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my 2004 wwe predictions

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shawn michaels to reign as world champion for many months
kane/undertaker to fued for half the year
kane to win world title mid way few year
christian to break out into a maineventer in summer
evolution to split up
ric flair to win world title from shawn
undertaker to win wwe title twice this year
brock lesnar to be relegated to the mid card
john cena to once again fail at winning any titles
chris benoit to win wwe title......finally
edge to win us title but fail at winning wwe title on many occassions in year
scott steiner to become main eventer again
test to win ic and tag titles(w/scott steiner)
maven to be fired....the loser ain't even a wrestler,the short cutting wannabe wrestler,teacher
victoria,trish,ivory and jacquelyn to all win womens title
lita to get injured for another 16 months,then retire for good........wooooooooooo!!!!
brock to break holly's neck.........brilliant ain't it
rvd to win world title
steve austin/the rock to retire from wrestling
trish/jericho to sleep togeather
stephane mcmahon to return in a power role of some kind
kane to dominate raw as champion
torrie wilson to pose in another playboy with her plastic body......yea,you heard me she's had some many jobs done..who knows whats hers anymore!!!!
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Wolf Beast,did i every say that torrie wasn't fine...no i didn't...all i said was that she have had so many plastic jobs done on now,who knows whats her anymore!......and just so you know..i like torrie!
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