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**Please keep in mind im only 14 years old and my matches storylines and promos might not be the best**

** 1st Raw of January**

Pyro explodes opening video plays and we are live for Raw. Jr tells us tonight Los Guerros will take on HHH and Flair but first up Benoit & Rhyno take on Big Show & Christian.

Match 1- Benoit and Rhyno vs. Big Show and Christian

Benoit and Christian Start the match and it starts as a very fast paced match. Benoit gets isolated by Show and Christian and they really wear him down. He finally gets the tag to Rhyno he comes in and cleans house but then out of nowhere he gores Benoit and directs big show to chokeslam him. He does and gets the 1.2.3
Winners in 8:33 Big Show & Christian

Rhyno is asked why he did that and he tells coach he is sick of Benoit always having the Spotlight.


We come back and Benoit is still regrouping in the ring and out comes Evolution ( HHH Flair Orton and Batista ) They confront Benoit and ask him to join them Benoit answers HHH with a right hand then he gets mugged by the other members. Batista stays out for his match with Kane.

Match 2- Batista vs. Kane

Kane runs down to the ring and hits rights and lefts then gets a quick chokslam 1.2 batista gets his foot on the ropes. Near the end of the match Batista keeps getting near falls he goes to the outside to get a chair when he swings at kane. kane gets his boot up and hits the chair back into batista and he gets the 1.2.3
Winner in 7:43 Kane


We return and Batista and HHH are argueing about batista losing the match. HHH makes a match Between Batista and Orton for next week and loser is out of Evolution.

Match 3- T.Dreamer vs. Richards HC Title

This is your typical hardcore match with lots of weapons used and dreamer wins with a DDT onto a trash can.
Winner in 5:12 T.Dreamer


We return and Benoit is in the GMs office and he asks Austin for a title shot at the Rumble and he gives it to him but Bischoff tells him he must beat R.Orton in a match tonight to get the shot.

Match 4 Booker T vs. Kanyon

This is pretty much a squash match with Booker hitting all his signature moves and winning with the scissors kick.
Winner in 4:32 Booker T

We are back in the Gms office and the los guerros are in there and chavo ends up getting a IC title shot at the rumble. Bishoff makes the stipulation that eddie must now enter the rumble first.


Match 5 Los Guerros vs. HHH and Flair

HHH and Eddie start the match off and each man gets a good amount of offence in then they each tag out Chavo hits a dropkick on flair but only gets 2. The end of the match the ref is distracted by HHH and eddie on the outside and Christian runs down and hits chavo with his IC title and Flair covers him for the 1.2.3.
Winners in 9:56 HHH and Flair

An interview is shown with R.Mack and T.Long with long telling everybody that R.Mack is going to win the Rumble even though he is hated on by everyone.


Match 6- Benoit vs. R.Orton

This match is a very technical with each man hitiing a variety of suplexes and other technical moves. Benoit hits 3 germans in a row but only gets a 2 count. then orton hits his diamond cutter finisher but he only gets the 2 count. At the end Batista comes down and hits benoit with a chair but the ref sees him and DQs Orton. Jr points out that Benoit has the title shot at the RUMBLE.

**End of Show**

Note anyone i didnt list on the rosters will be on the rosters they are currently on.

Kanyon and rikishi switched roster spots.

Please tell me what you thin of my first show and tell me what i have to improve on.

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Don't worry about being 14, I'm only 12. LOL, now everyone can look at "My Raw" and say a 12 year old wrote it.
Anyway, you did a solid job. You spaced out the matches and interviews, you made sense, which is most important, and you made a sufficent amount of matches. In the future, you need to write way more describing the actual match.

Eg.: Big Show picks up Eddie and slams him to the mat. Eddie attempts to get up, but Big Show locks in a submission move. He holds it in, but Eddie fights back. Eddie gets up, and whips Show off the ropes. He hits a clothesline and both men go down.
If you want to be succesful, you're going to have to put a little time and effort into it.
Grade for now: 6/10
That can easily be brought up to an 8 or 9 if you add detail. Not bad for a first try.

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Yea...it was an ok show. Nothing wrong with the Evolution storyline, just the matches need working on.

Grade: C
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