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It's my birthday today and I have 20 wishes that I feel WWE should grant, to make it a bit more viewable in the coming year.

1) Give Ambrose some fucking mic time!

2) Give London a main roster PPV!

3) Whenever you have a Raw in London, make it LIVE, not TAPED, the crowds there are absolutely bonkers and don't deserve to be quietened or muted for commentary

4) Give the commentators more freedom with their commentary. Make them feel like they should play theirselves more...not the corperate bullshit plugging we get every week

5) Sasha should be the champ

6) Take Ric Flair off Charlotte

7) Lesnar should work mid card superstars (Ambrose, Owens, Ziggler) on Raw.
Use that star power and build the FUCKING FUTURE

8) Get Corey Graves commentating on PPVs

9) Scrap the Raw theme song and intro

10) Change the Raw set - needs to be updated

11) Big Show/Kane need to retire soon

12) ONLY debut Bailey on the main roster when you have a lack of talent on the main roster and you already KNOW what to do with her

13) Useless jobbers on the main roster could be utilized more by building the next generation on NXT - The Miz, R Truth etc

14) Cena, turn heel once Roman safely establishes himself as No.1 babyface

15) Bring the Women's title back

16) Bring Bryan back on an on-screen role

17) Eminem should perform at WM/Summerslam

18) Authority needs to be scrapped

19) Let NXT grow by itself - do not touch it with co-orperate bullshit - fine the way it is

20) R Truth must win a fucking World Championship

The Last Dragon
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20) R Truth must win a fucking World Championship
And with this one sentence, you became my favourite WF user.

Welcome To The Jungle
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Charlotte is clearly in the process of turning heel and Ric is playing a major role in that, it would be a bad idea to take him off her, also while Truth is good, there's several stars just as underutilized as he is that are better him
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