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OK I’m starting my own storylines, since Juvy has no competition at the moment lol! Firstly, there is no brand split but Raw and Smackdown have their separate PPVs, with the superstars of their choice. I will start my storylines from the night after Wrestlemania , and see how long I can go on for from there!

Here are the titles:

The only titles for both shows: Undisputed WWE Title; WWE Tag Team Title.
Raw only titles: Raw Title ; Intercontinental Title ; Light-Heavyweight Title .
Smackdown only titles: Smackdown Title ; United States Title ; Cruiserweight Title .

NOTE: When a superstar wins a title exclusive to a certain brand, they must stay on that brand until they lose their title. After that, they are free to go on both shows again.

Here are the current champions:

Undisputed WWE Champion: Kurt Angle.
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz.
Raw Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED.
Smackdown Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED.
Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam.
United States Champion: Edge.
Light-Heavyweight Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED. Cruiserweight Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED.

Here are the current owner/general managers/etc:

NOTE - HIGH/DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGERS EXPLAINED: The Deputy General Managers only have full control over their show when their High General manager is absent. When the High General Manager is present, the Deputy General Managers only have the power to make No. 1 Contender/Title matches and to suspend WWE superstars. The Deputy General Managers do not have the power to fire WWE superstars, sign new superstars or strip them of their titles when the High General Manager is present.

WWE Owner: Vince McMahon
Raw High General Manager: Mick Foley.
Deputy Raw General Manager: William Regal.
Smackdown High General Manager: Shane McMahon.
Deputy Smackdown General Manager: Stephanie McMahon.

NOTE - MICK FOLEY HAS AN IRONCLAD CONTRACT: To make sure that ‘Vince McMahon firing Mick Foley’ storyline isn’t repeated again, I’ve decided that Mick Foley should have an ironclad contract, so he can leave WWE of his own accord.

Well, that’s all there is to know. Now, for the Storylines, which will be in my second thread called "My new Storylines!".
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