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OK I’m starting my own storylines. Firstly, there is no brand split but Raw and Smackdown have their separate PPVs, with the superstars of their choice. I will start my storylines from the night after Wrestlemania, and see how long I can go on for from there!

Here are the titles:

The only titles for both shows: Undisputed WWE Title; WWE Tag Team Title.
Raw only titles: Raw Title; Intercontinental Title; Light-Heavyweight Title.
Smackdown only titles: Smackdown Title; United States Title; Cruiserweight Title.

NOTE: When a superstar wins a title exclusive to a certain brand, they must stay on that brand until they lose their title. After that, they are free to go on both shows again.

Here are the current champions:

Undisputed WWE Champion: Kurt Angle.
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz.
Raw Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED.
Smackdown Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED. Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam.
United States Champion: Edge.
Light-Heavyweight Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED.
Cruiserweight Champion: YET TO BE DECIDED.

Here are the current owner/general managers/etc:

NOTE – (DEPUTY) GENERAL MANAGERS EXPLAINED: The Deputy General Managers only have full control over their show when their General manager is absent. When the General Manager is present, the Deputy General Managers only have the power to make No. 1 Contender/Title matches and to suspend WWE superstars. The Deputy General Managers do not have the power to fire WWE superstars, sign new superstars or strip them of their titles when the General Manager is present.

WWE Owner: Vince McMahon
Raw General Manager: Mick Foley.
Deputy Raw General Manager: William Regal.
Smackdown General Manager: Shane McMahon.
Deputy Smackdown General Manager: Stephanie McMahon.

NOTE - MICK FOLEY HAS AN IRONCLAD CONTRACT: To make sure that ‘Vince McMahon firing Mick Foley’ storyline isn’t repeated again, I’ve decided that Mick Foley should have an ironclad contract, so he can leave WWE of his own accord.

Well, that’s all there is to know. Now, for the Storylines!

Here’s my first Raw, starting from when I said in the presentation plan, the night after Wrestlemania.

Raw for 8/3/2004

J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcome us to Raw. They talk about the previous night at Wrestlemania, where Kurt Angle captured the Undisputed WWE Title in a Triple Threat match against Brock Lesnar and now-former WWE Undisputed Champion, The Rock; The Dudley Boyz retained the WWE Tag Team Titles against La Resistance, the World’s Greatest Tag Team and Los Guerreros in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team match; Rob Van Dam won a Battle Royal also including Booker T, Christian, Test, Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Rikishi, Rodney Mack, A-Train, Chris Benoit, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, thus winning Chris Benoit’s Intercontinental Title; Edge captured John Cena’s United States Title in a No DQ match; and where Kane defeated Goldberg in a Cage match. (NOTE: I wrote these match results because these are the feuds I am going to continue.)

Suddenly, Mick Foley’s music hits and out comes the Raw GM. Foley gets into the ring and takes the mic…

Foley: Welcome everybody, to WWE Raw! Last night at Wrestlemania, I think we all had a great show to watch. The matches and superstars were amazing, and it is definitely going to be a very memorable Wrestlemania; but now, it’s time to get down to business. First of all, I’d like to tell you all that Backlash is going to be a Raw-only PPV! I can promise you all a great show…

William Regal’s music hits and out comes the Raw Deputy GM.

Regal: Hello everybody! I, William Regal, as Raw Deputy General Manager also welcome you all to the show! I of course, have a few announcements of my own. Firstly, tonight, the main event will be a title match. However, it won’t be for the Undisputed WWE Title. It won’t even be for the Intercontinental Title! No, it will be for the Raw Title that I am creating! Now…
Foley: Well, Regal, You’ve not only surprised me, you’ve impressed me. I will allow your match to stand for tonight! But you’ll have to make it official by signing a contract!

An official comes running out with a contract in hand. The official gives the contract to Foley and leaves.

Foley: Sign this contract and make your match official.
Regal: Of course.

Regal signs the contract.

Foley: Well, he’s signed ladies and gentlemen! William Regal has just signed for his match tonight – which will be against Kane!
Regal: What?!
Foley: Listen Regal. I said, “sign for your match” distinctly. I didn’t say “sign for the main event” now did I?
Regal: You’ll regret this Foley! I swear, one day, you’ll be fired from WWE all over again, and it’ll be the last time ever you step in this ring!
Foley: And you’ll regret threatening me! ‘Coz I swear, today, you’ll be fired from WWE if you lose to Kane! Have a nice day!

As Foley is about to leave, Regal turns him around and punches him down with his Brass Knuckles.
Regal then leaves the ring, leaving Mick Foley lying in the ring.

Tag Team match: Sable and Jazz def. Trish Status and Torrie Wilson, when Jazz forces Torrie to tap out of the STF. After the match, Jazz is still beating on Torrie. Trish tries to help, so Sable takes care of her with a Sable Bomb. Suddenly, Jacqueline comes running down to the ring. Jazz and Sable quickly get out of the ring. Jacqueline stares down Jazz, before picking up Torrie and hitting her with a Fisherman’s Suplex! Jacqueline then walks over to Trish and nails a Fisherman’s Suplex on her as well, whilst Jazz and Sable get back into the ring. Suddenly, Jazz and Jacqueline turn and attack Sable! Jacqueline nails a Fisherman’s Suplex followed by Jazz locking on the STF! Theodore Long comes running out and holds up Jazz and Jacqueline’s hands, before the three make their way for the back.


In the parking lot, we see the Undisputed WWE Champion Kurt Angle arriving at the arena.

Backstage, a few officials are tending to Mick Foley in his office when Goldberg walks in…

Goldberg: Foley, I don’t wanna see William Regal face Kane tonight. I want Kane in a rematch tonight!
Foley: Sorry Goldberg, but there won’t be no Kane/Goldberg rematch tonight, but there’ll be a rematch next week.
Goldberg: I don’t deserve this kind of treatment!
Foley: You know what Goldberg? You really need to be put in your place. I’m sick and tired of everyone thinking you’re stronger than people like The Rock and Triple H. Face it, Goldberg. In reality, you’re just an overrated bald punk who thinks he always gets what he wants. This isn’t WCW, Goldberg, with second-class owners like Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff! No, this is WWE, with a first-class owner, although I don’t like him, Vince McMahon! This is WWE with first-class managers like Shane McMahon and yours truly, Mick Foley! So until you understand who you really are, I’ll have to punish you. Your first punishment is a Handicap match tonight against Undertaker and Triple H!
Goldberg: I’ll take out ‘Taker and Triple H tonight.
Foley: Good luck, and have a nice day!

After Goldberg leaves, Kurt Angle walks into Mick Foley’s office…

Angle: So Mick, who I am defending my Undisputed WWE Title against tonight? Who is my next victim?
Foley: You’re defending the title against The Rock in a rematch, but not in the main event.
Angle: How come?
Foley: Because the main event will be Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Chris Benoit, Booker T, Big Show and Shawn Michaels in a 6-Man Over The Top Rope Challenge match, with the winner being crowned Raw Champion.
Angle: But I thought…
Foley: I know what you thought, Kurt. Anyway, you should go to your locker room and get ready for The Rock.
Angle: I don’t need to get ready for The Rock. I was born ready.


Match: A-Train def. Rodney Mack after hitting a Baldo Bomb. After the match, A-Train gets a steel chair and is about to give Mack another Baldo Bomb onto the chair, D-lo Brown’s music hits and D-Lo comes running out! D-Lo attacks A-Train, but A-Train fights back. A-Train gets D-Lo ready for a Baldo Bomb, but Rodney Mack hits A-Train on the back with the steel chair, followed by D-Lo smashing the chair in A-Train’s face. D-Lo then goes to the top rope and nails the Lo-Down on A-Train! Theodore Long, Jazz and Jacqueline then all come out and hug D-Lo and Mack. Theodore Long then takes the mic…

Theodore: What you people see before you is now going to be known as “Team Lo-Down!”

Match: Kurt Angle and The Rock fight to a no contest (meaning Kurt Angle retains the Undisputed WWE Title) when Brock Lesnar runs down and takes out both men with an F5 each. Mick Foley appears on the TitanTron…

Foley: Brock, who do you think are? I suppose you believe you have the right to go down here and interfere in this match? This is an outrage! Brock, you have to learn that those who cross me are punished. So, it’ll be you and Goldberg against ‘Taker, Triple H, and Kurt Angle!


Match: Kane def. William Regal by DQ when Regal used the Brass Knuckles on Kane and then quickly running away from the ring, resulting in a DQ. After the match, Kane gets the mic…

Kane: You can run Regal, but you can never hide!

Kane then runs out of the ring to the back, looking for Regal.

Handicap match: Kurt Angle, Triple H and ‘Taker def. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg when Kurt Angle got out of an F5 and nailed an Angle Slam on Lesnar (Triple H and ‘Taker were assaulting Goldberg on the outside). After the match, The Rock runs out and begins to stomp on Brock with Angle as Triple H and ‘Taker continue on Goldberg. Suddenly, Mick Foley’s music hits and out comes

Foley: See, Goldberg, what happens when you cross me? See, Brock, what happens when you interfere in my Title matches? However, you 6 men in the ring; the high ratings are right there. I want those high ratings for my Raw PPV Backlash. So, I have no other choice but to announce an Elimination Chamber with Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Goldberg, Triple H, Undertaker and Kurt Angle, with the Undisputed WWE Title on the line! Also, Regal, you escaped from Kane, but I think you forgot about your contract. So, William Regal, you’re fired! Now have a Nice Day!

Backstage, Kane hasn’t found William Regal, but is seen in the office of Regal…

Kane: Well Regal, since you won’t come out of hiding, I’ll just have to take your office, instead of you, to hell!

Kane grabs a box of matches from a drawer and sets the room on fire!

Raw Main Event: Chris Jericho def. Kevin Nash, Chris Benoit, Booker T, Big Show and Shawn Michaels to win the Raw Championship.

Jericho: Ladies and Gentleman, it’s now official. RAW… IS… JERICHO!

End Show.

Smackdown for 12/3/04

Smackdown kicks off with Deputy Smackdown General Manager Stephanie McMahon heading to the ring and taking the mic...

Stephanie: My father, Vince McMahon, has decided to make me Deputy General Manager of Smackdown whilst my brother, Shane McMahon, gets the top job on this show. Daddy, what’s going on? How can you think that I would ever work for Shane? I can’t do that. I can’t be beneath Shane. So, unless this is sorted out, I am leaving Smackdown.

Shane McMahon’s music hits and out comes the Smackdown GM…

Shane: You know what Steph? I don’t care if you’re unhappy as Deputy Smackdown GM. I, and I think I speak for the rest of the world, am fed up of you and your moaning and your crying like a baby. It’s time you grew up, Steph. You have to sort things out yourself; I mean you can’t rely on Dad forever. Steph, as General Manager of Smackdown, I am suspending you from WWE until you are strong and responsible enough to return!
Stephanie: But Shane, you can’t do this to me! Please!
Shane: Sorry Steph, I really am, but this is the way it has to be – you’re suspended indefinitely! Now please, leave the ring!

Stephanie just stares at Shane with an upset expression, then leaves the ring, sobbing. As Steph is leaving at the top of the ramp, Shane looks back at her as if in doubt.

Backstage, Edge is looking into a mirror and posing with the U.S. Title. Suddenly,
Eddie Guerrero walks in…

Eddie: Congratulations, Edge. Well done on winning the United States belt. However, Edge, you’re gonna have to put up a good fight if you want to keep that belt.
Edge: Are you threatening me or trying to help me?
Eddie: Edge man, you need to chill out. I’m not threatening you…
Edge: Well then why would you wanna help me?
Eddie: ‘Coz these days the title changes hands too often. I wanna see the United States Title be prestigious again.
Edge: That can’t be the only reason. I bet you want a Title shot, eh? Well, you’re not getting one. By the way, John Cena is getting a rematch tonight; Shane McMahon told me earlier.
Eddie: Perfect! I can be at ringside.
Edge: No way. You think I can trust you that easily?
Eddie: See ya later, Edge.

Match: D-Lo Brown def. A-Train after a Sky High followed by the Lo-Down. After this match, Rodney Mack comes out and the “Team Lo-Down” members attack A-Train. Mack then takes out a table, and Mack & D-Lo give A-Train a Double Suplex through the table! The two superstars then made their way to the back, leaving A-Train lying in the ring.


Shane McMahon’s music hits and out comes the Smackdown General Manager…

Shane: Earlier on, because I had to deal with my sister, I didn’t have a chance to deal with a few major announcements. First of all, tonight, I am starting a tournament to crown a new champion – the Smackdown Champion. The quarterfinals are Eddie Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy and Kevin Nash vs. Chris Benoit which will take place tonight and the matches of Shawn Michaels vs. Test and Rikishi vs. Booker T, which will take place next week. Secondly, next week, another Title will be made – the Cruiserweight Title. Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Billy Kidman and Tajiri will battle it out in a fatal four-way match and the winner will get the new belt. Also, as Edge told you all earlier, John Cena vs. Edge for the WWE U.S. Title was going to take place tonight, but, I’ve decided to give the cruiserweights a warm up match. So now, it will be John Cena, Billy Kidman and Tajiri against Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon and the WWE U.S. Champion, Edge in a 6-man tag team match. Finally, the WWE Undisputed Champion Kurt Angle is here tonight, but his title won’t be on the line in his match against Undertaker.
Well, that’s all I have…

Undertaker’s music hits and out comes the Dead Man…

‘Taker: Shane, why the hell, won’t you put Angle’s, or should I say “soon to be mine”, WWE Undisputed Title on the line tonight?!
Shane: Trust me ‘Taker, I would’ve loved to put the title on the line tonight, but…
‘Taker: But what?!
Shane: Mick Foley requested that I don’t put the Undisputed Title on the line until after Backlash, thanks to the Elimination Chamber, and I accepted.

‘Taker stares down Shane for a moment…

‘Taker: Shane, you’re lucky I’m letting you go this time ‘coz I can win the belt at Backlash, but as for tonight, I’ll give these fans a little preview of what the Dead Man is gonna do to anybody who stands in his way at Backlash.

Match: Eddie Guerrero def. Matt Hardy to advance to the semifinals of the Smackdown Title Tournament after a Frog Splash on Matt Hardy.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Billy Kidman, Tajiri and John Cena def. Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon and Edge by DQ after Eddie Guerrero interferes and attacks Kidman, Tajiri and John Cena with a steel chair. After the match, Rey Mysterio nails Ultimo Dragon with the 619. Guerrero then nails Mysterio with the steel chair and taunts him, before Edge turns Guerrero around and nails him with the Edgecution! Edge then holds up the United States belt before Shane McMahon appears on the TitanTron…

Shane: Next week ladies and gentlemen, it will be John Cena, Eddie Guerrero and Edge in a triple threat match for the WWE United States Title!

Backstage, an official walks into Shane McMahon’s room…

Official: Shane, I’ve got some bad news.
Shane: What’s going on?
Official: We just got word from Kurt Angle; apparently his limo has broken down, and he won’t be able to get here to face Undertaker tonight!
Shane: What?! Oh no! Well, in that case, get me Undertaker…
Official: Yes, sir.


Match: Chris Benoit def. Kevin Nash to advance to the semifinals of the Smackdown Title Tournament after Nash misses a Big Boot on Benoit, and Benoit nails Nash with a German Suplex followed by a Diving Headbutt to Nash.

Backstage, we see ‘Taker entering Shane’s office…

‘Taker: So I hear Angle can’t face me tonight?
Shane: No, I’m afraid not.
‘Taker: Well, who am I gonna face tonight then?!
Shane: I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided this isn’t fair on you, so you can pick your own opponent for tonight. However, I want the match to be entertaining, so you have to pick a former World Champion.
‘Taker: Alright Shane, alright. I’ll kick Goldberg’s ass tonight!
Shane: Yes! What a great idea! Undertaker vs. Goldberg, that sounds like a hell of a lot of money! But, I don’t want that match without the proper advertising. So next week, the main event will be Undertaker vs. Goldberg. As for tonight ‘Taker, please just pick someone else.
‘Taker: You know what Shane? I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. I’m leaving right now!
Shane: No wait! Please! ‘Taker! You can’t do this!

‘Taker grabs Shane by the throat…

‘Taker: I do what I want, when I want.

‘Taker then lets go of Shane and leaves.

Meanwhile in the ring, Howard Finkel announces that next week on Smackdown, WWE owner Vince McMahon would be at the arena to address the suspension of the Smackdown Dep. General Manager, Stephanie McMahon.

Now the cameras go to the parking lot, where Undertaker is heading toward his car. Suddenly, Kane comes running out of nowhere and attacks ‘Taker! Shane then comes running into the Parking Lot…

Shane: Excellent, Kane! Good job! Now, you two are going to have a Parking Lot Brawl right now with me as the special referee!

Smackdown Main Event: Kane def. Undertaker in a Parking Lot Brawl w/Shane McMahon as the special referee (This match was very short; with Kane just smashing ‘Taker’s head through a few car windows before giving his brother a Chokeslam onto a car bonnet).

After the match, ‘Taker is unconscious and left in a pool of his own blood as Kane and Shane McMahon leave the parking lot in a limo.

End Show.

What does everyone think?
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