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My first Raw Card I ever made...

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Kane vs. Gene snitsky in a street fight to advance in the tournament.

Jericho and Beniot vs. Hurricane and Rosie for the World Tag team championships.

Orton vs. Batista to advance in the tournament for the World heavyweight championship.

HBK vs. ric Flair to advance in tournament.

Main Event: Triple H. vs. Ryno to advance in the tournament.

JR: Welcome do the new RAW!
King: tonight the Tag titles will not be vacant.

Gene snitskys music hits as he looks evil and walks to the ring.

JR: It's that SOB!

Kanes music hits as he makes his way to the ring.

King: Look its that SOB.

Kane and Gene start punching the hell out of each other. Kane big boots snitsky then gets a chair. Kane goes to nail Gene but Gene slides out of the ring. Gene comes back in and hits kane with a chair he got from under the ring. Kane sits up then chokeslams Gene. 1 2 kick out. They exchange punches then Kane big boots him then starts throwing weapons into the ring. Gene sees a trash can lid and when Kane gets in the ring BAM! Trash can lid to the head. 1 2 kick out. Gene slams Kane on the ground. He taunts htne picks up a sledgehammer. Kane ducks and low blows Gene. Tombstone to Snitsky. 1 2 3 Kane advances!

Wait kane isnt done. He chokslams Snitsky off the stage. Kane teh arena. Comercial break.

Raw comes back and hurricane and Rosie are in the ring. Beniot and Jericho come out and Jericho starts things off against Rosie.

JR: 2 great teams in there King.
King: Yeah this match will be great.

Jericho ties up with rosie but Rosie elbows him in the gut then clotheslines him. He lifts jericho up and Jericho starts slapping him against the neck. He runs behind Rosie then goes for a crossbody. Roise catches him then slams him down hard. 1 2 Beniot saves the matchup. Rosie slams Beniot and Jericho does his kick in the back of the head to Rosie. He jump on a rope then kicks Hurricane off the barricade. He goes for a lionsault but Rosie puts his knees up. Jericho and Rosie both make a tag rosie barley made it but hurricane got up fast enough.

Beniot starts to slap hurricane but Hurricane toe kicks him in the stomache a couple time then goes for a chokeslam but wait whats this! The CROSSFACE IS LOCKED ON! hurricanes hand is in the air!

JR: Hurricane is in a bad spot.

hurricanes hand is comign down but Rosie comes in but the plan backfires! The walsl of Jericho on Rosie. Both men in submission moves.

King: Come on Hurricane dont tap!

Both men start to tap at the same time. Here are yor winners and the new world tag team champions Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho. Comercial break.

When it comes back Christy hemme is talking with Jericho backstage. Good job on your win I was really impressed. Jericho says thanks Christy and you look beautiful today. Christy kisses jericho on the cheek then says "see you around" Jericho smiles then walks off.

HHH is talk to Batista. You can do this you are the animal! Orton wont know what hit him!

Batistas music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He taunts and waits for Orton.

JR: There is one of the most dangerous fighters in WWE today.
King: Orton will be down and out during this match!

Ortons music hits as he taunts and goes in the rign and taunts again.

Orton and Batista tie up and Batista pushes Orton off. Orton clotheslins batista but he stays up.and Orton does it again. Batista stays up. Orton goes for another clothesline but Batista nails a spinebuster on him. He lifts orton up and orton punches Batista then runs on the turnbuckle then naisl a crossbody knocksing Batista down. Ric flair jumps on the rope and HHH hits orton in the back of the head with a chair. The ref turns around and sees HHH standing over Orton.

Ref: Here is your winner by Disqualification RANDY ORTON.

Batista looks at HHH then Batista bombs him on the chair. Ric flair coems in and Batista powerbombs him as well.

Batista: HHH you are next! Comercial break.

When we comes back Ric Flair is still down in the ring. HBKs music hits as he dances and gets into the ring.

JR: Ric flair doesnt look good!
King: Ric Flair gets up.

The bell rings and HBK gets ready to nail the showstopper. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 kick to flair bam!
3 ding ding ding HBK wins because of Batista crushing Ric Flair. Comercial break.

When we comes back Beniot and Jericho are talking.

Jericho: We are a great tag team.
Beniot: Yeah too bad we arent in this tournament.
Jericho: Yeha we would both end up in the end.
Beniot: I heard that you and Christy like each other.
Jericho: Yeah you should try to find a girl.

Rynos music htis as he runs into the ring waiting for Triple H.

HHHs music hits and he spits the water into the air but Ryno knocks him off the turnbuckle. Ding ding ding. Ryno gets out of the ring and starts banging HHHs head on the Barricade. Ryno throws HHH into the ring but Ric Flair low blows Ryno while the reff is checking on HHH. Rynos slides into the ring and HHH knees him in the face. He throws Ryno but Ryno reverses and throws HHH then spinebusts him. Ryno gets ready for the gore but HHH moves and he runs into the turnbuckle. OUCH. HHH goes for a pedigree but Ryno flips him over his head then falsl down.

Comercial break.

When we comes bakc Ryno and HHH are both bleeding because they both flipped out of the rign and there heads banged the steel steps. Ric Flair also got banned from ringside for grabbing Rynos leg during a Gore. Ryno and HHH start punching each other then HHH kicks Ryno in the mid section and slams him on the ground. HHH goes for a pedigree but Ryno counters then goes for a gore but gets pedigreed.

3.... HHH is the winner and he will fight HBK next week.

Matches for next week: Orton vs. Kane to advance
HBK vs. HHH to advance.

Tag team: Jericho and Beniot
Womens: Vacant
IC: Vacant
Heavywieght: Vacant