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My first Banner (The Rock)

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Well this is my first sig, I'm not entirely happy with it. Due to the front pic and some other things, But it's decent...

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Indeed. For a first banner, that's good work.

The cut doesn't fit in because you haven't shaded it correctly. The burn (darken) and dodge (brighten) tools will help you greatly in that respect. Shading the cut and the areas around it on the background will greatly improve your piece.

Hope all that helps.

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Your very first attempt? You can be real good, then.

~ You've immediately grasped how to compose. Placement is good and you show a natural appreciation of how to use typography.

~ Few things. First, play around with levels/contrast/saturation/brightness and overall grading to get a better tone in all your images. Also, play around with basic blending effects - start with drop shadow. You could really make that Rock PSD stick out well with just a basic one.

~ Get rid of that horrible opaque PSD you have on the left. In fact, never use opaque cuts over backgrounds until you're seriously amazing. Even then I wouldn't; they look cheap and tacky.

~ Lining up your text is key. You see where it says 'WRESTLEMANIA XXVII GUEST HOST'? Space that so it fills the entire width above 'THE ROCK' text. Trust me, it will look better. Do the same with the text below his name, too. It's one of those subconscious things that the brain enjoys.

Hope I helped.
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