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My first Raw show

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Hi this AlanC the booker

I am going to start writing Raw shows that will be displayed every Tuesday and a ppv once a month. Here is some of the characters in my shows at the moment. More will be added soon -

Mr Mcmahon creates a group called the traids here are the traid members so far -

Mr Mcmahon
Luther Reigns
and Bradshaw

The traids main enemys -

Goldberg (world champ)
The Rock
Ken Shamrock
and Eric Bischoff

Other characters -

Face - Heel -

Dudley boys Kane
Jericho Randy Orton
Edge Chris Benoit
Christian Batista
Stacey Keibler Trish Stratus

More to come soon
for both sides. Big Show and Mr Ass will be mixed -

This is my first Raw show please tell me what you think -

Raw starts with Mr Mcmahon returning.

Vince says "I'm back to sort this company out. I have created a loyal group lets call them the Traids. We will destroy all of our enemys and more importantly my enemys. Our No 1 target is Goldberg". Vince introduces two of the members they are Test and Undertaker they both come to the ring. Vince says "Now lets cut one man down to size. Bischoff since you've been running this company you think youre some kind of big shot. Well youre not. I brought you into this company and I can take you out of it. Don't worry im not gonna fire you. I'm gonna make you're life hell first. That starts tonight as you will go one on one with the Undertaker in a hardcore match. No one can get involved in that match otherwise they will be fired" Vince says he will make other matches a little later.

(5 min break)

1st match -
Kane (with Nidia) vs Mr Ass to become no 1 contender for ic title

Nidia hits Kane with chair. Mr Ass hits fameasser to win match. Jericho (current ic champ) comes out and brawls Mr Ass. Nidia throws chair into ring Mr Ass knocks out Jericho with it. Mr Ass and Nidia then leave with Jerichos ic title.

2nd match -

Big Show vs Batista in a choke slam match.

Big Show wins by chokeslamming Batista from top turnbuckle down through the spannish announcers table.

(5 min break)

Mr Mcmahon announces from backstage that Ken Shamrock will face Test and new Triad member Bradshaw in a handicap match. VINCE SAYS "see Shamrock I don't forget anything and I haven't forgot or forgiven you for putting me in the anklelock at Summerslam. Vince also announces that Goldberg will put the title on the line later tonight against HHH.

3rd match

Trish Stratus vs Stacey Keibler in a cat fight. Loser has to strip.

Trish wins but both strip anyway. They then both kiss in the ring.

Backstage Test beets the hell out of Shamrock.

4th match

Test and Bradshaw vs Shamrock. Shamrock comes down gingerley after being attacked by Test a few minutes ago.

Shamrock supplexes Bradshaw and puts Test in anklelock. Vince comes through crowd and hits Shamrock with a chair. The match then gets stopped by the referee. Test, Bradshaw and Vince all beet on Ken Shamrock.

(5 min break)

Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit

Orton wins with RKO. After match Chris Benoit says he is gonna leave the company if isn't given better wages.

Jonathen Coachmen interviews HHH -

HHH - "I will beet the crap out of Goldberg and win back my World title. Goldberg will you be ready for the pedigree"?

Undertaker vs Bischoff in a hardcore match. Taker destroys Bischoff. Bischoff is sent to hospital after the match.

(5 min break)

It is now time for the main event for the World title Goldberg (champ) vs HHH

During match - Goldberg spears HHH. Vince then comes down and beets up ref. Man in disguise comes down and beets up Goldberg. He reveals himself to be Luther Reigns. Shamrock then comes down hits HHH, Reigns and Vince with chair. The ref recovers after Shamrock wakes him up. Goldberg jackhammers HHH and wins. The lights go out. Then when they come back on. Undertaker is shown standing behind Goldberg. Taker then chokeslams Goldberg through the ring. Taker says he wants Goldberg next week on Raw. end of show.
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Pretty good for your first show but if you're going to have short matches, try to make the promos great.

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What is wrong with you people. I have made sure that the show goes on for two hours like the normal show. I planned how long each segment would take. Maybe I should show that on this page. I also want quite short matches. Otherwise it gets boring like the current wwe product. The matches arent as short as you probably think, cos I have only written out the ending of the matches. As for the storylines I think they are good and unpredictable. See you need to keep on reading the next shows then things will become clearer. For e.g. Chris benoits threat to leave company for better money. Results in Chris benoit becoming a traid member and Vince Mcmahons bodyguard. This is good for benoit - higher wages. Also good for traids cos Benoit is great. So my shows have good unperdictable storylines and no boring stupid 15 minute matches and thats why I know I am the best writer there was, the best writer there is and the best writer there ever will be on this site. Keep reading the shows to find that out. Next Raw will be displayed on Tuesday. Reply to that boys.

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Alright listen im no great writer but when you dont even write promos or make matches long , whatever thats your buiseness but when you say your the best writer on the side I take offense to that becuase srry junior but I think everyone will agree Orton17 and Rage along with a few others are the best writers on this site oh yeah rating2/10
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