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Mum shaves identical sons’ hair so teachers can tell them apart

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The mother of the identical quadruplet boys shaved numbers into their hair to help teachers and classmates tell them apart

THESE cute quads have been given a head start on their classmates.

The mother of the identical quadruplet boys shaved numbers into their hair to help teachers and classmates tell them apart.

Mum Tan Chaoyun, of Shenzen in China’s Guangdong Province, shaved the six-year-olds’ heads with the numbers one to four.

She took the drastic step before they started elementary school because she was worried the boys would get mixed up.

“My sons are identical, even to me,” said Tan who reckons the only difference between them is the shape of their eyelids.

“I could only tell the difference between them by having different ankle tags on them before they turned 18 months old.

“Even now, their father can’t tell which one is which.

"Sometimes he punishes the second one for something the third one has done.”

(you guys have to see the pic inside it's hillarious) :lmao :lmao
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Oh, good lord. :lmao

Those kids are gonna get abused mercilessly. I understand they're identical and the mother is trying to solve the problem, but is there not four different hairstyles each one could've been given without shaving fucking numbers into their head?

Also, why are they English numbers? Doesn't China have their own alphabet and numerical system?
Couldn't they just wear nametags :jordan
Well, they need something they can't take off, obviously. You know how kids are.

3 reminds me of..
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Number 1 must feel like a total boss. Feel sorry for the others.
Couldn't they just wear nametags :jordan
would you wear one?
I always wondered how parents could tell twins apart, I never can!
Lol, at least number 1 sorta looks like a mo-hawk (well a messed up mo-hawk), but the other kids have a number in their head. The mom should have at least sewn their names onto their clothing if anything.
Name tags or different hair styles seems like it would be a more practical solution to the problem.
Should've given them ear tags like they do with livestock. I think they even come with GPS chips in them these days so she would never have to worry about losing them
No.1 is the favorite and No.4 is the black sheep.
Thank god my twin is of the opposite sex. I could really see my mom doing this shit if we were both boys when we were younger.
'One' didn't get it so bad.

Actually the '2' looks sweet.
Different hairstyles would have worked, jeez!!
wow lol. Like ppl have mentioned there could have been easier ways to tell them apart besides shaving a number on their head. Like tattoos :troll
could've solved this with colourcoded head bands.
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