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I've Posted this else where to good reviews, and I would like to see what you all think!!! (caution this is a long read)

This plan would start from this past weeks Raw:

With that here it is:

This Weeks Raw:

Have the show open with higlights from last weeks show ending with the tag titles win for Edge and Benoit. Right after that show the two walking into the building after the crowd pops have them mention how last week was one of the best times in their life, after the segment closes the Raw starting airs.

Back from the starting... Open the in ring action with who else but Eric Bischoff coming to the ring, he says that last week was a disgrace and he can't believe how Benoit was able to screw Evolution last week, He then says that he has an idea, he says that tonight the main event will be Benoit and Edge defending the tag titles against Randy Orton and Triple H, The Crowd pops and Bischoff leaves the ring.

Later on in the show Shawn Michaels bumps into Chris Benoit, he wishes Benoit luck and tells him if he wants to have any gold left he better win his match tonight because next week HBK will walk out as the world champion, Benoit stares HBK down and says Don't count on it.

In Bischoff's office he is shown speaking with Johnny Nitro, right then comes Shelton Benjamin, he tells Bischoff that he won his Backlash match and was *censored* off that he didn't have a match on Raw last week, Bischoff stares him in the eye and tells him that if he wants a match Bischoff will give him a match, Next it will be Shelton Benjamin vs. KANE!!!

Benjamin def. Kane this match is dominated by Benjamin, in the wrestling Dept. Benjamin always avoids Kane's power moves and attempts to grab him, the match ends however when Benjamin rolls up Kane for the 1-2-3. Benjamin exits and Kane looks furious.

Main Event:

Benoit and Edge def. Triple H and Orton This match ends when Shawn Michaels comes out he goes to superkick Benoit but Benoit ducks and Orton is nailed right in the face, Edge sneaks in hits a spear and covers for the 1-2-3, as the show goes off the air with Michaels in retreat of Benoit.

Raw from Phoenix, AZ

The Show opens with Mic Foley shown entering the building, they air the starting and The Show starts.

Throughout the show we see vignettes from Michaels and Benoit's past, including higlights from their Raw and PPV matches.

A Kane vignette is shown Kane speaks of how he is tired of being laughed at and humiliated, and that at Badd Blood he will make the ultimate Sacrifice.

Randy Orton comes out and talks about how he should be a double Champion, and that because of Shawn Michaels Triple H is out for the next few weeks, he says that Edge got lucky and should watch his back because Orton is gonna find him and hunt him down, because the potential legend of Edge will never make it past the legend killer.

Backstage Foley is shown talking to Edge, Foley tells Edge to finish off Orton, but leave some for him because the hate for Orton that he has still burns and he won't be able to put it out until he makes Orton bleed, and Cry and puts him out of his misery because where Cactus Jack failed Mick Foley, Mankind and all the others will succeed.

Main Event with the final Video package hype.

Chris Benoit def. Shawn Michaels The end of this match see's Benoit lock on the Sharpshooter, Michaels grabs the ropes later on he hits a superkick he covers Benoit but he kicks out, the match ends when Benoit Rolls Michaels up for the 1-2-3.

Following Weeks Raw:

The show opens with a video package of last week, then a match.

Later on in the show, Eric Bischoff is approached by Shelton Benjamin, Benji asks Bischoff why after every big win Bischoff keeps him off Raw, Bischoff tells Shelton that if he wants to be on Raw, then he's got it, tonight it will be Benajamin vs. Batista.

after a match, Chris Benoit comes out and talks about how happy he is to be the champ and he says he wants to congratulate Michaels on a great match, Before he can praise Michaels any more out comes HBK, he tells Benoit that he doesn't want to here that from Benoit because he knows how good he (HBK) is and that in a rematch he would make Benoit lose and beat him 1-2-3. Benoit says anyplace any time, right then Michaels superkicks the hell out of him, he then goes outside of the ring and grabs a chair, he goes to hit Benoit with it when out comes Edge, Edge behind Edge is Randy Orton, Orton nails Edge with the IC title, Michaels Beats down Benoit in the ring, the rest of Evolution comes out and beats them down, before Bischoff calls them off he tells them that next week the main event will be Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair vs. Edge and Benoit.

Shelton Benjamin def. Batista.

The end to this see's Batista going for the Powerbomb when Benjamin reverses it into an inverted Pedigree he goes to the top and hits a cross body for the 1-2-3. During the celebration Evolution comes out and beats him down to close the show.

Next Week Raw:

The show opens with a Kane Vignette, he is shown putting shane in an Ambulance, he is also shown burying Taker, they basically show some of Kane's most brutal matches, with the headline The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Later on in the show it is announced that the main event has been changed to a 3 on 4 handicapped match where it will be Evolution plus Michaels vs. Benoit, Edge and Benjamin.

Backstage Bischoff is shown talking to Nitro about the possibility of his first ppv apperance, Nitro says he'd love to be in a ppv match, Bischoff then says not a match for him he'll be refereeing, in the first Badd Blood PPV Match where it will be Edge vs. Randy Orton for the IC title, he says tonight will be the warm up, but at Badd Blood we'll see who the real legend is.

Main Event Hype, a video package airs, following that Shawn Michaels is shown talking to Evolution he tells them that he knows they're Triple H's boys but tonight it's about beating down their enemies, he says he wants to see Benoit bleed tonight and every night until he takes his belt back.

Main Event: Evolution + Shawn Michaels def. Edge, Benoit, Benjamin.

The end to this see's Johnny Nitro come out after a ref bump, and knock Edge down with a chair, Orton gets the pin, and the show closes with Evolution and HBK beating down the good guys. The show closes with Benoit's bloody face.


The Show Starts with the clips from last week, they Show Michaels saying how he wants to see Benoit Bleed and they close the montage with Benoit's Bloody face. JR and King announce the matches for tonights show, and it includes Benjamin vs. Ric Flair.

The Show Opens with Eric Bischoff coming to the ring, he says that Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit aren't going to beat themselves senseless any more because he's making a match for Badd Blood, it will be Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit for the World Title in a Ladder Match.

Later on in the show Benoit is shown coming into the building. JR and King announce that up next it will be Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair in a backlash Rematch.

Shelton Benjamin def. Ric Flair.

The end to this see's Flair getting Dq'd when Batista comes to the ring and powerbombs Benjamin the segment ends with Flair nailing Benjamin with a chair to open him up.

Backstage Benoit, goes to Bischoff's office and tells him he wants to kick HBK's ass tonight, and if Bischoff doesn't make that match then He would have to kick his *censored*. Bischoff has Security Brought in he then tells Benoit if he wants action he's not gonna get it tonight but since he wanted to come in and *censored* off the boss, that Next week it will Be Benoit and Edge defending their tag titles against La Resistance, Ric Flair and Batista, and Christian and (don't remember the body guards name) his body guard.

The Main event segment: Shawn Michaels comes to the ring and tells Benoit and the fans that he doesn't give a damn what they think, because come BaddBlood Benoit will be in his specialty, and not only will Benoit get his ass kicked he'll lose his title too, Benoit's music hits and he runs out, he starts beating Michaels until Orton, Flair, and Batista run out, they beat Benoit until Edge comes out and cleans house, Benoit gets up and they beat every one down, the show ends with Edge giving Orton a spear and Benoit closelining Michaels out of the ring. With the show about to close the lights go out and the stage pyro goes off and Kane's music hits only for nothing to happen, as the black screen comes out the show closes with the title "The Ultimate Sacrifice"

Following Week:

The show opens with a recap, and then a match. JR and King Hype the main event Tag Team championship match.

Later on they go backstage and Show Edge and Benoit warming up, Edge tells Benoit that no one thought they would be the tag champs, and with them being the underdoggs today they will walk out the champs. Benoit agrees and tells Edge that come baddblood they'll both be double champs.

Backstage Bischoff is interupted while talking to Nitro, Shelton Benjamin comes in and demands a match against Batista, Bischoff tells him that he is not in a position to demand anything, Bischoff tells him that he'll give him that match but not just against Batista, he say's come Badd Blood it will be Shetlton Benjamin vs. Batista and Ric Flair.

They show a video montage hyping the mainevent, which includes Benoit's win at WM, Edges win at Backlash, and their Tag title win on Raw.

Randy Orton comes out on the mic and tells of how not only will Edge not be a double champ come Badd Blood he won't even have one belt, because tonight Randy will do every thing possible to make sure Evolution walks out as tag team champions.

Last Minute main event Hype.

La Resistance def. Christian and Body Guard, Edge and Benoit, Evolution to become World Tag Champions.

The end of this see's Chris Jericho distract Christian when he grabs Trish and plants a kiss on her, also Shawn Michaels super kicks Benoit and Orton comes out and distracts Edge, this allows La Resistance to pick up a pin on Edge. (I forgot to mention that this was elimination so it came down to Resistance and Benoit and Edge, who eliminated both Christians team and Evolution.) The Show goes off the air with Michaels holding up the world championship.

Week Before Badd Blood:

The show opens with highlights from last week, and the announcement that tonights main event will be the contract signing for Benoit vs. Michaels. Right after that the lights go down and when the pyro and Kane's music go off, their is a flaming Casket in the ring, the Titantron reads "The Ultimate Sacrifice" with the Badd Blood sign.

Backstage, Chris Benoit is shown walking into the building, he bumps into Edge, they talk about losing the tag belts, Benoit tells Edge that come this sunday, they have to focus on their matches to make sure they walk out as champions.

In the ring the match is Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin in a non Title match, the end to this see's Batista and Flair come out to cost Benjamin the match, before the beat down starts Edge's music hits and armed with a chair comes Edge, he cleans house and the segment ends with Edge covering Orton, and Benjamin covering both Flair and Batista, with the crowd counting the three.

Backstage Bischoff is shown talking to Nitro about how he has to call the IC title match at Badd Blood down the middle, Nitro *censored* Bischoff that everything will go as planned. Afterwards Bischoff heads to the ring for the Contract signing.

Main event Segment: After the contract is signed Benoit and Michaels stare each other down, and the brawl insues, the show goes off the air with both men beating the hell out of each other, and Bischoff and the ref's try to break them up as the show ends.

Badd Blood:

Shelton Benjamin def. Ric Flair and Dave Batista this ends in clean fashion as Benjamin knocks Batista out of the ring then hits a form of a super kick on Flair for the 1-2-3.

Edge def. Randy Orton the end to this see's Johnny Nitro counting fast for Orton, he fast counts but edge kicks out, later on Nitro gets speared by edge, after Edge hits the spear on Orton their is no ref, right then Foley's music hits and out he comes, he beats Orton down hits the mandible claw, when he lets go Edge hits the spear, Foley then puts on the Ref's uniform and counts the 1-2-3. Edge is the new IC champ.

Ultimate sacrifice: Kane comes out and says that he has been laughed at and humiliated long enough, he then walks backstage, about 2 minutes later walks above a huge fire the he says the only way to stop that is to sacrifice himself, with Bischoff and others their trying to stop him he jumps in, very quickly the fire is put out, Ambulance's pull in and we are left to wonder what has happened to Kane.

World Title Ladder Match Chris Benoit def. Shawn Michaels another clean end, which see's Michaels take a huge bump and Benoit grab the belt. The PPV goes off the air with Benoit celebrating.

Next Night at Raw:

The Show with highlights from Badd Blood, JR and King open the show as they update us on Kane's condition they say that they will air the footage of Kane being taken to the hospital later on in the show, JR then warns us about how Graphic the footage may be.

Backstage Eric Bischoff is scolding Nitro for what happened at Badd Blood, he tells Johnny that he will give him one last chance and that if he fails him again their will be hell to pay.

They show highlights from the two title wins at badd Blood. Chris Benoit then comes out and says that last night was one of the most grueling matches of his career and even though he doesn't appreciate what Michaels has been doing he tips his cap to him, right then Michaels comes out and tells Benoit that he doesn't give a damn what he thinks, and that the world title is still his, and he will not rest until he holds that belt over a bleeding Benoit, this leads to a brawl, which ends with Both men being arrested.

Later On Randy Orton comes to the ring, and tells us about how he got screwed and that he wants his rematch against Foley so that he can retire him for good and get him out of his life, Foley's Music hits but he doesn't come out, Orton gets on the mic and starts calling Foley a coward and a *censored*, as he turns around Foley sticks him with Socko. The segment ends as Evolution comes out and Foley exits with a huge smile.

Backstage Eric Bischoff announces that the main event will be Shelton Benjamin and Edge vs. Randy Orton and Batista.

They Air the footage of Kane being pulled out of the fire, he is covered in heavy burn marks and they never show his face.

Main Event: Benjamin/Edge vs. Orton and Batista goes to a no contest. The end see's a brawl break out when Flair comes to the ring, and Foley comes out as well, we see Benjamin brawling with Batista, Orton with Foley and Edge with Flair as the show goes off the air.


The show opens with the highlights from last week, They cut to Bischoff in his office, he says that Raw has been bedlam lately and he's going to put an end to it, come next week it will be Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin the winner gets a shot at the IC title., and Ric Flair vs. Edge for the IC title, He then says that tonight it will be Foley/Edge and Benjamin vs. Evolution in a no DQ match.

Later on in the show HBK is shown entering the building.

Backstage Chris Benoit is being interviewed by Coach, Benoit talks about how he wants to take Michaels on in the ring so that he can end what has been going on between them since the Royal Rumble, Benoit is then interupted by Michaels, HBK tells Benoit that, Benoit can talk all he wants but if they step in the ring again, then Benoit will not only lose his title but he will lose his career, because Shawn Michaels was gonna end it, Benoit takes Exception and the brawl is on, Eric Bischoff intervenes with a police force as the brawl is taken to ring side, Bischoff gets on the mic and tells both men that in two weeks it will be Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels in a final encounter match that will be a best two of three falls, Bischoff then says that next week he will announce the stipulations for each fall.

Main Event: Evolution def. Benjamin/Foley/Edge

The end to this see's Foley and Orton Brawl through the crowd, and after the ref takes a bump Flair hits a lowblow on Edge, and with Benjamin trying to help him out, he takes a boot from Batista, at the end and out runs Nitro to count the very quick 1-2-3. Raw goes off the air with JR wondering if this is a sign of things to come next week.

Following Week:

Raw opens with hype for the double main event, and finish's with clips from last weeks main event.

Later Backstage Bischoff announces that both HBK and Chris Benoit will not be at the arena tonight, as each has been barred until their match next week. Bischoff then announces the stipulation's for each fall, for the first fall: it will be a no dq falls count anywhere match, for the second: their will be a cage up and it will be a cage match, and for the third a ladder match... Bischoff then says that the loser of this match will not only lose the opportunity to be champ, but they will lose their job as well, as the loser will be fired and never allowed back on Raw.

Backstage Mick Foley is shown entering the arena, he is quickly approached by the new guy who does interviews (don't know his name) Mic is asked why he is still going after Randy Orton, and Mick replies because I still haven't taught that punk a lesson, and he (Mick) can't sleep knowing a no good punk like Orton is walking around Raw, and tossing his weight around in the locker room, Foley is quickly attacked by Orton from behind with a Chair, Orton grabs the mic and tells Foley that he beat him in his own match, and can beat Foley in any match, The segment ends with a bloodied Foley lying face first on the floor.

They go to some Main event Hype for the first match Batista vs. Benjamin.

Batista def. Benjamin. the end to this see's the ref go down, and Benjamin hit a superkick and go for the cover, right then out runs Johnny Nitro wearing a ref's uniform he starts the count, and stops mid way to counting three, Benjamin grabs him and turns around to a massive kick from Batista who quickly covers and gets a quick three count from Nitro. And Batista is the #1 contender for the IC title

They recap what just happened and the show continues.

Main event hype for Flair vs. Edge.

Flair def. Edge to become the new IC champion.

The end to this one see's Batista run out, Batista who apparently goes to hit Flair misses and hits Edge and with the ref dazed Flair gets the cover and the 1-2-3. Flair becomes the new IC champion, the end of Raw see's Flair and Batista going face to face, with Orton coming out to straighten thing's out.

Following Week:

Raw starts with a recap of the Evolution sweep from last week and the news that Bischoff gave regarding the main event for this week's raw.

Throughout the show they show highlights from previous 2 out of 3 falls matches. They also show what lead up to the Benoit/Michaels show down.

Backstage Evolution is shown arguing, Flair is boasting about his title win, when Batista tells Flair that when Batista gets in the ring with Flair he will walk out the IC champ, before it goes any further Orton breaks it up. Orton tells them that they are a unit, and tonight he has a surprise for both of them. The Segment ends. Later on in the show they, recap what happened with Orton and Foley from last week.

They continue the main event hype. And as the match is about to start they show the lead in video recap between Benoit and HBK.

Main Event: Benoit def. HBK in two out of three falls. to retain title and retire Shawn Michaels from Raw.

The first fall goes to HBK, the second to Benoit, the third and end of the match see's Both Benoit and HBK climbing Ladders to grab the belt when runnig from the back comes Triple H, he knocks down HBK's Ladder HBK goes flying out of the ring, Benoit grabs the belt to win the match, After he climbs down Triple H hits him with a pedigree, he then grabs the belt and lifts it to the crowd as Raw goes off the air.

Following Week:

Opens with a tribute to Michaels, career on Raw with the end showing him down on the floor from the previous week, With Triple H holding up the belt. Before the show gets underway Triple H's Music hits and he comes out to the ring, Triple H grabs the mic and explains that his actions last week were done because no one will take that title off of Benoit but him, because Benoit is the one who stole it from him and Triple H will be the one to get it back.

Later on in the show, Eric Bischoff announces that come SummerSlam it will be Batista vs. Ric Flair for the IC title. Back in Evolution's locker room this sets off a staredown between Flair and Batista, before Triple H comes in and settles them both down, Triple H tells them that this is what great teams are made of, if they can survive this then they (evolution) will be the strongest Unit in all of Sports entertainment. He has them shake hands as the segment goes off the air. They show Orton entering the arena in a Viper.

The Main event is announced as being Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin.

Later on in the show it is announced that Chris Benoit is healing a back injury from last weeks match and will be back next week.

They hype the main event.

Main Event:

Shelton Benjamin def. Randy Orton. The end to this see's Foley's Face come up on the screen, he is shown right by Orton's Car with a sledgehammer and other destructive tools, he tells Orton that he wants him in the ring, and that he will beat him worse than his car he than takes a swing at the windshield, They show Evolution's locker room door being blocked by a huge dumpster. Orton distracted gets pinned by Benjamin. The Show goes off the air with Orton running to the back.


The show starts with recaps from the previous weeks show, they recap the Foley/Orton feud. The Show starts with Eric Bischoff coming out, he states that Mick Foley is getting on his nerves interfering in other peoples buisness, Bischoff then says that just two weeks ago he made a match that saw one legend leave Raw, so he is going to make another, at SummerSlam it will be Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton in a retirement match where the loser leaves the WWE for good, he then says that this will not be just any match, it will be a Hell In the Cell match. He then leaves, they show Orton's face in the Evolution locker room, where he looks stunned and more importantly scared.

Later on in the show Triple H comes to the ring, he talks about how he wants to get Benoit in the ring, so that he can kick his *censored* once and for all and take back his title, Right then out comes Benoit, Benoit tells Hunter that he made him tap out once and he will do it again, he then says that as champion he'll do something triple h never did, make a challenge to the man who he beat, Benoit says he wants to prove that he can beat Triple H, Benoit then says that he wants to take out Triple H at the Summer's biggest Event SummerSlam, Right then Vince's Music Hits, McMahon comes out and says that a one on one match just isn't enough for these two, he says that they're feud has to be completed in a one hour Iron Man Match. Both men are in agreement with the idea and the segment ends.

Backstage McMahon runs into Bischoff, McMahon tells Bischoff that, he lost one of Raw's top talents and that, he (Vince) wouldn't stand for another loss Bischoff *censored* him that the WWE's future (Orton) will win at SummerSlam, Vince says that if anything else goes wrong, that Bischoff will find himself serving highschool kids in a cafeteria.

In the Evolution locker room, Batista is shown talking to some of Flair's ladies while Flair is not around, as Flair walks in he over hears Batista say that come SummerSlam that wrinkly hasbeen will see what the Evolution of this buisness really is, Flair gets right into Batista's face until Triple H and Orton get right into the middle of things, the end of this segment see's Ric Flair walk out.

Mick Foley is shown arriving to the arena.

The Mainevent is announced as Batista and Orton vs. Benjamin and Foley.

Benjamin and Foley def. Batista and Orton the end to this one see's Ric Flair run out, and clock Batista with the IC title, which leads to Benjamin getting the pin, the show goes off the air with JR and King wondering if Evolution's run is up.

Following Week: The show opens with clips of Evolutions start, and it's possible demise last week.

The show opens with a toss away match.

Backstage Johnny Nitro runs into a concerned Eric Bischoff who says that Mr.McMahon is coming to evaluate him tonight, Nitro tells him that he could really impress Mr. McMahon if he put Johnny Nitro in a summerslam match, right then Benjamin walks into Bischoff's office and demands a match at SummerSlam, he lists his accomplishments and Bischoff tells Nitro, he's got his first WWE match it will be the future of the company vs. the luckiest man in the company, at SummerSlam it will be Nitro against one of the only men to beat Triple H twice, Shelton Benjamin, bischoff tells Nitro as a warm up, tonight it will be Nitro vs. Hurricane. The segment ends as both men stare each other down.

Backstage Vince McMahon's limo is shown arriving at the arena.

They announce that the Benoit vs. Triple H contract signing will be next week.

Later on Backstage Triple H is shown talking to Batista who seem's very *censored* off about what happened last week, Hunter calms him down, and tells him that he's talked to Ric, and that all of Evolution will go to that ring and work things out. Ring side Evolution comes out, Batista with Triple H and Flair with Orton. They start to talk, and after an arguement gets going batista attacks Flair and they start to brawl before evolution can break it up.

Johnny Nitro def. Hurricane. The end to this see's Nitro, use Brass knuckles while the ref turns his back, after the 1-2-3, out of nowhere comes Benjamin, he kicks the hell out of Nitro, as Raw goes to break.

Main Event Segment: Vince McMahon's Music hits and he comes out to the ring, he talks about how yesterday he thought of an improvement to one of Eric Bischoff's matches, he calls out Eric Bischoff and tells him that after seeing what happened to Evolution just now he is *censored* off that Bischoff made a match which pits Batista vs. Flair, Vince tells Bischoff that he has an improvement it will be Edge vs. Batista vs. Flair vs. Y2J vs. Christian, in a 5 man no dq elimination match. Bischoff starts to kiss Vince's AS$ as he tells him how good his idea is, Vince then tells Bischoff that his last chance on Raw will be at summerslam if things do not go right Bischoff will be fired right on the spot. The show goes off air with news from the Backstage area that a brawl has insued, they show Chris Benoit and Triple H beating the hell out of each other as Raw goes off air.

Following Week: The show starts with clips from last week, they also show what led to the Benoit/Triple H brawl. The Matches are announced and we see it will be Benjamin vs. Christian

Later on in the show Bischoff is shown backstage talking to Nitro about SummerSlam, Bischoff tells Nitro he knows that Johnny will be busy with a match but a true apprentice would multi task, Bischoff tells him it is his job to make sure that the cell match, and the IC title match go the way Mr. McMahon wants, Bischoff then says if Johnny can't do that he better stop calling himself Nitro, because he will be fired, Nitro doesn't look faised he seems as though he wants Bischoff gone.

Christian def. Shelton Benjamin. the end to this see's Johnny Nitro wearing a ref's uniform run out knock out the ref, as he is counting the three for Benjamin, he then tries to knock Benjamin down with the Knucks, but Benjamin ducks, Shelton goes for a superkick, but Christian catches him and hits the unprettier, he covers and Nitro counts the 1-2-3.

Backstage Edge is shown talking to Jericho, Edge tells Jericho that they may be good friends but come summerslam it will be all business, Jericho agrees as the segment ends.

In the ring Orton comes out to tell everyone how he will retire Mick Foley from Raw and the WWE once and for all, Right then Foley comes up on the screen he tells Orton that Orton may talk big but he has never experienced something like Hell in the Cell, Foley plays his most gruesome Cell matches, he then tells Orton that in most of those He (foley) is taking the punishment, but come SummerSlam it will be Orton who will be remembered not only for taking a viscious beating but for being retired in his prime, the segment ends with the sight of Foley's tooth going through his nose.

Later on Backstage: Flair is talking to Batista, Flair says now come summerslam they will have to work as a team, but if it gets down to just them, then Flair will do whatever it takes to walk out the IC champ. Both men stare each other down as the segment ends.

They hype the Triple H/Benoit Contract signing. after the recap of everything that led to this match they close with the sight of Benoit and Triple H both Bloody.

MainEvent Segment:

Both men sign the contracts with Bischoff in the ring, after they both get on the mic and say that come SummerSlam things will change for good, and one man will be etched into the spotlight where the other has to suffer the shame of defeat, both agree that they will put all they have into 60 minutes to walk out the World Champ. With that Bischoff announces that both he and SD co GM's Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman have agreed that SummerSlam should be a 4 hour event, the show goes off the air with Benoit and Triple H staring each other eye to eye.

Raw before SummerSlam.

The show starts with all of the buildup for every match, including Bischoff's fate, and closes with the stare down from the previous week.

The Pyro goes off and the matches are announced as Orton/Flair/Batista vs. Edge/Y2J/Benjamin with special Guest Referee Johnny Nitro. As well as the others.

Later on in the show, Bischoff reminds Nitro about what will happen if Bischoff loses his job come SummerSlam, he tells Nitro that tonight Nitro can win back Bischoff's trust in the sixman tag match, Nitro again gives bischoff a non shalaunt look.

Backstage Triple H is giving an interview with Coach, Hunter says that during his time off all he could think about was the world title, and come SummerSlam he will stop being haunted by WMXX and he will regain his belt, Hunter is interupted by Benoit who tells Hunter, that after SummerSlam he's gonna keep having nightmare's because Benoit is going to make him tap, and will keep the World title, because it means more to him then it does Hunter, and he is not willing to lose it to anyone, the segment ends when Chris Benoit is attacked from behind by Orton, Hunter and Orton beat Benoit down before the officials break it up.

Later it is announced that the main event has been changed to an eightman tag with Benoit being added to one side to team up against all of Evolution, in the main event.

Main Event:

Evolution vs. Y2J/Edge/Benjamin/Benoit goes to a no contest, this match ends when Foley's music hits and he comes out, Orton immediately charges after Foley they brawl through the crowd, inside the Ring, Nitro and Benjamin start to Brawl through the crowd, Edge and Y2j start brawling with Batista and Flair, then Edge and Y2j start Brawling with each other, and batista and Flair start Brawling, Triple H and Benoit start beating each other in the ring as Raw goes off the air with JR hyping SummerSlam like crazy.


Shelton Benjamin def. Johnny Nitro

the end to this see's Nitro pulling out the knuckles only to have Benjamin duck, grab them and knock him out for the 1-2-3.

Batista def. Ric Flair, Y2J, Edge, and Christian to become the IC champion. The end to this see's Christian out first, then Edge and Y2J, Batista nails Flair with a chair after the ref bump for the sitdown powerbomb and the 1-2-3. Batista then spits on Flair and leaves.

Mick Foley def. Randy Orton in HITC to retire Orton from the WWE.

The end to this see's the cage door open, and Nitro run to the ring with a chair, however instead of smashing Foley he catches an already bloodied Orton, Foley knocks Nitro down, and gets the 1-2-3, the crowd goes crazy and chants nah nah nah nah... to Orton

Now this is the SD main event: Booker T def. John Cena and Eddie Guerrero to become US Champ and retain WWE Title. The end to this match see's Cena and Booker down, and with Eddie on the top rope, out comes HBK he superkicks Eddie off the top rope and tosses him in the ring where Booker T covers him to get the 1-2-3. Shawn leaves, having us wonder what the hell he just did.

Backstage Vince McMahon approaches Eric Bischoff and tells him that he screwed up for the last time, Vince tells Eric that he's Fired, Before Eric leaves he tells Vince that Vince just started a war and even though he beat Eric in this battle, He (Bischoff) will win the war. As Bischoff leaves he kicks the hell out of Nitro, and tells him he better drop the Nitro label because Bischoff invented it, and he will re invent it!!!

Raw Main Event:

Triple H def. Chris Benoit

The end to this match would be in overtime with both men tied at three falls a piece. In OT Triple H hit a Pedigree out of nowhere After the lights go down, and the titantron reads The Fire Still Burns (Kane return hype) after this Triple H hits the Pedigree to win the World title, the ppv goes off the air with Benoit in disbelief.

Well I will would love to hear what you all thought, And I will post a summary of what would happen afterwards, with Bischoff, Orton and HBK on SD.

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Those are some very good ideas.
I liked what you did with HBK and also Bischoff/Nitro.
Also a very good mention to Batista/Flair and the Kane storyline.
Will be interesting to read ur next summary possibly upto WM21.
Nice Booking Man.

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Very nice
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