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I've seen a lot of posts on here upset about the state of the X Division. But it also seems like there really aren't any good ideas on how to fix it either. Is the X Division a stepping stone to the World Title? Is it on par? If it is, what separates it from the WHC? Should it have a weight limit, or be no limits? But if it's no limits, and it's not a title for lightweight guys then how is it different from the WHC except for having more technical matches? But yet we have great technical wrestlers in both groups, but now you're kind of lowering the importance of the WHC by saying "Yeah this guy is a World Champion WRESTLER and our top promoted guy...but he's not the best technical wrestler" and it's just really confusing.

My idea, and I'd love to hear your guys'es opinions, or even give your own ideas as well, is to have the X Division be a year long tournament, with it's own set of rules, and one champion crowned each year. Think of a mix of ROH when they had the Pure title/Pure rules, and Pride Fighting Championship with their Open Weight Grand Prix each year.

TNA could have a Heavyweight Championship, and a Cruiserweight Championship..both with their own storylines, championships, etc. The X Division, however, would purely be to see who the toughest, fiercest wrestler in the world is. The rules would be pretty strict as well. No interference, no shenanigans, no cheap shots, etc. Any typical wrestling nonsense will be an automatic DQ from the tournament.

This would also separate it in the sense that most championships have tons of controversy surrounding them. Which isn't a bad thing as it drives business. And you could also make the kayfabe excuse of not wanting to mess with "tradition" by fixing the rules to championship matches. So you can still have exciting title matches with guys exploiting the rules, etc etc. But then also have this tournament that is very strict in it's requirements.

It would also keep the Cruiserweight/Heavyweight divisions separate, but equal, while still allowing for big matchups between the divisions within the confines of the tournament. One of the biggest issues, at least in mainstream wrestling, is that big guy vs small guy always end in squashes unless the small guy is a really big star. But even then, a bunch of smaller guys still get squashed to make that other guy look good.

This fixes a lot of problems in the sense that you keep the weight divisions separate, so guys aren't always squashed and made to look inferior. The X division stays as the staple of TNA, transcending, yet unifying the weight classes by crowning the truly best wrestlers in the company but without having to confuse how the X division is different from other titles other than being "it's not a cruiserweight title, but the matches are really spotty, and it has the best technical wrestlers in it but they're all no names who all get squashed by big name guys who don't compete in it, even though they're suppose to be the top guys".
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