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Wednesday, 01 September 2004

Today is a great day....The new executive general manager of the WWE has arrived
and straight away has begun a mass overhaul of the roster. His first duty was to
release a large number of staff from the active roster. They where:

Aaron Stevens
Big Show
Bill DeMott
Carly Colon
Chris Kanyon
Chris Nowinski
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Gail Kim
Garrison Cade
Hardcore Holly
Johnny Jeter
Kevin Nash
Mark Henry
Mark Jindrak
Molly Holly
Nathan Jones
Nick Dinsmore
Orlando Jordan
Paul Heyman
Ric Flair
Ron Simmons
Scott Steiner
Shannon Ward
Stacy Kiebler
Stevie Richards
Theodore Long
Val Venis
Zach Gowen

Also he brought in alot of new faces, including a fair amount of open contracts:

Adara James (Open Contract)
AJ Styles (2 Year written contract)
Alexis Laree (Open Contract)
April Hunter (Open Contract)
Francine (Open Contract)
Headhunter A (Open Contract)
Headhunter B (Open Contract)
Jay Briscoe (Open Contract)
Jeff Hardy (Open Contract)
Major Gunns (Open Contract)
Mark Briscoe (Open Contract)
Melissa Coates (Open Contract)
Midajah (Open Contract)
Psychosis (Open Contract)
Raven (Open Contract)
Ron Killings (Open Contract)
Shark Boy (Open Contract)
Sick Nick Mondo (Open Contract)
Tito Ortiz (Open Contract)
Trinity (Open Contract)
Vampiro (Open Contract)
Valentina (Open Contract)
Xavier (Open Contract)
XTC (Open Contract)

He has stated that the areas he first plans on improving in the company are the Light Heavyweight, Tag Team & Womens Divisions.

After trimming $2million off of the monthly superstar wage bill, he is now looking to improve in other areas of staff, such as behind the scenes.

Check back in a couple of hours for more news and updates on the latest goings on.

More news coming in

There has been a number of behind the scenes staff released now, they are:

Benton Fraser (Writer, Talent = 74)
Brian Hebner (Referee, Talent = 60)
Chris Leary (Announcer, Talent = 20)
Gene Okerlund (Announcer, Talent = 31)
Jack Doan (Referee, Talent = 66)
Jonathan Coachman (Announcer, Talent = 55)
Josh Matthews (Announcer, Talent = 55)
Marc Lloyd (Announcer, Talent = 35)
Ray Edwards (Writer, Talent = 65)
Sgt. Slaughter (Road Agent, Talent = 78)
Steve Lombardi (Trainer, Talent = 65)

Also there has been a few new staff members brought in:

Catherine Quine (Road Agent, Talent = 100)
Santana Gross (Writer, Talent = 98)
Ricky Steamboat (Trainer, Talent = 100)

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I love EWR!!! I did a diary once too and it came of real good.

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Thursday, 02 September 2004

Hours before the start of SmackDown!, there has been some breaking news. The first headline is that the whole roster split has been disbanded, and there is only 1 World Heavyweight Title now, the WWE Undisputed Championship and only 1 pair of Tag Titles, the WWE World Tag Team Championship. Also the United States Title has been retired and all 5 remaining championships including the WWE Intercontinental, the WWE Womens & the WWE Cruiserweight titles have became vacant.

The WWE Womens champion will be decided on SmackDown! in a fatal four way match-up between Trish Stratus, Victoria, Torrie Wilson & Francine.

The WWE Cruiserweight championship will be decided first by having 2 10 man battle royals, and then the winner of each will go on to face each other for the title the following week, on next weeks SmackDown!. Tonights Cruiserweight competitors will be:

01.) AJ Styles
02.) Chavo Guerrero
03.) Christian
04.) Jeff Hardy
05.) Nunzio
06.) Psychosis
07.) Shannon Moore
08.) Sick Nick Mondo
09.) Spike Dudley
10.) Tajiri

Next weeks Raw! Cruiserweight battle royal competitors will be:

01.) Billy Kidman
02.) Eddie Guerrero
03.) Hurricane
04.) Jamie Noble
05.) Matt Hardy
06.) Rey Mysterio
07.) Ron Killings
08.) Shark Boy
09.) Tito Ortiz
10.) Ultimo Dragon

The WWE World Tag Team champions will be decided by first getting through 1 of 3 normal tag team matches then, winning the Triple Threat TLC match.

Those matches will be:

The Briscoe Boys (Mark & Jay) vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
The Dudley Boyz vs The Headhunters
La Resistance (Sylvan & Renee) vs F.B.I (Palumbo & Stamboli)

The winners of all 3 matches will go on to the TLC match for the titles.

The WWE Intercontinental title will be decided by having 3 tag team matches, 2 normal 2 vs 2 matches, then 1 stipulation match.The 2 members of the tag team that wins the stipulation match will then square off against each other for the Intercontinental Title. The 8 wrestlers who will participate in this tournament, and the teams they will be in are:

Edge & Randy Orton
John Cena & Booker T
Raven & William Regal
Batista & Rob Van Dam

The first matches of this tournament will be:

Edge & Randy Orton vs Raven & William Regal
John Cena & Booker T vs Batista & Rob Van Dam

The WWE Undisputed Championship will be decided through an 8 man knockout tournament. The 8 wrestlers are:

Triple H
The Rock
Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
The Undertaker
Chris Jericho
Chris Benoit

The matches will be:

01.) Triple H vs Kurt Angle
02.) The Rock vs Chris Benoit
03.) The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar
04.) Chris Jericho vs Kane

The winner of match 1 will go up against the winner of match 3, with the winner of match 2 going up against match 4.

Other news:

Xavier is out for 7 months with a broken leg.

That is all for now, check back later for more news, and the results of SmackDown as the race for titles picks up.

Card for tonights SmackDown!

The Briscoe Boys (Mark & Jay) vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Torrie Wilson vs Francine for the WWE Womens Title

Edge & Randy Orton vs Raven & William Regal

AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrero vs Christian vs Jeff Hardy vs Nunzio vs Psychosis vs Shannon Moore vs Sick Nick Mondo vs Spike Dudley vs Tajiri (10 man Battle Royal)

The Rock vs Chris Benoit
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