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Nothin big here. But I found it interesting that he responds to the fans. I got his screen name from a recent interview in which he gave it out and said if hes ever on feel free to talk, so i tried it out. Nicest guy and after tonite I am truly a Rob Conway fan. I deleted my aim s/n if you were wandering so where there is just a : that is me talking.

: if you are rob conway i just wanted to say ima a fan and good luck with whatever you got going on
Doittheconway: thanks alot where are you from
: pittsburgh pa
: what indy promotions are you about to work for?
Doittheconway: NWA .big time wrestling, icw.
: oo ok
: no roh or IWC or TNA
Doittheconway: i cant work for tna or roh becuase theynhave tv and ppv for 90days
Doittheconway: whats iwc?
: international wrestling cartel just local shit i was hopin u would come
: has there been any communication with TNA or anything?
Doittheconway: some of the guys
: o yea thats cool
: how close were you to refroming la resistance
Doittheconway: we were having jackets made
: you and sylvan?
Doittheconway: yes
: did u ever get any info on y that never happened
Doittheconway: no sly is still trying to find out he was more upset than me
: sure he was with the tag division as weak as it is and how successful la resistance was u guys could have easily won the titles
: cmon man duece n domino have them
: nothin against them but cmon they ve been on the roster for 3 months
Doittheconway: thats the way it goes
: true, now when you got "fired" did they tell you before that dont worry we re gonna repackage you in la resistance or basically were you clueless
: im refering to the vince mcmahon thing on raw
Doittheconway: yes
: they told you u were gonna be repackaged in lla resistance
Doittheconway: yes on smavckdown thats why i said i would quit raw
: i see
: do u have a website or anything?
Doittheconway: myspace.com/therobconway
Doittheconway: 3days old
: ok nice
: by the way if u want me to stop asking you questions just let me kno but im real excited to talk to a wrestle that has made it n shit just let me kno
: those few months after you quit raw were you training in ovw or dsw or just sitting around waiting for a call
Doittheconway: ovw
: also if u dont/cant answer this question let me kno its fine but on average what do WWE salaries look like
: also about how much to people get per show for an indy fed?
Doittheconway: i dont like to talk money
: haha i get you
: i just always wandered
: is there anything like a poster or somethin that u sell that u could autograph
: ur site doesnt have nothing
Doittheconway: only beenon 3days
: ok ill get back to u in a couple weeks
: thanks again for answering questions and i think its great u take time out of ur day to talk to the fans
: thanks again and i hope to see you back on tv again soon

Again no rivoting news hear just postin to show how nice of a guy he is. An I didnt want to ask much else becuase I didnt want to get to personal and I had a feeling he wouldnt answer a whole lot.

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Yeah, that told me nothing I didn't already know. Plus lots of wrestlers are nice guys. People talk with them on AIM or at shows often. I don't really see why you made a thread. Conway is nice...yay!

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Honestly, who cares about Rob Conway? He's capable of being a good filler every once in awhile but nobody should be wasting their time talking about how good he is. Some of the questions you asked were a little farfetch'd too.

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No offense bro, but this is pretty pointless. I mean I talk to people on aim a lot like ELAX, Jimmy Jacobs, Brandon Prophet, M.W., ECT. they're all pretty nice and for the most part can't give anything away. So while this did give my Rob Conway's screen name, which I thank you for, it really isn't anything special.
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