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I got Photoshop the other day and figured I'd try my hand at a few banners. Let me know what ya think. Remember, they were done by a banner n00b(photoshop n00b. I've made a few banners before with other programs) so you shouldn't expect anything spectacular, lol.

My first banner made the other day. I was told the text for "Thuganomikz" sucked, so I changed it...

The same banner, only different fonts.

My most recent one, made today.

And just for the hell of it, I'll throw in my water texture thingy I tried yesterday. It was needlessly complicated.... considering it was just to make a water look:argh:


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Very nice for your frist few the frist two again I don't like the font 6.5/10 for both. The car very very nice everything is perfect on it 10/10. The water nice would give it about a 4/10. All nice you just need to try different border colours and experiment with more shit.
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