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Hey im bored decided to give this storywriters thing a go if its bad i know..:eek:

Show starts off write away with Vince McMahons coming to the ring. Comments on how this is gunna be a special night in the history of the WWE and hows its gunna be a history making edition of WWE RAW. But Vince says as tonight is gunna be a night full of surprises hes gunna start by springing a special surprise on us right now! Vince calls out Eric Bischoff!.. out comes Eric Bischoff looking quite disgruntled and somewhat concerned.Vince tells Erci that he didnt trust him from day 1 telling Eric that he knows hes been up to his old tricks and he is sick and tired of seeing the ratings go down each week" i dunno why i hired you in the first place".. "so u know what eric? YOUR FIRED!" big pop from the crowd.. but then eric bischoff now pops up with another surprise this time to Vince..Eric replies "You know what Vince you cant fire me coz i have a clause in my contract stating that u cant fire me and as another matter of fact i now own RAW!!!and if he wants RAW back hes gunna have to fight bischoof back for hit just like the good old days of WCW v WWE" erics music plays as he stares down vince..

commercial break

World Tag Team Championship
Dudley Boyz v Returning..... APA
Here we go with another surprise but a great way to get RAW started working well together in the ring. Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell on D-Von to pick up the win and the tag team titles and cap a triumphant return for the returnign from injury Bradsahw and retuning Ron Simmons. Rosie/Jamal run in on APA but APA fend off 3 Minute Warning.

k i dunno the rest of this as im too lazy to tyoe the rest but heres the res of the basic plot of what happens:

Bret Hart Returns to deafining ovation to crowd usal yapping on bout since the last time he was in the WWE and how he and vince have mended their friendship only to be interupted by Y2J but Bret Hart beats the shit outta Y2J puts him in the Sharpshooter and makes Jericho tap.

Scott Steiner appears on RAW and signs w/RAW

Special Interpromotional/Guest Appearance Match
Kurt Angle v Lance Storm

Cage Match
Kane v Batista
very good physical match but batista wins KO`ing Kane slamming him trhough the cage. but then lights go out in the arena a dim purple light shines in the ring then Undretakers old lord of darkness music starts playing Jr,"is this what i think it is King?",then lights turn back on standing right behind batista is Old School Undertaker returning!! Taker stares down Batsita for a bit then both exchange punches to the face then Taker takes Batista to school beating him like a government mule busting batista wide open.

As this is sposed to be in January clips are shown of

Royal Rumble Returns: :
Kevin Nash
Shawn Michaels
Road Dogg

World Heavyweight Championship
Returning Hollywood Hulk Hogan v Triple H w/Ric Flair

Great main event match here Flair interfering alot in this match pissing hogan off but then all of a sudden the glass breaks!! and its stone cold truggen his way down to the ring and JR haven massive spazz attack of all time ,"OMGG OMG AM I SEEING RIGHT ITS STONE COLD!" (JR literally of his seat drooling into the mic)
Stone Cold thumps dwn Flair on his way down to the ring gets into the ring Stunners HHH Stunners Hogan causing a DQ then Austin clears the ring and the crowd is going absolutley biserk and Austin stands there for a moment taking it all in then blabbers on on how he is sorry for leaving his loyal following and he`s back to whipp some ass and first things first is to win the royal rumble and grab the no.1 contenders for the world heavyweight championship at WM19 and thats the bottom line coz stone cold sez so!" music then plays then grabs the beers does the usal shit wasting beer posing with the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

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That was pretty good, i would watch that if it was ever on TV, good ending with Austin, lol i had to laugh at stone cold truggen his way down to the ring and JR haven massive spazz attack of all time ,"OMGG OMG AM I SEEING RIGHT ITS STONE COLD!" (JR literally of his seat drooling into the mic) lmao
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