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Muhammad Hassan RIP 2004-2005

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Well alot of people miss him and want him back on smackdown.
So here is a banner you guys could you If you want to.

As you can see it says Fu** Upn for the PS on the bottom left of the banner.
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The man who taught Vince Russo everything he knows
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Its pretty bad.

The border goes behind hassan, and barely appears on the bottom bit. So the border is fuxed up.

On the right bit of hassan's neck it looks like u cut too close.

And yes i can see that it says 'p.s **** you upn' How appropriate....

Also u misspelt 'Hussan'....shud be 'Hassan'.

And r u sure hassan was in the wwe in 2004? I thought he only came in early 2005...(not quite sure, i never really followed him..)

Anyway, back to gfx...i dont like the background. The text is a bit simple, which sometimes works...but not here i dont think.

4/10...maybe 5/10
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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