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My First Raw

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JR: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to WWE Monday Night RAW, what a packed show we have for you tonight.

King: That's right JR tonight in the Main Event it will be Triple H defending his World Title vs. Kane in a no holds barred match, not to mention the new Womens Champion Gail Kim will defend the title against Jazz.

JR: Let's get started

Lillian: The following match is set for one fall coming ( Lillian is cut off by the sound of breaking glass"

JR: Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold

King: Its Austin JR,I wonder what he's going to do tonight since he is in 100% control here tonight

JR: That's right King Eric Bischoff is still recovering from the injuries he sustained when he was chokeslammed off of the stage through the announce table by Kane.

Stone Cold: Let's get right down to business Eric Jackoff is not here tonight so oh Stone Cold is in control 100% tonight.

Stone Cold: I have made one of the best Main Events on RAW tonight pitting the World Champion Triple H defending his World Title against Kane in a No Holds Barred/NO DQ contest but im going to do you one better if any member of Evolution interfere in this match than ther will be hell to pay next week.

Evolution's music hits and out walks the World Champion Triple H with Ric Flair and Randy Orton.

Triple H: Austin, You are nothing but a power hungry ass hole
{crowd chants ass hole at Triple H"

Austin: I dont know how good your hearing is but you have about 15,000 people calling you an asshole.

Triple H: I dont give a damn about these people, never have never will
{more ass hole chants from the crowd)

Triple H: What I do care about however is the fact that I have to defend my World Title tonight against Kane after already beating him 2 wks ago for his mask.

Austin: Well I'm in charge tonight and you WILL defend your belt vs Kane and it will be No DQ, NO holds Barred anything goes and like I said Kane has been assigned back up by me tonight so if your little group doesnt want to fight out who's next you might not want to interfere.

Match 1
The Dudley Boyz vs Rodney Mack and Chris Nowinksi
The match starts out with the Dudleyz dominating the match, but than Teddy Long gets on the apron and distracts the Dudley Boyz allowing mack to hit Dvon from behind, Mack and Nowinksi continue to work over Dvon until Dvon counters the black out from Mack and hits a huge neckbreaker. Both competitors make the tag and Bubba comes in and is a house of fire, Dvon enters the fray and we have a pure out brawl, Teddy Long gets on the ring apron to distract the ref as Nowinski takes his mask off and goes to hit Bubba with it but Bubba ducks and Mack takes the blow, Dvon enters the ring and hoists Nowinski up and the Dudleyz hit the 3-D for the victory.
After the match however La Resistance run to the ring and lay out both dudleyz with the title belts.

Backstage segment #1: Evolution
Triple H and Evolution are preparing for their match when Terri walks up
Terri: so Triple H how do you feel about your title match tonight vs Kane?
Triple H: Well Terri all I gotta say is Austin might have back up for kane but Evolution's 4th member will also be shown tonight

commercial break

JR: You hear that King? The new member of Evolution will debut tonight according to Evolution.
King: Yes JR I heard, I wonder who it is
JR: I believe will find out later on tonight King, but lets go to our second match which will be RVD challenging Christian for the Intercontinental Championship

Match 2 Intercontinental Championship Rob Van Dam vs Christian
The match starts off with RVD all over Christian hitting him with kicks and punches, RVD goes to whip Christian to the ropes he reverses it and attempts a clothesline but RVD ducks and hits a spinning kick on Christian 1 2 Christian kicks out. RVD throws christian to the outside and goes for a plancha but Christian moves out of the way and RVD appears to have hurt his back, Christian works over RVD's back with kicks and elbow drops to the back and sumbission holds. Christian locks in a walls of Jericho on RVD who is able to make it to the ropes before having to tap. Christian is irate and starts to get frustrated, RVD comes back with kicks and punches and goes for a spinning kick, Christian ducks and plants RVD with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Christian goes for the walls of jericho again but RVD counters and rolls up Christian but Christian kicks out at 2. Christian gets up immediately as well as RVD and Christian goes for a clothesline but RVD ducks and goes for the enziguri but Christian catches his foot but RVD turns it into a mule kick for a 2 count. RVD with a standing moonsault for a 2 count, Rolling thunder another 2 count, RVD goes up top split legged moonsault for another 2 count. RVD picks up Christian and slams him in the ring and goes up top and hits the 5 star frog splash. 1 2 NO Christian gets his foot on the ropes

JR: I thought that was it King
King: Christian showing why he is the Champion JR

RVD is on top Christian is getting up RVD goes for the side kick off the top rope to Christian but Christian ducks and the ref gets knocked out. Christian hits the unprettier on RVD and goes outise to the ring to get his title belt he brings in the ring and goes to hit RVD with it but RVD ducks and hits the Van Daminator and goes up top looking for the 5 star he hits it, but no Christian held the title up and RVD's head bounces of the title belt Referee wakes up and Christian puts an arm over RVD and scores the pinfall.
After the match Booker T comes out and hits a boot to the gut and the scissors kick on Christian and does the spinaroonie while Christian walks away angry.

Backstage segment #2: Stone Cold Steve Austin
Austin: I am so sick and tired of Booker T being screwed over by Christian and Eric bischoff and everyone else next week on RAW it will be Christian vs Booker T for the Intercontinental Championship but so there will be none of Booker getting screwed it will be in a STEEL CAGE.

JR: Can you believe it King? Booker vs Christian next week on RAW in a steel cage
King: I cant believe it JR and its not fair
JR: Its sure as hell fair King, next week there will be no more screwing of Booker T and Christian Booker T is coming for your title.

Match 3 Trish Stratus vs Victoria
standards womens match here, towards the end Victoria hits a top rope moonsault on Trish but Trish kicks out at 2, Victoria lifts Trish up and goes for the Widows Peak but Trish reverses it and hits the Stratusfaction for the 1 2 3. Jazz runs down and helps Victoria beat on Trish until Gail Kim runs out to make the save.

Glass Shatters
Austin: next week on RAW Trish Stratus/Gail Kim vs Jazz/Victoria (Austin walks to the back)

JR: next week King a diva tag
King: Puppies JR Puppies
JR: Puppies indeed King

Backstage segment #3 : Booker T/Christian
Boooker T is walking backstage when out of nowhere comes Christian with a steel chair and wipes out Booker T, Christian than hits the unprettier on the steel chair on the floor and says see you next week sucka.

JR: Once again a sneak attack on Booker T King
King: Way to go Christian show that criminal who's boss.
JR: It might be a little different next week King when they fight in the cage.

Match 4: Randy Orton w/ Ric Flair vs The Hurricane
Hurricane starts out the match assaulting Randy Orton, but eventually Ric Flair distracts Hurricane, and Randy orton gets the advantage, Hurricane battles back and hits the hurri clothesline and goes for the pin 1 2 kick out, Hurricane goes up top and hits the cross body 1 2 another kick out by Orotn, Hurricane is going for the Eye of the Hurricane but Flair gets up on the apron and Hurricane punches Flair off of the apron but Hurricane turns around and Orton hits the RKO on Hurricane for the 1 2 3 after the match Flair and Orton continue to beat on Hurricane.

JR: Damn the Evolution they dont play fair
King: They make their own rules King
JR: someone has to help Hurricane out
King: there is no one here

However over the speakers blasts Sexy boy as Shawn Michaels comes sprining out however Orton/Flair escape out of the ring and over the barricade.

JR: Thank Goodness for Shawn Michaels King
King: Shawn might have saved Hurricane's career JR
JR: who knows what Evolution would have done

commercial break

Backstage segment #4 Stone Cold Steve Austin
Austin: next week on RAW it'll be Evolution members Randy Orton and Ric Flair taking on The Hurricane and Shawn Michaels

JR: Next week King Michaels and Hurricane vs Orton and Flair
King: That'll give Randy Orton a chance to put an end to HBK JR
JR: we'll find out next week

5 4 3 2 1 Boom Chris Jericho's music hits
Jericho: Its time for Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, tonights guess is none other than Kane
fire shoots up and Kane walks out and gets in the ring and lights the ringposts on fire

Jericho: So, Kane how does it feel to be unmasked by Triple H and Evolution last week? Kane just stands there, Jericho asks another question and again kane doesnt answer, Jericho says alright your wasting my time why dont you just get the hell out of my ring, Kane responds by chokeslamming Chris Jericho to hell, Kane pics up the microphone
Triple H: Be afraid, Be Very afraid

JR: Kane is ready King
King: He sure does look ready

Match 5 Stacy Keibler vs Test
before the match can begin The Glass shatters
Austin: Scott Steiner can not interfere in this match
Test smiles
Austin: thats cuz Scott Steiner will be the referee for this match
Steiner comes out and Test tries to take out Stacy with the pumphandle slam but Stacy kicks Test low and STeiner hits his finisher on Test and Stacy puts a foot on Test and pins him for the 1 2 3.

Backstage segment #5: La Resistance/ Dudley Boyz
La Resistance are talking with Terri
Terri: so what is wrong with a great state like the United States
La Resistance: you guys are so hypocritical you start war on people with nuclear weapons but you have some yoursleves
Terri: but we're not a terroist country
La Resistance: The French think you are thats why we didnt help you
all of a sudden The Dudley Boyz come out and nowhere and beat the hell out of La Resistance Bubba throws Renee Dupre through a window and than they hit the 3-D through a nearby propped up table on Sylvain Greniere.

Match 6: La Resistance vs Al Snow and Maven
Al Snow and Maven win by count out when La Resistance who are still out cold from the attack by the Dudleyz couldnt make it to the ring before the 10 count

JR: The Dudleyz really did a number on La Resistance King
King : They sure did JR

Backstage segment #6 GOLDBERG/Mack/Long
Goldberg is walking in the back when he is attacked by Rodney Mack and Theodore Long, Rodney Mack breaks a 2x4 over the head of Goldberg but Goldberg just stares at Mack and Mach and long run away with Goldberg smiling

JR; Oh my god king did you see that?
King: I sure did JR that Goldberg is one tough man.

Match 7 Main Event World Championship NO DQ/ No holds barred

Time to play the game hits an Triple H walks out with the world title over his shoulder

JR: That title could be around that shoulder for the last time here tonight King
King: I hate to say it JR but you might be right after what Kane did to Jericho tonight.

Triple H is waiting in the ring when the fire blasts on the rampway and Kane makes his way through the curtain, Kane gets in the ring and sets the ringposts on fire. Triple H is scared to get in the ring but he finally does.

JR: Here we go King

Kane and Triple H lock up and Kane just tosses Triple H about 6 ft, Triple H gets up with a very scared look on his face, they lock up again and the same thing Kane tosses Triple H again. Kane whips Triple H into the ropes and goes for a clothesline Triple H ducks and clothelines Kane but doesnt knock him down and Kane just stares at Triple H, Triple H runs out of the ring and Kane chases him around,on the outside Triple H and kane are slugging each other with Kane getting the better of the champ. Kane reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair and drills Triple H in the skull with it,

JR: Oh my God King, Triple h is busted wide open
King: oh no

Kane with another chair shot again to the skull of Triple H Kane throws Triple H into the ring and goes for the pin 1 2 somehow Triple H kicks out

JR: That Triple H is a very tough man King
King: That's why he's the champ JR

Kane picks up Triple H and gives him a sidewalk slam and goes for the pin again Triple h kicks out at 2 again. Kane picks up Triple H and goes for the tombstone however Triple H gets out of it and low blows Kane and hits the pedigree 1 Kane kicks out

JR: oh my god King Kane kicked out at 1 from the pedigree
King: I cant believe that JR

Triple H is irate, Triple H picks up Kane and hits another pedigree 1 2 Kane kicks out again and sits up

JR: OH my god King this might be the night
King: it might be JR Triple H is hitting Kane with everything he's got and its not working.

Triple H gets out of the ring and goes outside and grabs a chair and plants it in the middle of the ring and goes to pedigree Kane on the chair

JR: this will be it if he hits this King
King: I sure hope so JR

Kane backdrops Triple H and signals for the chokeslam Kane hits the chokeslam on Triple H 1 2 no Ric Flair ran down and pulled out the referee, Kane chokeslams Flair, Kane going to chokeslam Triple H but Orton runs out and goes for the RK0 but Kane blocks it and chokeslams Orton as well, Kane is going to chokeslam Triple H again when all of a sudden Chris Jericho is standing behind Kane with the sledgehammer Flair brought to the ring and Kane turns around and Jericho hits Kane straight in the face with the sledgehammer kane is busted wide open, Triple H pedigrees Kane 1 2 no Kane kicks out


Triple H picks up Kane and hits the 4th pedigree on the steel chair for the 2nd time and finally gets the victory

After the match Triple H, Orton, Flair, Jericho, are all beating up on Kane, HBK's music hits and he comes out however he is victim of a 4 on 1 beatdown Kevin Nash's music hits and he gets in the ring and starts to clean house until HHH low blows him and starts the 4 on 1 beatdown

JR: is Chris Jericho the 4th member of Evolution
King: It looks that way JR

Triple H gets on the mic

Triple H: Ladies and Gentlemen the newest member of Evolution the ayatollah of rock and rollah, the highlight of the night Chris Jericho

JR: Jericho is the newest member of Evolution, who can stop them?
King: Evolution is dominant now JR no one can stop them

Triple H: I have beaten everyone there is to beat and with Chris Jericho in Evolution along with the champ, Randy Orton and Ric Flair no one will be able to stop us

Glass shatters
Stone Cold comes out with a microphone in his hand
Stone Cold steps into the ring with Evolution
Austin : I told you guys what would happen if anyone interfered in this match and now you guys will have to pay the consequences however instead of it being next week it will be TONIGHT!
Evolution is livid

Triple H: you see Austin your all alone and your about to get a 4 on 1 beatdown
Austin: is that so? bring it on
Orton hits a cheap shot on Austin, and Flair, HHH and jericho join in
HHH pedigrees Austin

JR: HHH just pedigreed the Co-Gm
King: Maybe that will teach Austin a lesson JR that no one can stop Evolution

JR: Wait a Minute
King: Oh my God dont tell me
JR: It is its GOLDBERG

Evolution is in shock, GOLDBERG is standing in his own fireworks and walks down to the ring and gets in the ring, Evolution backs off but than Goldberg smiles as well as evolution

KING: oh god yes JR

Goldberg spears Ric Flair and Randy Orton at the same time,
JR: Goldberg just speared Flair and Orton
King: What the Hell just happened JR?

Jericho and Triple H beat down Goldberg but than Austin gets to his feet and turns Jericho around and gives him a stone cold stunner, Triple H goes to pedigree Austin again but Austin backdrops Triple H as GOLDBERG SPEARS THE HELL OUT OF CHRIS JERICHO, Triple H is getting up and Goldberg is smiling
the crowd is chanting Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg

JR: uh oh King you know whats coming
King: he already took out Orton/Flair/Jericho JR


Austin: Congratulations Triple H on your victory here over Kane tonight, but that smile on your face lets see if you have that very smile after this announcement. Triple H you will defend your title at the Arco Arena for Summerslam vs GOLDBERG


RAW goes of the air with Goldberg and Austin celebrating with steve-weisers while Evolution and Triple H are livid walking backstage

JR: what a RAW see you next week. Summerslam, Summerslam OH MY GOD SUMMERSLAM!