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pyros explode and must be the money hits as shane mcmahon walks out! he poses for the crowd as they boo him! he grbas and begins to speak!
shane: welcome to the first ever raw! tonight will be a very special show! we will have 2 matches for a number one contenders match for the championship to see who faces eachother at the royal rumble! and we will have one match on raw to see who faces eachother at royal rumble against whoever stephanie chooses for her tag team!
just then HHHs music plays! he walks down the ramp! and gets in the ring and he grabs a mic!
HHH: shane i better be in one of those matches for the number one contender or you will pay!
shane: HHH, u come out here and interrupt the GM of raw! get your ass outta this ring before i have security kick you outta this building!
just then brock lesnars music hits and he walks to the ring and grabs the mic from HHH!
brock: HHH you run your mouth... saying i deserve a title shot.... why do you deserve one HHH.... cause you sleep with the bosses daughter?
HHH then attempts to give brock lesnar the pedigree but then he back body drops him and gives him the f-5! as he walks outta the ring!
shane: by the end of tonight there will be a new commishoner for raw!
we then go to commercial break!

chris jericho vs. batista
good solid match! going back and forth! then at the end... ric flair comes out and hits chris jericho in the head with a chair and batista pins him for the 1-2-3!
in the back we see jericho flipping out on how he lost his match... hes throwing everything around! and he walks into shanes office!
jericho: shane.... did you see what just happened out there? i got screwed! i want ric flair at the royal rumble!
shane: wow... your not the 1 who calls the shots... you will face ric flair next week on smackdown!
jericho walks out of the room happy!

#1 contender for tag titles
bubba and dvon vs benoit and booker t
good match! bubba tells dvon to get the tables! but benoit stops them and he puts on the crossface on dvon as booker t hits the book end on bubba and dvon taps out!

IC title: tables match
RVD vs kane
really good match! RVD pulls out ladder and hits a frog splash off the ladder! he then sets him up for the vandaminator and he hits it! he pins kane for the 1-2-3 and is the new IC champion!
rob van dam is congradulated by the coach backstage and he runs his mouth sayin hes the best no1 can beat him then outta no where stonecold comes up and hits the stunner on rob van dam! and stonecold grabs a mic and challenges RVD to a match next week for the IC title!

#1 contendership for world title
kurt angle vs undertaker
very good match! ric flair comes out at the end misses a chairshot at the undertaker and nails kurt angle! undertaker then chokeslams ric flair and gives the last ride to kurt angle and gets the 1-2-3! after the match kurt angle whines and he gives ric flair the angle slam!
trish gets interviews backstage saying she will win the womens title tonight and she is better than any of the divas back there and she is up for a challenge anytime anywhere!

trish vs. jazz vs. victoria
very solid match! trish hits the hurricanrana on the turnbucles for the 1-2-3!

shane mcmahon comes back out and he enters the ring and grabs a mic
shane: at the very end of this show you will find out who the commishoner is and you will be very surprised!
shane leaves and sits down at the commentary spot and the next match is on the way

#1 contender for world title
rock vs kevin nash
very good match! the rock hits the rock bottom and goes for the peoples elbow! shawm michaels then comes down and hits the sweet chin music on rock and he puts nash ontop of rock for the 1-2-3!
shane comes in the ring!
shane: everyone welcome the new commishoner of raw.... the heartbreak kid shawn michaels! he then hits the sweet chin music on kevin nash and him and shane raise eachothers hands as the show ends!
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