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My Company (reply with thoughts)

Raw & Heat
Triple H, Kane, RVD, Undertaker, Big Show, Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, Raven, Justin Credible, Jamal, Rosey, Test, Al Snow, Big Boss Man, Bradshaw, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Spike Dudley, Goldust, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dave Bautista, Ric Flair, Shawn Stasiak, Mike Awesome, Hardcore Holly, Crash, Randy Orton, Val Venis, Billy, Chuck, Maven, Sting, Vampiro, Tazz, Sean O’Haire, Steven Richards, Mark Jindrak, Gangrel, Viscera, Mideon, Disco Inferno, Nathan Jones, Devon Storm, Jacqueline, Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz and Stacy Kiebler.

Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Christian, Lance Storm, William Regal, A-Train, Rico, Ernest Miller, Mark Henry, Rikishi, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Rey Mysterio, Spanky, Billy Kidman, Dean Malenko, D’Lo Brown, John Cena, Godfather, Ron Simmons, B2, Chris Nowinski, Chris Kanyon, Matt Hardy, Hurricane Helms, Tajiri, Mr. Perfect, Steve Blackman, Scotty Too Hotty, Juventud Guerrera, Funaki, Taka Michinoku, Mr. Aguila, Kaz Hayashi, Nunzino, Amazing Red, Victoria, Ivory, Molly, Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie.

LAW Enforcement: Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Sting, Undertaker, Steve Austin and Kevin Nash

Black Crime Wave: Ron Simmons, Mark Henry, D’Lo Brown, Shelton Benjamin, Funaki, Taka Michinoku and Godfather.

Raw Titles: Intercontinental title, Hardcore title
Smackdown Titles: United States title, Light Heavyweight title
Both Shows: WWE title, Women’s title, Tag Team titles

General Managers
Raw: Eric Bischoff
Smackdown: Stephanie McMahon

Elimination Tag
Billy and Chuck vs. BookDust vs. Holly's vs. Dudleyz vs. 3MW vs. Undertaker and Flair vs. Team Angle (Haas and Malenko)
Billy gets eliminated, then Crash and followed by Buh Buh Ray. Goldust and Booker T eliminate 3MW. Undertaker and Haas are knocked out and Flair and Malenko tag against BookDust. Flair eliminates Goldust and Malenko rolls-up Flair and uses the ropes to win the match.

Angle is in the back and Team Angle run out of the arena and leave in a car waiting for them and Angle.

Arn Anderson is backstage talking to Sting. They talk about Sting's match later in the night against Test. Then Rhyno gores down Sting and punches Anderson a few times.

Kane vs. RVD vs. Big Show Hardcore match
Kane and RVD team up against the Big Show. Kane and the Big Show end up backstage after Show hit a big splash off the top rope on RVD. Kane and Big Show battle it out using anvil-cases, iron pipes, beer barrels, floor tiles. Al Snow, Raven, Boss Man, RVD and Credible all jump on them. They beat them down and turn on each other. Raven and Credible accidently double clothesline each other down whilst on a table. RVD hits the Van Daminator on the Boss Man and Al Snow hits the Snow Plow on the floor. 1.2.3 Al Snow is the new hardcore champion.


Arn is backstage after bringing Sting round. Nash comes over with Flair and Undertaker and Austin. They say that the new blood must pay and they will. Sting says he will destroy Test later in a last man standing match.

Eric comes out and says that Sting has no power to make that decision but says the fans will like it so it's on. Nathan Jones w/Disco Inferno will take on Dave Bautist w/Viscera.

Vampiro and Mideon are up next. Good match, Vampiro wins in the end though with a piledriver. Vampiro brings down Devon Storm who attacks Mideon and then they leave.

Go backstage and we see Eric on F-View. He says 'Damn, Simmons won the rumble. How the hell did he do it, why not Kane, RVD, or any one representing Raw'. Vince comes in and says Eric is making good decisions for Raw and says he mght not bring Shane back on Raw atleast.

Mark Jindrak vs. Gangrel
Short match. Gangrel wins after about 2 minutes with the inverted DDT.

Mike Awesome vs. Shawn Stasiak
Good match, Awesome wins the Awesome Bomb.

Jacqueline vs. Jazz vs. Molly Women's title
Jacqueline wins with the jumping swinging tornado DDT on to Jazz. Molly is just getting in the ring when Jackie gets the pinfall.

Backstage we see Al Snow get attacked. Storm goes for the pin but all escapes and then pushes an anvil case towards him and runs and gets in his car and leaves.


We go backstage and Sting is walming up with Arn backstage. We go on F-View and see Test walming up with Stacy as Flair and Nash attack them from behind. They then continue to beat down on them with chairs.

Test vs Sting Last Man Standing
Great match that lasts 20 minutes. Sting wins when the rest of the Law Enforcement destroy Test hoever Rhyno comes in after the match and takes out Flair.


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good raw, personally I don't like to read/write about wrestlers that are actually in the company right now, but other than that, good show, oh, except for the part about Simmons winning the rumble, I hate that, Simmons headlining wrestlemaina? I don't think so.

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I'm going from when he was a maineventer in WCW as Ron Simmons, Simmons will lose the main event at WM but will be WM

8 Man Tag
Ron Simmons, D'Lo Brown, Godfather and Mark Henry vs. Chris Kanyon, Mr. Perfect, John Cena and Charlie Haas
Black Crime Wave win when Henry gets the bearhug on Kanyon. Perfect uses a chair after the match on Simmons. Simmons gets up just as Perfect is leaving and challenges him next week in a BCW Lumberjack, Perfect agrees.
Winners: Black Crime Wave

We go backstage and Cena is talking to B2, they talk about the match and why B2 wasn't in. They end up walking to Steph's office and argue with each over and fall out and B2 leaves the office.

Cruiserweight Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight title
Participants: Kaz Hayashi, Jamie Noble, Dean Malenko, Taka, Funaki, Mr. Aguila, Tajiri, Hurricane Helms, Rico, Ernest Miller, Scotty Too Hotty, Nunzino, Amazing Red, Juventud Guerrera, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Spanky.
Scotty, Funaki, Spanky, Kidman, Nunzino are eliminated quickly. Hurricane, Aguila, Noble, Rico, Juvi follow in quick succession. Juventd is annoyed and eliminates Mysterio with Tajiri. Funaki dives under the ring. Amazing Red and Tajiri eliminate each other as Tajiri hits a kick whilst Red is on the ropes but Red holds on to Tajiris foot and pulls him over. Taka is eliminated by Hayashi, and then Guerrero eliminates Hayashi. Now theres just Malenko, Chavo and Ernest Miller. Miller is eliminated when he is double teamed. Out comes Shannon Moore. Shannon eliminates Guerrero but is almost eliminated be Malenko at the same time. Moore thikns he has eliminated Malenko, who pulls him self back over the top rope and hits a hurracanrana to Moore and becomes CW champion.
Winner: Dean Malenko

We again go backstage and B2 has meets up with Godfather. They talk about the RTC, then Matt ran in and hit Godfather from behind. B2 and Matt walk out of the arena laughing at Godfather.


Women's title
Jacqueline vs. Molly for the women's title re-match from Raw
Molly almost gets the win using the Molly Go Round but Jackie hits a tornado DDT for the win.
Winner: Jacqueline

Backstage Nowinski is dis-respecting the New York crowd.

Steve Blackman vs. Chris Nowinski
Nowinski wins by DQ. Blackman repeatedly hits Nowinski with his 'toys'. Nowinski gets angry after Blackman leaves but Regal comes out and calms him down.
Winner: Nowinski by DQ

Lance and Regal vs. HBK and Hogan.
HBK and Hogan win, Hogan hits the leg drop on to Regal as HBK beats down on Lance.
Winners: HBK and Hogan


Eddie is on his way to the ring. He is to take on Kurt. Eddie eventually wins after first missing a frog splash, having Angle hit the moonsault, him kick out and hit the frog splash.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Benoit is talking to someone backstage and Jericho buts in. He says Benoit had better be ready for the match later in the night.

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho vs. Christian and A-Train.
Chris's win, after A-Train and Christian argue and A-Train hits the A-Bomb and almost leaves but waits. Benoit and Jericho put on the Cross Face and Walls of Jericho. A-Train comes in again and just grabs Christian and throws him out of the ring and offers a hand shake with Benoit and Jericho. They however turn round and hit A-Train.
Winners: Benoit and Jericho

Stephanie comes out and congratulates Chris and Chris. Although she does say Jericho will be involved in a match next week against A-Train. Jericho takes the mic and agrees to take part in the match.


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Randy Orton vs. Justin Credible
Match lasts about 5 minutes and Orton wins with the overdrive.
Winner: Randy Orton

Eric comes out and says how Raw is improving. He says he is in talks with two wrestling legends. Ric comes out and questions Eric, who won't say a word. Eric leaves and says Flair is up next against Goldust.

Ric Flair vs. Goldust
Good match with Flair winning with the figure four leg lock. Nash walks out and beats on Goldust with Flair until Booker comes down, beats off Nash and Flair and runs as the Law Enforcment chase them away.
Winner: Ric Flair

Eric is backstage talking to the legends. Who are in another room. Eric says they can go out anytime they feel.


In a re-match from last Raw Jazz takes on Jacqueline in a Vancouver Street Fight. Jacqueline wins again with a northern lights suplex when Jazz went for the fisherman DDT on a table inside a bar across the street.
Winner and still Women's champion: Jacqueline

Backstage Flair and Nash are talking, Nash talks about his match later in the night and Flair wonders who the legends are. Flair leaves to go the locker room with the legends in.

Al Snow vs. Raven
The match starts and Raven brings his trolley of weapons down. The match quickly ends up backstage with Raven throwing tiles at Snow. Al throws Raven into a car and the alarm goes of and glass brakes. The door opens and Al runs. Some police officers come in and arrest Raven for attempted robbery.
Winner: None but Snow retains the title


We come back and we are backstage and Eric is lookign around and can't find the legends. We cut to the ring and none other than Macho Man Randy Savage and Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Eric comes out and asks them to sign a contract. They both sign, shake Eric's hand and go backstage. They turn round and say they are the new members of the Law Enforcement and will be in the match later in the night.

Big Show vs. Kane
Kane wins with the tombstone. During the match however Show kicked out a chokeslam from Kane and Kane kicked out from a accidental big splash when Kane kicks him in the face whilst lying on the floor.
Winner: And the new Intercontinental champion, Kane

Eric is backstage and talking to Booker and Goldust. Goldust offers to go into the tag match but Eric says no. He says Bautist and Rhyno will also be in the match.

Undertaker, Austin, Nash, Savage & Snuka vs. Bautist, Rhyno, HHH, Booker T and Nathan Jones. Snuka and Savage are in most of the match against the opposition. Savage picks up the win as he pins HHH. Law Enforcement go to attack the four superstars but Goldust runs out and they leave.
Winners: Law Enforcement


3 Minute Warning vs. Holly's
Holly's win when Dudleyz distract them and put Jamal through a table and Holly hits falcon arrow on Rosey for the win.
Winners: Holly's

Gangrel vs. Mark Jindrak vs. Sean O'Haire
Jindrak wins when he pins Gangrel. O'Haire is out early on when Gangrel and Jindrak double team him.
Winner: Mark Jindrak

Sting vs. Test
Test wins the non-title match with the Test Drive but only after a missed Stinger Splash. Law Enforcement come out and beat down on Tets and leave until HBK's music hits. HBK and Hogan come out and announce they are Raw and LE branded. Eric comes out and says Orton, Bautista and Vampiro are going to Raw. Eric says this is why Vampiro is not on Raw tonight.
Winner: Test


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Brock is not the greatest wrestler ever, just so you know. The ending confuses the hell out of me, and why is it Sting vs. Test AGAIN. A little redundant. I would have put the 10-man tag as the main event in stead. I still like it though.

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Sorry, I was going to do it last night but it was an auwful night for me

Smackdown Card
Tajiri vs. Mr.Aguila
Mark Henry, Taka, Godfather, D'Lo and Funaki vs. Regal, Rhyno and Bautist, Orton and Rikishi
Rey vs. Red vs. Guerrera vs. Chavo vs. Hurricane Helms vs. Noble
B2 and Matt and Moore vs. Christian, Cena and Blackman
Molly vs. Jacqueline vs. Victoria vs. Ivory(Women's)
Kanyon vs. Benjamin
Storm vd. Saturn vs. Eddie vs. RVD vs. Nowinski (US)
Jericho vs. A-Train
Angle vs. Benoit vs. Edge
Simmons vs. Perfect


I'll do it now
Stephanie comes out and announces Smackdown is a three hour show from now on, she then goes backstage.

Tajiri vs. Mr.Aguila
Tajiri wins with the kick of death. Tajiri goes ofr Aguila's mask but he kicks him off and hits a dangerous DDT. He then goes up top and hits a moonsault and leaves to Essa Rios music but not movie.
Winner: Tajiri

Steph is backstage and Patterson stops her. He says that BCW have yet to arrive.

Regal, Rhyno, Bautist, Orton and Rikishi come out seperatley. Henry, Taka, Funaki, Godfather and D'Lo come through the crowd and beat down on all of them. Henry irish whips Rhyno into the ropes and GORE. Godfather runs after Rhyno but Regal hits him with some brass knucks. Bautist takes out Taka and Funaki and Orton takes out D'Lo. Taka some how escapes and knocks Regal down from behind with a chair when the referee isn't looking and hits the Michinoku driver. Then Bautist gets in and they double clothesline each other. The ref gets to a 8 count and Godfather sits up, at nine Bautist gets up. Rikishi comes in and pins Henry who is still out.
Winners: Rhyno, Regal, Bautist, Orton and Rikishi.

Backstage Patterson goes into Stephanie's GM room. He says Vince has arrived and is coming this way with Eric.


We come back and Vince and Eric are talking to Stephanie. Vince says they will have 2 seperate PPV's back to back with each of them having 2 hours TV time. Eric and Stephanie shake hands and Eric leaves.

Rey Mysterio vs. Amazind Red vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Noble w/Nunzio and Nidia vs. Hurricane Helms w/Molly
Next up is another Cruiserweight match for the number one contendership match. Mysterio eliminates Chavo after the 619, Guerrera eliminates Noble after the JuviDriver. Hurricane hits the Eye of the Hurricane on Guerrera but Mysterio rolls him up and eliminates him. Amazing Red and Guerrera double team Mysterio but Mysterio manages to eliminate Red with a dangerous DDT. Guerrera comes up and hits the Juvi Driver for the win.
Winner: Juventud Guerrera

Simmons is talking to Mark Henry about what they should do later in the night. Godfather comes in and whispers something to Simmons who agrees and they go back to their lockerroom.

B2, Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore vs. Christian, John Cena and Steve Blackman
It boils down to Steve Blackman and Matt Hardy. Eventually Matt hits the twist of fate and the match is ovfer. Shannon Moore comes in and they celebrate their win until Matt ihts Moore who then runs out of the arena with Matt following. B2 is then left alone in the ring with Cena and Blackman and they attack B2 until Christian hits them both with a chair.
Winners: B2, Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore


Molly vs. Jacqueline vs. Ivory vs. Victoria
Comes down to Ivory and Molly. Molly hits the Molly Go Round but Jacqueline brakes up the pin and hits the DDT. Victoria attacks Jackie as Ivory puts her hand over Molly, 1.2.3. Ivory leaves as Jackie and Victoria argue and Molly also leaves. They continue to argue until security comes out and takes them to the back.
Winner: Ivory

Backstage they are still arguing and they start attacking each other until security comes in again and brakes it up.

Chris Kanyon vs. Shelton Benjamin
This match alsst about 5-10 minutes with Kanyon winning with the flatiner. Henry and Godfather come out and chase off Kanyon and take Benjamin to the back.
Winner: Chris Kanyon

Backstage Simmons is attacking Benjamin, saying that he should have beaten a nobody like Kanyon. He says he will have a match next week and will win.


Lance Storm vs. Perry Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. RVD vs. Nowinski
Eventually Nowinski wins with a powerbomb to RVD. Lance and Eddie are fighting on the outside while Nowinski pins. Saturn however had to leave early on a stretcher as he had a nasty bump. Nowinski leaves with the US title whilst Eddie and Lance beat down on RVD as he lost the match. They continue to beat down and then Chavo runs down and helps.
Winner: Chris Nowinski

A-Train vs. Chris Jericho
A-Train wins after a good 10 minutes with the Train Wreck. Jericho fights A-Train after the match and gets a chair. He hits A-Train repeatedly until he decides to leave. A-Train eventually gets up and leaves as well.
Winner: A-Train


Kurt vs. Benoit vs. Edge
Edge hits the edgececuttion to Benoit and slaps on the figurefour Edgelock. Angle reverses it and Benoit puts the cross face on Edge. Edge taps and Angle and Benoit both win.
Winner: Angle and Benoit

Ron Simmons vs. Mr.Perfect
Mr.Perfect is in control of the match until Mark, Shelton, D'Lo, Godfather, Taka and Funaki come down and beat up Perfect. Rhyno, Regal, Bautista, Orton, Riksihi and Vampiro run down and save Perfect. D'lo gets the mic and says this is war.
Winner: Mr.Perfect by DQ

We go backstage and Raw Referee Teddy Long comes in with a BCW top on. Slaughter comes in and escourts Teddy out of the arena until Stephanie says he is Smackdown. BCW go to the back and then have a group meeting with Teddy. They say that this is the manager of Black Crime Wave, Teddy Long.


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Sorry for not writing one for a while.

Eric comes out and publicly announces the 2 hour Pay Per View that will happen. Eric leaves

Backstage Flair and Savage are talking and HBK and Hogan walk in. They start talking until Anderson, Snuka, Sting, Taker, Austin and Nash walk in. They talk about the 18 Man Tag Team match later in the night.

Crash vs. Mark Jindrak
Jindrak wins with the snap suplex on the outside and then throwing Crash in the ring.
Winner: Mark Jindrak

Al Snow is backstage but is attacked by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer hits the Spicoli Driver and pins Al for the Hardcore title.

Tazz vs. Big Boss Man
Big Boss Man wins with the Boss Man Slam, after Boss Man reversed a belly to belly suplex. Shawn Stasiak runs in and beats down on Tazz along with Boss Man.
Winner: Big Boss Man


We come back and Flair is talking to Snuka. They talk about how only legends are in the Law Enforcement and how they should have other members. Arn comes in and says that it is absurd. The Law Enforcement was made for legends like us and that we will destroy anyone who crosses us.

Jaqueline vs. Jazz in a Street Fight
Jazz wins the non-title match and challenges Jackie to a match at the PPV. Molly comes on the titantron and also challenges Jackie. Jackie is out though and is stretchered away.
Winner: Jazz

Eric goes to Jazz and says that he will sort it out, he says that he will get Jazz a title shot and get Molly one.

Dreamer vs. ......................................Sabu
Sabu wins with a diamond dust, a new move (a reverse tornado DDT from the corner which ends with Sabu on top of Dreamer). During the match, tables, flaming tables, ladders, chairs, bins, normal chairs, sledgehammers, wrenches, anvil cases, bat's and mops are used.
Winner: New Hardcore champion, Sabu


Maven vs. Jerry Lawler
Maven wins with the Maven Effect onto the King, who puts up a good fight almost hitting a piledriver.
Winner: Maven

Backstage Eric is talking to Arn Anderson about his involvement in tonights massive main event, which will be the last match. Arn says he will play no part in the match and Eic lets him go before Gerald Brisco walks in, he informs Eric Stephanie has arrived.

Viscera and Mideon vs. Dudleyz vs. 3MW vs. Rico and Hardcore
Viscera and Mideon win after a big splash (Rosey and Hardcore). Dudleyz, Jamal and Rico are fighting whilst Mideon relaxes.
Winners: Viscera and Mideon.

Backstage Arn is talking to Flair, telling him he can not go to ring side, Ric says thats fine anyway as they will win whether he is there or not.

Stephanie arrives in Eric's office. They discuss the Molly/Jazz/Jacqueline thing. Eric suggests two matches, one on the Raw PPV and one on the Smackdown PPV. Stephanie suggests though a triple threat, with maybe involving another Samckdown Diva. She says that Jackie or Jazz will be tired after their match as Molly won't which might go for her advantage. They agree and STephanie says on Samckdown the divas will go in a match.


Sting, Flair, Undertaker, Austin, Nash, HBK, Hogan, Snuka, Savage vs. Booker T, Goldust, Mike Awesome, Val Venis, Kane, HHH, Big Show, Rhyno and Raven.
In the end all 18 men are in the ring brawling. Kane fights with the Undertaker, Show with Hogan, Val with Savage, Awesome with Snuka, Booker T with Sting, Goldust with Austin, Rhyno with HBK, HHH with Flair and Raven with Nash. It very quickly boils down to Show and Kane vs. Hogan and Undertaker. Undertaker hits a tombstone but Taker can not lift Show. Both can't lift him but Show double chokeslams them for the win.
Winners: Show, Kane, HHH, Val, Awesome, Booker T, Goldust, Rhyno and Raven.

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