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ECW Hardcore TV Week 1

( Paul heyman's music hits, and out comes the owner of ECW. He makes his way to the ring getting a mixed reaction from the crowd, he gets in the ring and grabs a mic.)

Heyman: Hello everyone, and welcome to the rebirth of ECW ( crowd cheers ). I would like to announce that th ECW World Heavyweight Title is Vacant and there will be a tournament to decide the champion, which will conclude at our 1st Pay-Per-View Guilty as Charged! Tonight there will be 2 quarter-final matches in the tournament, including Chris Jeircho taking on Jerry Lynn ( crowd pops ), and Rhyno taking on Tommy Dreamer ( crowd pops ). The other two matches will take place next week ( crowd boos ). Also next week I will announce a Commisoner for ECW, and I believe this man is a very deserving of this job, because he is the most Extreme man I know. Well I'd like to annonce that tonight in the first match will be a T.V Title match as Mike Awsome defends his title against Al Snow. Thank you very much and enjoy the Show.

Match 1: Televison Championship Match
Al Snow vs. Mike Awsome ( c )

"Breathe" hits and Al snow with head make's his way to the ring, as the crowd is cheering him on. Then Mike Awsome's muisc its and the crowd goes sour as the T.V Champion makes his way to the ring. The men lock up, and Awsome overpowers Snow, and shoves him into the mat with great force. Snow is back to his feet and Awsome charges in towards him, but Snow hits a quick dropkick to the knee of Awsome. Snow now gets him into a headlock, but Awsome sends him off the ropes and hits him with a big shoulder block. He picks up Snow and sends him into the corner, and charges in and hits a thunderus clothsline on Snow. He then whips him into the opposite corner and charges in for antoher clothsline, but Snow moves out of the way and Aswome hits chest first into the turnbuckle. Snow hits forearms to the back of Awsome, and then hits his head off the turnbuckle repeatedly. Snow then hits a quick snap suplex, and covers Awsome 1... No Awsome kicks out with authority. Both men are back to there feet, and Snow charges in, but Awsome hits a Knee to the Midsection, and Snow rolls on the mat as he holds his gut in pain. Awsome icks Snow up and just hurles him over the top rope onto the floor. Awsome taunts to the crowd, and then heads to the outside after Snow. Awsome picks him up and whips Snow into the steel guardrail, and Snow is Screaming as pain shots through his spine. Awsome picks him up, and drops him throat first onto the guardrail. Snow is pounding the ground in agony. Awsome picks up Snow and whips him into the ring apron and then he throws him over the guardrail, and goes over the rail and Body Slams Snow from the one side of the guardrail to the other. Snow is stomping his feet as his back is being tortured. Awsome rolls him into the ring and covers 1....2.... no Snow kicks out. Awsome pounds the mat in frustration, and picks up Snow, but Snow is fighting back with punches to the gut of Awsome, but Awsome hits a knee to Snows gut and Snow is down to his knees, and Awsome picks up Snow and powerbombs him into the corner!!! Snow looks to be knocked out and Awsome pulls him from the ropes and covers him 1....2.... no Snow just gets the shoulder up. Awsome cant believe it and he begins to jaw with the referee. Awsome then turns to go after Snow, but is met by a low blow from Snow then Snow plants him with a DDT. Both men are down, they are down for about 10 seconds and Snow drapes his arm over Awsome for the victory 1....2.... no Awsome kicks out. Snow is starting to get his second wind and hits Awsome with rights and then sends him off the ropes and hits a back body drop on the TV Champ. Snow then heads off the ropes and hits a quick leg drop on Awsome and the heads to the top rope, and he attempts the elbow drob, but Awsome moves out of harm's way and both men are down, and Awsome makes his way to his feet first. He hits Snow with rights and then hits a fall away slam, and the pain is really stteing on Snow's back, Awsome goes for the pin 1....2.... no snow kicks out. Awsome sends him into the corner, and goes to the opposite corner and unties the turbuckle, he goes back to work on Snow with rights and lefts, he tries to whip Snow into the exposed corner, but Snow reverses it and Awsome hits into teh exposed steel, and he screams as his back is on extroinary pain. Snow grabs Awsome by the head and hits a bulldog out of the corner and Awsome's face smashes off the mat. Snow drapes his arm on Awsome 1...2... no Awsome kicks out. Snow then picks up Awsome for the Snow Plow, and he hits Snow cant recover as that move took a lot out of him due to his injured back, he eventually rolls over and hooks Awsome's leg 1....2..... no kickout by Awsome. Snow hits Awsome with a few punches to Awsome and then picks him up and hooks him in a headlock he has it locked in, but Awsome uses his power to start to throw him off the ropes, but Snow holds on, and Awsome picks him up and throws him over the top rope right to the outside floor!!! Awsome falls to his knees, and goes to the outside and picks up Snow and picks him up over his head and throws him over the top rope into the ring. Awsome makes his way back into the ring and picks up Snow's head, he goes to nail snow with it and he connects. Awsome covers Snow 1...2.... no Snow kicks out. Awsome is frustrated and goes to the outside and moves the timekeeper and gets the steel chair, he gets into the ring and swings at Snow, but Snow ducks and goes for the Snow Plow onto the steel chair, but Awsome reverses it into a Tombstone onto the steel Chair, and he rolls over and hooks Snow's leg for the cover 1....2.....3. Mike Awsome has retained his T.V Title.

Winner: Mike Awsome

*Commercial Break*

We come back from break and Kanyon's music hits and he makes his way to the ring, and gets major heat from the crowd., he gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Kanyon: You know I like to consider myself Extreme, but yet Im not in the title tournament. I have a questtion for you idiots ( crowd boos ). Who's Better than Kanyon?

Crowd: Everybody

Kanyon: What do you people know, your'e all a bunch of morons. To prove that I am Extreme, I issue a challenge to anyone in the back who thinks there better than Kanyon. Do I have any takers?

"Natural Born Killaz" hits and the crowd errupts, and New Jack comes out from behind the curtains and makes his way to the ring with a trash can full of weapons, he throws over the top ropes, and slides into the ring, but is met by a kick to the head from Kanyon. Kanyon picks him up and sends him into the corner, and charges in after him, but New Jack comes out with a back elbow, and then hits a scoop slam on Kanyon. New Jack now goes to his weapons, and dumps them all out of the trash can and takes the trash can and throws it at Kanyon, as he is getting up, and it nails Kanyon square in the face. He then hits Kanyon while he is down with the can in the chest repeatedly. Kanyon is squirming around as his chest is burning. New Jack gets Kanyon up, and hits a few rights and then sticks the trash can on the top of Kanyon's head, and then grabs a 2x4 and swings away, and he hits a home run. He covers 1....2.... no kickout by Kanyon. New Jack sends Kanyon into the corner and goes in with the trash can lid, but Kanyon gets the foot up, and the lid goes right back into the face of New Jack. Kanyon sets the lid on New Jack's face and drives his knee into the lid, and New Jack is busted open already. Kanyon sends New Jack off the ropes, and hits a clothsline and both men fall over the top rope. Kanyon is up first and sends New Jack into the steel steps. New Jack bangs his feet off the ground as his shoulder is in pain. Kanyon throws New Jack over the guardrail into the crowd. He picks up New Jack, but New Jack is fighting back hiitng rights and lefts. Both men begin to exchange blows. They are goin throgh the crowd and Kanyon hits a suplex onto the concrete floor. He picks him up and throws him into a wall and then he sets up a table. He gets the table set up but turns right into a right hand from New Jack, New Jack hits the kick to the midsection, and then hits a piledriver on the concrete, and Kanyon hold his headin pain. A fan lends New Jack their chair and Kanyon is up dazwd, as he is still feeling the effects of the piledriver, New Jack unloads on Kanyon with a chair shot. New Jack sets Kanyon up on the table and climbs up some electrical boxes till he is about 12 feet above Kanyon. He then hits a splash from the boxes right onto Kanyon. The crowd begins to chant E-C-W, E-C-W. Then out of nowhere comes Rhyno, and he attacks New Jack. He tthrows him into a wall he drives the back of New Jack into the wall several times. He then picks him up on his shoulder and runs him into the wall and New Jack goes through the wall. The crowd begins to chant Holy Shit!!! Rhyno picks up New Jack on his shoulder and brings him into the ring, and hits a powerbomb on New Jack. Kanyon is now making his way back into the ring. Rhyno picks up New Jack, and throws him into the ropes, but New Jack just drops to his knees, and hits a low blow on Rhyno, and then hits a right hand to Kanyon, and grabs a cheese grater, and begins to grate Kanyon's forehead, Kanyon is now busted open. New Jack sets up a table in the corner, and he turns around to go after Rhyno, but Rhyno connects with a Gore and drives New Jack right through the table. Kanyon picks him up out of the corner and hits a reverse DDT and he pins him 1...2.... no New Jack just gets his shoulder up. Kanyon pounds the mat in frustration. Rhyno picks him up and and hits a powerslam on New Jack and Kanyon picks him up and hits the Flatliner on New Jack. He throws the trash can on top of him and then heads to the top rope and hits a elbow drop onto the trash can. He covers New Jack 1....2....3. Kanyon has won with a big help from Rhyno.

Winner: Kanyon

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Raven is sitting somewhere dark and creepy.

Raven: Next week, I have a match with that little pretty boy bitch, RVD. I should have been awarded the ECW Title. I should not have to be in a tournament with 7 other men. I have gone through pain all my life. RVD doesnt know what pain is, and next week I will be glad to show that bitch what it feels like.

Raven puts his head down

Raven: Quote the Raven Nevermore

The camera cuts to a different part of the arena, where Eddie Guerro runs into Jerry Lynn.

Guerro: Hey holmes. Good luck tonight, your taking on the king of the world, Chris Jericho.

Lynn: Im shakin in my little space boots.

Guerro: Im just lettin u know Holmes Jericho is tough, and has all the tricks up his sleeve, so you better watch your back.

Lynn: What's that supposed to mean Eddie?

Eddie: Nothin voto Im just sayin Jericho is like me he lies cheats and steals.

Lynn: Yeah. Thats how you won that WWE Title ( sarcasticly ) holmes.

Guerro: Hey I earned that title.

Lynn: You know Eddie, I deserved that title too, but Vince Mcmahon never gave me a chance to win that title, he fired and I came here to ECW and baecame the star that I am today.

Lynn leaves the room, and Gueurro has a cocky grinn on his face.

*Commercial Break*

Match 3: ECW Tag Team Championships
Hurricane & Nova vs. Impact Players ( c )

" Eye of the Hurricane" hits and Hurricane and Nova come out to a huge pop from the crowd. The Impact Players music hits, and out comes Lance Storm and Justin Credible to huge heat. Nova and Storm begin the match, both men circle the ring and they tie up. storm gets Nova in a headlock, but Nova hits 3 elbows to the gut and sends Storm off the ropes only to be met by a shoulder block from Storm. Storm picks him up off the mat and sends him off the ropes and hits a nice back body drop on Nova. He picks him up and sends him into his team's corner. He tags in Credible, and credible goes to work on Nova. He goes for a right, but Nova blocks it and hits a right of his own. He then ducks a clotslone from Credible and hits a Jawbreaker on Credible, Credible is dazed on his feet, and Nova hits a dropkick and Credible rolls to the outside. Credible gets up on the outside, as Nova head off the ropes and flips over the top rope onto Credible. Nova gets up, but is met by a missle dropkick from the top rope from Storm. Storm gets Credible up, but they are met by a flying crossbody from the Hurricane. All 4 men are down, as the crowd applauds them. Hurricane and Storm make it into the ring after about 7 seconds of being down. Storm sends hurricane off the ropes and hits a dropkick and he covers 1...2... no hurricane kicks out. Storm picks him up, and sends him into the ropes and goes for a tilt the whirl slam, but hurricane reverses it into a head scissors. Storm is in a sitting position, and Hurrican runs and hits a dropkick to the back of the head of Storm, he tags in Nova. Nova comes in and hits a quick elbow to the head of Storm, he pulls him to the mat and covers 1... no Storm kicks out. Nova sends him into the ropes, and sets Storm up for a superplex, but Storm reverses it and lays Nova out face first with a front suplex, Nova holds his face, and kicks the mat in agony. Storm hits a leg drop from the top, and he covers Nova, 1...2... no Nova kicks out. Storm brings Nova over to his corner, and tags in Credible, Storm holds Nova, and Credible hits the kick to the gut. Credible picks him up and hits a Scoop Slam on Nova, he then locks in a sleeper hold, Nova is trying to fight out, but Credible sinches it in and Nova begins to fade, Ref lifts his arm once and it falls, 2nd time falls again, third time is ready to fall but Hurricane saves the day by drop kickinng Credible. The ref gets Hurricane out of the ring, and Credible hits a low blow on Nova, and then a devastating russian leg sweep. Nova holds his head, as Credible covers him 1....2.... no Nova kicks out. Credible applies a arm ringer, and Nova is yelling in pain, Nova is swinging trying to break the hold, and finally he hits a elbow, and then heads off the ropes and hits a flying forearm on Credible. Both men are down, and Nova crawls to the hurricane and finally makes the tag, and in comes Hurricane. Hurricane hits a clothsline on Credible, and then he he hits one on Storm, but he turns right into a superkick from Credible. Credible covers 1....2..... no hurricane kicks out. Credible stggers to his feet, and picks up Hurricane and gives him a right to the head, he goes for another, but hurricane blocks and hits his own right, Hurricane goes for a kick to the gut, but Credible catches it, and Hurricane reverses and hits the enzeguri. Both men are down, and Hurricane starts to stir and begins to crawl to his corner, and he gets to Nova and tags him in. Credible is almost Storm, but Nova grabs his foot and drags him to the middle of the ring. He hits kicks to the hea, and picks Credible up and sends him off the ropes, and hits him with a kick to the gut and goes for the DDT, but Credible tries to Reverse it into a Northern Lights Suplex, and picks him up high in the air, but Nova hangs up there and reverses it and plants him with an awsome DDT, as Credible is stood straight up from the impact, Nova covers him 1...2... no Storm breaks up the cover. Hurricane takes out Storm and both men begin to brawl on the outside. Storm picks up Hurricane and and drops him throat first on the steel guardrail. Hurricane is down, and Storm goes back to the apron. Nova, and Credible are up, and Nova picks up Credible for a suplex, but Credible reveres it into a suplex of his own. Both men are down and Nova looks to go to his corner, but Hurricane is down on the outside, he grabs the ropes gets up, and hits Credible with a kick to the gut as he charged in at him and then hits the sunsetflip 1...2.... no Credible kicks out. Nova is frustrated, and he picks up Credible and goes for the irish whip, but Credible reverses and sends Nova off the ropes, and Nova tries to reverse it into a head scissors, but Credible reverses it into That's InCredible. He quickly covers 1...2... no Hurricane pulls Credible off Nova, and Credible gets on his feet, and Starts to jaw at Hurricane, but loses his focus, and gets rolled up by nova 1....2.... no Credible just gets the Shoulder up. Storm goes to the top rope, but Hurricane runs to him agives him a punch to the gut, and then hits a diamond cutter from apron onto the floor!!!! Back in the ring Credible and Nova are exchanging right hands, Nova hits a elbow, and heads off the ropes, but runs right into a pinning powerslam from Credible 1...2... no Nova kicks out. Credible is frustrated and bangs the mat. He picks up Nova, and sends him into the corner, and charges in for a clothsline, but nova moves out of way, and Credible hits the turnbuckle chest first and hits a reverse DDT he hooks the leg 1...2... no Credible gets the other foot on the bottom rope. Nova picks him up and puts him up, and puts him on the top turnbuckle and they begin to exchang rights, but Credible gets the upper hand and powers Nova up and hits That's Incredible from the top rope!!!! After a couple seconds he covers 1...2...3, as Storm holds hurricane from the save. The Impact Players retain thier titles, and They get a mic.

Winners: Impact Players

Storm: Are you serious this is the competition we get for our Tag Team Titles. We just destroyed these two pieces of shit. We are the Impact Players, and we Live up to that name. We are the biggest Players in ECW Today. You have, me the athletic, charismatic, the man with unlimited potential, Lance Storm, and the man I will give the mic to now, he is former ECW Champion, and is Extreme as it gets, Justin Credible.

Credible: You people just need to shut the hell up. Lance is right we have no competition here in ECW. Maybe we should take our titles to the WWE ( crowd cheers for them to leave ). All jokes aside, we want some serious competion, and I dont mean the Hardy Boyz or the Dudleys, we want real wrestlers, not some losers who think they are Extreme. We can beat any two men in the back, and thats not because we are High Flying bitches, or some kinda Wannabe Superheroes, We are the Impact Players, Lance Storm, and me I'll admit I aint no superheroe, or Hight flyer, or a Damn Dudley, Im Justin Credible.

( Heyman's music hits and he walks onto the ramp. )

Heyman: You know, Since you two seem to be so full of yourself, Next Week we will have a # 1 contenders match for your Tag Team Titles. The two teams will be two that you just mentioned, as The hardys will take on the Duldleys, and the winner will take you two on at Guilty as Charged!

Credible: It doesnt matter if you have a # 1 contenders match for our titles. At Guilty as Charged, we will whip our oppents ass, whoever it may be and once again prove we are the most dominant Tag Team in wrestlin today.

*Commercial Break*

We come back and Al Snow comes into Dreamer's locker room.

Snow; Tommy, we have been through alot in our years in ECW, WWE, and now back to ECW. Now you know your match is up next and Rhyno will be bringing out Kanyon for some extra support, If you know what I mean. I just wanted to ask you if you would like me to give you my support by being at ringside.

Dreamer: You know what, I usually wouldnt except, but all we have been through, I think it would be good for you to be at ringside to hold off that punk Kanyon.

Match 4: ECW World Title Quarter-Final
Rhyno vs. Tommy Dreamer

"Gore" hits and Rhyno comes out with Kanyon and they get huge heat from the crowd. Then Dreamer's music hits and he walks out to a huge pop from the crowd, he waits on the ramp for Al Snow, and Al Snow comes out and they make their way to the ring. Rhyno starts the match by kicking Dreamer as he is making his way into the ring, Rhyno picks him up and sends him off the ropes and goes for the Gore right off the bat, but Dreamer side steps it and throws Rhyno through the ropes to the outside. Dreamer gets on the apron and hits a Elbow from the apron onto Rhyno's head. He picks up Rhyno and goes for the Irish Whip, but Rhyno reverses a whips Dreamer into the steel steps on the outside. Dreamer is holding his shoulder in pain and he shows it by pouding the floor with his other hand. Rhyno takes advantage and picks Dreamer up and drops him shoulder first onto the guardrail. He then grabs the arm and bangs it repeatedly off the steel. He rolls him into the ring and covers him 1... no Dreamer kicks out. Rhyno picks him up and tucks Dreamer's arm behind his back and hits a scoop slam, pain is shooting through Dreamer's arm as Rhyno is working on it relentlously. He sends Dreamer into the corner and when he hits he screams in pain, and Rhyno charges in for a clothsline, but Dreamer gets the foot in the face, and begins to give blows to the back of rhyno with his non-injured left arm. He hits a russian leg sweep. He covers 1...no Kanyon pulls dremer of Rhyno. Al Snow takes exception and hits Kanyon with a clothsline on the outside. Dreamer picks up Rhyno and sends him off the ropes, and hits a a backbody drop on Rhyno. Dreamer falls down to his knees as he cant recover with his injured arm. He goes to Rhyno, but Rhyno fights back with rights to the midsection of Dreamer, and then he hits a quick belly to belly on Dreamer, both men are down, and Ryhno is up first, and picks up Dreamer and hits him with rights to his shouder, and gives him a arm ringer, and then hits him with a vicisous cothsline on Dreamer. He covers 1....2... no Dreamer kicks out. Rhyno goes back to work and sends Dreamer into the corner, and Dreamer hits the turnbuckle chest first, and Rhyno hits a reverse suplex out of the corner. He covers again 1...2... no Dreamer kikcs out again. Rhyno pounds the mat in anger and heads to the outside. Rhyno takes a trash can from under the ring, He turns and dreamer hits a baseball slide into the trash can and Rhyno falls back into the guardrail. Dreamer throws the can at Rhyno, but Rhyno catches it only to behit from a dropkick from the apron into the trash can and into Rhyno's face. Rhyno's face has been busted open. Dreamer goes to work with stiff elbows to the head of Rhyno. Dreamer backs up, and runs in, but Rhyno backs body drops him over the rail onto chairs in the crowd. Rhyno takes a chair puts it on the head of Dreamer and drives his knee into the chair, and Dreamer face smashes off the concrete. He then picks up the chair, and crushes Dreamer's injured arm with it. Dreamer is screaming in unbelievable pain. Rhyno picks him up and hip tosses him over the rail onto the floor. Dreamer rolls as now his back is in pain. Ryhno picks him up and rolls him into the ring, and goes for an armbar, but Dreamer reverses it into a small package 1....2.... no Rhyno kicks out. Rhyno quickly goes to work after the near fall on Dreamer's arm, and this time he gets the arm bar locked in. He pulls and pulls on Dreamer's arm, and Dreamer is trying for the ropes, he is almost there, but Kanyon nails him in the face with a steel chair, Snow goes after Kanyon and the two begin to brawl on the outside. in the ring rhyno covers Dreamer 1....2... no Dreamer kicks out. Rhyno picks up Dreamer and sends him into the corner, he bounces out, and Rhyno sends him into the opposite corner, Dreamer bounces out, but hits Rhyno with a hard right hand, and another, and then heads off the ropes and hits Rhyno with a Clothslin and he goes down. Dreamer heads to the top, and Rhyno is up to his feet, and Dreamer jumps from the top, but Rhyno catches him with a GORE!!!! Rhyno covers 1....2.... no Dreamer gets the shoulder up. Rhyno is frustrated and goes to the outside and gets a steel chair. He comes back in and swings at Dreamer, but Dreamer ducks and Rhyno hits the ropes with the chair, and it comes back and hits him in the face, Dreamer rolls him up 1...2.... no Rhyno kicks out. Dramer picks up the groggy Ryhno and sends him off he ropes and goes for a powerslam, but his arm wont let him, and Rhyno, hits a devastating piledriver. Dreamer holds his head, which is in severe pain, Rhyno covers 1....2.... no Dreamer kicks out. Rhyno picks him up and goes for the gorrila press Slam, but Dreamer slides behind, and sends him off the ropes and Dropkicks him right into a shot from Al snow with his head. Dremaer picks him up and hits the Dreamer DDT. He covers 1....2... no Rhyno kicks out again. Dreamer goes to the outside and and gets a table from under the ring. He slides it in and sets it up near the corner. Rhyno is up, and tey begin to exchange rights, Rhyno hits a lowblow and then he sets him up to powerbomb him through the table, but Dremaer hits rights tho the head of Rhyno and falls down on tho his chest, he hooks both legs 1....2... no Rhyno kicks out. Both men are down, and they begin to stir and, Rhyno ducks a right and hits a scoop slam. He picks dreamer up and rolls him onto the table. He heads to teh top and looks to go for a elbow, as he taunts to teh crowd, Dreamer gets up, and he hits the Spicolli Driver from the top through the table. He covers 1....2....3. Dreamer has defeated Rhyno and is heading to the Semi-Finals.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Camera goes to the back as we see Jerry Lynn getting pumped up for his match, and RVD walks in.

RVD: Hey Dude, I saw what how Guerro trash talked you. He's just jealous he's not the whole fuckin show like me and you.

Lynn: Thanks dude, Well I gotta go to the ring for the match.

RVD: Good Luck Dude

*Comerrcial break*

Match 5: ECW World Title Quarter-Final
Chris Jericho vs. Jerry Lynn

The countdown begins and the Pyro goes off and Jericho comes out to boos from the crowd. Then Jerry Lynn's music hits and he makes his wy to the ring getting cheers from the crowd. Lynn hits a armdrag to start, and then Jericho hits a armdrag Both men are up, and they lock up, Jericho gets the upper hand with a knee to the gut and he sends Lynn off the ropes and hits a high back body drop on Lynn. Jericho picks him up, and hits a scoop slam on Lynn and then goes quickly for the Lionsault, but Lynn moves out of the way, and Jericho lands hard on the mat. Lynn hits a quick leg drop to the back of the head of Jericho. He picks up Jericho and whips him into the corner, he charges in and hits a dropkick, and Jericho falls to a sitting postition. Lynn steps back and runs in and hits a dropkick to the face of Jericho. He then gets him up and tries to whip him again into the corner, but Jericho reverses and whips Lynn into the corner. Jericho hits a few Flair like chops, and Lynn's chest has turned beat red. Jericho sets him up, on the top, and he goes up, and Lynn hits a right, and jericho responds with a right. Jericho misses a right, and Lynn elavates him over the ropes to the outside, and Jericho's face smacks off the floor. Lynn goes to the outside, and whips Jericho and he hits knees first and flips over the guardrail. Lynn runs and hits a crossbody over the rail onto Jericho. Both men are down and the fans begin to chant E-C-W, E-C-W. Lynn is up and whips Jericho into the rail and then clothslines him over the rail onto the floor. Jericho stand on the top of the rail and hits the elbow drop. He then rolls Jericho back into the ring and covers him 1...2... no Jericho kicks out. Lynn picks him up and hits a snap suplex, and rolls his hips and goes for another, but Jericho blocks it and hits a vertical suplex. Jericho floats over 1...2... no Lynn kicks out. Jerich picks him up, and hits a quick clothsline, and then goes to the top rope, and waits for Lynn to get up, and he hits a Missle drop kick on Lynn. He then picks him up and hits a belly to back suplex on Lynn and then hits a running elbow driving it into Lynn's back trying to soften him up for the Walls of jericho. He locks in a version of the Camel Clutch, and is pulling Lynn's head back and putting Extreme pressure on the back of Lynn. Lynn reaches the ropes and Jericho relaeases the hold. Jericho goes back to work by stomping Lynn's back. Jeriho sends Lynn into the corner, and charges in towadrds him, but Lynn comes up and drops Jericho face first onto the turnbuckle, he gets the schoolboy 1...2.... no Jericho kicks out. Both men are down and Jericho gets up, and he picks Lynn up, and hits a front verical suplex, smacking Lynn's face off the mat. Jericho now picks him up and hits a relaease german suplex on Lynn. jericho gets Cocky and jus covers him with the foot 1...2... no Lynn gets the shoulder up. Jericho picks him up and sets him up for the DDT, but tautn to the crowd an Lyn reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex pin 1.....2... no Jericho kicks out. Both men are down and Lynn starts to stir and he is up and heads to the top rope, but Jericho gets up, and runs off the top rope and dropkicks Lynn on the top turnbuckle. Jericho now hits the Superplex for the top rope. Both men are down and jericho rolls over for the pin 1...2... no Lynn kicks out. Jericho is pissed off and begins to jaw with the ref. Lynn pushes Jericho into the corner and he sets him up on the top rope, and he goes for the hurricarana, but Jericho reverses it into a Powerbomb from the top rope!!!! Jericho goes for the cover 1....2.... no Lynn kicks out. Neither man can get up, but Jericho starts to stir and goes for the Lionsault but Lynn gets the knees up, and Jericho holds his gut in pain. Lynn picks up Jericho and whips him into the corner, but Jericho hits the ref on his way in and the ref is knocked out. Jericho comes out and Lynn hits the Cradle Piledriver on Jericho, and he covers, but their is no one to count. Lynn is up set and he picks jericho up and hits a SCOOP SLAM. He now heads off the ropes, but is hit by Eddie guerro with a chair right in the back. Jericho hits the breakdown on the chair, and then hits the Lionsault. He covers as Guerro wakes up the ref the ref slowly counts 1......2........3. Chris Jericho adcances to the semifinals.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match Guerro and Jericho are in the ring, and Jericho reaches into his boot and pulls out a wad of money and hands it to Jericho, and they embrace as the show goes offf the air.

*End of Show*