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- MXW - If your a long reader.You'll love this

Me and my buddy will be starting this up later.I'll make the thread now so he can post his roster, title etc.

I will have 'MXW : Breakdown' and he will have 'MXW : Hardcore Haven'

He will have his roster up in a sec, I will have mine later

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MXW: Hardcore Haven
Owner: Dillon11100
General Manager: Paul E. Dangerously
Slogan: Take it to the Xtreme!​

1) MXW Champion
2) MXW National Champion
3) Hardcore Haven Tag Team Championship
4) Xtreme Womans championship
5) MXW Hardcore Championship​

ROSTER: (active)
Terry Funk-Face
James Storm-Face
Cactus Jack-Heel
Shane Douglas-Heel
Mikey Whipwreck-Face
Axl Rotten-Face
Chris Harris-Face
Spike Dudley-Heel
Steven Richards-Face
Blue Meanie-Face
Lance Storm-Heel
Simon Dean-Face
Steve Austin-Heel
Al Snow-Face
Balls Mahoney-Face
Rob Van Dam-Heel
Tommy Dreamer-Face
Dvon Dudley-Heel
Bubbah Ray Dudley-Heel

Dawn Marie

Bill Alfonso
Theodore Long
Sign Guy Dudley

Manager Services:
Tommy Dreamer w/Beulah
Sandman w/Woman
Dudley Boys w/Sign Guy Dudley
RVD w/ Bill Alfonso
Sabu w/Bill Alfonso

Tag Teams:
Americas Most Wanted (Chris Harris and James Storm)
The Dudley Boys (Bubbah Ray and D-von Dudley)
Rob Van Dam and Sabu
Chair Swinging Freaks (Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney)
Edge and Christian (Edge and Christian)
A.P.A (JBL and Farooq)​

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MXW : Break Down - Shown at Random times each week :D


MXW : Breakdown - Roster


Owner: Coley (me)
General Manager: Shane O'Mac

Male Roster

John Cena - Face - Main Eventer
Triple H - Heel - Main Eventer
Batista - Neutral - Mid Carder
The Undertaker - Face - Main eventer
Ric Flair - Heel - Mid card
Kurt Angle - Heel - Main Eventer
Kane - Face - Mid Card
Big Show - Heel - Mid card
Orton - Heel - Mid card-ish
Chris Benoit - Face - Mid Card-ish
Eddie Guerrero - Heel - Mid Card-ish
Chavo Guerrero - Heel - Cruiser
The Rock - Ultra-face - Main Eventer (When he shows up :p)
Paul London - Face - Cruiser
Billy Kidman - Heel - Cruiser
Test - Heel - Tag
Scott Steiner - Heel - Tag
Chris Jericho - Heel - Mid Card-ish
Shawn Micheals - Main Event
Charlie Haas - Heel - Tag
Shelton Benjamin - Heel - Tag
Rey Mysterio - Face - Cruiser
Booker T - Neutral - Mid Card
Matt Hardy - Heel - Tag
Jeff Hardy - Heel - Tag
Carlito Carribean Cool - Heel - Mid Card
Roddy Piper - Baby Face - Legend
Reneé Dupree - Heel - Mid Card
Steven Richards - Neutral - Jobber
Maven - Heel - Jobber
Tajiri - Neutral - Jobber
William Regal - Jobber

New additions

Female Roster

Lita - Face - Lower
Trish - Heel - Lower
Gail Kim - Neutral - Lower
Molly Holly - Heel - Lower
Stacy - Face - Bimbo / Lower


The Worlds Greatest Tag Team - Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
The Hardy Boyz - Matt & Jeff Hardy
Steiner & Test - ..... Steiner & Test :p


MXW Breakdown Championships

MXW World Title
MXW Television Title
MXW Tag Titles
MXW Womens title​


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MXW Break-Down Week 1
The Intro

:: The screen darkens and the logo for Break-Down fades in and out, as various B-D superstars are seen on the footage quoting there greatest acheivements in Proffesional Wrestling.Such stars as The Undertaker, The Rock & Triple H.After making its way around 10 superstars Shane O'Mac is saw standing up.He walks over to the camera fluently and says "The best is yet to come" ::

:: The promo fades out into an image of the 10,000+ fans in the arena.Cheering estatically as the first show of MXW Break-Down is preparing to start.The vision of the spectators is then concentrated on Jr & The King as the music blasts throughout the arena speakers and pyro shoots across the arena with awesome class. ::

Jr: Hello everybody, my name is Jim Ross along with my co-commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler. I cant wait for MXW to get the show on the road.Its gonna be a real slobber knocker
King: Cant say I disagree with you there. The MXW chairman has been snatching alot of WWE talent from under the nose of Vince McMahon.Such as Triple H, The Undertaker.... and wait 'till you hear this.The main man himself. The Rock!
Jr: Like I said earlier.Lets get this show on the road

"Here comes the money!!!!"

Jr: Its our new General Manager King, its Shane McMahon!
King: I've saw Shane in many confrontations before in my time when I've sat behind this table with you, and if Shane puts as much effort as he has put in his previous matches.Then there will be no doubt that MXW Break-Down will b nothing but a success

:: Shane skips from behind the curtain moving his feet in his slick suit with a microphone in hand, he skips along and stops dead center on top of the ramp.He then looks up and smiles at the crowd ::

King: No doubt about it, the Giant killer is here
Jr: Who could forget when he jumped off the props at Backlash and senton'd on the Big Show

:: He walks down the ramp 5'ing a few fans along the way.He walks up the ring steps and steps through the ring ropes.The fink puts the microphone towards his face ::

The Fink: Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you. The MXW Break-Down General Manager..... Shane McMahon!!

Jr: Shane getting a pretty good reception from the Ten thousand plus in the arena tonight

:: Shane looks around and shakes The Fink's hand and asks him to step aside and take his seat by the Announcers table ::

Shane O'Mac: Hey guys, may I be one of the many staff backstage to welcome you to MXW Break-Down. I assure you that you will get the best matches the wrestling world has to offer night in, night out and a promise that we are the superior brand in MXW!

:: Crowd pop's ::

Shane: As many of you may know, our MXW chairman has signed alot of talent from across continents and oceans, and there is one of them which I want each of you to see.He is a legend of the squared circle....

:: The fans begin to speculate among themselves ::

Shane: Not only is he a legend, but he has recently starred in a hollywood movie tarring John travolta

:: The fans get to they're feet as a 'Rocy' chant echoes throughout the bleachers ::

Shane: Your damn right.Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you. The one.... the only..... THE ROCK!

:: IF YA SMELLL..... WHAT THE ROCK...is cooking .... ::

Jr: OH my gawd! The fans are climbing to there feet for the arrival of The Rock!

:: The Rock steps fluently from behind the ring curtain as thousands upon thousands of camera's flash before his face.He sports his trademark shades and a top saying "Hit it strong". He walks gallantly towards the ring and skips up the ring steps before climbingthe turnbuckle and raising his arm into the air to signify that he has arrived.The Miami veteran steps into the ring and stares blankly at Shane before climbing the opposite turnbuckle and taunting again.He steps down and asks for a mic from The Fink. He stands in the center of the ring and dips his head::


King: He's back alright

:: The fans grow ecstatic as The Rock raises his head and smiles to the crowd ::

The Rock: Hey there Shane, liking your little suit and you roll as GM?
Shane: I'm favouring it
The Rock: Thats nice....very nice. I was sitting in the back earlier, I was thinking to myself ... HOW LONG. HOW LONG has it been since the peoples champion has held a championship! I was wondering if I, The Rock, could inquire in a shot at the MXW title

:: The crowd pop ::

Shane: You know what Rock, I was thinking that too.
The Rock: You know what Shane?
Shane: What?

:: The crowd laughs loudly ::

The Rock: I dont give a crap what you in your pathetic little suit says, I dont give a crap what your buddies in the board room in the say, and most importantly.I couldn't give a crap if the Big Show shouted HON-A-LU-LA backstage. The fact of the matter is that the people champion will walk out of this packed out arena tonight. The MXW CHAMPION!

:: The croud's cheer is deafening ::

Shane: I was gonna hand you the title there ... but it seems your candy ass mouth got the better of you, right?

:: The crowd boo's on in suprise ::

The Rock: My candy ass? .... ! .... your candy ass is gonna be planted out on the mat in 10 seconds if you dont get your Ass kissing body out of this ring

:: Shane stands minorly worried in the ring, but he stays heisitantly to prove a point that he is superior. The Rock counts down to 5 .... no moving. He raises his hand and counts down on his fingers ::

The Rock: 5....4....3.....2.....

Jr: What the hell is Shane thinking

The Rock: ....1 .... you asked for it

:: The Rock proceeds to pick Shane put and plant his candy ass down to the mat with a Rock Bottom ::

King: He planted Shane with the Rock Bottom!
Jr: Oh my gawd. This wont be the last you hear of this rest-assured

:: The Rocks music hits as the crowd grow wild. The screen fades to a few advertisements ::

The Aftermath

:: The adverts shut off and the BreakDown logo ignites alight on the screen.It then smashes and we see Jr and The King at ringside ::

Jr: What a night we have had so far, and we haven't even had a match yet!
King: Also, new just in.Shane McMahon has announced that The Rock will be competing tonight, yet we dont know who his opponent will be
Jr: Interesting.I wonder what Shane has up his sleeve after The Rock humiliated him infront of our solid crowd here
King: Whatever it is, it isn't good for The Rock.

Booker T vs Maven

:: Booker T's music hits and the fans stand up, many chant along with "CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKAAAAAAA".The man from Houston, Texas walks through the curtain ::

The Fink: From Houston, Texas. Weighing in at 250 pounds .... Booker T!

Jr: Next up we have Booker T versus the former Tough Enough winner, Maven!

:: He slides into the ring and punches his chests at a few fans but is interrupted by Hoshal ::

Jr: Here comes the self proclaimed star of the future, Maven!
King: I like this song Jr
Jr: ......

:: Maven steps from behind the curtain and grins up towards the ring where the Book man anticipates his arrival. He brushes off a few mans on the way towards the ring. He then sprints and slides under the ring rope and is met by the sole of Booker's foot ::

Jr: The match is underway folks, King. How do you think this match is gonna do?

:: Maven gets dragged up by the heads and whipped against the rope and is followed by a sharp hip toss to the floor ::

King: Personally, I think Booker's gonna win this one. I mean he is the 5 time, 5 time, 5 time champion!

:: Maven tries to regain his bearings and helps himself up thanks to the ropes and leans against the MXW marked turnbuckles.The Bookman stares down Maven and gives his one painful, eye squinting knife edge chop ::

King: I've felt those before Jr, and they dont feel good

:: Maven clutches his chest in agony but Booker perserveres and chops numerous times ::


:: Maven falls fat first into the mat when Booker drags him into the center of the ring.He raises his arms into the air, self high-5'ing himself almost, and delivers the knee straight to the mandible of Maven. He attempts the cover ::

Jr: Nice knee drop there by Booker

:: Booker only gets a two count on the Tough Enough champion, he follows it up with a rear chin lock .... ::

Jr: Rear chin lock applied by Booker T, lets see if Maven can get out of this

:: Maven starts to bulk up and eventually escapes the tight lock by Booker. He follows it up by a few elbows to the sternum and pushes Booker against the ropes.He ricoshades back and is met by a picture perfect drop-kick by Maven ::

Jr: What a drop kick from Maven!

:: Maven drags up Booker by his hair and locks his arm under attempting a vertical suplex .... Booker stays put and escapes it, he spins around and WHAM! ..... he hits a spinning cresent kick sweet on the jaw of Maven ::

Crowd: OOOOH!

Jr: Thats gotta hurt

:: Maven clutches his jaw on the floor and Booker waits for him to arise .... as Maven arise he lets his head slip down .... ::

King: Its the scissor kick!

:: Booker runs up and axe kicks in the air but fails terribly, Maven moved out the way just before it were to make impact. He throws Booker's arm over his shoulder and atttempts the Book End! ::

Jr: What the hell!

:: Booker blocks it and slams Maven down to the mat himself with the pattented Book End, he goes for the cover ::


:: 1.....2.....3 ::

Jr: Booker T picks up the victory in the first show of MXW Break Down!
King: I told you JR!

:: Booker crouches to one knee as he begins to feel it, the adrenaline rushes through his body as he throws of his right glove, he ducks and delivers the Spinaroonie in the packed out Arena ::

:: Commercial break ::

Shane has an announcement

:: After commercials such as Mountain Dew and a random pizza place. MXW comes back to its broadcasting ::

Jr: Thanks to our sponsors for the past advertisements.Hello again everybody, incase you have just joined us you have missed out dearly, we had our General Manager, Shane McMahon, get Rock Bottom'd by The Peoples Champion, and Booker T beat Maven in less that 5 minutes.
King: And theres still more to come, including The Rock, one on one against a mystery opponent!
Jr: I cant wa...

:: The camera cuts to Shane McMahon sitting in his office with an ice bag on his head and clutching his back thanks to The Rock's attack earlier ::

Shane: ROCK! After what you did to me tonight, brutally attacking me in front of those god damn moron's in the crowd

:: Crowd boo's ::

Shane: So, as you may already know.You've got a match tonight.It will be one on one versus a mystery opponent. Well ... the rumors spread were slightly wrong. You wont fduke it out with just any MXW superstar ... No.... you will face off against

:: The crowd anticipates ::

Shane: ..... RENE DUPREE!

:: The crowd boo ... for two reasons ::

Jr: What the hell is Shane thinking? The Rock will plough through Dupree.
King: I wouldn't be so sure Jr, after all. Shane IS a McMahon
Jr: ....

Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri

:: A reflection of mirrors can be heard through-out the arena, this fans anticipate the master of the 619, from San Diego. REY MYSTERIO! ::

:: Pyro explodes up into the air along with the tiny cruiserweight as he makes his pattented entrance.He spins numerous times with his feet on the floor and points up into the rafters, he smiles to himself and walks down to the ring and enter's through the ropes.The small cruiserweight mounts the top rope and signals to the crowd ::

Jr: The arrival of Mysterio is certainly as the youth would say . Off the hook
King: Ooh.Look at JR being all young again

:: An oriental theme hits the arena as Tajiri walks through the curtains in a stealth-ly manner with a sadistic smile on his face. The man hailing from elsewhere climbs the turnbuckles and seeks out the spectators, before facing off against Rey in the ring ::

King: Looks like both men are ready to get it on Jr!

:: The bells sounds and both the lightweights grapple each other in a collar and elbows tie up, Tajiri follows it up with a head lock but is whipped off against the ropes.He bounces back with authority.Where he clotheslines the man from San Diego down to the mat vicously.He then attempts to follow up with the standing moonsault and it doesnt connect.Rey crawls to his feet and drop kicks Tajiri in the shin bringing the man from the orient to a lower base.Where rey attempts a sunset flip. Tajiri rolls out and both men hold there guards to the fans appreaciation ::

Jr: Nice exchange by both Rey & Tajiri there

:: Both men stand face to face .... but Tajiri pulls out a short and sharp kick to the side of Rey, he returns the favour and both men duke it out for the best part of 15 seconds, solid'ly kicking each other.Both men realise that this exchange wont get them anywhere so Tajiri quickly rakes Mysterio in the eye.Tajiri switches sides and attempts a german suplex, Rey blocks it with his leg and slips through the bottom of his legs ... followed by a drop kick to the back of Tajiri.He re-cooperates on the ropes ::

Jr: Mysterio's calling home! Dial it up....

:: Rey shouts 619 to the crowd and bounces off the ropes and attempts a 619 ::

King: 619!

:: Tajiri ducks just a second before Rey swung through, saving his face from the boot of Mysterio. Tajiri rolls himself up and leans against the Turnbuckle. Rey runs in but lets his guard down, Tajiri switches around and locks in the Tarantula! ::


:: He holds it to a count of 4 where he relinquishes the hold.Mysterio clutches his back and falls to the mat.Tajiri evily grins as Rey tries to get himself up.He spins around and spits out the mist! ::

King: The green mist!
Jr: Thats a disqualification right there

:: The ref see's it clear as the day and disqualifies Tajiri on the spot.The Fink announces Rey as the winner via DQ, and Tajiri snaps.He violently kicks Rey to the side of the head which sends him face first to the mat. Tajiri's music sounds as he evily grins at the crowd ::

King: I suppose thats what you get when DQ'ing Tajiri....
Jr: Rey has gotta watch his back now, Tajiri is pissed

:: The camera then shows a video advertising MXW: Hardcore Haven ::

The Highlight Reel - Today's guest is Randy Orton


:: Y2J, Chris Jericho, makes his way out to the ring with his opened up shirt and blue tights.He cockily pushes off a few fans as the camera's flash before him.The highlight reel set looks up and ready as he receives a microphone from The Fink ::

Y2J: Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome to the first edition of the Highlight reel since WWE messed it up pretty badly .... Today's topic is ..... the intercontinental title ..... over many years I competed in WWE, I held the intercontinental title numerous times. The last reign being against one half of the 'self proclaimed' Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin. He stole that title away from me with class but I, the ayatollah of rock & rollah, have no problem with that. I do however have a problem with that 3rd generation ass hat backstage. Introducnig our guest for this evening's highlight reel. The Legend Killer. RANDY ORTON!

:: Burn in my light by Mercy Drive slams the fans ear drums with intensity as the 3rd generation superstar cockily raises his arms into the air in his custom merchandise showing proudly.He slides into the ring and leans on one of the high chairs while Jericho stares him down ::

Orton: Jericho, remind me what you said about me again ....
Y2J: The king of the world, said that you. Randy Orton, is an ass clown.
Orton: What! ... you call me an ass clown when your obviously past your prime by atleast 5 years.While me on the other hand.A proud Orton family member.Aint even hit my prime yet. And I hope your not insane enough to be the one where I unleash my potential on ... grandad!
Y2J: Shut up junior, I'm the king of the world and every damn fan knows it in here.Whether they be thin or fat, hot or ugly .... wait.They cant be hot.I haven't seen a hot wrestling fan since Stacy Keibler... And it seems you blew your chances with her years ago.
Orton: I can bet I've had more girlfriends in my life.Hell I doubt you ever got laid!

:: Jericho tenses his jaw and stares Orton right in the eye.Both men look ready to hit it off at any second ..... Jericho, your not worth my time Junior. He stes back and laughs at Orton. ::

Jr: Blantant disrespect to Orton there

:: Jericho continues to laugh in his face but Orton cockily snorts and spits at Jericho's eyes. ::

King: What the hell!

:: Orton grins as Jericho clutches his face in shock.Orton rols out the ring quickly with his mic in hand.He stands at the top of the ramp ::

Orton: Chris .... next week at the Cow Palace.Its gonna be me versus you.We'll see who the king of the world is, right?

:: Orton's music hits again as the show fades to a commercial break ::

Scott Steiner & Test versus Lance Cade & Axl Bond

:: MXW Break-Down comes back from a commercial break and a relatively unknown tag team is being introduced by The Fink ::

Jr: Next up we have the team of Test and Scott Steiner against Lance Cade and Axl Bond
King: Who?
Jr: Wont matter....

:: I Stand Alone by GodSmack plays over the arena as the team of Test & Scott Steiner make there way to the ring, both men flex there muscles to the crowd ::

King: Talk about being in love with yourself .....

:: Steiner climbs to the second rope and flexes his pecs to his peeps while Test just psyches out the opponents.Lance Cade goes face to face with Test without any fear.He may live to regret it later Steiner smashes his forehead over the back of his skull.He collapses in the the waiting grasp of Test where he throws him up on his shoulders and slams his down with a vile, grotesque death valley driver.Scott Steiner then locks in the ever painful Steiner Recliner as Axl Bond attemps to stop it all but Steiner's grip is too great. Test runs in with his boot smashing Bond in the head un-forgivingly which sends the guy out of the ring, landing on his neck.The ref tries to restrain the Steiner Recliner but to no avail.He has no choice but to ring the bell. ::

Jr: This match is only just starting!?

:: Cade eyes daze over .... he attempts to lift his arms to tap but they just give out on him. Test looks down upon and slaps him across the face which leave a hellacious red mark across his face.The ref checks on Lance and he's unconcious.He has no chance but to stop this match in-definetly and award it to the newly formd team of Steiner and Test! ::

King: Its over already? The bell only just rang
Jr: But there was an onslaught for 2 minutes before it, thats where all the damage was done.
King: Oh well ... The new team of Steiner and test cleared house!

:: The picture fades ad an advertisement shows of MXW Hardcore Haven. It featured a segment where Tazz chokes out many victims ::

MXW Television Title - Batista vs Eddie - Hardcore match​

:: Batista is seen backstage on the titantron talking to Earl Hebner ::

Jr: What the hell

Batista: Hey Earl.
Hebner: Hey, you got a match tonight?
Batista: Thats what I was getting too.I've just been talking to Shane in his office and he was talking about the Television title when I walked in on him.He said I can face Eddie in any stipulations I see fit if i defend the title next week against a opponent of his choosing.
Hebner: Sounds cool, want me to officiate it?
Batista: Yeah, come with me now.I'm going to get that dirty latino bitch down on the floor for 3 seconds atleast.

:: Both men are seen walking off camera. We then see Triple H talking to Ric Flair, both in there top dollar suits ::

Flair: Dont worry Hunter, after Batista grabs that TV title we'll be celebrating tonight.
HHH: Its not that which is pissing me off.Its that he's running around backstage saying he's for real and crap. I beat him before, and I'll beat him again if I must
Flair: Benoit huh?
HHH: ....
Flair: Dont worry. I'll talk to Shane O'Mac and see what I can do.But what is most important now, is that you get in contention for this Heavyweight title.In a few years, you will be the Ric Flair of sports entertainment.So you are expected to walk down that aisle ... as the world heavyweight champion wherever you go. WOOOOOO!

:: Batista is seen walking across the door in the background ::

HHH: Well, if I aint gonna kick ass tonight. I know someone who is
Ric Flair: That'a boy Hunter

:: We then see a camera that follows Batista and Hebner.He walks into one of the dressing rooms with his arms taped.He looks around and shouts for Eddie but instead finds Stacy Keibler covering herself up ::

:: The crowd pop massively ::

Jr: Your old enough to be her grandad ....

:: Batista walks out with a grin on his face as Hebner blushes.The fans laugh among themselves. The man from Washinton, DC looks high and low.In every nook and cranny.Except for behind one door where Eddie jumps Batista from behind and starts to cave in the back of the animal's skull with punches to the head.Batista easily lifts Eddie up on his back and propell's back to the wall in which Eddie's back crack's off.Causing immense pain, but the best was yet to come, when Batista just fell back sending Eddie to the floor with 300+ pounds on top of him! ::

Jr: The tables have turned here!

:: The screen splits and Ric Flair and HHH can be seen cheering Batista on with might.Hoping that Evolution can bring the gold home. ::

:: Batista mounts Eddie and crossface punches Eddie in the head and delivers the odd hook to the abdomen inbetween a punch every now and then. Eddie seems to be out of it .... but a ruffle is heard from a distance. Batista looks up which gives Eddie a chance to rake at his eyes.Eddie follows it up with a headbutt and they both roll out of the position.Eddie runs and cross body's Batista to the floor and attempts the cover::

1....2...KICK OUT

King: Close call there for Batista

:: The sound can be heard again ::

Jr: What the hell is that

:: Batista powers out of Eddie's on-slaught and scoops him up and slams him onto a bench, breaking it in half.The sounds from a distance become more and more clearer ::

Jr: Slam by Batista .... what the hell is that sound!?
King: Your guess is as good as mine

:: Suddenly Chavo Guerrero runs in and smashes a chair over the animals, this makes Batista wrench in pain as Los Guerrero's double team on Batista. The screen splits again and the crowd see's Ric Flair & HHH ditressed by the attack of Chavo.The Nature boy throws his jacket down on the floor and the two members of Evolution march towards the monstrosity. ::

King: This is gonna be an all-out brawl Jr!

:: Batista is getting pummuled to a bloody pulp by the Latino's but the cavalry arrives ::

Jr: Wait a minute!

:: None of than Randy Orton runs in and Rko's Chavo to the floor and uppercuts Eddie to the face ::


:: The Naitch and HHH finally arrive.All men but Orton are out on the floor.HHH tells Flair & Orton to take care of Chavo as HHH stands over Eddie.He drags him up by his ears and sets him between his legs ::

Jr: Oh my gawd.Not the Pedigree!?
King: On the un-protected floor!?

:: The Game hooks the arms over and plants the Pedigree to the fans un-liking.Eddie is bust open will blood spitting from his fore-head.HHH rolls him over and drags Batista's slump body onto Guerrero's chest.Hebner goes for the count as Chavo screams in pain .... seems Flair got the dirtiest leg lock in the game ... The Figure 4, locked in ::


Jr: Oh my gawd!

:: Batista rolls over as he is pronounced as the winner by The Fink ::

Jr: What a monstrosity we have just witnessed here tonight!
King: And its just getting better.The Rock versus Reneé Dupree.UP NEXT!

The Rock vs Reneé Dupree

:: Reneé Dupree's theme plays over the the crowd as they literally get played.The sound they make is horrendous.He doesn't get a good reception at ALL.He is sporting his purple tights with "Dupree" printed on the back accompanied by his dog. Fi Fi. ::

The Fink: Ladies and Gentleman, the following match is your main-event.And it is a one on one versus match.Introducing first, from Paris, France.Reneé Dupree!

:: Dupree walks regal'y to the ring with his black poodle.He commands it to stay put as he removes his robe and walks into the squared circle.He grins at the crowd as they await the arrival of the peoples champion ::

Jr: Reneé Dupree, the young french man making his way to the ring.Preparing to face The Rock ....


:: The crowd go off there rocker in a standing ovation for the peoples champion, The Rock! ::

Jr: The crowd are deafining for the arrival of The Rock!
King: I can barely here myself think!

:: The Rock walks extatically full of rage and electricity as his body pulses in excitement.He wastes no time and slides straight into the ring and gets to work on Dupree with his right hand.He punches once, twice .... taunts in exstacy and with the final punch sends Reneé flying over the top rope! The crowd are almost an electronic wave as they react to the People's Champion reaction with intensity.Rocky rolls out side and drags Dupreé by the head with him.He attempts to smash his head off the ring steps but Dupreé blocks it with his foot and instead hip tosses The Rock over the step.Catching his head on the way down.Dupreé stomps Rocky on the chest.He takes a few paces back and runs in with his knee sticking out.He smashes Rocky's head towards the steps with a sickening thud ::

Jr: Dupreé is handing out the punishment early on.Which suprises me

:: Dupreé rolls Rocky into the ring and covers, but only gets a two count from the gallant Rocky.Dupree drags Rocky into the center of the ring and has a dead sraight posture.The crowd boo loudly as they know that the French Tickler is coming up ::

Jr: The ultimate humiliation.The French Tickler!

:: He takes his attention away from Rocky and looks towards the fans, he carries out the French Tickler, but in a rookie fashion.He let The People's champ recover.The Rock nips up from a prone position and waits for Dupree to turn around.The fan's grow wild and Dupree wonders whats going on! ::

King: Dupreé is in for it when he turns around.
Jr: Can you smell it King!?

:: Dupreé turns back to Rocky and receives a Rock Bottom for his troubles ::


:: Rock goes for the cover .... 1....2 ..... ::


:: A hooded figure dragged the ref out of the ring just before he could count the 3. The man slides into the ring and does a modified backdrop to defense-less Rock! ::


:: The man spins around and raises his arms, he takes down his hood to reveal his shiny bald head ::


:: Kurt sadistically grins and grabs the ankle of The Rock and torques it to the EXTREME. The Rock screams out in agony as Kurt Angle traps the leg with a grapevine ::

King: !?!
Jr: Well thats about all the time we have left on MXW Break-Down ... See you next week

:: The show comes to a close with the fans screaming out for The Rock ::

Camera's fade as they credits roll....

The Round-Up
Booker T defeated Maven via Pinfall
Rey Mysterio defeated Tajiri via DQ
Randy Orton was a guest on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel
Test and Scott Steiner defeated Lance Cade and Axl Bond via Lance Cade being Knocked-out
Batista defeated Eddie Guerrero via Pinfall in a Hardocore match to become the new MXW TV Champion
The Rock versus Reneé Dupree ended in a no contest​

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Hey Cole, I liked the show, heres my ratings.

Realism- Nothing over the top, which is a good thing. 7/10
Length- Pretty long, I didn't expect the Rock & Shane promo to go that long.Good nonetheless.I kinda like having a good read 8/10
Quality- The roleplaying was alright.I've saw you do better in other feds :) 7/10
Grammer- Dont see any significant troubles.Your grammer was a bit lacking.But okay for a guy your age 8/10
Matches/Booking- I felt that you could have switched the Booker/Maven match with the Tag match.Wasn't that much of a big fan of the Hardcore title, but Los Guerrero's forming kinda made it better.Also, could've chose someone else instead of Dupreé 7/10

Cant wait until next time :)

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Thanks, I was kinda out of idea's for who to job to Rocky.I wish I put Benoit in now.I got an idea :p

Anyway, heres the Break-Down preview.As always, its random when its up

Break-Down - Week 2 - Preview

With Shane McMahon infuriated with The Rock's actions in the opening segment, what will he do in return and what will Kurt Angle have to say about his actions?

Make your way to the Cow Palace to find out for yourself!

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A reflection of mirrors can be heard through-out the arena.
There was a few vital spelling mistakes. I know we all make mistakes and it was good. I give it a 8/10 for every category.
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It has been half a month since the thread starter or his partner posted. This will now be locked, because your replying to dead threads. I will leave it in the Booker forum so that if the writers return and wish to carry on with it, they may do so.


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Personally I think I've done better, but this one is more story structured than the others, it sets up next week perfectly :)

MXW Breakdown - Week 2

:: The screen darkens and the logo for Break-Down fades in and out, as various B-D superstars are seen on the footage quoting there greatest acheivements in Proffesional Wrestling.Such stars as The Undertaker, The Rock & Triple H.After making its way around 10 superstars Shane O'Mac is saw standing up.He walks over to the camera fluently and says "The best is yet to come" ::

:: The promo fades out into an image of the 15,000+ fans in the Cow Palace.Cheering estatically as MXW Break-Down is preparing to start.The vision of the spectators is then concentrated on Jr & The King as the music blasts throughout the arena speakers and pyro shoots across the arena with awesome class. ::

Jr: Hello everybody my name is Jim Ross along side me is Jerry "The King" Lawler and what a show we have for you tonight
King: Tell me about it Jr, we already have 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton against the self proclaimed 'King of the World', Chris Jericho!
Jr: Two top dollar atheletes facing off in that ring tonight.

:: A screen pop ups with both Orton & Jericho being displayed as "Orton vs Jericho" rolls across the screen to advertise tonights bout.The camera then switches to a view of the titantron::

Carlito Carribean Cool vs William Regal

Jr: We kick off tonight with too equally arrogant competitors
King: Hey! Carlito is cool. Lay off him
Jr: But his actions as of late have been dispicable!

:: A short and sweet carribean melody hums throughout the Cow Palace as the son of famous Puerto Rican wrestler Carly Colon steps through the curtains with his signature apple in hand. He wears his traditional purple tights and short blue over coat. The crowd dont like the fact that Carlito will be in action tonight, which is evident with there choice of vocal actions.... ::

King: This crowd doesn't know what cool is unless it hits them in the face!

:: The man from the Carribean looks up and sights out his crowd as images of him attempting to chat up a chick in a blue bikini ::

King: You see that there Jr? Now thats cool!
Jr: Give me a break....

The Fink: Introducing first, from the Carribean. Carlito Carribean Cool!

:: Carlito struts upon the ring steps and steps through the ring ropes with style. Thousands upon thousands of camera's flash before his dark eyes as his music starts to fade out, a traditional English melody is met with a few cheers from our british fans ::

The Fink: His opponent, from Blackpool, England. William Regal!

Jr: A ten year veteran from Blackpool, England. Well versed in mat based and submission wrestling.

:: The jolly English-man steps from behind the curtain and greets his fans (and despisers) with a wave from his right arm.He steps with a twitch in his foot towards the ring, he steps up onto the ring apron and wipes his boots before entering the ring.Before he can step his two feet upon the mat he is brutally attacked with the white boot of Carlito straight to his forehead ::

Jr: Carlito taking no time at all to get his foot stuck in Regal's forehead

:: Carlito then continues to kick William Regal in the gut and legs, he proceeds to drag Regal to the center of the ring and drives his knee to the claret knee pad of Regal. He continues to work down on the knee by dragging it towards the rope and doing a whiplash effect onto it. William Regal writhes around the ring in pain ::

King: If Carlito can take out Regal's legs early on, then he has this match won!

:: Carlito cuts Regal some slack and lets him approach the turnbuckle and get himself up.Carlito greets Regal with a headlock but is easily pushed away within seconds. He ricochets off the ring ropes and is clattered with a sleeper hold by Regal.Carlito switches his body under the grasp of Regal and delivers a high, spike backdrop right to the back of the English-man's neck ::

Jr: Ouch, that had to hurt!

:: Carlito capitalises on the opportunity by turning him onto his spine and attempting a cover ::

Jr: He goes for the cover!

:: .... but only to get a 2 count on the severely brutalised Regal. He gasps for air as the hack of his head and neck is clearly bothering him. ::

Jr: Regal could be hurt there....
King: Injuries to the back of the head-neck area are no joke!

:: Never the less, Regal continues to fight on but is still on the defensive against Carlito, as he is repeatedly stampted out by the dude from the Carribean.Carlito locks in a front headlock on Regal, the fans start to clap to try and get Regal back into the fight, after a few moments Regal summons enough strength to turn onto his back and suprise Carltio with a pin attempt. ::


:: 1....2.....CLOSE CALL ::

Jr: That was a really long two count there!
King: I thought it was over!!

:: Regal rolls out from the pin with a face shocked with disbelief. The crowd shares his disbelief. Everybody of the 15 thousand plus crowd are shocked that this match will continue. Regal climbs to his feet and knocks down the referee in anger, which stupidly gives Carlito enough time to re-cooperate and grab his apple from on the mat! ::


:: William Regal turns around to look at Carlito but is met with a chunk of an apple in his face. The crowd boo loudly as Carlito clutches his head under his arms in a front face lock and drops a sickening DDT on the already blind and injured Regal ::

Jr: OH NO!

:: Carlito covers Regal and hooks the leg as the ref Mike Chioda crawls over to the battle field and slowly counts ... ::




:: The bell sounds as Carlito rolls onto his back after the hellacious encounter with Regal. The crowd boo loudly as Carlito grins up into the skies! ::

Jr: Son of a.....

:: As Carlito climbs to his knee's the Breakdown logo fades in and the show cuts to a commercial break! ::

Shane O'Mac's announcement

:: The show comes back from various commercial breaks an image of Shane McMahon standing clutching his back in the ring ::

Jr: I wonder what he has to say, hopefully he can clear up what the hell happened last week!

:: A grin wipes across Shane's face. ::

Shane: Oh how great was it last week. Seeing my good friend the rock get his assed kicked by the olympic champion, Kurt Angle!

:: The crowd boo intensly, the sound is deafening ::

Shane: But I am even happier to announce that tonight, the man you know as The Rock, will NOT compete for the following month. He is indefinetly SUSPENDED!

:: The crowd are more heated than ever. ::

Jr: That was a bit of a rash decision....
King: Are you kidding Jr? You know for a fact that if you attack the boss your gonna get fired, I'm suprised Rock got let off with just a months suspension!

Shane: Not only that! But tonight we will crown a see who is our new MXW Champion! The title will be decided by two great talents in the business.First of all, your Olympic Hero, KURT ANGLE!!

Jr: Can I smell favouritism?
King: Come on Jr, he's got the 3 I's! Intensity, Intergrity and Intelligence!

:: Shane's grin gets even wider has he puts his mouth to the mike. ::

Shane: And his opponent. One of the greatest and well known talents in the world of wrestling ...... MAVEN!

:: The crowd go dead silent and start to speculate among themselves ::

Jr: What the.....

Shane: Yes JR, You heard me right the first time! Tonight it will be Kurt Angle vs.....

:: Shane is cut off by a a familiar melody used by a former WWE superstar ::


:: The Doctor of Thuganomics skips from behind the curtains and throws up the double clutches to the delight of the crowd.Camera flashes nearly blind Cena himself so he leans down his cap and walks foward with his "Ruck Fules" logo'd T-Shirt. He walks down the ramp with a ever determinned look on his face and rolls underneath the ring ropes and grabs a mic from the mat ::


Cena: The champ is heeeere!!!

:: The crowd go absolutely nuts and break out into a Cena chant ::

Shane: oooh look, its John Cena..... the self proclaimed Champ.... give me a break. Tonight theres no chance ....wait .... not just tonight... every other night .... there will never be another chance of you becoming our MXW champion. The title is hanging up in my office and thats the closest your gonna get to it.

Cena: Chill Chill Chill Chill Chilll.... Shane, you got abit power hungry around here haven't you? Setting up your best friend in a world title match tonight when you clearly missed out the Doctor of Thuganomics.....

Shane: Missed you out?

Cena: Either that or your looking to get your teeth knocked out.

:: Cena holsters his right arm up in the air as Shane gulps in fear ::

Shane: Cena... you could do whatever you want but your not gonna get that title. Rest assured.
Cena: Shane... I think your forgetting the clause in my contract.....which gives me the freedom to demand a World title shot on my first show at MXW

:: The crowd look on delight as Shane looks like he's been outsmarted ::

Shane: Thats abit too bad... the match has already been made. So say bye bye to your little clause.

:: Shane quickly leaps out of the ring to avoid an on slaught from the confused Cena. ::

King: What the hell! Maven is going for the MXW title!?
Jr: He's got something up his sleeve, I know it

Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho

:: Highlights from last week are shown where Randy Orton spat in Jericho's face on the highlight reel.It finally concludes with a image of both men staring off against each other. ::

Jr: Up next is a match that I have waited for all night. Y2J Chris Jericho versus Randy Orton.

:: Burn in my light simmers throughout the jam packed Cow Palace as the young Randy Orton steps through the ring curtain as gold sizzling pyro explodes before him. He proceeds to walk down the ramp with thousands of female fans screaming for him. He sure has his own female fan club ::

King: You know what Jr, Orton nearly has as many girls screaming after him than me!
Jr: .......

::Orton gets into the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle raising his arms as he always does in his black trunks.His music slowly mutes and is interrupted by the sound of a countdown.... ::

:: The arena lights dim down when the countdown finishes, a sillohuette is seen standing still at the top of the ramp, he spins around and look towards the ring with anger. He sprints straight towards the ring and pummels Orton in the head with all he has got ::

Jr: Oh my gawd. Orton is getting massacred here!

:: The referee tries to seperate Jericho from Orton but is interrupted by another familiar theme from the WWE.... ::


:: Christian steps from behind the curtain with a chair in hand and sprints towards the ring, his music is shortly cut off ::

Jr: WHAT!? Now Christian is here at MXW!?

:: Both men pummel Orton to a bloody pulp with a mixture of a chair and kicking.As Christian goes down to hit Christian with another chair shot they are interrupted yet again!! ::

:: The Animal by Saliva hits the PA system in the Cow Palace and the crowd go ballistic, the Hardcore Champion is in the house and he has some accesories with him ::


:: Batista is shown with a chair and trash can in both arms as he runs towards the ring to help out his fellow Evolution member. Christian and Jericho both look at each other signalling that they should get the hell out of there. They high tail out there and jump the barrier to run through the crowd from Batista ::

King: Dont go Christian!... I mean Captain Charisma!

:: Batista goes in the ring to check on Orton, he looks up to see both Christian and Jericho run for it, but he is more concerned for the well being of the legend killer ::

Jr: Thats sickening....

:: The show cuts out to a commerical break ::

Championship match? What championship match?

Jr: What an eventfull night we've had so far! A championship match will be soon on our way, Orton has been jumped by the team of Christian and Jericho and The Rock has been suspended!

:: The camera then cuts to Shane McMahon in the back looking around the backstage area, looking happy with himself, but suddenly one of the backstage staff go over to him and whisper in his ear ::

Shane: What!?, what about tonights championship match!

:: The camera follows Shane O'Mac for a minute or so around the arena until he finally gets to his destination. There laying on the floor is Maven wearing the crimson mask ::

Shane: He's in no condition to fight tonight! What are we gonna do!

:: Shane walks around pestered to what will happen tonight, he knows in his mind he has to think of a suitable opponent for tonights championship match ..... but in the corner of the camera's eye. Cena is walking alone in the background ::

Shane: Wait.. was that John Cena!?

:: Shane runs after the doctor of thuganomics and starts to plead with him ::

Shane: Cena, you've gotta face Angle tonight, I decided I made the wrong decision when I chose Maven instead of you!
Cena: Maybe it has something to do with the fact that your boy is knocked out on the floor....
Shane: So you'll do it?
Cena: Damn straight!

The main event - Cena vs Angle - MXW Heavyweight title

Jr: Up next ladies and gentleman we have the main event you have been waiting for. The Olympic hero Kurt Angle, one on one against the Doctor of Thuganomics John Cena!
King: This is gonna be a collosus encounter, two of the greats in sports entertainment.

:: The camera cuts to the titantron as live footage if Kurt Angle inhaling and exhaling the rich air in the Cow Palace as he prepares for his title bout tonight with John Cena ::

King: Are we looking at the new MXW Champion?

:: The camera cuts to John Cena walking down a long hall way, the crowd goes wild as the image is portrayed on the titantron ::

Jr: Or maybe this is the new MXW Champion.

:: The camera is switched to the ring where the balded headed announcing veteran, The Fink, is about to announce our main event ::

The Fink: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the MXW heavyweight championship. Introducing first.....

:: The ever popular theme music of Kurt Angle plays over the Cow Palace PA system. It is met with its traditional "You Suck" chants as the bald headed olympian steps from behind the curtain ::

The Fink: From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Your olympic hero. Kurt Angle![/color]

:: Kurt is centered at the top of the ramp, he ducks his head down for a few seconds and pops it back up along with his both arms pointed in the air. Red white and blue pyro explodes off into the air before Angle proceeds to power walk towards the ring. ::

Jr: Kurt Angle, the man who won the WWE title after only just recovering from a broken neck
King: Go Kurt!

:: Kurt walks up the steps and spins through the ring ropes holding his arms out reminiscent of a birds stance. Showing that he has the ability to soar amongst all men. He is quickly cut off by the music of his foe. ::

:: The theme tune of John Cena smashes the ear drums of the spectators in the Cow Palace as they climb to their feet in anticipation for the arrival of the Doctor of Thuganomics ::

Jr: The roar is deafening from the 15,000+ strong crowd here in San Fransisco!
King: I can barely hear myself think!

:: John Cena steps from behind the curtain with a groove in his step as he throws up the double clutches to the crowd. The crowd do the same as Cena high 5's a few fans and walks to the ring.He doesn't waste any time and goes face to face with Angle ::

Jr: Tonight the worlds will collide. We'll see you after this short commericial break!

:: The camera cuts to a break it features a promo on the human suplexing machine ::

:: The camera fades from an advert for MXW Breakdown. It fades to a pitch black with a mild shriek being echoed throughout the background.In a matter of seconds it slowly lights into a dim grey screen with black lines scratching into the camera.The shrieking sound gets more prenominent with a slight pumping sound reminiscent of a life support machine.The screen then lighten's up to show a parking lot which is shown in neutral colours. In the distance you can hear the sound of gravel being shifted beneath someones feet with the sound of glass collapsing on the floor.A short man is shown walking across the screen in a leather jacked with 13 written in Orange on the back, the number 13 being the only coloured feature on the video.He stands abrupt and uptight and switches his head to the right to view directly at the camera.Then the number 13 is not the only orange coloured feature on the screen.He then proceeds to walk fowards as his face becomes more distinct to the camera, the nose structure is known among wrestling fans world wide.Its none other than the former ECW star Tazz! The video absolutely mutes for a moment. Then one of the greatest themes echoes throughout the arena where the video is shown. None other than a legendary band of the last century. Kiss! With War Machine. Tazz slowly walks up to the camera and breathes very heavily that the camera is gassed up. He licks his lips..... ::

Tazz: Fear will be strickin' throughout the souls of you bastards at MXW

:: Tazz evily frowns has he delivers a short speech towards the audience ::

Tazz: Ever since the demise of ECW my career has gone for the shitter. I heard some shit that you guys at MXW were extreme as ECW itself....

:: Tazz smirks at the camera in sarcasm as he truly believes that ECW is phenomenal, his face then turns angrily in a heart beat ::


:: He drops his head back and laughs out loud, he turns his back to the camera and spots a car door hanging off its exterior by a thread.Tazz thrusts his arm back and viciously smashes his fist through the window. The camera then fades to murky grey to a pitch black.As the sound of Tazz meets our ear drums it captions it on the screen with a glowing orange stroke. The words "Beat me if you can ... survive if I let you" glow in and out to finally fade into a black ... the camera pans across the crowd and shows Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler speculating among thereselves ::

Jr: Oh my gawd King, was that Tazz!?
King: Oh my god, what did he mean by saying that he will show MXW what is extreme!
Jr: Whatever it is .... it dont sound good. I dont like it one bit

:: The camera then cuts back to the action at hand which shows Kurt Angle with a leg lock applied on the heavily padded knee of Cena, the torque on his knee is un-bearable. The fans are in dis-belief as to how he can carry on after all the immense punishment.The crowd applaud for a solid 30 seconds to help Cena get back into the match, he proceeds to get out of the hold after 20 seconds or so. He climbs to his feet and him and Kurt exchange right hands but Cena gets the better after 5 or so exchanges. ::

Jr: He's fighting back!
King: Come on Kurt!

:: Cena runs against the ropes and meets Angle with a sharp shoulder block, Kurt hightails it out of the ring to catch his breath back after Cena fights back from his onslaught. The crowd boo because Angle stopped Cena's momentum ::

Jr: Smart thinking by Angle there, Cena had enough moment to turn the tables in this championship encounter!
King: They dont call him intelligent for nothing you know.

:: Cena looks up to the fans and see the dissapointment on their faces, so he runs in and delivers a short and sharp baseball slide to the chest of Kurt, which send him crashing to the arena floor ::

Jr: Watch out King, They're right by us!!

:: Cena grapples Kurt onto the announcers table and the Chain Gang go wild. They want to see Kurt get drived through this table!, Cena climbs atop of the table and stands over Kurt's defenseless body. He grasps his head and sets him in a powerbomb position, with Angle's head between his legs.He proceeds to shout "THE CHAMP IS HUUURE", but it was a vital mistake done by the rookie. As Kurt reverses the position into a backdrop ::

Jr: OH NO!
King: OH NO!

:: Cena goes back first through the spanish announcement team. Hernandez runs for his life while his co-commentator is crushed upon the masses of falling bodies. ::

King: Ahh...

:: Both men are out on the floor, or to be more precise the broken announcers table. Kurt, having used Cena as a human cushion to prevent his downfall. Kurt rolls away from the reckage but Cena is still layed out on the floor. Kurt looks under neath the ring, but to no avail, he goes by the time keepers table ::

Jr: Wha... whats Kurt doing

:: Kurt emerges with a sadistic grin and ring bell in hand. He grins at the crowd just as Cena begins to regain his barings. Both men slowly make there way to each other ::

King: He's gonna hit him with the ring bell!

:: The referee spots Angle clutching a weapon in his hands, he approaches him with caution and tries to dis-arm Kurt but to no avail. Kurt proceeds to vicously smash the bell over Cena's cranium! ::


:: The ref has no choice but to Disqualify Kurt for using an illegal weapon on his opponent, but before the ref even has a chance to consult The Fink he interrupted by Shane McMahon! ::

:: Shane walks from behind the curtain with a grin ever gleaming across his face. They way Shane is feeling now is the eptimy of out right confidence. He clutches the microphone towards his face and prepares to speak ::

Shane: Whoa whoa whoa whoa.. whoa. Before you make any rash decisions Hebner, I thought I should 'remind' you of the match stipulations. The sole stipulation being that there will be no disqualifications!

:: Earl Hebner looks on in shock as if he was never told about this special stipulation, Kurt Angle's sadistic grin intensifies as the news makes his way ::

Jr: What the hell! Thats not right!
King: And they called that the Montreal Screw job....

:: Kurt rolls Cena's lifeless body into the ring and attempts the cover. Kurt looks determinned to make the gold his, but the referee has different plans. He hesitates to count which infuriates Angle to say the least. With that being said the Olympic hero rises to his feet and trips up the referee and locks in the Ankle Lock to total supremacy.Earl Hebner screams and shouts in excrusiating pain as his ankle is being torn and twisted at every angle imaginable.Kurt Angle them dismays the referee and tosses him out the ring like garbage. ::

Jr: What the hell did Hebner do to you huh!?

:: With Cena layed out in the center of the mat, Angle ushers for Shane McMahon to come down to the ring and witness the first MXW champion be crowned. Kurt lowers the straps to his waist ::

King: Uh oh... The straps are down Jr, you know what time it is!

:: Kurt Angle makes John Cena the next victim to the Ankle lock as he torques the ankle to north, south, east and west. Cena starts to scream in agony.... he's about to ta- ::

King: WHAT!?



:: The People's Champion steps from behind the curtain with his millions and millions of fans going absolutely nuts for the man from Maimi, Florida! ::

King: HE'S HERE!!!!

:: The Rock sprints down to the ring without fear of revenge or anything. He immeadietly starts to attack Shane McMahon with a series of rights and lefts followed by a toss over the top rope! ::


:: Kurt Angle relinquishes the hold and stands face to face with Rocky as the fans go as nuts as ever. They begin to exchange rights and lefts ::


:: Rocky blocks a left jab with his forearm and delivers a knee to the sternum of Kurt, he lifts up his head and sets Kurt up for the Rockbottom! ::


:: Rocky looks up into the rafters and leaves his guard for just a slight second, which is enough to let Kurt Angle sneak in the Ankle Lock on Rocky! ::


:: The Rock holds his head and screams out just like Cena and Hebner did only in the past 5 minutes. He tries to grab the ropes but is dragged away. Kurt has this match all to himself .... almost... ::

King: !

:: Cena climbs to his feet (or whats left of them) thanks to the ring ropes. He clutches his signature chain in his fist and looks on angrily at Kurt Angle ::


:: Cena proceeds to smash Kurt in the back of the head reminiscent of the ring bell earlier in the match, but this time with the solid steel chain. Kurt relinquishes the hold and clutches the back of his head in excruciating pain. He turns towards the doctor of thuganomics and is met with a kick to the gut. The fans are going ecstatic and begin to shout out "FU" randomly among them selves! ::

Jr: THE FU!?!

:: Cena holsters Angle upon his shoulders with his injured leg and slams Kurt down to the mat with anomosity.Cena drops down with Kurt aswell, but is in a great position to just turn over and attempt for a cover.Which he does in the next ten seconds, the fans look on with intensity and dedication ::


:: Earl Hebner slowly but surely crawls over to the battle field and begins the count slowly. ::



As Hebners arm slaps the mat and Jr's lips address our TV audience that the 3 count is indeed true. Cena is announced as the new MXW Champion!


:: The crowd grow estatic and can barely contain there excitement as The Fink announces John Cena the new MXW Champion. The Rock brings the MXW championships from ring side into the ring and stares at Cena with the title in his own arms ::

King: Wait a second!

:: Rocky looks at the title in jealousy as Cena stands onto his own two feet. The Rock walks up to the newly crowned MXW champion.... ::

Jr: Whats he gonna do here?

:: The Rock looks up to Cena and down to the title that is in his own grasp.He then looks back up and smiles at the new champion and hands over the title to the delight of the crowd. Thousands of camera's flash before them both as they shake hands and talk to each other. ::

King: Did I hear The Rock there?, I think he said "I'll be expecting a shot at your title"!
Jr: I dont know King, but there is one thing I know for sure. What a memorable night we have had tonight. And its coming to a climax now. Thank you for watching Breakdown and we wish you a good night!

:: A image of Cena and The Rock is portrayed on screen but it shortly faded into the MXW logo and the show finishes .... ::

Who gives a ****
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Realism - As real as it gets man.
Length - Not too long, not too short. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Quality - Good quality especially with the Shane promo. Rock coming out was great.
Grammar - Grammar seemed in check.
Matches/Booking - Matches were great. Good booking to have a future bout between John Cena and The Rock. Thank God Maven was taken out and Cena took his place. Would've been a weird championship match.

Final word: Good show. Can't wait to see the next one. See how things will shape out.

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LOL, I was a bit unsure about booking Cena straight away cause I want to push him as a baby face.

MXW Break-down - Week 3 preview

Last week on B-D we saw The Doctor Of Thuganomics, John Cena capture the first MXW World Heavyweight title to the dismay of both Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon. Stay tunes this coming week for MXW Breakdown.

Also, Shane McMahon has been rumored to announce the signing of a world class wrestler. You will only be able to see him exclusively at Breakdown!

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My mates a lazy bastard and he still aint done it, but he said he might do it soon. But for now just concentrate on Break-Down. Its the better show (ha ha)
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