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My New WWE!!!!!

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I'm really sorry but by accident it made two threads so dont go to this one, go to the other one without ! marks
Jan 5
A Promo from the lottery on SmackDown! appears. It Shows Teddy and Eric Bischoff doing their picks and the matches in between.

Raw music starts

Pyro goes off

JR: We are life folks from Dallas, Texas and what a night are GM has planned for us.
King: Yes, JR and there is a new locker room from the lottery last week and now RAW has the cruiserweight belt and SmackDown! has the women’s.
JR: As I said before, Eric Bishcoff planned a great match for tonight; The Worlds champion HHH vs The Undertaker for the World heavyweight championship!

Match 1-Worlds Greatest Tag Team© Vs The Dudlys( Bubba and D-von) Non-title
The worlds greatest tag team comes in and parades around the ring with their titles. The Dudlys then come in and quickly start the match. D-von starts the match in the ring with
Haas. Haas gets a few right hands in but D-von counters with a few chops. He then irish whips Haas and gives him a back body toss. He covers, 1……2….but Haas kicks out. D-von then tags in Bubba. Bubba leg drops Haas but doesn’t cover. Instead, he does the what’s up and waits for D-von to do the headbutt. D-von climbs the ropes but Shelton hits him off into the outside of the ring. Bubba lifts up Haas and gives him a belly-to-back suplex.A cover, 1…..2…. but Haas kicks out again. Bubba gets really mad and tries a Bubba bomb but Haas struggles to get himself out and counters into a snapmare. He then tags Benjamin. Benjamin goes up top and hits Bubba with a clothesline. He doesn’t cover because D-von comes into the ring so Shelton tries to kick him but D-von grabs his foot. Shelton swings his other foot around and hits D-von in the jaw. Bubba gets up and hammers Shelton in the back. Haas gets mad and tries to get in the ring but the ref keeps him out. So now he Dudlys try a 3-D but Shelton reverses the flapjack into a DDT. Bubba tries a Bubba cutter but only gets an atomic drop. Then Shelton throws D-von into the ring pole and Haas runs in and applies the Haas of pain. Shelton then T-bones Bubba to get the 3 count. Match winners, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin at 9:43.

JR: The Worlds Greatest Tag Team has just beat the Dudlys. Lets look at the replay to see what happened.
Replay shows how Shelton reverses the 3-D
King: Right there, JR. That was how they won.

The new Evolution, HHH, Ric Flair, Tyson Tomko, and Viscera are shown walking into Eric’s office. HHH approaches Eric and stands in front of him.

HHH: How can you put me in a match with the UNDERTAKER!!!!!
Eric: Well HHH I’m sorry but we had to have a main event that the crowd would like.
HHH: Well why did I have to be in it!
Eric: Well game I know you’re mad so I’ll make you a deal. Tonight, the match with you vs The Undertaker will be a no-DQ “ Bring-your-on” weapon match, meaning you can bring any weapon down to the ring with you.
HHH: He, he, he. That sounds more like it.
Eric: Plus, I’ll put your Problem solvers in a match against Chris Benoit and Edge.
Tyson: Oh yeah that’s more like it.

Match 2-I-C championship match- Val Venis © vs Booker T
Val Venis’s song plays and the crowd cheers. He walks to the ring and Spins his towel around right before Booker T comes in. The two start the match quickly and Booker gets control with an arm wrench. Venis rolls through and does an arm wrench of his own. The two switch back and forth until finally Booker does an arm drag. He then tries a knee drop but misses. Venis gets up and does an irish whip to Booker. Venis then tries a clothesline but Booker counters into a Bookend. He doesn’t cover, instead he does the spinerroni and the crowd goes wild. He sets Venis up for the scissors kick and bounces off the rope but Venis moves and hits Booker T with the Half-Nelson slam. He covers, but only gets a two. Venis gets mad and goes up top for the money shot. He leaps off the turnbuckle and gets it! He covers, 1…..2……3! Venis wins! The ref looks to see if Booker is ok and he notices Booker T’s foot on the rope! The ref starts the match over again. Venis gets made and runs in to the ring . He goes up top again but Booker was faking being hurt and runs up to the turnbuckle and throws Venis off. Booker stays on the top and when Venis almost gets up, Booker leaps off the turnbuble and does the scissor kick out of mid-air. 1……2…..3! Booker T wins and is the new I-C champ at 7: 57

Maria is shown in the back with Edge,
Maria: Edge, you have a match tonight with Chris Benoit and you will be fighting Viscera and Tyson Tomko. What are your thoughts right now?
Edge: What are my thoughts? Well I am pretty pissed right now from Eric Bitchoff putting me in a match with those creatures. So during the match, I will make sure neither of them will make it to the next show.

Match 3- Paul London vs Scotty 2 Hotty© non-title

Paul London comes in first and gets a big cheer from the crowd. He stands on the turnbuckle and the crowd starts to scream even louder. Then Scotty comes in and gets the same level of cheering. The two wait a second then start with a collar-elbow tie-up. Scotty applies a head lock put Paul pushes him away and does a hip toss to Scotty. He covers but only gets a 1 and a half. Paul lifts up Scotty and does a snap suplex. 1…2… but Scotty kicks out. Paul lifts Scotty up again and tries to chop him but Scotty counters into and arm drag. He then keeps and arm bar locked in but Paul gets out. Then Scotty irish whips Paul and tries a clothesline but Paul ducks, bounces off the ropes and does a cross body. 1….2….but Scotty kicks out. He then Lifts up Scotty and scoop slams him by the turnbuckle. He climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd goes wild knowing that he will do the 450 splash. He gets ready to jump but a man runs out from the crowd and pushes him off the turnbuckle. It’s Spike Dudly! Spike walks up the ramp with a happy look on his face. Scotty gets up and sees Paul on the ground so he does the worm to get the 3 count. Winner, Scotty 2 Hotty at 6:39.

JR: Spike Dudly just srewed Paul London out of his match.
King: Spike is probably so happy about what he did.

Eric comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone, before Scotty could even leave the ring.
Eric: As you may know already, The Royal Rumble will be on January 23 in Battle Creek, Michigan. And I think Raw should have a couple of matches as well as the Royal Rumble. So next week, there will be a battle royal to see who will fight the World’s champion at the Rumble. And, are cruiserweight champion, Scotty 2 Hotty will be in action to.
(The crowd starts cheering) And he will fight not one men, but two. He will fight Spike
Dudly and Paul London.

JR: Oh my god king! Did you here that?!
King: I sure did and the Royal Rumble sounds like it will be one hell of a night.

Match 4- Victoria vs Molly Holly vs Dawn Marie
Victoria’s music plays and the crowd starts to cheer. She does her regular dance and walks down to the ring. Molly Holly comes in next and gets a boo from the crowd. Then, Dawn Marie comes in and gets half cheers and half boos. Victoria starts the match by getting a few right hands on Molly but Dawn hits Victoria away from her and does a hair take down to Molly. Victoria clubs Dawn in the back and throws her out of the ring. She then grabs Molly and scoop slams her. She poses for the crowd, then does her moonsault. 1….2…..but Dawn runs in and breaks it up. Shw grabs Victoria and gives her a neck breaker. 1…2….but Victoria kicks out. Dawn lifts up Victoria again and does a side headlock. Victoria pushes her into the ropes and tries a back toss but Dawn kicks her and Molly grabs her from behind and does a backdrop. Dawn and Molly stare at each other, then at Victoria and nod. They each grab one of Victoria’s legs and catapult her out of the ring. Dawn looks over the rope and smiles but Molly runs up behind Dawn and does a school boy ( in this case, school girl), 1….2… but Dawn kicks out. She stares at Molly then slaps her. But Molly retaliates by hitting Dawn with a slap of her own. Suddenly, Victoria runs into the ring and throws Molly over the rope. She then grabs Dawn and gives her a widows peak.1….2….3! Winner, Victoria at 5: 56

Booker T is walking in the back with his new I-C championship. A man walks up to him. It’s Kurt Angle.
Angle: Congratulations on your victory, Book
Booker: Yeah, thanks Kurt
Angle: Well I since I was drafted to RAW, I’ve been looking for a partner.
Booker: Go on
Angle: Well I was wondering, if you would like to be my partner.
Booker: You want me to be your partner?
Angle: Yep
Booker: Well I guess if the Olympic champion and the 5 times WCW champion would team up, that would make in unstoppable force. So, yes. I agree
Angle: Good, because next week, we will have a #1 contenders match against Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki. If we win, We will get our chance for the Tag titles. What do you think Book?!
Booker: Oh yeah! The Book man will win another title. Now can you dig that, partna?
The two shake hands and walk away.

Match 5- Chris Benoit and Edge vs Viscera and Tyson Tomko
Chris Benoit’s music plays and he walks to the ring, with edge behind him. The crowd cheers but they turn to boos once evolutions music plays. Viscera and Tyson walk down the ramp slowly and get in the ring. Edge starts off with Viscera. Viscera throws edge into the turnbuckle and tries a splash but Edge moves. He then chopblocks Viscera and tries an Edgecater but Viscera over-powers him. Edge tags in Benoit who punches, chops, and headbutts viscera until he tries a German suplex but Viscera is just too big and he shacks Benoit off. Viscera tags in Tomko and he pummels Benoit. He hits a running big boot and covers but Edge breaks it up. Tomko holds Benoit in a headlock and tags Viscera who hits Benoit in the stomach. Viscera Irish whips Benoit and tries a powerslam but he rolls throw into a school boy. 1….2….but Viscera pushes Benoit away. Benoit struggles over to Edge to get the pin but Viscera grabs Benoits foot but Benoit counters into an enzuguri and tags in Edge. He first runs in and hits Tyson off the rope. Then he runs into Viscera and tries a spear. Viscera gets hit but doesn’t fall, he just topples into the turnbuckle. Tyson gets into the ring but Benoit Germans him and does the headbutt. Then he gets onto the apron and Edge tags him. So then Benoit grabs Viscera’s arm like he is going for the crossface but Viscera won’t fall so Edge Edgecutions him and Viscera falls down into a crossface. He is forced to tap out.
Winners, Chris Benoit and Edge at 10:23.

HHH comes out with a mic and signals for his music to stop.
HHH: So my problem solvers, you’ve failed me again. And I don’t like failure.
So, I‘ve decided that Evolution will either get new or old members, you could say. Next week, you will fight a tag team to determine who gets to be in evolution. I would like to have two tag teams but then there would be no more competition so then we would have to fight Steven Richards. And the match will be a triple table match. There will be three tables and the first team to send their opponents through 2 out of 3 tables will win . And that tag team will arrive in 3…2…
Suddenly, the Dudlys music plays and D-von and Bubba run out. D-von has a band-aide
on his head from the DDT by Shelton. The teams fight for a minute until the Dudlys 3-D both of the problem solvers and leave with HHH.

JR: Oh my god, s triple table match!
King: The Dudlys are the masters of the table match so this will be great!
JR: And next will be the World heavyweight title match between the cerebral assassin and the Phenom. We all know HHH will have a sledge hammer, but what will the Undertaker have?

HHH is walking in the back when Steven Richards approaches.
Steven: Hey, what did you mean about just fighting me?
HHH: Wow, slow down. It was a joke. I really meant to say Shannon Moo-
He stops talking when Shannon Moore walks by.
HHH: Actually, yeah. I did mean you.
Steven slaps HHH who gets furious. He then pedigree’s Richards on the ground causing doctors to come help him.

Match 6- HHH© vs The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship
Undertaker’s music plays and he walks with his head down to the ring. He apparently has no weapon. Then HHH comes in and he does have a sledge hammer like JR said. He looks at Undertaker and laughs. But he stops when Undertaker takes off his cape and hat. Suddenly, the arena goes black and a lightning bolt goes down to the Undertaker. When the lights come back on, He is holding a shovel! He charges at HHH and tries to hit him but HHH hits the shovel with the sledge hammer. Both men go flying back and Undertaker drops his weapon and charges at HHH. He clotheslines him, causing him to drop the sledge hammer. He covers, 1…2…but HHH kicks out. He then powerbomb’s HHH but still gets a 2. Undertaker then picks up HHH holds him high above his head. He chucks him out of the ring and onto the announce table. Undertaker walks out of the ring and picks up his shovel. He then brings hit down, hard onto HHH’s stomach, and breaks the table. HHH screams in pain and Undertaker picks him up and Irish whips him into the steps. HHH screams more but Undertaker isn’t finished. He then rams HHH into the barricade rapidly. He grabs his shovel one more time and chokes HHH for almost a minute. He then tosses HHH in the ring He tries to hit HHH on the head but HHH lowblows him. He then sets up Undertaker for the pedigree but Undertaker back tosses him into the turnbuckle. He grabs HHH by the neck and chokeslams him! 1…2…somehow, HHH kicks out!!!!! Undertaker lifts up HHH and tosses him out of the ring. HHH grabs his sledge hammer and bashes Undertaker over the head! He then climbs the turnbuckle and drops the hammer into Undertakers bloody head. 1….2…..3! HHH retains at 15:34.

HHH walks up the ramp with his belt and hammer when suddenly Undertaker sits up! He is barely able to stand from the massive blood loss but he signals to HHH that the End…..Is…….NEAR!
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