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My main complaint about RAW is.....

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WWE could have at least paid homage to the fallen stars of RAW.

Mike Awesome
Big Bossman
Bam Bam Bigelow
Eddie Guerrero
Road Warrior Hawk
Curt Hennig
Crash Holly
Joey Marella
Gorilla Monsoon
Fabulous Moolah
Brian Pillman
Rick Rude
British Bulldog
Jack Tunney
Randy Savage

Would have been great to have a video package to highlight the fallen stars of RAW. All of the previous guys I mentioned had somewhat important roles in some of RAW biggest and best moments. And I know it's other guys who could have been there but weren't for various reasons but it would have been a nice touch to pay homage to those who are no longer here.

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Agreed. This thought briefly entered my mind strangely after the Slater-Legends segment. It's always bizarre seeing Road Warrior Animal just by himself. A 5 minute photo-name slideshow would've sufficed easy. I'm not going completely speshit they forgot to pay tribute, but they had so much on their plate that they couldn't help but leave something out.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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