the 2005 Draft!

(Shane McMahon flips the coin as Ric Flair yells HEADS on the podium microphone…the coin lands on TAILS…BRET HART gets the first pick of the 2005 DRAFT! So again, without further ado…lets get the party started.)

(Shane McMahon drops the microphone, exits the ring, walks up the ramp to the backstage area where current RAW and Smackdown! Superstars are in their respective locker rooms.)

(Crowd cheers for the two new GM’s and Shane McMahon as he leaves for the backstage area.)

(Camera’s zoom to the stage and Bret Hart’s RAW podium.)

Bret Hart: Well, as Shane McMahon said let’s get this party started.

(Bret Hart reaches into the tumbler and pulls out a ball.)

Bret Hart: Please welcome, the first member of the new RAW roster…Kurt Angle!

(Ric Flair looks at Bret Hart with a look of disgust and shock as Kurt Angle comes out and accepts his RAW shirt.)

(Crowd cheers for Angle’s name being called for RAW, however, it turns to “You Suck” as he comes out to the stage.)

Ric Flair: You think that is funny, well my first pick is way out of Kurt Angle’s league…possibly the greatest wrestler ever, even better than me maybe…SORRY Bret…could you all please welcome the first member of the new Smackdown! roster…Shawn Michaels!

(Crowd cheers.)

(Bret Hart smiles greedily at Ric Flair, thankful that Ric picked his worst enemy for his show and he didn’t have to have him on RAW, because we all know how they hate each other.)

Bret Hart: Ric, I have to say thank you for that last pick, you just made my life a lot easier, now that that rotten SOB is on Smackdown!.

(Bret Hart smiles at Ric Flair and then it turns to a look of hatred, then back to exuberant as Shawn Michaels comes out and accepts his Smackdown! shirt with a hug for Ric Flair and a choice words for Bret Hart.)

Bret Hart: With the second pick in the 2005 Draft, the newest member of the new RAW roster is…Chris Benoit!

(Crowd cheers.)
JR: The Rabid Wolverine is back on RAW and it should be great.

Ric Flair: With the second pick for Smackdown, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair is proud to announce that…Brock Lesnar is now part of the Smackdown! roster.

Tazz: The Pain is Back and is going to Smackdown on Wednesday’s, JR.

Bret Hart: With the third RAW pick, Bret Hart is pleased to welcome…Booker T.

Tazz: The Book Man is back on RAW, baby!

Ric Flair: With the third Smackdown! pick, the Smackdown! franchise and Ric Flair are please to welcome…Chris Jericho.

(Crowd cheers.)

JR: The Highlight of the Night is gone to Smackdown, Tazz. This is a huge loss for the RAW side of things.

Tazz: Yeah, Jericho is a major loss, but I think RAW has more than made up for him with some of their earlier picks, like Benoit and Angle.

Bret Hart: With the fourth RAW pick, Bret Hart is glad to welcome to RAW… Raven.

Ric Flair: With the fourth Smackdown! pick, the Smackdown! franchise and Ric Flair are please to welcome…Eddie Guerrero.

Bret Hart: With the fifth RAW pick, RAW and Bret Hart are pleased to welcome…Triple H.

(Crowd boos heavily.)

Tazz: The Cerebral Assassin is on RAW, JR!

JR: God Dammit!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! fifth pick, we are pleased to welcome…The Rock.

(Crowd cheers.)

Tazz: The Brahma Bull on his way to Smackdown for his return to wrestling.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s sixth pick, we are pleased to welcome…The Undertaker.

(Crowd cheers.)

JR: The Phenom is going to RAW!!!

(Suddenly, Kane’s music hits and he comes out to the stage like a house on fire and heads straight for Bert Hart…he then strikes and attacks Bret, knocking down him with a chokeslam, then he kicks over the RAW podium!)

(Bret Hart is struggling to get up when suddenly, Kane grabs him by the collar.)


(Kane forces a “YES” out of Bret and then drops the microphone.)

(Kane sets his pyrotechnics off!)

(Kane’s pyrotechnics go off.)

JR: WOW! What an explosion.

JR: What a cryptic attack by Kane on Bret Hart! No one is safe with this man around.

Tazz: I sure hope that Kane is drafted to Smackdown! because no one is safe from him on RAW!

JR: No one would be on Smackdown! either.

Tazz: Whatever.

JR: Sorry, folks, but, we have to go to a commercial break

- Vanilla Coke
- PS3
- Subway
Movie: Batman Begins

Ric Flair: With the sixth pick of the 2005 Draft for Smackdown, we are pleased to welcome to the Smackdown franchise…Kane.

(Crowd cheers.)

JR: The Big Red Monster got his wish and is going to Smackdown to continue his path of destruction, my god.

Tazz: Hopefully, the Big Red Machine well find himself again on Smackdown and be rejuvenated to tear the house down on Wednesdays!

Bret Hart: With the seventh pick in the 2005 Draft for RAW, RAW is pleased to welcome, Mr. Monday Night…RVD…Rob Van Dam!

(Crowd cheers.)

JR: OH MY GOD! Mr. Monday Night is back were he belongs on Monday Nights!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s seventh pick, Wednesday Nights are pleased to welcome…Randy Orton.

JR: Randy Orton finally gets his chance, away from Triple H!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s eighth pick, Bret Hart is please to welcome…John Cena.

(Crowd boos John Cena…as he turned heel on JBL on Smackdown’s Judgement Day PPV, when he lost the title back to him and went back to his heel character he had proceeding his face gimmick.)

Tazz: John Cena’s coming to RAW, baby!

(Crowd cheers.)

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s eighth pick Heavyweight in the draft, we are pleased to welcome…the franchise of the former TNA and the new franchise of Wednesday nights…AJ Styles!

JR: AJ Styles! AJ Styles! He is here in WWE.

(Crowd cheers wildly.)

Tazz: Oh boy, I know this kid is going to make an impact on Smackdown!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s last pick of the first round, we are pleased to welcome…The Texas Rattlesnake…The Bionic *******…The Man Who Put WWE on the Map…Stone Cold Steve Austin!

(Crowd cheers.)

JR: Oh my god, Steve Austin is here on RAW.

Tazz: I can’t believe it JR.

JR: Well, folks after that shock, I think we need to go to commercial break…

- Pepsi
- Playstation 2
- Movie: Star Wars: Episode III
- Movie: The Longest Yard

JR: Welcome back to RAW, everyone, we now take you back to Ric Flair and Smackdown’s 9th first round pick!

Ric Flair: Smackdown! proudly presents to you with their last pick of the first round…the newest member of the Smackdown! roster, he is a former WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield!

Tazz: JBL is on Smackdown, baby, this is going to be great!

JR: Well now that the Heavyweight portion of the draft is done, were are going to move on to the Tag Team portion of it.

Tazz: I wonder were all the tag teams will end up.

JR: Who knows Tazz, who knows.

Tazz: I mean there are so many good tag teams up for grabs, it should be very exciting.

JR: I sure it will be, Tazz, I’m sure it will be.

JR: Anyway, if it going to be that exciting, lets get to it!

Tazz: Alright!

Ric Flair: With the first pick of the 2nd round, Ric Flair and Smackdown! are proud to welcome…The Hardy Boys!

(Crowd goes insane as the Hardy Boys make their triumphant return to the WWE and come out of the backstage area carrying ladders, looking for a fight!)

Matt Hardy: Any team drafted to Smackdown!, we challenge you to a match for the WWE Tag Team Championship, but it won’t be any match…IT WILL BE A…LADDER MATCH!

(Suddenly, America’s Most Wanted music hits and they make their way out to the stage)

Chris Harris: Matt Hardy, you and your brother, Jeff want a match, we don’t care what kind of match it is, since have ruled every tag team division we have every been in…so guess what…your ON!!!

(With that, Chris Harris and James Storm leave to the backstage area as their music plays, taunting The Hardy Boys all the way, who don’t look the least bit intimidated)

(Then The Hardy Boys set up the ladder and pose on it with the fans going wild…as RAW goes to commercial break.)

- Xbox Live
- Playstation 2
- Tag
- MLB 2005 for Gamecube

JR: Well I smell a Smackdown! feud brewing before, one of the teams involved is even drafted!

Tazz: This pretty much locks, America’s Most Wanted to Smackdown!, though, JR.

JR: I know it does and it that feud does developed, it should be a SLOBBERKNOCKER!!!!!

Bret Hart: Well, now that that With the first RAW pick of the second round, RAW is pleased to welcome…Worlds Greatest Tag Team!

Ric Flair: With the second Smackdown! pick, we are pleased to welcome to the Wednesday Night franchise…La Resistance!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s second pick, we are proud to select and welcome to the RAW roster, Edge and Christian!

Ric Flair: Smackdown is proud to welcome, with its third pick, TNA’s most successful tag team… America’s Most Wanted!

(Crowd boos.)

Bret Hart: With RAW’s third pick, we are pleased to welcome…The Impact Players!
(Crowd boos.)

Ric Flair: Well, with our fourth pick, we are pleased to welcome another ECW alumnus…The Dudley Boys!

(Crowd boos.)

Bret Hart: With RAW’s fourth pick, we select, again from TNA, Team Canada!

(Crowd boos.)

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s fifth pick, we are proud to welcome…The Rockers!

(Crowd cheers as The Rocker’s music hits and they make their way out to the stage to accept their Smackdown shirts.)

Bret Hart: RAW’s fifth pick, we are proud to select…The Reflections of Perfection!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! sixth and final pick of the 2nd round…we are please to select…The Naturals!

Bret Hart: With the last pick of the second round…we are proud to welcome to the RAW tag team division…The Basham Brothers!

JR: Well, Tazz, after all of those tag teams being drafted, I think that the divisions are pretty balanced!

Tazz: I agree, JR. There is quite a bit of balance in new and old teams mixed around from the different promotions. We should in for some exciting competition.

JR: Well, I think we should get onto the third round of your draft…The Cruiserweights!

Tazz: Oh man, here comes the high-flying action!

(Suddenly, Shane McMahon’s music hits and he makes his way out to the stage with a microphone)

Shane McMahon: Well, I see some very balanced rosters coming together, gentlemen, don’t you guys think so…(points his microphone to the crowd).

(Crowd cheers.)

Shane McMahon continued: Well, Ric since you got the first pick last round, Bret you get the first crack at the Cruiserweights.

(Shane McMahon drops the microphone, exits the stage area and walks through the curtain to the backstage area.)

Bret Hart: Well, here we go with RAW’s first Cruiserweight selection is none other than…Christopher Daniels!

JR: Oh my god! More former TNA talent on RAW!

Tazz: Well, JR, it is not only on RAW as we have the greatest tag team in the former TNA on Wednesday Nights and Smackdown, AMW, America’s Most Wanted!

Ric Flair: Well for my first Cruiserweight pick, I pick for Smackdown!…Rey Mysterio!

Bret Hart: RAW’s second Cruiserweight pick is…Ultimo Dragon!

(Suddenly Ultimo Dragon music hits and he makes his way out to the stage, in his triumphant return to the WWE to accept his RAW shirt from Bret “The Hitman” Hart, the GM of RAW)

(Ultimo Dragon walks out to the stage and to the side of the RAW podium, where he bows down to the legend Bret Hart and accepts his RAW shirt, with these words…)

(非常に見事な機会にあなたの感謝しなさい... それがあなた自身のそのような伝説の前に立つ名誉の... 私が未加工で苦闘する行為に... 世界の最もよい行為をすることを何でもする今日... 私が... 再度許可しない、ありがとう!)



(Thank your for such a glorious opportunity...It is an honour to stand in front of such a legend in yourself...I will do anything to make wrestling action on RAW...the best action in the world today...I will not let you down...Again, Thank you!)

(With that said…Ultimo Dragon walks backstage to a cheering crowd.)

(Crow cheers.)

JR: WOW, what a display of emotion from Ultimo Dragon towards Bret Hart…that was truly heartwarming.

Tazz: I think I know who is going to receive an automatic spot in the next Cruiserweight Championship match with a Smackdown opponent.

JR: Really, who?

Tazz: ULTIMO DRAGON…you silly! Man, JR, you really need to clean our your ears.

Tazz: Anyway, my old home Smackdown! is up next with their second Cruiserweight pick, so lets take it back up to Ric Flair.

(Cameras zoom back up to Ric Flair and the Smackdown podium.)

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s second Cruiserweight pick…I am proud to select…Psychosis!

Tazz: Rey and Psychosis both on Smackdown!, I could smell an old ECW feud being rekindled.

JR: Yeah, those two had an awesome feud and some awesome matches. It should be great if they meet again.
Tazz: How would you know anything about ECW, JR, you weren’t even there?

Tazz: Let’s get back to the draft, so you can stop telling so many lies. It is starting to irritate me.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s third pick, we proudly welcome to the RAW family…Le Chavito…Chavo Guerrero!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s third pick, we select…Super Crazy.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s fourth pick, we select…a bright young star in this business and one of the cornerstones of TNA’s X Division, who will now be a cornerstone of RAW’s Cruiserweight Division and WWE’s as a whole, please welcome…Chris Sabin!

(Crowd cheers.)

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s fourth pick…we select…Tajiri!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s fifth pick, we are proud to welcome…Nova!

Ric Flair: With the fifth pick of the 3rd round for Smackdown!, we are proud to present to you the newest member of the Smackdown! roster…“The Italian Stallion, Nunzio”!

(Crowd cheers.)

Tazz: Man, a lot of old ECW feud’s could be shaping up on Smackdown!, however, with a wrestler like Rey Mysterio as the cornerstone, just about any match possible could happen.

Bret Hart: With the sixth selection for RAW, we are please to welcome…The New F’ N Show, Jerry Lynn!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s sixth pick, we are proud to select…the Japanese Warrior…Akio!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s seventh pick, we are proud to announce of ROH, but hopefully bigger, WWE fame…Bryan Danielson!

Tazz: Oh man, him and Ultimo Dragon would put on some 5 Star matches together.

JR: Add in Christopher Daniels and you have one HELL of a Triple Threat Match.

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s seventh pick, we are proud to announce the selection of a former TNA Tag Team Champion and part of one of TNA’s most successful tag teams, XXX, now looking for a singles run, “Primetime” Elix Skipper! WHOO!

(Suddenly Elix Skipper’s music hits and he makes his way out to the stage and accepts his Smackdown! shirt from Ric Flair, who congratulates him with a hug.)

Bret Hart: With RAW and the eighth pick of the draft, we are proud to select a former WWE wrestler, who was let go and then brought back…Jamie Noble!

Ric Flair: Smackdown’s eighth pick is proud to go to the selection of…Michael Shane!

JR: Shawn Michaels and his cousin on the same show, I think an alliance could be in the works? Don’t you think, Tazz?

Tazz: Anything can happen in WWE, anything can happen!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s ninth pick of the 3rd round, we are proud to select…Shane Helms.

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s ninth pick, we are proud to select…The Canadian Destroyer…Petey Williams!

(Crowd goes crazy as Petey Williams music hits and he makes his way out to the stage and Smackdown! podium as he salutes the crowd.)

(Petey Williams walks over to Ric Flair and accepts his Smackdown shirt graciously as the crowd continues to cheer.)

(Petey Williams salutes to the crowd again, as he makes his way backstage to join his new Smackdown! teammates.)

Bret Hart: With RAW’s final pick of the Cruiserweight portion of the draft, we are proud to select…The Prince of Punk…Shannon Moore!

Tazz: The Prince of Punk is taking his act over to RAW, baby.

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s final Cruiserweight pick, we are proud to select, another former TNA talent…“The Coolest Guy In The World” Kazarian!

JR: Well that rounds out our third section of this draft…now we are on to the last section, the new and improved Women’s Wrestling Division.

Tazz: Yeah, JR, it is much improved…Good job, by my boy, Shane McMahon on revamping that division from what is what just a few months ago! With all of his major signings.

JR: Well, if the division is really revamped that much, lets see where all these new ladies land tonight.

Tazz: Yes, sir.

Ric Flair: With the 1st pick in the 4th and final round of the WWE DRAFT 2005, Smackdown! and Ric Flair are proud to select…from New Japan Pro Wrestling and just signed by Shane McMahon and the WWE, wanting to test the American style of wrestling, one of Japan’s best female wrestlers…Ayako Hamada!

(Crowd looks stunned as they have no clue who was just picked.)

(Suddenly Ayako Hamada appears from behind the curtain looking very disgruntled, she walks over to Ric Flair and snatches her Smackdown! shirt from him and tries to go backstage…However, Ric Flair stops her and says:)

Ric Flair: No one disrespects the “Nature Boy” like that…

(Ayako Hamada then turns around and floors the “Nature Boy” with a swift kick to the jaw, then grabs the podium microphone.)

(Crowd boos.)

Ayako Hamada: 女性が日本のそれをいかにへのするか歓迎、氏精悍な男!



(Welcome to Japanese Women’s Wrestling, Monsieur Nature Boy!!!!!!!!!!)

Ayako Hamada: ところで、愚かなアメリカ人、これそれが日本!!!!! でいかにされるかである



(By the way, you stupid Americans, this is how it is done in Japan!!!!!)

Tazz: This Ayako Hamada is one crazy b****!

JR: No doubt, Tazz, no doubt.

JR: Well with that said, we have to go to commercial break.


- Mercedes Benz
- Ford
- Dodge
- Porsche

Bret Hart: With RAW’s first pick in the Women’s section of the DRAFT 2005, we are proud to select…a former Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! second women’s pick of the DRAFT 2005, we are proud to select…another former Women’s Champion, Lita!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s second pick in the 4th round of the DRAFT 2005, we are proud to select…Alexis Laree!

Ric Flair: With the fifth overall and third Smackdown! pick of the 4th round of the DRAFT 2005, Smackdown is proud to welcome…Jazz, back to the WWE and to Wednesday Nights!

(Suddenly Jazz’s music hits and she makes her way out to the stage with a microphone…She goes the grabs her Smackdown! shirt from Ric Flair and proceeds to speak.)


(Jazz drops the microphone on the stage and storms off backstage to the Samckdown! locker room.)

JR: WOW, Tazz, Jazz is back in the WWE and looks like she is ready to kick some a**!
Tazz: You bet, JR.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s third women pick, we are proud to select…Molly Holly!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! fourth women’s pick, we are please to welcome to the Smackdown! family…Mika Akino.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s fourth women pick, we are proud to select…Victoria!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! fifth women’s pick, we are please to welcome back to the WWE and to the Smackdown! family…Gail Kim!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s fifth pick of the 4th round, we are proud to bring to RAW from TNA…Tracy Brooks!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! sixth pick of the women’s portion of the draft, we are please to welcome to the Smackdown! family, Trinity!

Bret Hart: With RAW’s sixth pick of women in the DRAFT 2005, we are proud to bring home from the GLORY federation…Morgan!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! seventh women’s pick, we are please to welcome to the Smackdown! family…also from GLORY…Lexie Fyfe.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s seventh women pick, we are proud to select…Nikita!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! eighth women’s pick, we are please to welcome to the Smackdown! family…Phoenix.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s eighth women pick, we are proud to select, perhaps the greatest women’s wrestler presently wrestling in Japan, who was just signed from New Japan Pro Wrestling by the WWE owner Shane McMahon,…Markio Yoshida!

Ric Flair: With Smackdown’s! ninth women’s pick, we are please to welcome to the Smackdown! family…Yoshiko Tamura.

Bret Hart: With RAW’s ninth women pick, we are proud to select…Violet Flame!

JR: WOW, what an amazing women’s roster, your chairman, Shane McMahon has organized with some old and some new, it should be great to watch these ladies perform on RAW and Smackdown!.

Tazz: You bet, JR.

(Suddenly, WWE Chairman, Shane McMahon’s music hits and he make his way out to the stage with a microphone in hand, then he walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring for an announcement.)

(Crowd cheers.)

Shane McMahon: Now, gentlemen that you have created your own roster to compete with, we have to find out which brand is superior to each other, right off the start, so I proposal that in the main event…TONIGHT…

(Crowd cheers.)

Shane McMahon continued: That their be a RAW vs. Smackdown! challenge, where each of you will choose a team of 5 to compete in a inter-gender tag team match, choosing 1 heavyweight, 1 tag team, 1 cruiserweight and 1 women per brand to see who really reigns supreme! Gentlemen, lets get this match started with your picks? Now, since we are on RAW tonight, Bret, you get to speak first! Sorry, Ric, but that is just the way it is.

Ric Flair: Dammit, Shane, this is unfair, Bret is always getting everything first, when will the greatest wrestler in this business, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, ever get his opportunity to shine…

Bret Hart(cutting Ric Flair off): …The greatest wrestler ever? You really think you can beat me? I have an idea, lets settle this in the ring! How about that “Nature Boy”!

Ric Flair: WHOO! Your on, man!

Shane McMahon: OK, then it is settle, there will be no inter-gender tag team match here tonight, however, there will be a match between Bret Hart and Ric Flair to see whose brand is really the strongest…but this will not be any regular match…it will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH and when choosing the lumberjacks, Bret and Ric will follow the rules I set out for the original match, expect they will expand to 15 lumberjacks, 3 heavyweights, 3 tag teams, 3 cruiserweights and 3 women from each “new” brand!

(Crowd goes insane.)

Shane McMahon: So gentlemen, who will it be, oh wait, hold on, you know what, I think this should be kept a surprise, now you gentlemen go get ready for you match because your match is…NEXT!

JR: WOW, a Lumberjack Match between Ric Flair and Bret Hart!

Tazz: This is unbelievable, JR, just unbelievable!

JR: Well, sorry to interrupt this party, but, we have to go to commercial break.

- Red Bull Energy Drink
- Doritos
- Major League Baseball
- Old El Paso Tacos

JR: Welcome back to RAW, everyone as we are just about ready to start, a historic battle on a historic night of the DRAFT 2005, this night is about to end with Lumberjack match between Ric Flair and Bret Hart, which their own personally chosen lumberjacks!

(Suddenly, Bret Hart’s music hits and he makes his way out to the stage with his lumberjacks following behind him, they walk all the way down the ramp, towards the ring, then Bret Hart slides into the ring and the lumberjacks stay stationed on the outside as Bret Hart grabs a microphone.)

Bret Hart: Well Ric, you ready for a fight, because we sure brought one for you, my lumberjacks are a great mix of technicality, power, brawling and speed, they are: Bryan Danielson, Chris Benoit, Christopher Daniels, Christian, Edge, Justin Credible, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Mark Jindrak, Markio Yoshida, Sean O Haire, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Victoria and Ultimo Dragon.

(Suddenly Ric Flair’s music hits and he makes is way out to the ring with his lumberjacks, who station themselves outside the ring, surrounding the RAW lumberjacks as Ric gets in the ring with a microphone and stares down Bret Hart.)

(Crowd is going wild.)

Ric Flair: You think, you are so good, Bret, will I think not, you are up against the greatest wrestler who every toiled in this business, not it does not bother me that you have…WHOO!…the greatest wrestler alive today…Triple H, as one of your lumberjacks, my lumberjacks and I will be able to overcome all of your lumberjacks and you to prove that Smackdown! is the superior, not inferior brand! The lumberjacks I brought with me today are: Bubba Ray Dudley, Brock Lesnar, Chris Harris, D’ Von Dudley, James Storm, Jazz, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Matt Hardy, Mika Akino, Psychosis, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Super Crazy and Trinity!

(Suddenly, Shane McMahon appears on the Titan Tron with an announcement.)

Shane McMahon: Well, gentlemen, since you both got to bring guests to this wonderful party, I thought that I would bring some of my own in the form of two guest special enforcers, one guest time keeper and one special guest referee. The two guest special enforcers are for Bret Hart’s team, Stone Cold Steve Austin and for Ric Flair’s team, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat!…

(Crowd cheers.)

(Bret Hart Ric Flair looks at the entrance way in a state of shock, as Steve Austin and Ricky Steamboat come out to rousing ovations.)

JR: Oh my god, this match is going to be something special!

Tazz: Yeah, JR, it is, I can feel the electricity in the air!

Shane McMahon continued: Also, the special guest time keeper is none other than…

( “Real American” hits and Hulk Hogan appears from behind the curtain and joins Steve Austin and Ricky Steamboat on the way to the ring. )

Shane McMahon continued: HULK HOGAN!!!!!!!!!!

(Again, Bret and Ric look at the entrance way, but this time with both a look of shock and a look of disgust.)

Shane McMahon continued: And guess what, guys, to add even more surprise to your days so far, their will be a guest referee too…and, that guest referee will be…
(Shane McMahon takes off his dress shirt, revealing a referee’s shirt underneath it.)
Shane McMahon continued: ME!
(Shane McMahon then makes his way down to the ring to officiate the LUMBERJACK match between Bret Hart and Ric Flair to see who is better, RAW or Smackdown!.)

Main Event
No DQ 10 Lumberjack Match
RAW: Bryan Danielson, Bubba Ray Dudley, Chris Benoit, Christopher Daniels, D’ Von Dudley, Christian, Edge, Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Markio Yoshida, Sean O Haire, Triple H, Trish Stratus, Victoria and Ultimo Dragon.
Smackdown!: Brock Lesnar, Chris Harris, James Storm, Jazz, Jeff Hardy, Justin Credible, Kane, Lance Storm, Matt Hardy, Mika Akino, Psychosis, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Super Crazy and Trinity.
Special Guest Enforcers: Steve Austin and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (WWE)
Special Guest Time Keeper: Hulk Hogan (WWE)
Special Guest Referee: Shane McMahon (WWE)
Bret Hart (RAW) v. Ric Flair (Smackdown!)
MATCH: Bret Hart and Ric Flair start off in the ring, circling and staring each other down and they eventually tie up in a wrist and elbow. They continue in this to try and gain the upperhand for several minutes. After the struggle, Ric Flair finally takes Bret Hart down to the mat with a armbar. Then Ric Flair gets up and starts to work over the legs of Bret Hart for his famous “Figure Four Leg Lock” with kicks, boston crabs and body stretches including an STF. Bret, eventually struggles out of the STF and gains control with a kick to the stomach. He sends Ric Flair into the ropes and applies a sleeper hold. However, Flair is able to fight out of it, albeit it due to dirty tatics with a low blow and a thumb to the eye, then he pushes Hart into the ropes again, sending him sternum first into the turnbuckle. Then climbs to the second rope and starts a 10 count punch, but at punch 8, Hart blocks the next one, so Flair hits him with a eye rake, then shoves him off the top rope to the floor, where the Smackdown! lumberjacks are waiting. Then Shawn Michaels stomps away at Bret Hart with a vengeance as Ric Flair goes over to the cameraman. Flair rips the camera from, then he walks over to Hart, and as he is being held up by Shawn Michaels. Flair then goes to hit Hart with the camera, but Hart ducks and Flair nails Michaels in the head with the camera, busting him open. Hart then starts to crawl away from the scene to catch a breather, as Michaels is seen screaming at Flair for what he has just done, however, Flair pays no attention to it and he goes back to attacking Hart with clubbing blows to the back and neck. Flair then stops this for a second and Hart beings to get up, to which he punches Flair straight in the jaw, knocking him down. Then so he doesn’t get attack by the Smackdown! lumberjacks, away more, Hart grabs a cable from the TV camera and wraps it around Flair’s neck and drags him over the RAW lumberjacks, where Kurt Angle and Triple H start kicking, punching and slapping away at him as Hart watches happily. Michaels than charges at Hart from the other side of the outside of the ring and hits in with continuous right hands. Until he falls into Triple H, who helps him up and then Triple H goes after Michaels as Hart goes back to working on Flair, who is being pummeled by Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian and The Impact Players by now. Edge and Christian then say to Hart to “GET THE TABLE”, so Hart does as they 5 of them continue to beat on Ric Flair, who they whip into the steel steps and bust wide open. Then Bubba and D’ Von set the table up with Flair on it as Chris Benoit climbs to the top rope to go for a diving head butt, however, Trinity comes up from behind Benoit and pushes him off the top rope and he goes crashing through the table, as Flair had rolled out of the way, to the floor, where the Dudleys continued their beating on him. Hart say all of this and motioned to Trish Stratus to go after Trinity, who she tried to catch with a Chick Kick, but Trinity caught her and hit her with a hurricanrana on the floor. At this point there are bodies lying everywhere; Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Trish Stratus as well as a few other lumberjacks who have gotten into it. It is anarchy all over the place and Shane McMahon is loosing control, so he calls in the special enforcers and Austin attacks Hart and Steamboat attacks Flair. Austin hits Hart with a kick to the stomach and then a Stunner and Steamboat attacks Flair with the ringside bell and then puts him in the dreaded Figure Four Leglock, Flair’s own move, and continued to use all of Flair’s mannerisms like eye rakes and thumbs to the eyes to keep him grounded. Flair had been in the figure four for a few minutes now, as the rest of the anarchy was unfolding around them like Austin and Michaels, now teaming up on Hart, who was back in the ring with a table, that the Dudleys threw in their for Flair earlier. As Austin was stomping away on Hart in the corner, Michaels was setting a table up in the center of the ring, Austin then picked up Hart and propped him up in the corner and called the Dudley Boys into the ring, who he handed Hart off to, then when outside the ring and attacked an already bloodied Flair, who had finally turned Steamboat over the figure four with kicks to the stomach. Then when Austin was done with Flair, he rolled him into the ring, just as the Dudley Boys, hoist Hart up for a 3D, with Michaels cheering them on, the Dudley Boys hit it and send Hart crashing through a table, then Michaels and The Dudleys get out of the ring as Flair slowly crawls over to Hart, he drapes his arm over Hart’s fallen, bloodied body for the cover…Shane McMahon, the special guest referee goes down for the count, amongst the broken table…1…2…3! Hulk Hogan then rings the ringside bell and announce Ric Flair as the winner and Smackdown! brand as the superior brand. Then all of the Smackdown lumberjacks: Bubba Ray Dudley, Brock Lesnar, Chris Harris, D’ Von Dudley, James Storm, Jazz, Jeff Hardy, Kane, Matt Hardy, Mika Akino, Psychosis, Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Super Crazy and Trinity, as well as Steve Austin, celebrate in the ring with Flair.

Austin then cracks open three beers and hands one to Flair and one to Michaels and they share a beer in the middle of the ring, over a fallen and bloodied Bret Hart, as the rest of the Smackdown! lumberjacks pose of the ropes around the beer bash, then Austin, Flair and Michaels hug, as the zoomed in on Hart’s bloodied and fallen body with Austin, Flair and Michaels staring into the camera, menacingly as the RAW goes off the air.

JR: WOW, what an end to tonight’s RAW, I was never expecting this!

Tazz: Me, neither, JR, this is mind-blowing. Although, we know who the superior brand is now and it ain’t the show were are on now, but the one on Wednesday nights, SMACKDOWN!!!!!

JR: Anyway, folks, Tazz and I will see you, this Wednesday on Smackdown and what will Bret Hart had to say to Ric Flair, if anything at all!



RAW Roster


1) Booker T
2) Chris Benoit
3) JBL
4) John Cena
5) Kurt Angle
6) Rob Van Dam
7) Raven
8) The Undertaker
9) Triple H

Tag Teams

1) Edge and Christian (Christian and Edge)
2) Reflections of Perfection (Mark Jindrak and Sean O Haire)
3) Team Canada (Bobby Roode and Eric Young)
4) The Basham Brothers (Danny and Doug Basham)
5) The Impact Players (Justin Credible and Lance Storm)
6) Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)


1) Bryan Danielson
2) Chavo Guerrero
3) Christopher Daniels
4) Chris Sabin
5) Jamie Noble
6) Jerry Lynn
7) Nova
8) Shane Helms
9) Shannon Moore
10) Ultimo Dragon


1) Alexis Laree
2) Mariko Yoshida
3) Molly Holly
4) Morgan
5) Nikita
6) Tracy Brooks
7) Trish Stratus
8) Victoria
9) Violet Flame

Smackdown! ROSTER


1) AJ Styles
2) Brock Lesnar
3) Chris Jericho
4) Eddie Guerrero
5) Kane
6) Randy Orton
7) Shawn Michaels
8) Steve Austin
9) The Rock

Tag Teams

1) America’s Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)
2) La Resistance (Rene Dupree and Sylvan Griener)
3) The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray and D’ Von Dudley)
4) The Hardy Boys (Jeff and Matt Hardy)
5) The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)
6) The Rockers (Billy Kidman and Paul London)


1) Akio
2) Elix Skipper
3) Kazarian
4) Michael Shane
5) Nunzio
6) Petey Williams
7) Psychosis
8) Rey Mysterio
9) Super Crazy
10) Tajiri


1) Ayako Hamada
2) Gail Kim
3) Jazz
4) Lita
5) Lexie Fyfe
6) Mika Akino
7) Phoenix
8) Trinity
9) Yoshiko Tamura

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Man, besides the fact that you must have accidentally double post the show, it was excellent. That was the best backstory that I have ever read. Even though there was just one match, the value was excellent. Few words of advice though: add some more matches, promos, and add bold, italics, and colors to your posts. While good, it was hard to read, since it was all in one color. follow this and this will become a very good thread. I can't wait for your next show. 1!

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Thanks alot man, the further shows will have more matches, that first RAW didn't because I had the roster draft, which took up most of the time and the match was really to set up many of the fueds that I will be working on. Thanks for the advice, I still am having trouble with that because I had it fully italized, bolded and underlined and such in Microsoft Word, however, it didn't transfer it over when I copied it. I have to work on that. That first RAW took about 4 days to write, so I won't expect the next Smackdown! to be up until maybe a week from now, because I got exams next week.

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That was pretty good but hard to read, just add some colour to fix it. Your back story was a good touch aswell. I was going to say your roster is way too long but now you split it up into Raw and Smackdown it's better but I don't think you will manage to fit all those superstars on an 8-9 match PPV. You can try though, prove me wrong. :D

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MLBLegend, I am not going to try to put everyone on every PPV or TV show, the rosters are bigger because I wanted to not run into the problem of having the same people challenge for titles all the time, it was for variety and so things don't get stale.

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Pretty good for a roster draft show. Wont review fully because it only had one match, but starting with your next show I will. As for the color, bold, italics.. just post it but before you post it, highlight it, pick the color you want and what you want to be bold/italic. It wont copy from Word.

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That was a great show and for only having one match. The background story was great and in-depth and looks good. General Manager Choices are also good, with Bret Hart also back in the WWE is a fantastic choice, i look forward to reading more of your shows.

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I too will look forward to your next show duckman, it was a great backstory, so it felt really good reading. But add colours, underlines, italics, centers, bolds and more matches to your future shows, plus some healthier promos and you can become a good BTB very quickly

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this thread sure has potential of being one of the best shows along with UWEF, WIWA, WCW:REBORN and yours truly WWE:X-ZONE. Good work with your first show liked the part where Austin, Micheals and Austin stood over Hart. I somehow felt Austin would then stunner Flair and Micheals cus I dont like him as a heel. But it's your thread so good luck.

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I know, I just started this thread, but will writing Smackdown!, I hit a wall with regards to ideas, but then later got a completely different idea and I had trouble writing out "real" full matches, so decided to start over...I am still trying to fix up my "possible" new theard, so if I post this new one, I will in a few days, when I get some starting ideas for it. I am really, sorry about this, but I will not be continuing this thread, even though there were many, many positive comments, which I thank you guys for, about it. Anyway, if a moderator gets a chance, could they please close this thread because I will not be posting in it anymore. Thanks in advance, duckman_999. Sorry, if I dissapointed anybody...but I need some more time to think about where I want to go with it and if I am not posting in this thread anymore, I don't want it to just sit there and take up space. Thanks, again in avance, Everyone.
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