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The women is cut poorly. -1

The women isnt touching the bottom of the screen... -1

The right side of cena's arm is flat. I guess u cut it from a small pic. -1

The left side of cena's arm isnt against the pic. -1

Banner is too long. -1

The women has streaks of green..yuk. -1

Cena isn't blended and has green and white parts. -1

Women blending..isnt really much. -1

Text isnt bad. +1

Background is ok (the images and lines) +1, but i just hate the colour.



Put cena where the women is, against the wall of the pic, so you cant see the right arm chop. And then put him behind someone so you cant see the left side of his arm chopped off.

Cena's body blending is ok, but when it gets to his face it turns bad. (howd u do that?)

Keep the background. But try it with different colours.

Get rid of the green streaks over the women.

And make sure she's touching the bottom...

And add another picture or two.


Not bad for a first time photoshop. Keep modding it.

www.good-tutorials.com has some good blending tutorials. Look it up.

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yeah it is poorly put togother. I don't really like the green color that much. And you didn't make the pics touch the edge of the frame so it looks bad. And there are streaks on Candice Michelle. If you are new at gfx making I would say 3 out of 10. If not 1 out of 10 cuz you made some rookie mistakes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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