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Pyros go off.

Michael Cole: We are live from Houston Texas! What a great show we have in store for all our fans in the arena tonight and watching at home worldwide.

Tazz: Yeah I agree this should be the biggest Smackdown! Of the year by far with all these great matches tonight.

Michael Cole: First ladies and gentlemen let us take you back to what transpired last night at Judgment Day.

Clips are shown of Jamie Noble successfully defending his Cruiserweight title against Spike Dudley thanks to Chavo Guerrero who came to the ring while the referee was distracted and gave Spike a brain-buster so Jamie Noble could deliver the Tiger Driver to Spike.

Cruiserweight Title 8 Man Battle Royal
Jamie Noble (champ) Vs. Billy Kidman Vs. Akio Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Spike Dudley Vs. Shannon Moore Vs. Ultimo Dragon

Chavo delivers the brain-buster to Spike who was clobbered from behind by Akio who had Ultimo Dragon hanging upside down in the corner. Rey gives Ultimo the 619 so he falls to the canvas holding his abdominal region. Shannon Moore dropkicks Chavo over the top rope for Chavo to be eliminated, as he was about to clothesline Jamie Noble over the top rope. Jamie Noble then nails Akio in the center of the ring as he then gives him a swinging-neck breaker. Ultimo Dragon gets up and knocks Shannon Moore off the top rope for him to be eliminated, as he was about to do a suicide dive into Akio and Jamie Noble. Rey Mysterio, Jamie Noble, Akio, Ultimo Dragon, Billy Kidman and Spike Dudley are left. Billy Kidman counters a clothesline from Rey and plants him with the B-K Bomb. Akio attacks Spike who seems to be hurt around the thigh area. Akio then snap-suplexes Spike for him to then double-team with Noble on Rey. Ultimo kicks away at Noble and gives him a spinning-heel kick coming off the top turnbuckle. BK then stomps away at Akio who then dropkicked and brought over in position for the Shooting-Star Press. As BK climbs the turnbuckle Ultimo throws a few punches to BK and does a frankensteiner off the top rope. Noble then takes advantage of Ultimo and gives him the Tiger Driver near the ropes. As Noble turns Rey comes in with a flying-cross chop to sent Noble over the rope to the mat below. Now the champ is out! Akio then attacks Rey from behind and gives him a backsuplex and punches to the temple. As Spike attempts the Dudley Dog on Akio, Akio drops Spike over the top rope for him to be eliminated from the match. Now Rey, Akio and Ultimo Dragon are left for the Cruiserweight championship. Ultimo then claws his way up using the ropes as Akio runs in with a clothesline to knock Ultimo over the rope but Ultimo ducks and pulls the ropes down as Akio goes flying over to be eliminated from the match. Now Rey and Ultimo Dragon are left as they stare each other down in the center of the ring. Both men then attack one another with furious rights and lefts as Rey takes over and gives Ultimo a few chops. Rey then whips Ultimo into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but misses and goes over the top rope only to hang on as Ultimo thinks he has won and celebrates in the middle of the ring. As he turns round Rey taunts him and Ultimo runs over to Rey makes Ultimo go neck first into the second rope. The fans stand up and salute for the 619 as Jeff Hardy comes in and beats up Rey!! Hard shots from Jeff to Rey and then to Ultimo as the bell sounds and the match are over. The fans boo as they really enjoyed the cruiserweight action.


WWE Tag-Team Title 4 Corner Elimination Match
Too Cool: Scotty & Grandmaster Sexay (champs) Vs. APA Vs. Bashams Vs. Big Show & A-Train

All tag-teams come make their way to the ring for the WWE Tag-Team title match. Scotty and Doug Basham start things off as they grapple away at each other. Doug gives Scotty a big scoop slam only to be tagged in by Bradshaw who lays in the kicks to Scotty. As Bradshaw gives Scotty a fall away slam from the second rope he gets the pin. 1..2.. but it is broken up by A-Train. Bradshaw then tags in Farrooq who gives Scotty a spinebuster and then goes for the dominator but Danny Basham quickly tags Farrooq before he could do any more damage to Scotty. Danny then picks up Scotty only for Scotty to give him a jawbreaker and the tag to Grandmaster who demolishes the two Bashams at the same time. Big Show gets the tag from Danny who then pulverizes Grandmaster and sets up for the chokeslam only for Bradshaw to come in and give Show the big boot. The APA then double-teams Show as A-Train hammers away at Doug Basham. Show is whipped into the ropes and gets a double spinebuster. Scotty comes in and gives Farrooq a bulldog and then receives the clothesline from hell by Bradshaw. As Bradshaw gets up he is caught by the throat and chokeslammed into next year by Show who then covers one..two..three. Big Show and A-Train become the new Tag-Team champs!

Your Winners: Big Show & A-Train (new tag champs)


Backstage: GM Stephanie McMahon talks to Kurt about him possibly winning the WWE title tonight here in Houston Texas! As the fans heavily cheer. Steph says she will watch the match and is looking forward to what’s in store for Eddie Guerrero.

Triple-Threat Hardcore Falls Count Anywhere Match
Charlie Haas Vs. Booker T Vs. RVD

All three wrestlers make their way out, as we get ready for a no rules match. First off Haas and Booker T start talking and suddenly attack RVD and double-team him using a double powerbomb and a flapjack to make RVD squirm in pain on the canvas. Booker goes for the cover, one..two.. And Charlie pulls Booker off of RVD. This angers Booker so they both talk trash to each other and then a brawl between the two breaks out. Booker clotheslines Haas out of the ring while RVD catches his breathe. Booker goes after Haas who then smashes a trash can over his head twice. Devastating shots from Haas on Booker as RVD then does an asai moonsault off the apron onto Haas as all three men lay in agony. RVD gets to his to his feet more than the other two and goes for a steel chair. He comes over and Booker comes out with a leg lariat to upend RVD. Booker then takes the chair and begins to beat RVD around the back with it. As he does Haas comes over and does a German suplex on the mat. As Booker lays in pain Haas gets rolled up by RVD, one..two.. And a kick out. As both men get up Haas clotheslines RVD and then picks up Booker and rolls him into the ring. Haas then does a suplex and puts Booker in the Haas of Pain. As Booker is about to tap RVD comes off the top rope to kick Haas in the chest to break the hold. Then RVD does the Rolling Thunder on Booker and Haas goes to clothesline RVD but RVD ducks and does a spinning wheel kick to upend Charlie. RVD then goes to the top rope looking for the 5 Star Frog Splash. RVD connects on Haas and pins him for the three count.

Your Winner: RVD


US. Title Match Table Single
John Cena (champ) Vs. Rene Dupree

Both men come down to the ring for this US. Championship match. Cena does his usual rap that disses Rene. The two men start off in a grapple with Rene getting the better of it and kneeing Cena in the ribs. He then whips him into the ropes and clothesline Cena right out of his sneakers. Then Rene puts Cena in an armbar, which makes Cena feel the pain of the French Phenom. Then Dupree unlocks the hold and stomps away at Cena’s ribs. Rene picks Cena up and Cena fights put of the sleeper hold and shoulder blocks Rene down to the mat in desperation. The referee counts to 7 as both men use the ropes to help them up. Cena gets there first and punches away at Rene and starts to build his aggression towards Rene. Cena whips Rene into the ropes and clotheslines him as he comes back to meet him. Then Cena does the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and starts pumping it up. Cena stalks Rene for the F U. Rene gets up and Cena kicks him in the mid-drift and picks him up in position for the F U but Dupree counters and does the Emerald Fusion like move to pin Cena one..two..three!

You winner and new US. Champion Rene Dupree!!


WWE Title Triple Threat Last Man Standing Match
Eddie Guerrero (champ) Vs. Undertaker Vs. Kurt Angle

Out come Kurt Angle and the Undertaker to challenge for the WWE title. Viva La Raza! Booms through the arena as WWE champion Eddie Guerrero comes out in a blue and silver low rider to the biggest ovation of the night. All three wrestlers stare at each other as Eddie and Angle both attack Taker first. Eddie and Kurt hammer away at Taker who is double clotheslined to the outside where Paul Bearer tends to him. The fans cheer for Eddie and Kurt who play to the crowd. As Eddie looks back at Taker Kurt then attacks him for behind and stomps away at Eddie’s ribs. Kurt picks Eddie up and whips him into the turnbuckle where he then punches him repeatedly on the face. Taker gets back in the ring as Kurt turns round and sprint towards him; Taker gives Kurt a big boot. Eddie manages to get to his feet only to be taken down with a flying-lariat by Taker. Kurt gets to his feet and Taker does exactly what he did to Eddie on Kurt. Take then signals for the chokeslam on Eddie but Eddie fights out of it and gives Taker a DDT. As Taker lies there Kurt gets to his feet and gives Eddie a triple German-suplex to set him up for the Angle Lock. As Kurt taunts by taking down his straps ready for the Angle Lock Taker sits up and grabs Kurt by the throat and chokeslams him. Taker then signals for the end on Eddie and then gives Eddie a Tombstone Piledriver to lay Eddie out. The ref starts to count one..two..three..four..five.. Suddenly the lights go out and Kane’s music starts to play. Then it stops and the lights come back on to find Taker in a pool of blood and Eddie gone from the ring! Only Kurt and Taker remain so the ref starts to count again. One..two..three..four..five..six..seven..During this Kurt scrambles to his feet via the ropes and lays in the corner. Eight..nine..ten!! Kurt wins the match and the WWE title for the 4th time in his illustrious career.

You winner and New WWE champion: Kurt Angle!!

Michael Cole: What a great Smackdown this week, hopefully we will see what lies in store when Eddie Guerrero and the Undertaker take their revenge on what we have just witnessed tonight.

Tazz: Well Cole, I think next week will be a night to remember.

Reply or Pm me your thoughts on how to improve etc..

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Great first attempt, good to see new writers comming along. Nice show, like 123fakestreet said, too many high profle matches for a normal show.

Keep up the great work.

8/10 (only cause there was too many high profile matches)
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