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My Mania 29 Main Event Fantasy Booking Scenario

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Hello I'm CTGrenade and this time I book it so you don't have to. Well for those of you who follow me on twitter (twitter.com/ctgrenade) you saw that I posted the following tweet: Just had a booking epiphany that if wwe executed correctly could break mania buyrate and attendance records. Well this is where I explain what that tweet meant.

Firstly we all saw John Cena defeat Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. He also took an incredible beating in the process. So there's probably a good chance that Cena will be taking time off to heal from injuries and just general wear and tear from being on the road constantly for the past 3 or so years. So he does just that. Takes a sabbatical to get surgeries on nagging injuries and just heal up in general. While he's off you build Brock Lesnar as this unstoppable machine. And he destroys everything in his path. He doesn't lose a single match unless it's by DQ for excessive violence or it's in a tag match and his partner takes the fall.

Fast Forward

Survivor Series: After Lesnar has won his match John Cena's music hits. He comes out on the stage and we get a staredown to end the show.

Raw the next night: Cena and Lesnar have an in ring promo segment where Lesnar wants Cena for another match because he wants to show the world that Cena's win back in April was a fluke. Cena wants the same thing because he wants to also prove that it wasn't a fluke. So the match is signed for the December Pay Per View.

December Pay Per View: Cena and Lesnar Round 2. Lesnar cheats to defeat Cena in whatever their match is. The reason Lesnar cheats to defeat Cena is because I want the audience and the fans to have that thought in their mind that Lesnar couldn't get the job done at Extreme Rules and he couldn't do it at this show so he has to resort to cheating (which will play an important role the next night on Raw).

Raw the night after: Lesnar is bragging about beating Cena (even though he cheated). Cena comes out and says that while yes Lesnar won he also had to cheat and that Cena holds a clean victory over Lesnar. By doing this it would stick in Lesnar's psyche to the point where he wants a third match to truly prove he's better than Cena. Cena agrees but says: "Let's raise the stakes. We all know the Royal Rumble is around the corner and just beyond that is Wrestlemania. Now I've won championships at Wrestlemania, I've defended championships at Wrestlemania, but there's one thing I haven't done at Wrestlemania. It's something that 20 other people tried and failed to do. You know people say that this ring is a certain individual's yard. Brock, I propose that we make our match at the Royal Rumble a Last Man Standing match with the added stipulation that whoever wins the match will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania." Lesnar agrees and the match is signed.

Royal Rumble: Lesnar vs. Cena Round 3-Last Man Standing Match with the winner getting to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. These two completely destroy each other until it comes down to the finish where both men take a brutal bump either off the stage or through some set structure. Referee counts ten match is declared a no contest (yes I realize this is a screw you finish but we're going somewhere bigger). As the show goes off the air the announcers would be putting over the question of who gets to face the Undetaker at Mania.

Raw the next night: You build the show around what the decision will be regarding whether Brock Lesnar or John cena will face Undetaker at Wrestlemania. Maybe throughout the show you have different Superstars giving their opinions on the matter. Until finally we get to the main event angle of the night where things will finally get sorted out. During that final segment you have both Lesnar and Cena arguing their points. Maybe you even have John Laurinitis seconding Lesnar and Triple H seconding Cena. So all four men are arguing their points when all of a sudden the lights go out.


Obviously the crowd would explode at this and you milk this for a little bit to give people time to call and texts their friends, blow up twitter and facebook (to ensure you have a large audience) and just mark out in general. Undertaker walks out on the stage with a microphone and says "At Wrestlemania you will both Rest In Peace"

Now you have set up John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Now for those of you who still have doubts let me explain how this has potential to be a major cash cow match. In the entire time the streak has been around Undertaker has never competed in a Triple Threat or Three Way Dance at Wrestlemania. Yes he had a two on one handicap match before but never a triple threat match. With that you have the added factor of Undertaker doesn't have to be pinned and he loses the streak (if you do a Triple Threat Match). People have been saying how do you make the Undertaker Mania match have more drama and actually have people questioning if Undertaker can continue the streak well there you go. You also have that added factor of the whole Undertaker vs. Lesnar "you wanna do it?" little deal from that UFC show way back when that everybody was buzzing about. Plus you remind people that Lesnar was able to do what Triple H couldn't do and that's beat Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match which is Undertaker's specialty. With the Undertaker and Cena there's the built in intrigue of them never facing each other at Wrestlemania and the fact that the last time they fought each other one on one on pay per view was at Vengeance 2003 (a match the Undertaker won). Plus you also have the already preexisting heat and storyline between Lesnar and Cena. If you wanted to on an episode of Raw you could have Lesnar knock Undertaker out of the ring and drop Cena with the F5 and cover him counting his own three to put over the fact that Undertaker could potentially lose at Wrestlemania without being involved in the decision.

Plus if you wanted to you could give Cena and Lesnar matches at Elimination Chamber. You could have a heel attack Cena then explain it by having them say if they take out Cena they get his spot at Mania. Or on the other side you could have a babyface start something with Lesnar saying if you wanna make a name for yourself you go after the biggest and baddest. Of course Cena and Lesnar would win their respective matches at Elimination Chamber but in the process you've also given a rub to one babyface and one heel in the process and elevated their standing by having them in the ring with two megastars and giving them a competitive match.

Then you get to Mania. I'll leave that up to you to decide how that match goes. Suffice it to say that this match should generate a serious amount of buzz and buyrates for this Wrestlemania with everybody wanting to see that match.

So there you have it. An extended booking plan that if executed properly should shatter buyrate records and guarantee people a match for the ages. It's also pretty much the only match in my opinion that in the end would justify WWE spending so much money for Lesnar. Let me know what you think.