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bruh what the hell are you doing putting a vote immediately at lylo? I could get quicklynched assuming you're town.
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Why should we not vote you over Mikey. You have literally done nothing of note all game, which is beyond unusual considering you're supposed to be a T2 player.
Well he’s scum so there ya go on the whole nothing thing

The Terminator
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A Sylar the Deathsmark Production of The Flash Mafia
Barry Allen is a Central City police forensic scientist with a reasonably happy life, despite the childhood trauma of a mysterious red and yellow lightning killing his mother and framing his father. ...
With Barry's new powers and team of scientists, he becomes "The Flash" and helps fight crime and protects Central City.​

In this place, I do as I please, Mr. Allen.

I must say, the fact that you thought I wouldn't calculate you and your team making this feeble attempt is somewhat...


There'll be no defeating the Big Bad this year, Mr. Allen.

You see, you're in my mind now. And there's no escape.

Endgame We Are The Flash

Welcome to Central City, Mikey Damage!

You are Marlize DeVoe, the Mechanic

"Goodbye... my love."
—Marlize's last words to her husband, Clifford DeVoe, before killing him

Marlize is a stern and goal-oriented woman, often times getting short with her husband, Clifford during times when she thinks his plan is ludicrous. Despite this, she has also been seen being very loyal to him as his wife, caretaker and literal partner in crime. Indeed, she took great offense to Barry Allen even suggesting that she was her husband's henchwoman, or, to use her own words, "some kind of evil secretary", vehemently affirming that she is loyal to her husband absolutely.

That being said, she is shown to be uncomfortable with her husband's plan to transfer his consciousness into the body of an innocent man and then discard his older, failing body. Whether this was out of concern for her husband's safety, general discomfort at the prospect of loving her husband in an unfamiliar body, some level of moral discomfort at the prospect of murder, or a combination of all three, is unclear.

Species: Human
Alignment: Central City (Town)
Role(s): Hated

Clifford DeVoe
– Finally tired of DeVoe's domestic abuse, his lack of interest in emotion and his willingness to do gratuitous evil acts, Marlize took the flying chair, turned on the force field so her husband could not come close to her and she used the hover chair so she can teleport leaving DeVoe behind. Despite this she still aided and abetted her husband in his goal to bring the enlightenment and as such there's not a lot of trust here and it will take one less vote to hammer you.

You win when all threats to Central City have been eliminated.​
Your Players

1. Chr1st0 - Joe West - Sheriff/Cop - Killed Night 2
2. Mikey Damage - Marlize DeVoe - Hated Townie - Lynched Day 6
3. Mr.Tweetums - Savitar - Ninja - Lynched Day 4
4. Curry - Zoom - Strongman/Commuter - Lynched Day 3
5. Pez E. Dangerously - Eddie Thawne - Gunsmith - Killed Night 2
6. Big Man - Clifford DeVoe - Jailkeeper - Survived Endgame
7. jeffatron - Eobard Thawne - Godfather - Lynched Day 5
8. CamillePunk - Nora West-Allen - Hider - Killed Night 2
9. Poyser - Grace Gibbons - Serial Killer - Killed Day 1
10. LittleMissBlissXoX - Linda Park - Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day 2
11. Lawls - H.R. - Martyr - Martyred Night 1
12. NotGuilty - Barry Allen - Bodyguard - Died Night 3
13. Odo - Caitlin Snow - Freezer - Killed Night 5
14. TKOK - Julian Albert - Miller
15. Bananas - Laughable Chimp - Alchemy - Role Watcher - Survived Endgame
16. Barry Burton (Rugrat) - Cisco Ramon - Bus Driver
17. V. Skybox - Iris West-Allen - Reporter - Killed Night 3
18. LethalWeapon - David Singh - Chief of Police - Lynched Day 6
19. Alco - Leonard Snart - Vigilante - Killed Night 4
20. Jam - Patty Spivot - FBI Agent - Killed Night 3
21. Magic - Orlin Dwyer - Serial Killer - Killed Night 3
22. PHEN0M - Cecille Horton - Alert Governor - Killed Night 6

The Thinker and his Rogues Gallery have achieved Enlightenment.

They have stopped Central City and Team Flash from standing in their way.

The Rogues Gallery have won The Flash Mafia.
2681 - 2700 of 2736 Posts