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My dream Lottery and yours

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My dream lottery

John Cena- with U.S title.
Shelton Benjamin- is being tyed down in the tag team role, same thing with charlie hass they will both be great single wrestlers.
Billy Kidman- can be in hunt for U.S title he looks a little big to be a cruserweight nowadays. Tajiri is a true cruserweight who should still be on smack down.
Matt Morgan- could be a future star in the WWE, not being pushed enough with only matches on Velocity.
Nidia- good choice by the WWE seeing that she has never really got a chance to wrestle.
Edge- Welcome Back! I'd love to see an Edge christian fued.
A-Train- can play a major heel role who can also hunt for U.S title.

HHH- finally he gets new opponents. If HHH wants to turn face it would be perfect if he would fued with Randy Orton.
Randy Orton- with IC title.
Mark Jindrak- will be a big star in the future of the WWE.
Kane- tired of his bald ass on raw.
Scott Steiner-needs a little push.
Spike Dudley- Another good move by the WWE because he isnt being pushed on raw at all. But now i see him challenging for the wwe cruserweight title.

Trades- Tommy dreamer traded to smackdown for Sean O' Haire traded to Raw

The Dudleyz traded to Smackdown for The Bashams and Shaniqua traded to Raw (this will give shaniqua a chance to wrestle as well seeing that she is in awesome shape and hasnt really had any competition. It will also spice things up with The Dudleyz on smackdown.)

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Not a bad idea, i like the trades. You deffinatly right that Nidia needs some action and the smae goes for Shaniqua, these are two ladies that whould be compiting in the women's division. I'd like to see Stacy on Smackdown to get her in some bra and pantie matches with Dawn and Torrie.

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