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Notes- First of all no more roster split after the rumble and Chavo vs Eddie never happened.
This is my way so, the champions heading into Wrestlemania XX aren’t currently champions in real life.
The WWE only needs to hire Scott Hall, Ultimate Warrior, ken Shamrock, Randy Savage, and Jeff Hardy. Other than that all the superstars are currently in the WWE. And the WWE wouldn’t have fired Kevin Nash.

Sunday night heat-(starts at 6 and ends at 8 to hype up the matches)
7:30 Chavo vs Eddie- With this match starting at 7:30 it gives enough hype for the matches and also gives enough time for the match. This would be on heat so that Wrestlemania could start off with a bang and people who aren’t planning on ordering the PPV will reconsider.

Wrestlemania XX
1.RVD vs Rey Mysterio-Intercontinental title match

2. The Outsiders(Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) vs The Dudlyez vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team vs The Hardy Boyz- Fatal Four Way, Undisputed World Tag Team Championship

3. Cruserweight Battle Royal- Cruserweight Championship

4. John Cena(heel) vs The Macho Man Randy Savage(face)

5. Kurt Angle vs Ken Shamrock- Submission Match

6. Chris Jericho vs Christian- U.S Championship, Steel Cage

7. Ultimate Warrior vs Big Show

8. Mick Foley vs Randy Orton- Street Fight

9. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar- Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart Farewell Speech

10. The Rock vs Ric Flair- Icon vs Icon

11. Undertaker vs Kane

12. HHH vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels- Triple Threat Ladder Match, Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship

Please rate out of ten. Tell me what you thought of the matches and if you think this card is better than the real card.
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the wwes one.

wwe I would give 9/10 at worst and yours was ok but i would hate to have to see cena fued with old man savage, big show isnt too bad and can be ok, however him VS warrior would be awful. Eddie for some god awful reason is on heat and chavo isnt in the cruiserweight battle royal and neither is rey mysterio.

I'd give ures about 6 I think, I agree I'd like to see Rey VS RVD and Angle VS Shamrock, however ont at wmxx.
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